Ex Strongest Swordsman 331 (Self Edited) – At Least like an Empress



At Least like an Empress

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“…That is–…” (Victoria)

Before she knew it, Victoria was gasping for breath at the new figure that had appeared at the entrance of the room. That person was a person who shouldn’t appear in this place for many reasons.

However, that was the current situation. It was unavoidable that something like a faint hope would spring up.

“…What are you going to do? Demon King–…” (Lambert)

Perhaps thinking of the same thing, Lambert threw words of hostility with a sharp gaze at the person, Soma.

However, Soma shrugged in a relaxed manner, as if he were on a walk.

“No matter what you say, of course, I came here because I have something to do, right? Well, I almost did not make it in time though. It seems I barely got here just in time.” (Soma)

Lambert squinted his eyes even more sharply at the words. There was strength in the hand that was holding the spear.

“…Does that mean you came to help her?” (Lambert)

Depending on the response, he would leap right away and skewer that guy with his own spear.

No, it was definitely his intention. Victoria, who pretended to be casual, turned her body toward Soma and looked up at his whole body. She was well aware of that.

Lambert was like a bow that had been squeezed to the limit. Depending on Soma’s next word, the unleashed body would pounce Soma without a single piece of mercy.

And that was–…

“No, that’s not it.” (Soma)

“What…?” (Lambert)

The response was unexpected, and the word that came up from Lambert’s mouth was surprising. He might have thought Soma would affirm. His body was in a certain strange posture as if he had stopped in the middle of trying to move.

Well, to be honest, Victoria also thought Soma would nod his head. She understood Lambert’s feelings well.

“She hasn’t asked for help. If I try to help without being asked, wouldn’t it be rude to the opponent of the empress?” (Soma)

“…Then, what on earth did you appear here to do?” (Lambert)

“I told you right?  I came here because I had something to do. It’s not a big deal though. I’m just carrying something that needs to be delivered.” (Soma)

The moment he said it, Soma shook something.

And then he realized for the first time that Soma had something wrapped in something like a cloth. It was long and narrow, and it was about the same size as Victoria’s back. At the same time as the squeezed Soma’s arm was swung, he threw it as it was…

“…!?” (Lambert)

At that moment, Lambert jumped out of the place in a hurry because something hit the spot when he was there.

The reason he didn’t repel it was because he didn’t know exactly what it was since the object was wrapped in something like a cloth. He chose to avoid it just in case.

As a result, it passed the place where Lambert stood, and it was stuck on the ground right next to Victoria. Immediately after, the cloth was unraveled, and the appearance of the wrapped object became apparent.

Victoria, who gasped, had her eyes nailed on it, and it felt as if time had stopped.

“Demon King, you–…! As expected–…” (Lambert)

“No, I don’t know what that is, but now, I just delivered it, right? Well, my hand is no good, and I was about to hit you… so, let me apologize for that, alright. I’m sorry.” (Soma)

“Tsk… that lying face…! What on earth are you delivering in this situation?” (Lambert)

Lambert, who was trying to say something, stopped speaking because he understood what Soma had delivered.

But for Victoria, it was already irrelevant. She didn’t even care if she was dying. She was so fascinated by the object in front of her.

–It was a spear.

She didn’t recognize it. But at the same time, it was also the spear that she remembered seeing somewhere.

…No, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if she recognized it or not.

A wonderful spear that was so beautiful that it seemed irreplaceable. She didn’t know how it would look in the eyes of others, but at least for Victoria, the spear looked in that way… That was the only thing that was important.

“It has been completed, so please deliver it. I was asked to do so. Well, I don’t want to do it, but I have no choice.” (Soma)

Soma’s words arrived as if he pricked the gap of stunned thought.

However, that was a strange story. To begin with, why was he in a situation where he was entrusted with this spear? Moreover, it might be overkill, such as appearing to deliver at the last minute.

Although there were many things to be considered, the words just went past Victoria’s thoughts.

Even though she wasn’t asking him for help, it wasn’t good for the empress to be helped. That was exactly the case.

The one who she was trying to kill was one of the strongest in the world. But what did he do? To give up or to accept it without doing anything wasn’t suitable as an empress.

Victoria was reaching for the spear. A severe pain ran in the abdomen, but she grabbed it without care, and put her strength into it little by little. She put weight, leaned on it, and slowly got up.

“…What are you planning to do?” (Lambert)

It should have been possible that she wanted to get in his way. But to Lambert, who was just turning his face to her, probably because he was thinking about something or being wary of Soma, Victoria lifted the edge of her lips to make look as usual as possible.

“Hmm… it’s as you can see. If you think about it, it’s not like an empress would give up without doing anything, right?” (Victoria)

“You’re no longer an empress. We have already decided that the empress isn’t necessary.” (Lambert)

“It’s I who will decide to accept it or not. If I quietly abide by it because it has been decided, I’ll be disqualified as an empress. After all, that’s not me.” (Victoria)

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She didn’t know what Soma thought and why he delivered that to her. But whatever he intended to do, she had a reason to resist, and now, there was a way to resist. Then, it would be out of question to give up quietly.

“Do you think you can defeat me?” (Lambert)

“No one said that right? It’s just that… it’s a different matter.” (Victoria)

Speaking of winning, it was impossible.

It was irrelevant at this time since she was dying and seriously injured. Even if she was in a perfect condition, it was decided that there would be no chance of winning.

After all, Lambert had a Special Rank skill, and even in this country… no he was the best user in this world. At the time of having the qualification as the Second King, no one argues that he was one of the strongest in the world.

The reason why he was the best and qualified, but not the Second Heaven was because he refused it. However, there was no difference in the Holy City and the reason was that he wasn’t their retainer.

Actually, Victoria knew that he really had another reason, but she contained her thoughts in her heart and set herself up. Lambert snorted when he saw her.

“Do you choose miserable death over a clean death? Well, it’s fine. In a way, it’s suitable for a last empress.” (Lambert)

While saying that, Lambert’s eyes were looking toward Soma, not Victoria. It seemed that he was far more concerned about how Soma was going to move than Victoria.

That was understandable. However…

“I don’t think that as an opponent, you should take your eyes away from me and my spear!” (Victoria)

It was a different story to be able to understand and convince… and it was a different story whether it was correct or not.

— Advanced Rank Spearsmanship – Concentration of Mind – One Thought through Heaven – Mind’s Eye: Roaring Thunder Flash

As soon as she stepped in, she instantly closed the distance and extended out her arm.

Immediately afterwards, there was a hard response to her arm, but the eyes of the opponent in front of her turned to Victoria with a slight surprise.

“…I see. The burning candle shines the most just before it disappears, huh?” (Lambert)

“Now, whether I’m a burning candle or not, I should try it to my heart’s content!” (Victoria)

— Advanced Rank Spearsmanship – Concentration of Mind – One Thought through Heaven – Mind’s Eye: Roaring Thunder Flash – Three Chain Hits.

The consecutive attacks in an instant that didn’t give him time to blink. All of the attack gave her a hard response, but she didn’t stop her arm. The moment she stopped, she knew that Lambert’s spear would pierce his body.

That was the difference between Lambert and Victoria.

However, despite this, Victoria was able to attack unilaterally not because Lambert was taking it easy. As it was mentioned before, Lambert was all about defending and he just couldn’t afford to attack.

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if they were moving at the same time in perfect condition with each other. However, there were three elements here that were on Victoria’s side.

First was the physical condition. Victoria was dying, so Lambert underestimated her. Thinking that her hit wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, since she was dying, the hit unleashed without thinking ahead exceeded Lambert’s expectations. Lambert’s words were correct in this regard.

And this also led to the second reason. It meant that she was able to launch the first attack.

Lambert had top-notch skill, but he was basically on the offensive side. Despite the difference in skill rank, it was possible to create some kind of struggle state since he was attacked and kept in that state.

However, the biggest factor was probably the third factor. That was… the difference in weapons.

The weapon used by Lambert was a spear that was stronger than the one used by ordinary soldiers. It wasn’t made for Lambert by the finest blacksmith.

Of course, it was just that. Lambert, who had a Special Rank skill, wouldn’t be defeated by Victoria, who was less skilled, regardless of what spear he used.

Unless it wasn’t the spear that Victoria was using….

There was someone who said that he wanted to hit a spear suitable for the empress. He said that if she were to become an enemy of mankind and destroy the world, she would need the right weapon.

No matter what enemies or difficulties appeared in front of her, there would be a spear to destroy them all. It was someone who said that he would make a spear that was second to none.

The moment Victoria saw it, she knew who had hit it. The moment she grasped and swung it, she was convinced. That the spear was definitely hit just for her.

There might be a spear that was better than this spear. However, this must be the only spear that could bring out the greatest power from Victoria.

Therefore, despite the overwhelming disadvantages, Victoria was still able to meet Lambert head on–…

“I see. that guy kept his promise, didn’t he?” (Victoria)

She muttered while swinging her arms, but… only bitter feelings sprung up in her chest. After all, she was the one who broke the promise.

No, if she thought that… without the spear, she wouldn’t have been in this situation with Lambert. It was none other than Lambert who strongly agreed that Victoria would be on the side of destroying the world.

However, his eyes were now filled with hatred. She wondered why he had become that way, but it was decided.

It was because she made a mistake. The mistake was… she thought that she wanted to be understood by civil servants and people. That was why she signed a contract, and now it was at the end of it.

Then… while continuing to swing her arms, she thought about it and suddenly thought this. Perhaps, she was just finally figuring it out–…

“…I see. That’s… reasonable.” (Victoria)

Why wasn’t Victoria allowed to take the name of Yupiter. It was a simple story. It was such a person that would end like this.

In other words…

“Apparently, it seems that I don’t have the capability of an empress.” (Victoria)

She was sure that she was just a weak person. She was never truly recognized as an empress because everyone but herself understood that.

But that was still the case. She had no intention of denying that this had come to an end.


“I…!” (Victoria)

She was an empress, and she had gone this far. If that was the case–…

— Special Rank Spearsmanship – Concentration of Mind – One Thought through Heaven – Mind’s Eye – Serene State of Mind: Roaring Thunder Flash – Extreme.

It was definitely the best attack ever. She took a step with that conviction.

“…Well, it wasn’t bad though.” (Lambert)

At that moment, the feel of the spear she was holding disappeared. From the numbness of the arm that remained a little, she understood immediately that she was blown away, but the eyes that were already clouded with hatred were approaching in front of her.

Victoria herself didn’t realize what she was going to say at that moment. However, she reflexively opened her mouth to say something, but… she understood that it was too late.

“After all, this is your end.” (Lambert)

Lambert’s lips formed such words. His arm was swung to deliver Victoria’s death.


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