Ex Strongest Swordsman 332 (Self Edited) – Reasons to Help



Reasons to Help

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Aina involuntarily let out a sigh in front of the sight projected in her sight the moment she stepped into the place.

However, there was no change in her emotions. It wasn’t that there was no emotion, but it was just a bit difficult for her to express in words. However, if she really had to express it…

“How should I say it… well, it’s a familiar sight, isn’t it?” (Aina)

There was amazement and resignation. That would be the case.

“…You, what are you planning to do?” (Lambert)

Then, Aina turned her gaze to the voice she heard. It was a familiar-looking man. He must have been the captain of the imperial guards, and given the situation, that man might be called Lambert.

With that in mind, Aina slightly shifted her gaze. In front of the man, Soma was defending against a spear with the sword in his hand.

“Hmm… I think you have seen nothing or anything, though?” (Soma)

“I heard that you didn’t come to help, and the empress won’t ask for it, right? And she still hasn’t asked for help.” (Aina)

“You’re right… First, I’ll answer one by one. Sure, I didn’t come to help, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t help, right?” (Soma)

“In this world, it’s called a far-fetched argument, you know.” (Aina)

She inadvertently said it and immediately felt three gazes gathered at her. However, at least in Soma’s eyes, there seemed to be no surprise… well, he would have noticed anyway. There was nothing strange, and if he didn’t notice it, she would be surprised.

“Hmm… why are you here, Aina? I’ve asked you to take care of the place.” (Soma)

“You certainly asked that, but I’m not the only woman waiting. Besides, I’ve protected it properly.” (Aina)

Aina came here because she was free.

Although she was reluctant, she managed to deprive her soldiers of all consciousness. After a brief treatment, she tied them up and threw them in the right place. So, she had nothing to do anymore. There were no new incoming soldiers, so she had time to spare. Then, she suddenly remembered that the throne room was burning.

It was said that no one could get close to it, but she felt that she was able to go somehow. So, when she came, she could pass as expected, and she got inside of the room just like now.

“Well, why don’t you deal with that man rather than me for the time being? And you haven’t answered everything, yes?” (Aina)

“Hmm? Ooh, yes, you’re right.” (Soma)

“…” (Lambert)

The man, Lambert, seemed to have said something, but it seemed that he decided to shut his mouth in the end. Apparently, he was looking for openings, but… Well, Aina wouldn’t worry about it.

Rather than him, she probably should be more concerned about others.

“Well, did you mean that it’s not like the empress to be saved even though she didn’t ask for help, and she hadn’t asked for help, right? Certainly, that’s true. So, what’s wrong with that?” (Soma)

“What…?” (Aina)

“Since she was the empress, I was being respectful to her until the last minute, but I didn’t mean to let her die from the beginning.” (Soma)

“…You shouldn’t have any reason to help her.” (Aina)

“No, actually, there is. We have been taken care of here.” (Soma)

“That must be half of the reason why you are forced to save her. And yet… you’re risking your life for that?” (Aina)

“It was certainly forced at first, but it was me who chose after that. By the way, what do you mean by risking my life? After all, it’s necessary, right?” (Soma)

“You bastard!” (Lambert)

At first glance, it seems to be just a question, but that last sentence was a provocation no matter how it was heard. Soma told her why he needed to risk his life fighting Lambert.

It was natural that Lambert was enraged.

“Seriously… that guy acts as always. Rather… I wonder which one I should consider in this situation. Should I think that he is crazy, or should I think that he’s treating that person as a friend?” (Aina)

It was hard to understand Soma because he wasn’t a very emotional type of a person, but he tended to provoke his opponent the more he thought about someone.

Moreover, it would be intense when the person he thought was a friend… of course, no one got angry regardless of who they were. It was clear that Victoria was hurt, and Soma was angry, but that was why Aina was surprised.

“Well, the first time we first met her, the impression was that, but after that, the impression wasn’t that bad. I wonder if it’s actually not that much.” (Aina)

At least Aina knew that Victoria loved the country and her people, and that she seemed to be doing her best. If so, it might not be so strange.

While thinking about such a thing, Soma and his opponent began to fight. In the meantime, she walked toward Victoria. She had been worried about her for a while, but…it was a bit serious.

“Please excuse me.” (Aina)

“You…” (Victoria)

Victoria, who had been staring at the two as the fight began, looked at Aina who crouched down. She was probably wondering why Aina was there, but Aina didn’t respond to her and examined her body.

“Aah… hmm… I wonder what to do. I think I can only give emergency treatment.” (Aina)

Even though Aina was a Gift Holder, her talent was closer to the offensive side. It wasn’t that she couldn’t use recovery or support magic, but she couldn’t do much. It wasn’t enough to manage a wound that could be seen as severe at a glance.

“Well, I wonder if first aid is enough. Anyhow, Soma will do something about it after.” (Aina)

When Aina turned her gaze while muttering, the scene that was spreading there was as she expected.

Lambert was stronger than Aina. Perhaps, all the sounds that had been echoing from earlier, were attacks unleashed by Lambert, and when she considered that, he was carrying out dozens of attacks in a moment. Aina wasn’t confident that she could prevent it… well, wasn’t it clear that she couldn’t see his attacking hands at all?

In terms of speed, Sheila was the fastest as far as Aina knew, but Sheila was specialized in one shot, so that attack couldn’t be surpassed. Lina might surpass him to some extent because she was versatile, but she would be pushed in the end.

Sophia was also the same as herself, so there was no chance of winning when that man entered into the gap, and Kraus was mainly on the heavy warrior type of movement. Perhaps, he wasn’t compatible for her.

In other words, as far as Aina knew, there was no one who she could say that they could surely defeat Lambert. Even if those two were Seven Heavens, Aina could see how impressive was Lambert’s spearsmanship.

Well, of course, it didn’t include a person who was completely caught and handled while entering the gap there.

“…He is really random.” (Aina)

No matter how many times she saw it, she thought it happened every time. Even more so, she felt sorry for the other person. As usual, Soma was nothing but random.

“Aah, please forgive me… Rather than being amazed with his randomness, I should start with the first aid–…” (Aina)

The moment she reached for Victoria’s body to give her an emergency treatment, her hand was grabbed. A surprised voice leaked unintentionally.

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“Eh…? Uh-uhmm… Victoria-san?” (Aina)

Of course, it was Victoria who grabbed her hand. It would be painful just to move her body, but the power she used to grab Aina’s hand was surprisingly strong.

The most surprising thing was that she reached out to interfere with the emergency treatment–…

“Uhm…? I can’t treat you if you stay like this… It’s nothing much, but it’s hard to do it, you know?” (Aina)

With Aina’s skill, there wasn’t much effect unless she touched the affected area directly. Still, since the effect was at the level of first aid, she could estimate the effect if she didn’t have direct contact.

However, Victoria didn’t seem to let go. Rather, she put more effort into her arms that she was grabbing. Her eyes were also surprisingly strong.

“…Why?” (Victoria)

“What is it?” (Aina)

“Why are you trying to help me? That guy, you, and me–…” (Victoria)

“Aah… can we do that later? If it’s about talking, you can ask even while I give you first aid.” (Aina)

“Eh…?” (Victoria)

Perhaps, Victoria didn’t expect such a reply. Aina quickly touched the affected area when Victoria let her arm go. Then…

“–Light. Follow my will and my thoughts. Turn it into a power to dispel impurities and heal.” (Aina)

— Special rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon king – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Healing Light.

At the end of the chant, Victoria’s body was shrouded in a faint light, centered around where Aina was touching. Her pain probably had been somewhat alleviated. The creases on the eyebrows slightly loosened, but instead, the steepness in her eyes increased.

“…Are you really going to help me? Didn’t you hear what that guy said earlier? After all, everything is because of me. As long as I die, everything fits without problems. Even if I’m wrong and foolish, I–…” (Victoria)

“Aah, I did say that you can ask me, but I didn’t say that I would answer. Well, if you want to talk to me, I won’t stop you, but what we do probably won’t change, you know?” (Aina)

“Wha…I don’t really understand that! Even if I… die…!” (Victoria)

“That’s because it doesn’t matter.” (Aina)

“Hah? It doesn’t matter…?” (Victoria)

It might be an unexpected reply, so she shrugged her shoulders lightly to Victoria who looked into her eyes. It was a bit overstated that it didn’t matter, but in a sense, it was definitely true.

“I don’t know why you guys are doing this in the first place, and maybe Soma is also the same. No, if it’s Soma, I can predict this situation somehow, but I don’t think that’s ultimately relevant. We’re not moving because of the situation there. So, it doesn’t matter what you say because it really doesn’t matter to us. After all, what we’re going to do is still the same.” (Aina)

“You don’t care about my situation? S-so… why are you making a move?” (Victoria)

“Isn’t it easy to guess? We don’t like the situation.” (Aina)

Well, Aina didn’t know what Soma thought, but… it must be something similar, and he had been making a move for that reason. He didn’t like his acquaintance getting hurt. He didn’t like being hurt. That was why he sent them flying.

It was just that.

“…Since he doesn’t like it, he will send them flying.” (Victoria)

“Well, most of the time, Soma will do that, so there’s nothing much we can do. Anyhow… I would like to ask you one thing. Is this really something you have to do so far?” (Aina)

“…Of course. If I have already reached this point, I can only accept death–…” (Victoria)

“Really? I don’t think so though.” (Aina)

“What…?” (Aina)

“That reminds me, neither you nor that guy seem to be calm in any way. So I think you both should just calm down and talk about it again. That might give you some other good ideas.” (Aina)

“Even so, it won’t change. I can only do that much.” (Victoria)

“I see. Then, if you can’t help even if you talk calmly, shouldn’t you say so to Soma at that time? I’m sure he will send the cause flying.” (Aina)

It might not be necessary anymore. It was almost at the same time that Aina muttered so, and a shrill sound echoed.

Along with that, something dull at the edge of the field of vision fluttered in the air–…

“…Why? Why do you disturb us!? Why!?” (Lambert)

“Listen… for the time being, you should look at your expression. If you were calm, I would listen to your story, but… well, if you have such bloody eyes, I don’t think you will listen.” (Soma)

“You are… getting in my way…!” (Lambert)

“Yeah, sure. I know. So, you should sleep for now.” (Soma)

— Flash.

The body of Lambert, who was about to scream, collapsed, and Soma let out a breath. It looked abrupt, but that was the end.

Then, Soma turned his face over and came closer.

“Well… I made you wait.

“Goodness. He is really fired up, isn’t he?” (Aina)

“Hmm? Well, that’s true. First off, I wonder what I should do.” (Aina)

Aina’s words displayed an expression that she had just noticed the situation. At the same time, Soma stabbed his sword to the ground, while saying it. At that moment, the flame that had spread in the room disappeared, and all that was left was the room that became half-burned.

He did it as always, and he didn’t even let out a breath.

“So, is she next?” (Soma)

“That’s right. There’s a limit to the treatment I gave her, so I depend on you for that.” (Aina)

“Hmm, leave it to me.” (Soma)

The reason Victoria didn’t react to Soma, who nodded lightly, was because she knew Soma could heal… or was it because she was watching Lambert lying down on the ground? However, there was no difference in the outcome. When the sword that stood out on Victoria’s body was pulled out, there were no traces of scars on that body.

“…It really is as usual.” (Aina)

Victoria didn’t understand the meaning because it was too much to understand, but that wasn’t the case now. Anyhow, she thought that this would be the solution for the time being, but then, Soma held the sword he pulled out again.

‘Eh…? (Victoria)

Not knowing why he needed to hold the sword there, her surprised voice leaked. She couldn’t keep up with what he was trying to do… with all she could see in the field of vision, she looked happy. Perhaps, she just leaked her relieved feelings into her mouth a little bit.

Then… The sword was swung down before Aina tried to move.


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