Ex Strongest Swordsman 330 (Self Edited) – The End of the Empress



The End of the Empress

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It wasn’t for some reason that she was lying on the floor and looking up at the ceiling. It was just that she had no choice but to do so because she couldn’t put her strength on her body.

“G-guhaa..!” (Victoria)

She felt a sense of incongruity in her throat and spit out with a cough. A red-black stain spread in front of her eyes.

It smelled like smoke and was hot, and that was her physical condition. Goodness–…

“As an empress, this is… unsightly…” (Victoria)

She muttered with a self-deprecating smile and coughed again. Feeling the unstoppable heat and pain from her abdomen, she wondered how she had become like this.

“…No, nothing really happens, huh.  After all, it’s just that I’m stupid.” (Victoria)

Lambert’s voice had reached this spot. It was all Victoria’s fault that made him say that. It was all because of Victoria’s weakness. This was the end of a foolish woman who had harbored an excessive wish that wasn’t suitable for herself.

“I just wanted to make this country better… I just wanted to be proud, but… it’s not going to go well at all…” (Victoria)

The Yupiter Empire was a great power in the central part of the Arcanam continent. The Yupiter Empire was the only empire in the world with a history of more than a thousand years, but in fact, it had only been said in the last ten years that it was the most prosperous country in the world.

Until then, it was only the second or third prosperous country, and it was said to be a lion that appeared sleeping on the surface. Moreover, it wasn’t uncommon for them to be less than that.

It was often derided as a great power, and therefore, it earned more than a certain degree of trust, but it was only accumulating history at the same time. As long as it was between countries, it wasn’t possible to have absolute trust, but even so, the empire was treated fairly lightly to be called a great power.

However, it was unavoidable. It was just that the Yupiter empire had done that… no, it was because it hadn’t done it. It didn’t fulfill the duty of being a great power for a long time.

In the closest case, it was the same as when the Demon King was defeated last time. At that time, regardless of the true intentions of each country, at least almost all the countries were working together and cooperating with each other.

However, only the Yupiter Empire had decided to wait and see at that time. It only showed off the relationship with each country, but that was it. It never showed its strength in the end.

Veritas, which was called the world’s largest country at that time, was compared to many other countries, probably because it was also a neighboring country of the empire. Victoria had to endure it.

It wasn’t impossible for other countries to know because they didn’t go out… because at that time, the empire was clearly better than Veritas in its heyday. That was in terms of the country’s power, including military power. However, for some reason, the empire hid it and indulged itself as a second ranked country.

At that time, Victoria wanted to show it because it was obvious that it was the best, and in fact, she was advised about it many times. However, it wasn’t accepted, and… eventually, that need was no longer necessary. It was because her father and mother had an accident and became someone who would never return.

And… Victoria, who wasn’t yet an adult at that time, succeeded the throne.

The days that followed were tough, but also rewarding. Fortunately, the people around her didn’t underestimate her as a little girl, and they understood what she wanted to do. They also thought that the current situation of the country was tantalized.

Some of the experienced and old people had tried or opposed the plan gently, but if they showed a strong will to push forward, they would back down.

“…Ah no, did they foresee that this might happen in the future? Then, I am a fool that can’t be saved.” (Victoria)

But now, when she was self deprecating, it was already too late. The time would never turn back, and this was the result of pushing forward.

However, because of her, the Yupiter Empire had reached this far. It became a great power that everyone praised and it was a prosperous country. Victoria wasn’t wrong at that time, and the empire was no longer a big country on the surface.

It should be that way…

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“…I supposed I was wrong.” (Victoria)

She didn’t want to admit it, but the reality was this. What exactly did she make a mistake when she pushed forward the country to be the world’s strongest country?

No, she was sure that she knew the truth. It had been since a long time ago.

When she reached adulthood, she officially succeeded the position of empress, but… even so, she wasn’t allowed to call herself the name of Yupiter.

Victoria Y Arcanam. The Y wasn’t actually an abbreviation. Since she couldn’t use the name of Yupiter, she wasn’t allowed to use it, so she had to use the name half-heartedly.

She was certainly the empress, but at the same time, she wasn’t truly recognized as the empress. Her name embodied such a contradiction. All successive emperors were allowed to call themselves Yupiter, but for some reason, only Victoria wasn’t allowed.

It wasn’t because she was persuaded to accept it. It was for another reason.

“To say things like I had confidence and pride that I could whatever if it was me… it’s only an excuse. No, perhaps that’s it?” (Victoria)

However, she didn’t decide on the reaction toward the Demon King and the world because she got persuaded, and the conclusion itself was decided at the end of the discussion. Well, it was the military forces that mainly agreed with her, and maybe because of that, there were a lot of rifts between civil servants, and… it wasn’t that who was wrong.

She was sure that both sides were right. However, it was just a matter of which side she thought that was more likely.

And Victoria came to the conclusion that the destruction of the world would be inevitable.

That was why she was persuaded. She decided to lean to the side of destruction.

“…Well, in the end, it may have been due to my childishness in a sense. While saying that I love the world, I drag my country with me.” (Victoria)

Yes, the story she told Soma wasn’t accurate either. It was a fact that there was such an idea, and it was certain that it became that outcome due to several factors. However, it was another reason that became the final deciding factor.

It was simple. If she leaned to the side of destruction, she would always be the last one that would be destroyed.

Victoria simply wanted to keep the people of her country alive for as long as possible. Even if she was hated by humanity. It was fine as long as there were only a few people who understood it as long as her people could live for a little longer.

“However, this is the outcome of such a thinking. Phew… I see, surely, I’m not suitable to become an empress.” (Victoria)

“–Yes, that’s right.” (Victoria)

Her words were a reply to her own muttering, which was supposed to be her own words, and when she looked reflexively, there was a stranger.

Victoria couldn’t mistake the face of the man standing at the entrance, which was beginning to be engulfed in flames. Lambert Y Arcanam. He was her only relative, and he was her biological brother.

Victoria lifted the edge of her lips to the man, who could no longer be called her brother from the moment she succeeded the empress. It could have been her self-depreciation, or it could have been a relief.

“What’s wrong? I thought you would bake me as it is, but… have you changed your mind?” (Victoria)

“…Well, honestly, I was at loss. Either I burn down every part of the throne which you no longer need, or condemn you in front of the people.” (Lambert)

“…I see. I was wondering why you set fire in the first place, but because you don’t need the empress yourself, I don’t have to be here, right?” (Victoria)

“It would be easier to understand that everyone really no longer needs you.” (Lambert)

“Hmm… then, the fact that you showed up before I die… is because you decided to use this body as a condemnation?” (Victoria)

“No..? I decided on the third choice.” (Lambert)

Lambert approached as he said so, but no optimistic thoughts came to mind. Life would be saved if she died here. He wasn’t a gentleman who would have thought so.

Then, he was–…

“In other words, I will kill you directly with my hand.” (Lambert)

“Hehe… Are you by chance fired up?” (Victoria)

“Yes. There is a possibility of running away with someone as a scapegoat, and above all, there is a possibility of being suspected. But if I kill you here and expose your head, there will be no doubt.” (Lambert)

“I see… it means that I can also be condemned.” (Victoria)

While nodding, Victoria was just staring at the approaching death. She had no intention of resisting. She had no strength left in her already, and there was also no way to get out of this situation.

She was unarmed, and Lambert’s hand was holding a spear firmly. Lambert was the best spearman not only in this country but also in the world. She knew that there was no point in resisting without anyone telling her.


“Now… are you ready?” (Lambert)

“To be honest, I don’t feel good, but… well, it can’t be helped. Can I leave the future to you?” (Victoria)

“Yes. We will take over the rest. So… you will die here.” (Lambert)

“I see…” (Victoria)

Then, she wondered if that would be alright–…

“–Hmm no, that’s not nice.” (Soma)

It was at that time that the voice was heard.


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