Ex Strongest Swordsman 329 (Self Edited) – Flame Cage



Flame Cage

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After Soma left the room, Aina was sitting in a chair blankly in the room without doing anything.

However, if it was assumed that she was having free time, it wasn’t like that. She wasn’t just blankly spending her time here.

For starters, when Soma said something like that, it was almost certain that something would happen.


“I should be careful–…” (Aina)

“– is here… gyahh!?” (??)

“Aah… was it a bit too late to warn you? Well, in the first place, if you’re outside the door, it’s doubtful whether you heard it when I warned you.” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Flame Wall.

While uttering such words, Aina looked directly under the door that had just been opened violently.

At first glance, it looked like a red carpet was laid there, but what was actually there was a mass of flames. It was originally placed vertically with the ground, but the magic used like a wall was made a trap for the feet by deploying it horizontally with the ground.

The scream earlier was caused by their feet burning when they stepped on it.

“Well, you came in without knocking, and it’s your responsibility that you weren’t wary of your feet to begin with. And since the firepower is kept low, it won’t hurt enough to leave aftereffects. That is… if you get the treatment now though.” (Aina)

They rolled backwards as if they had leaped back, but it was doubtful whether they would retreat to receive treatment. However, it was something that Aina didn’t know, and above all, she couldn’t afford to think about it.

She let out a sigh while looking at the door that remained opened and the other party.

“So, may I ask you what kind of business you have? You wouldn’t say that it’s for the continuation of the training, right? Well, if that’s the case, I’ll tell Soma later. So, you can come back tomorrow.” (Aina) 

What was on the other side of the door was the figure of the soldiers who were fully armed. It wasn’t a number of one or two people. Moreover, all of them had drawn out their swords. Although Aina didn’t feel any murderous intention, it was no different that it was a turmoil.

“…Where is the Demon King?” (??)

Aina shrugged her shoulders as a reply to the voice muffled by a helmet. She thought that would be the case. It seemed that they were really looking for Soma.

“That guy is really popular as always… Well, unfortunately, I don’t know where he went. In fact, I want to know that too.” (Aina)

Soma didn’t tell her where he wanted to go. Since she didn’t know it in the first place, there was no need to hide. However, it didn’t matter if she didn’t mention it.

So, she spoke honestly, but apparently, the other party didn’t think so.

“It’s not good if you try to conceal the fact, you know that right? I don’t intend to be as rough as possible, but I won’t hesitate if it’s necessary.” (??)

“That’s why I’m telling you the truth… I mean, isn’t it a bit too late when you are already being rough at the time of your appearance? To tell the truth, I don’t want to be told that you don’t have such an intention.” (Aina)

“…The only thing that is commanded of you is to capture you guys. So, I recommend you surrender quietly.” (??)

“Even if you say so, I wasn’t doing anything in particular, yes? Aah, as for that thing on the ground, I’ll just keep it there for now, alright. Still, I was going to release it if it was knocked down properly.” (Aina)

It was a lie, but because it was over there, they stepped in without even knocking, they couldn’t be bullish on that part. In fact, she felt that they were scared but she couldn’t confirm because she couldn’t see their faces.

“Rather, I didn’t think there was anything about me, but it was all about capture. By the way, what’s going on with Soma?” (Aina)

Perhaps, they might be scared by the appearance of Aina who was calm in front of this situation.

She was just reaching adulthood, but she wasn’t scared in front of tens of fully armed soldiers. Aina didn’t know what they were informed about her, but it was sufficient to think it was abnormal.


“I have judged that you don’t intend to follow our order obediently, so we will exercise our strength for that reason.” (??)

When a soldier who was at the forefront told her so, he took a step forward. It seemed that this magic alone wouldn’t make them withdraw.

However, if that happened, he would fall into the trap, but it seemed that he was taking it into consideration properly. When he thrusted his sword at the feet just before entering the room, the magic that had deployed there disappeared.

“Heh… isn’t it a skill? Or is it the effect of that sword?” (Aina)

Aina had heard that there was a kind of magic tool-like weapon that could break the magic itself. She thought that it was a very rare thing, but it might not be the case in the empire, or it might be that the empire was in control of the manufacturing method.

In any case, considering that the swords that the soldiers had seemed to be the same thing, it seemed that they had taken a proper measure after recognizing that Aina was a magician.

While thinking about such things, they firmly confirmed that the trap had disappeared, and while carefully searching for other things, the soldiers who invaded the room encircled Aina. But even in such a situation, Aina didn’t show any impatience. Her appearance even showed a margin, but the soldiers weren’t scared by it. Rather, they were convinced they were in a state of victory.

“…It seems that you can afford to show a margin, but is it enough to realize that you have given up? Well, no matter how powerful you are as a magician, it would be natural to be surrounded by this number of people at this distance.” (??)

It wasn’t overconfidence, but it was simply a fact.

It was also a fact that Aina was still sitting on a chair all the time when there were more than ten to twenty soldiers around her. Moreover, what was in their hand was a sword that could cut through magic. Certainly, if she was a normal person, it was already an unavoidable situation.

But then… She was outside of being ordinary, as she was a Gift Holder.

“…Unfortunately, I can afford the margin. It’s not a pretense, you know. It’s just that… I don’t feel a threat or anything.” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Flare Bomb.

“Gaahh…!?” (??)

At that moment, the space around Aina exploded. The soldiers who surrounded the area were blown away all at once and slammed against the wall and the ground.

There were moans, as if they couldn’t take a defensive posture, but… when Aina looked at the scene, she glanced at their faces. Then, she sighed as she said she had failed.

“My bad… the room is messed up. I thought it would be easier to attack all at once than to fight at the entrance, but it seems to be difficult to do it cleanly.” (Aina)

“Ugh… how can it be… chantless… and magic with this power and range of effect…!?” (??)

As if nothing had gotten in the eyes of Aina, who muttered it in a relaxed manner, one of the soldiers was horrified. However, it was also a matter of course.

As it had been mentioned a bit before, when it was about chantless magic, it would be best to stop it from being unleashed. Usually, the target chantless magic was only a single target and it was easy to get out of the range. These people weren’t convinced of winning without any confirmation.

But again, it was a matter of if Aina was a normal magician. If Aina was only that much, she wouldn’t be here in the first place… and…

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“Aren’t you underestimating me too much? That magic certainly doesn’t work on that guy at all, but… I’ve been trying to keep up with him, trying not to drag him, and I want to help him even a little. So, if you’re trying to do something about me, you should bring ten times the current number, alright.” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Fireball.

While saying that, Aina unleashed magic to the soldiers who were about to leap from her blind spot. The soldiers were blown away with a roar, but then, the next soldiers jumped it.

It happened at two different spots and it happened at the same time.

“Oh my, you’re pretty stubborn, isn’t it? I thought you would relent…” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Flame Arrow.

She repelled them without problems, but when she looked around her, she frowned slightly.

She didn’t seem to have diminished their fighting spirit from the appearance of the soldiers who had begun to stand up. Aina should have displayed her strength in an easy-to-understand manner so that the damage could be minimized, but apparently, they didn’t intend to give up.

She let out a sigh while looking at the tip of the sword that was directed to her.

“You’re doing your best, huh…  I mean, why are you guys working so hard? I’m not going to do anything against this country… well, at least not for now. To begin with, I think there are other people besides me and Soma who would do something… I wonder if it’s alright to say that. Don’t you think it’s weird?” (Aina)

Given the situation, these soldiers must have been ordered by the man who gave the speech, or at least those who were in their hands.

However, the man was said to have harmed the top person of the country. That man’s order was…

“…We are soldiers.” (??)

One of the soldiers muttered so as to block Aina’s thoughts. It was difficult to understand because they were muffled, but it sounded familiar to Aina. So, she wondered if he was the man who was at the forefront when they entered the room earlier.

Since they had similar appearance, she didn’t recognize who they were, but he continued to say it while she was looking at him.

“Soldiers do not think. We believe that if we are told to die, it will open the way, and we will die with joy.” (??)

“So, you don’t know what that means, and it doesn’t matter who ordered it?” (Aina)

“As I said, we have no doubts.  Only those who have doubts and refuse, will crawl up and be in a position to use us. Therefore, we are those who have given up crawling. They are those who gave up, entrusted them to their compatriots and still chose to fight for someone.” (??)

It wasn’t only the answer to why he would listen to such a man’s orders, but also the answer to why he would stand up even though there was a difference in power.

Aina sighed as she looked at the soldiers who had begun to move around her again. However, what they displayed was completely different from before.

“…Yes. I’m sorry. I’ve said something silly. I’ve insulted you guys.” (Aina)

“It doesn’t matter. You are probably someone who crawled up. Therefore you have the right to trample us. But never forget. We have the right to bite into the trampled foot.” (??)

“I won’t forget. That’s why I want to apologize again. I’m sorry. I retract the words I’ve said before. I was the one who underestimated you.” (Aina)

At the same time as those words, Aina slowly stood up from her chair.

It was a tribute to the soldiers, but at the same time, she changed her expression. She felt that she would be the one who would eventually lose if she stayed the same.

They were serious. They were determined to do what they should do seriously, and they were trying to move at that time.

In that case, it would be reasonable to lose if she didn’t confront them with something at the same level. Therefore…

“The fire of hell that will burn everything to ashes and return it to nothing–… Become the flame illuminated by my will and thoughts.” (Aina)

At that moment, the soldiers jumped all at once.

Perhaps, they realized that what Aina muttered was a chant, and that meant she was serious.

However, it would be different whether it was possible or not. This is what Aina had just said.

The efforts that she made to stand by side with Soma weren’t soft enough to be able to do anything at this level.

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Flare Bomb.

Aina continued to chant while blowing away the soldiers who had jumped. No matter how much they were blown away and beaten, she couldn’t see how the soldiers would give up, but that was the same for Aina.

In the first place, this magic itself was a substitute made to line up next to Aina. If only it could–…

“Now here, thou shalt seek the figure. It’s something that comes from the void of nothingness and returns to the end of infinity. If you respond to my request, you will once again reveal yourself before the wrath that blocks my way.” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Concentration of Mind – Single Mind – Seams into the Mountains: Magic – Clearance Zero.

At that moment, the world was dyed red.

The location hadn’t changed. It was the guest room of the royal castle.

However, its appearance was completely changed. That was because everything in that room was enveloped in flames.

Of course, only Aina was different. But to say the other way around, there was nothing that wasn’t wrapped in flames except Aina.

An unprecedented voice of agony rose from among the soldiers.

“Ugh, guhaaaa!? H-how can it be!? This armor gives great resistance against magic, but for it to easily–…!?” (??)

“Heh… you are stubborn because of that, huh? But it doesn’t matter. This flame burns everything as my will command. Resistance or something like that is meaningless.” (Aina)

“As you command…? Hmm… there was nothing else burning while burning us…!?” (??)

The murmur similar to a groan was a fact.

Indeed, all but Aina was engulfed in fire. However, while it was enveloped in flames, it was clearly not out of damage other than soldiers. There was no sign of burning floors or furnishings on the ceiling or walls like a phantom flame.

“Yes, of course, you know. I was entrusted with this. If he says he’ll be back here… there’s no reason not to keep the place. Well, I couldn’t protect it a bit but he has to close his eyes then.” (Aina)

However, in front of Aina who shrugged her shoulders as if it didn’t matter, something similar to a wry smile emerged among the soldiers. It was to acknowledge and convince the opponent.

“Kuh… I see. Apparently, the Demon King has a terrifying but reliable wife.” (??)

“W-wife…? Wait, I’m that guy’s… that’s not it!” (Aina)

At the moment, Aina was clearly disturbed. In the gap that was opened slightly, one of the soldiers immediately jumped–…

“There’s a chance!” (??)

“There’s no chance, you know…!” (Aina)

The momentum of the soldier who was blown away without being able to answer that question was clearly the best ever. The excessive impact hit the soldiers against the wall as it was, and it was the most roaring sound heard on this day.

One of the soldiers who saw the situation quietly muttered.

“Something is wrong. To be honest, I didn’t think she would be disturbed.” (??)

“Don’t suddenly go back to normal, alright!” (??)

The air loosened slightly by that exchange, but the flame burned was a matter of concern.

While doing this, the body of the soldiers continued to burn. In fact, if Aina wanted to do it, she could burn them in an instant, but she didn’t do so because she didn’t intend to kill the soldiers.

However, the soldiers didn’t give up while understanding that, and Aina was also aware of it. She wasn’t allowed to relax until either of them completely gave up.

Even if the body continued to be burned, the soldiers closed the distance to do something about Aina. She let out a breath while looking at such an appearance. She suddenly thought that the fact this event was happening here means something was happening in other places as well.

Whatever happened in the empire, ultimately it had nothing to do with Aina, but… there was one person who was doing something. She wondered what Soma was doing at the moment. And what would happen after that.

While thinking about those things, she should give priority to the people in front of her. Then, Aina unleashed flames toward the soldiers who were approaching without hesitation.



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