The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 147 (Self Edited) – Report Meeting



Report Meeting

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“Please excuse me. I brought drinks.” (??)

A maid placed two types of liquor, a glass cup, and a tea set from a tray.

“Thanks. You may leave.” (Yuri)

When I said so, the maid, who was trying to serve until pouring the drinks into the cup, had an expression of ‘Ehh’.

“It’s fine.” (Yuri)

I said, and then, the maid said ‘please excuse me’ again and left the room.

“You noticed her well.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe said.

“It seems that my ears have become a bit more sensitive.” (Yuri)

“You’re saying something different after coming back from the battlefield.” (Harold)

Harold said it like a teasing.

“Well, yes. Come, have a drink.” (Yuri)

I said while pouring tea on my cup.

“As expected of the brand.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe said while looking at the two liquor bottles placed on the desk.

“Yeah.” (Harold)

It was rare for Harold to agree obediently.

Cuffe and Harold looked at the bottles seriously.

‘Since I’m not interested in liquor, I don’t recognize the brand. The glass bottle itself is a rather high-quality product, so when it’s sold in a bottle, it would be a high-quality liquor. But is it a particularly good tasting liquor?’

“Since this is good, shall we drink it?” (Cuffe)

“Yes.” (Harold)

Cuffe took a bottle and quickly poured it into the glasses for two people. It wasn’t a big amount.

“Is it a good liquor?” (Yuri)

“This one is more valuable, but… for this one, the distillery is in Kilghina. So you won’t be able to drink it anymore.” (Cuffe)

“I see…” (Yuri)

‘Well, maybe I should drink now.’

“Well then, let’s have a toast. Since we’re not going to do this for a while…” (Cuffe)

I was the only person who held a teacup.

“Then, congratulations on your safe return, Mr Chairman.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe took a lead with a particularly loud voice.

“Cheers.” (Yuri)

““Cheers.”” (Harold/Cuffe)

After saying that, I lightly knock the teacup against Harold’s and Cuffe’s cups.

When the tea was poured into the mouth, I realized that it was a tea that was often drunk after meals. Cuffe and Harold drank the liquor poured in the glass cup in a breath. Rather than wanting to drink alcohol, this was probably done to celebrate me, and the drink was only for the appearance.

However, when it was so, those two weren’t drinking. I turned over to the two teacups that were placed next to the tea set and poured tea.

“So, let’s continue the talk.” (Cuffe)

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Since Cuffe was concerned about the situation, he urged me to continue.

“Yes. This country is over. Three of the General households are cowards, and the politics are divided by the Witch households. No matter how good it is, things are going to be difficult.” (Yuri)

‘There are a lot of external and internal conflicts, and I can’t think of any way to reshape the country itself.’

“I’m not sure when the next Crusade is but in the worst-case scenario, it could be happening in five years.” (Yuri)

“…Then, will Hou and Associates have a plan to relocate entirely to the new continent in the future?” (Cuffe)

“Rather than having a lot of other possibilities, that possibility is much better. Either way, it’s a problem if we can’t prepare anything when we’re about to perish. Besides, if we are caught on all sides, there will definitely be interference. What would happen after that in the new world is the exact replica of this country. It will be meaningless.” (Yuri)

“Is that so…” (Cuffe)

“Whether it is profitable or not, that’s a second priority. Money is important. However, it doesn’t make sense if you’re not safe. It’s smarter to spend 100 million Ruga and escape the mess than earn 100 million Ruga and become a slave five years later. That’s what I think.” (Yuri)

‘Assets are something that aren’t attached to souls, so if someone takes it away, they can take it as much as they want. It will not disappear overnight. Preparing not to be robbed isn’t a wasteful expense.’

“…Well, I understand what you mean.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe was somehow convinced. He nodded.

“Alright. Then, is the business matter over… I suppose I have a lot of things to do now.” (Harold)

‘For the time being, Harold must bring colonial personnel on the next ship. Although it’s good to have surplus people, it’s necessary to choose. It’s important for the first batch. It means that we can’t bring just anyone.’

‘He has to think for a bit now. If we depend too much on the people from Kilghina, the seed of independence can progress rapidly among them. After the sentiment grows to a certain level, they will say ‘This is the second Kilghina. The Shaaltan can get out’. If something like that happens, it can’t be predicted immediately.’

‘To make matters worse, Telur is still alive as a survivor of the royal family. I don’t realize how much royal reverence the Kilghinan have, but the fact that the symbol still exists is a bit credible. That’s fine, but from my point of view, it’s a considerable risk factor. The internal conflict could be fatal.’

“Ouh. For now, I will go to Suomi with money tomorrow. I feel bad about the sailors.” (Harold)

‘I want them to have a woman immediately. It’s fine to rent out a brothel.’

“Ouh, yes, go ahead. I’m looking forward to you.” (Yuri)

Those words came out from my mouth involuntarily.

‘Since he holds an important position, I can’t help but to look forward to him. This is also another risk factor, but at present, no one can replace Harold.’

“What are you going to do now? If you have free time today, should I gather people from the company and have a banquet? Tell us about your adventure.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe said.

“No, I’m keeping Her Majesty waiting. I have to go.” (Yuri)

When I said that, they became speechless.

“What do you mean by making Her Majesty the Queen wait? Is it alright to relax around?” (Harold)

Harold asked.

“What are you doing? Are you prepared?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe was surprised and frowned. He seemed to think of something important.

‘In my opinion, the news about the new world is much more historically amazing than one or two audiences with the Queen. In the case of the historian of posterity, they would pay 100000 Ruga for today’s report. They won’t be interested in what the Queen would say today. I don’t think it’s a meeting that will shake history.’

“No, I should go by dinnertime. There are no urgent reports.” (Yuri)

I had decided to go by that time, so it would be better to depart before that if possible.

“Needless to say, don’t offend Her Majesty the Queen. It was because of her succession that the patent of our paper has been passed through and she covered the patent fee.” (Cuffe)

It was a surprise that Cuffe had a certain amount of loyalty to the Queen. He had a serious face.

‘If anything, it seems she is in debt. She had heard about the unreasonable outcome for this expedition. Fortunately, I didn’t become disabled, but it wouldn’t be strange if I was. There was a possibility of death after all.’

“Don’t worry about it. I’m on good terms with her.” (Yuri)

‘Well, it wasn’t the Queen’s responsibility that the expedition became dangerous because of the changing circumstances. Isn’t it good to expect gratitude in return?’

“Then, that’s fine…” (Cuffe)

“We’ll have a banquet later. I also need to greet people.” (Yuri)

“Please meet Lily soon. When she heard that you were missing, she felt uneasy.” (Cuffe)

“Aah, I get it.” (Yuri)

“Alright. That’s it, right? Harold, let’s go.” (Cuffe)

“Yes.” (Harold)

When I had a cup of tea, Harold drank everything in one breath. He was probably thirsty. Seeing Harold drink, Cuffe drank tea in one go, as if he remembered his thirst.

‘I wonder if the tea washes the strong feeling of liquor in the throat.’

“See you.” (Harold)

Cuffe went out first, and Harold closed the door.


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