The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 146 (Self Edited) – New Continent



New Continent

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“Really?” (Yuri)

My chest was throbbing.

“Yes. It’s not an island. I couldn’t go around even after four days. It was all land.” (Harold)

‘So, he’s not mistaken for discovering a small island like Easter Island. Amazing. Hurray. it was worth the money.’

Easter Island Location (Resource: Google Maps)

“So, was there anyone there?” (Yuri)

“Anyone?” (Harold)

Harold said in a blanked amazement. It seemed that the matter was out of his imagination.

“How should I say it? They are indigenous people. They are those who live in primitive ways.” (Yuri)

“I didn’t see them. I saw land, but… there was none. However, there are no people or countries.” (Harold)

“Why is that?” (Yuri)

‘There may be a country where Harold hasn’t seen it. I don’t want to kill the indigenous people and seize the land if possible. If the other side is asking for a fight, that’s another matter.’

“So, it took four days to go around the shore, and I didn’t see any fishing village, you know? So, is it possible to have people living there?” (Harold)

‘Aah, I see. It’s a very straightforward reason.’

“Is it difficult to create a fishing village?” (Yuri)

“No, it’s not. When a village is created, people can fish immediately. Besides, the seaside isn’t as steep as the interior parts of mountains. Therefore, it’s not possible to have a lot of people and country, right?” (Harold)

‘Sailors like Harold, have no choice but to dry out and die when they run out of food and water. For that reason, if food can be procured locally, they won’t eat preserved food, and even if they don’t bring hunting tools and nets, we always have fishing rod-sized tools on board.’

‘It’s true that he fished. I suppose he fished a lot, and the fishing results might have been good. It’s impossible if there are many marine resources and they aren’t utilized. Even though there are civilizations that don’t know bows and iron, I haven’t heard of any civilization that don’t know how to fish even though there is a sea.’

“Then, it’s good. For the time being, it’s fine that there are no indigenous people.” (Yuri)

‘Will it be one of the virgin territories? I wonder why there are no people, but I can’t help thinking about it now.’

“That’s right.” (Harold)

Harold said.

“The other question is how to keep it secret. What should we do?” (Yuri)

When I said that, Cuffe raised his hand and began to speak.

“For now, all sailors will be limited to stay in Suomi, and this is under my discretion.” (Cuffe)

“Are you going to confine them?” (Yuri)

‘It’s a good decision, but I feel it’s a bit too much to confine the sailors after returning from a long voyage.’

“No, I’m letting them go to bars. I ordered them not to speak, so they won’t speak about it when they are in a group.” (Cuffe)

“They are supervised by a credible deputy captain. So, I don’t think they will talk when they are drunk.” (Harold)

Harold added.

‘Information is designed to be leaked. The information management system ultimately depends on people’s self-control and sense of responsibility, and the sailors Harold hired aren’t those people who have moral responsibilities higher than others.’

‘The excitement of discovering the New World, the events of the voyage and the content of work. I would tell that to my family, bar, and lover. There aren’t so many people who can control the urge, draw a line of secrecy, and live stoically. Again, it depends on some situation, they may talk if they were given money. However, just because you are afraid that they are going to leak it, you can’t confine them indefinitely.’

“Anyhow, it’s been more than days since I came back. In the meantime, they weren’t having women. They’re about to reach their limit, you know.” (Cuffe)

‘They are probably the only two who got escorts. I can imagine there will be a fool who will sleep talking. Even if you make them stop talking, having one escort for ten people is just foolish. It’s not possible to have multiple people orgy.’

‘When a sailor goes offshore, the first thing he would do is to go to a brothel. So, it’s quite difficult to prohibit and confine them for ten days. They would be anxious, and some will get angry.’

“Hmm…” (Yuri)

‘This is troublesome. Speaking of information management, it will be more assuring to kill everyone. The dead can no longer speak.’

‘However, such a thing cannot be done. If all the people involved in the discovery of the New World are killed from now on, the job will not be possible anymore. Since the number of people involved has to increase steadily, the number of people who will speak it will increase as well.’

“Should we give them a reward and 5000 Ruga for each person? If it’s too little, they won’t shut their mouth.” (Yuri)

I said it.

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“Is it to stop them from talking?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe asked. As a person who managed the finance, he seemed to be reluctant.

“At the same time, let’s talk about what would happen if the information leaked. They will feel scared, but they will abide if we give them sweet candies.” (Yuri)

‘It’s a mafia method. I wonder if it will leak anyway. If I told him to conceal their death for three years, there’s no way he can conceal it.’

‘I don’t know whether it will be a week or a year later, it will be openly known later. The problem is not to prevent the leakage, but how to delay the progress of information.’

‘In that case, the important thing may be the information manipulation that will make people raise their eyebrows at leaked information. It may be good to spread false information at the beginning of the leakage. Something like it was a small island, or they were in distress, and they didn’t know the direction, or they saw ice in the Arctic Ocean and misunderstood it as land…’

“It may be difficult for this guy.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe asked.

“Don’t look down on me. If I can’t do it, I won’t fit as a captain.” (Harold)

“Can you do it?” (Yuri)

I asked.

“Yes, I can.” (Harold)

‘Well, that’s what Harold would say. In the first place, I don’t think you can prevent information leakage forever.’

“Just manage the sailors well. If someone isn’t coming or quitting, report it immediately.” (Yuri)

“Got it.” (Harold)

‘I don’t understand the feeling that the yakuza won’t let people go. I’m not a criminal, but it’s scary for someone, who knows what to keep a secret, to leave the organization.”

“For the time being, let’s gather people and send them by ship to make a small town.” (Yuri)

‘Fortunately, there are too many people now.’

Then, Cuffe raised his hand.

“What is it?” (Yuri)

“That’s fine, but how are we going to handle the newly found land or town? Will it be under the territory of the Hou Household?” (Cuffe)

“Aah…” (Yuri)

‘I didn’t even think about it. Basically, land is treated as if the country lends it to an individual rather than a personal belonging. For convenience, you can be said to own land. However, take an example of this residence. It’s not a detached territory of the Hou Household. Therefore, even if this plot of land is sold to the Papal States, it won’t become the Papal State’s territory.’

‘Ownership is guaranteed to the country, but control is maintained by ability. Then, will a new land found in the New World, be the territory of a corporate nation, in which the corporation is Hou and Associates? It’s a very story of the future.’

“I’ll have to ask you to wait on that for a bit, but… well, I won’t let the royal family interfere. For now, you don’t have to think about the law.” (Yuri)

‘If I reported to the royal family and made it public, it would be a mess. Then, those people will always want it. Especially those Witch household who will change based on situation. They might even consider abandoning this peninsular and moving to it.’

“What I want to say is whether we will make money from it. Creating a town wouldn’t make money. So, are we going to collect taxes?” (Cuffe)

‘That’s a realistic matter.’

“Yes… well, I have a lot of work to think about, and when it comes to it, it’s fine to pay the travel fee.” (Yuri)

“Alright. However, if it will become the Hou Household territory in the future, I think it’s a good idea for Hou and Associates to cover the cost. To put it simply, it’s weird to spend money from our pocket, explore, set everything up, and give away land for free.” (Cuffe)

‘That’s certainly true. Cuffe is correct in theory. However, it’s different from the Hou Household. Even if the Hou Household pays the money, the money is collected from tax collection, and if the money is redeemed, the profit should return to the Hou Household territory.’

‘It may be trivial, but I don’t want to do that. Besides, even though it is the Hou Household, the information management isn’t solid. For example, I talk about it to Father. Then, Father brings it to the meeting with the top leaders of the household. Everything will come to nothing. It will definitely leak to the Witch households, and in some cases, it may leak to the Kuran’s territory.’

“I think about it some more, but… well, it’s fine to treat it as the territory of Hou and Associates.” (Yuri)

“What?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe put up an awkward expression.

“Think about it. This country is–…” (Yuri)

And then, I stopped talking.

That was because I felt something like footsteps from the corridor.

“What is it?” (Yuri)

When Harold caught his mouth, a knocking sound was heard at the same time.


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