The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 145 (Self Edited) – Return




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The next morning, everyone had a late breakfast, and after doing some miscellaneous tasks such as eagle arrangements and feeding them, the departure setup was already completed. It was easy.

Carol was there, and everyone gathered to see her off. In the meantime, I stayed close to the borrowed eagle, stroked its head, and fed her.

‘It’s not necessary to do this, but doing it makes me feel a bit nostalgic, and I feel like I can communicate with it.’

After that, there was nothing else to do.

“Myaro.” (Yuri)

I stopped by Myaro and called her in a voice that only she could hear.

“Yes.” (Myaro)

For a moment, I felt guilt swelled in my heart.

‘I don’t think it’s fair to say anything here, but… No, if I don’t say anything like giving a warning, it should be fine.’

“What is it?” (Myaro)

“If anything happens, return immediately, alright.” (Yuri)

“? What’s wrong?” (Myaro)

It seemed Myaro didn’t understand.

‘I suppose so.’

“If you feel any danger to yourself, leave the mission and return home.” (Yuri)

“Danger to myself…?” (Myaro)

Myaro tilted her head reflexively, trying to understand the meaning of those words. However, she had suspicions.

‘What kind of danger to herself? Speaking of that, it has been extremely dangerous until now, so is there any element of concern over this period that warns her about the danger to herself?’

‘I guess that’s what she’s thinking. She probably wouldn’t think that I’m warning her because there’s a probability Liao would do something to her.’

“Well, I hope you keep that in mind.” (Yuri)

“Haa… alright.” (Myaro)

Myaro said with an expression that seemed to be out of place.

“See you.” (Yuri)

I straddled the eagle and quickly put on the safety belt. Carol was already ready and waiting.

“Well then, everyone. Sorry to ask you, but I leave everything to you.” (Carol)

When Carol said so, Liao…

“Everyone, salute to the Commanding Officer and Her Highness the Princess!” (Liao)

…said it out loud. The unit members who were taking the lead knelt on one knee and saluted.

When I gave a simplified salute, I made the eagle flap.



The city of Sibyaku, seen from the sky for the first time in a few months, felt rather nostalgic. Although I had been away for about a month even during the long holiday at the school of Knights, I felt that I was away for a long time, which was incomparable to that time.

It felt like coming back for the first time in years.

‘Is that kind of experience on the battlefield?’

I felt like going around the sky for a while and seeing the scenery, but now wasn’t the right time. I went straight ahead as I didn’t have time to immerse myself in my emotions, and I got to the castle in the blink of an eye.

However, when I passed through the castle, I turned the wings to the Hou Household’s secondary residence.

Carol’s eagle speeded up and lined next to me. When I turned my head, Carol was looking at me with a scary face.

I shook my head and turned away. I descended the eagle into the residence. The lawn was greener than the time when I left. The properly planted trees had more leaves compared to when I left.

‘It has been three months since I left here. WhenI thought about it, Stardust was with me when I left this place.’

Carol, who was chasing me, descended with her eagle right next to me.

“What happened?” (Carol)

She said as an opening.

“You should go to the castle first.” (Yuri)

I said while untying the safety belt.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t reporting to Mother the highest priority?” (Carol)

‘As expected, she’s angry.

Since we come here under that pretext, she’s being reasonable.’

“There are no urgent reports, so I would like to get a bit dressed up. I’m going to have an audience with Her Majesty.” (Yuri)

‘My clothes are quite dirty. Of course, I hadn’t taken a bath for the past few weeks. Either way, I need to take a bath first.’

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“…” (Carol)

Carol looked at me from top to bottom.

“Surely, you’re right.” (Carol)

‘It’s a terrible appearance for someone who cares about every detail.’

Carol, who was usually noisy, didn’t object to anything.

If anything, it would be rude to have an audience with Her Majesty as it was.

“You should wait at the castle ahead of time.” (Yuri)

“Got it. Don’t be too late.” (Carol)

I pulled out my pocket watch from my pocket and opened it to check the time. It was around 2 PM.

‘I’m hungry because I haven’t had lunch, but it’s not the time to say ‘Let’s have lunch together’ since I need to hurry to the castle.’

“2 PM, is it? Do you want to have light meals?” (Yuri)

I pointed at the residence with my thumb.

Carol seemed to think for a moment. She also seemed to be fighting the appetite.

“No, I’ll go first.” (Carol)

“I see. I’ll come by dinnertime.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Carol)

Carol suddenly looked behind me. Then, when I looked back, I saw the butler of the residence running up in a hurry.

When I looked at Carol again, she was in a hurry making the eagle flapping, as if she couldn’t allow herself to receive excessive hospitality.



Of course, it was a lie to get dressed. Speaking of a lie, if that was the only reason, I could wash myself even if I went to the castle directly, so I didn’t have to stop by here.

I ordered the butler to prepare clothes and a bath. I put everything else off, and I went to the Hou and Associates company building with a dirty appearance. When I entered the company building, there was a young Onee-san in an attire that didn’t shame anyone who would look at her at the reception, which was neatly organized to the point it didn’t look cramped. Her hand seemed to be moving while being covered by a partition. She was probably checking documents.

According to the company president, Cuffe, she was a grandchild of a rising merchant, who was successful thirty years ago, but collapsed in one generation. The properties collapsed with his mortgage, but thanks to her grandfather and father marrying a beautiful wife, this Onee-san was also beautiful.

She had a minimum education, so she could read and write. She was good at memorizing people’s faces and names, so she had enough qualifications to be a receptionist.

In the inner part of the room, there was my cousin, Beaure, who was using the abacus I gave with a tremendous momentum. There was no joy or suffering in her expression. She was like a computer doing calculations in a server room without an operator. Although she was working, there was an air that she seemed to be having a margin.

She had become an expert.

The lady at the reception, who was looking at the documents, noticed that there was a visitor, and looked up.

She looked at me and opened her eyes wide in surprise. She covered her mouth, and…

“Chairman Yuri!” (Receptionist)

…said with a feminine gesture.

Beaure, who was surprised because of her loud voice, looked at me and her eyes were also opened wide.

“Yuri-sama!” (Beaure)

With a rattling sound, she got up from the chair.

“I’ve returned.” (Yuri)

“Aah… that’s great. Really.” (Beaure)

Beaure said. She was about to cry.

“So, how is it going?” (Yuri)

‘I mean what was going one while I was away. That was what I thought, but when I think about it, it’s not that I don’t understand these two. It will be quicker to ask things directly from Cuffe.’

“Everyone is here.” (Beaure)

“Well… where is Cuffe? And is Harold coming back?” (Yuri)

“Cuffe-san is going out for a bit. He is asking what’s happening on the other side. I’ll call him back immediately.” (Receptionist)

The receptionist said.

“Is that so? Well then, please. Then, Harold?” (Yuri)

“Harold-san, is it? I haven’t seen him for a long time these days.” (Beaure)

‘Harold hasn’t returned yet, huh?’

The feeling of hopelessness swirled like a fog in my mind.

‘Was it no good?’

“I’m going to change clothes at home. Tell him about me when Cuffe is here.” (Yuri)

“Understood. I will arrange it immediately.” (Receptionist)

“Please.” (Yuri)

‘Was it no good…?’



I got out of the still lukewarm bath, wiped my body, and prepared a light meal.

While recognizing everything since I was here almost everyday for a long time, it felt strange at the same time. It felt as if it was a new house that I just moved in, and the atmosphere didn’t fit my body.

‘I probably won’t realize it after a week.’

That was how I felt.

When I swallowed the last bite of the bread prepared for the light meal, as I expected…

“There is a person named Cuffe Ornette from Hou and Associates.” (??)

The chief butler said.

“Let him through.” (Yuri)

“How would you like to dress?” (??)

“I’m fine as it is.” (Yuri)

I was wearing loungewear. It was comfortable without any frills.

The butler didn’t say anything, but he didn’t give out his formal wear right after the bath, probably because it would be bad if it got dirty with the meal. For such clothes, even though this was the Hou Household, not many clothes were prepared. Even if it were made, the clothes would be remade since I was still in the growth stage.

“Bring him here.” (Yuri)

I had a pain in my leg, so I was tired of walking. I got a cane, and walking wouldn’t be hurt, but it was a hassle.

“Understood.” (??)

After giving a bow, the butler picked up the tableware and then left the room.

I waited for a while, and the door opened again.

“Here you are.” (Yuri)

“Long time no see.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe, who appeared, said with a happy smile. It was a nostalgic face.

Speaking of a nostalgic face, there was another.

“Yo!” (Harold)

It was Harold.

‘He wasn’t dead? He seems to be alive.’

“Sorry, I’ve been away for a long time.” (Yuri)

When I said that…

“It’s fine.” (Harold)

While saying so, Harol sat in a chair near me without permission. Cuffe frowned.

‘Cuffe is a person who is strict about business etiquette, so he must be annoyed. It makes me think of a scene of ‘We are here in a General household as guests, so it’s only normal to sit after being given permission, you fool!’.’

“I’m glad you’re safe.” (Cuffe)

“Look, come sit down.” (Yuri)

When I said it, Cuffe immediately sat in the chair opposite Harold across the table.

“Do you want to drink? We have liquor.” (Yuri)

“Well then, I’ll have some liquor. It’s a celebration.” (Harold)

Harold said.

“I’ll have the same.” (Cuffe)

‘It’s unusual. Cuffe doesn’t drink too much, probably because he lived a drunken life when he was a bad guy.’

“Alright. I’ll have them right away.” (??)

As soon as Cuffe sat down in a chair, he crossed my legs and changed his posture. When I looked at Harold, he seemed to want to do the same. The butler, who didn’t change his expression, said so, promptly bowed and left the room.

“So, give me a brief report. Cuff, you first.” (Yuri)

“I’ll give a written report later. I had two to three troubles, but it wasn’t a big deal. In general, the project is going well. It’s just that Lily isn’t making any progress. Now that you’re back, she may progress again. Also, this is about the northern trade route. It is the Boff General Household. The moment the news of your accident came in, the trade became sluggish. However, there’s no problem after receiving the news that you’re safe. Then…” (Cuffe)

The report details came one after another.

“No, Harold, you should report first. As for me, I can compile the report later.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe said and closed his mouth. It was Harold’s turn.

“I found a new continent.” (Harold)


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