Ex Strongest Swordsman 276 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Thinking About What to Do


Ex Strongest, Thinking About What to Do

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Soma squinted in front of an unfamiliar room. He looked around, and he muttered ‘Hmm’ once.

He could have predicted when he saw the dining room, but this room was quite impressive. Perhaps… no, it was definitely better than his room, which was once the son of a duke family.

It was a guest room given to Soma.

“Hmm… Well, my room isn’t suitable for comparison.

Soma dared not want a good room, and to begin with, Radeus itself had no money to afford it. The appearance of the Neumont family’s mansion was reasonably good, but the number of furnishings was small and the quality wasn’t so high. Compared to the room of a high-class house, it would not be suitable as a comparison material in many ways.

Even so, the room was magnificent to the extent that it wouldn’t be inferior to the room of a person in any country. Still, he didn’t feel unpleasant. Even more so, he knew it was very expensive.

Once again, he was convinced that religion was about money.

“After all, that’s probably why the meal here is delicious. Didn’t ‘she’ say, as long as I’m entrusted with the benefits, right?” (Soma)

The supper mentioned earlier was more than sufficient. It didn’t mean that he was gathering money in a greedy way. Soma wasn’t losing money, but gaining money in this way. If so, he wasn’t qualified to say anything. He had no intention of saying anything other than to joke from the beginning.

When he was thinking about that, he suddenly heard the sound of knocking on the door. It was a bit modest…

“Hmm… Is that you, Eleonora? It’s fine to come in… or I probably should say, this room is yours, so don’t hesitate to come in.” (Soma)

“I’m lending it to you, Soma-san, so I can’t do that. By the way, how did you find out that it was me? I hadn’t even mentioned myself yet.” (Eleonora)

It was Eleonora, as Soma said, who opened the door with such words, and she showed up. There was a slightly dissatisfied look on her face.

“I would like to say from the presence, but… if anything, from the knocking sound.” (Soma)

“Knocking sound?” (Eleonora)

“It’s because only you, Hildegard or Satya are the ones who visit this room. So given that the other two wouldn’t do such a humble knock, you’re the only one who would do that.” (Soma)

“I see… it was a blind spot.” (Eleonora)

She shrugged her shoulders, nodding as if she was convinced. Or rather, it was the thing that he wanted to say at the beginning was…

“There is only you who can suppress presence to that extent. It hasn’t been so long, but I think you’ve improved a lot.” (Soma)

“Hehe, I also have the will as a king. I would be happy if you could say that. Well, it’s rude to talk too long here, so please excuse me.” (Eleonora)

Eleonora, who smiled at him and entered the room as she said that, was actually much better at suppressing her presence compared to that time. She just made him feel suspicious, thinking whether she was cutting corners at that time.

“Hmm… No, it’s possible that they are actually twins. Even if you say so, I’m likely to believe it now.” (Soma)

“That’s too much compliment.” (Eleonora)

It was a straight compliment, but she turned away her eyes that were begging for the compliment and to hide her reddened cheeks due to embarrassment. She did it as she shrugged her shoulders, and then she stopped. Besides, the fact that she came all the way at such time means that she had reasons.

“So, do you have some business? You didn’t come to see what I’m doing right now, right?” (Soma)

“Of course. I came here to ask if you have any complaints. After all, I’m the lord of this place.” (Eleonora)

“Hmm… I see. Anyhow, complaints, is it…?” (Soma)

Although he thought about it while looking around the place, there was no complaint.

Moreover, when he looked closely, he found familiar books piled up in the corner of the room. It was probably brought from that prison. It was quite nifty.

Speaking of complaints…

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“Yes… If I dare to say, it would be this room.” (Soma)

“Eh? What’s wrong with it? I think the cleaning is done well.” (Eleonora)

“No, it’s not like that… to be honest, it’s too good for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a more ordinary room, or if anything, I can go back to that prison, you know? I’m just getting used to the hardness of the floor.” (Soma)

“I can’t really do that. Given your position, it’s only natural to give you a superlative room.” (Eleonora)

Soma thought that it was very good, but apparently it was superlative. It should have cost money.

“Hmm… I feel worse if you say so. Even if that is said from a standpoint, I still feel that it is too much for me.”(Soma)

“That’s not the case. That’s because you will save the world from now on. Rather, this isn’t enough.” (Eleonora)

“Do you mean the Demon King?” (Soma)

“In the end of the day, the Demon King was created by the world. My Lord is Satya-sama, who entrusted you with the fate of the world. Then, that’s enough for me.” (Eleonora)

The eyes when she said so were serious, and it was more than enough to realize that she wasn’t joking. At the same time, Soma realized that it would be pointless no matter what he said, so he had no choice but to smile.

“Besides, we’re trying to get in the way of what the world is trying to do. For me, it doesn’t matter what the world is all about.” (Eleonora)

“…I see, that’s certainly true.” (Soma)

“That’s why you can use this room as it is. Do you need anything else?” (Eleonora)

“Hmm… I don’t think so. The food was also satisfactory…” (Soma)

He wondered if there was anything else he needed…

“–I have something!” (Hildegard)

When Soma turned his eyes to the suddenly heard voice, he knew it without seeing it, but there was a figure of Hildegard. She had appeared in a similar three times today, morning, noon and night. He wondered how that was possible.

There seemed to be a possibility that she would take a pose of ‘That’s it!’

“…I would like to ask you, what on earth are you dissatisfied with?” (Eleonora)

“My dissatisfaction has been decided! Why is my room so far away!? Is it harassment!?” (Hildegard)

Soma was led here after the meal, so he knew about this room for the first time, but apparently, Hildegard’s room was very far from here. However, he didn’t think that it was a dissatisfaction, but… well, it seemed different for Hildegard.

However, Eleonora, who had a calm face as if to say that was natural, wasn’t going to deal with it directly.

“That’s not the case. It’s just that there are only two finest rooms here and they are far apart. I didn’t decide that, so there’s nothing I can do about it, you know?” (Eleonora)

“Then, it doesn’t have to be the finest room, so I would like somewhere near this room… No, better yet, I’m fine here too! If that happens, I’ll be staying in the finest room, so there’s nothing wrong with that, yes?” (Hildegard)

“What do you mean by that!? Staying in the same room together with a man… what on earth are you trying to do!? That’s disgusting!” (Eleonora)

“What the… Of course, I’ve decided to do that for discussions. There are a lot of things to think about. That reminds me, are you imagining something disgusting? I think it’s your thoughts that are disgusting.” (Hildegard)

“Wha… that’s not true! It’s normal… normal! Regardless, it’s more strange to say that you’re going to stay with someone of different sex and have discussions in the future! Are you good for nothing!?” (Eleonora)

“What did you say, you bastard…!?” (Hildegard)

“What!?” (Eleonora)

Soma shrugged at the sight of the two who faced each other while talking about that. He felt like they were either on good terms or bad terms.

And when he was looking at them, he suddenly remembered something he had to confirm.

“Aah, yes. It’s fine that the two of you are on good terms, but–…” (Soma)

“–Who are on good terms!?” (Eleonora)

“–Who are on good terms!?” (Hildegard)

“I think the atmosphere is perfect, so there’s nothing to deny. Well, I would rather confirm with Eleonora, but speaking of which, what should we do tomorrow?” (Soma)

He forgot to confirm it. At dinner earlier, they were just chatting, and there was no such topic.

Satya had said that she would take a rest when the meal was over, so the only confirmation he could get was from Eleonora.

“Aah, I see, is it about that? I’ve heard that there’s no plan tomorrow. So, it’s up to the two of you to decide.” (Eleonora)

“Hmm… Is that so?” (Soma)

In fact, there were plenty of things to do. There were various things to think about, and it would be a problem if he were told that anything was fine.

After all, it wasn’t possible to look around the Holy City today, so he had to do it properly tomorrow. Also, there were times when he was curious. Where was the source of that curiosity?

If there was no time to waste, he couldn’t afford to waste the time. Well, whatever it was, Soma pondered about tomorrow’s schedule while looking sideways at the two people, who were arguing again.


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