Ex Strongest Swordsman 275 (Self Edited) – Blurring Sunset and Slight Premonition


Blurring Sunset and a Slight Premonition

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At the moment when Soma was told that this was the case, he involuntarily let out a sigh. He wasn’t tired, but…

“Hmm… there was more information that I thought.” (Soma)

That was his honest impression at present. Hildegard was no different. She let out a sigh and nodded in the same way.

“Well. I feel like I was talking a bit too much. It’s not that our understanding can’t keep up, but we just need time to organize the information, right? No matter how good we could do that, we would get stuck somewhere if this flow of information continues every day.” (Hildegard)

“Aah, you don’t have to worry about that. Rather, I compiled the information because I couldn’t do it every day.” (Satya)

“Hmm? …Aah I see. Is it because you have to sleep in order to absorb authority?” (Soma)

“Yes. Once I sleep, I can’t control it. I can’t get up, until it settles down. On average, I sleep for full days, so basically the time to teach you is once every three days.” (Satya)

“I see. It’s not that you have to compile the information three days at a time. After all, I’m satisfied with the amount of information.” (Hildegard)

There was a lot of information that they heard for the first time, and there were many things that they could guess from it. He thought that it would take some time before he could say that he fully understood everything, but it looked like that they were all incorporated to each other.

“Aah, I’ve noticed one more thing now… The fact that there’s still time before the world starts moving means that it’s related.” (Soma)

“That’s a good consideration. Yes, the fact that the authority still remains means that it hasn’t become a pure power, so it cannot be used as a catalyst for the Devil.” (Satya)

“So, until you’ve taken in all the authority, at least the world won’t really move. By the way, how much time is needed specifically?” (Hildegard)

“Well… I think it will not take three months. However, I don’t think it will start moving as soon as everything is over. So as for my prediction that has started to some extent, I think it will start in earnest about a month later.” (Satya)

“Hmm… Well, that’s a reasonable time duration.” (Soma)

It was about three months as expected. When it came to cramming knowledge and preparation, it would be about that much.

The reason why ‘she’ didn’t start earlier was that the sooner ‘she’ made a move, the more likely that ‘she’ would be recognized by the world. It was as if ‘she’ was trying to deal with the world itself. She wouldn’t the world to be too vigilant.

Or it could be that the preparations for Satya and others were finally ready now.

“Anyhow, if we don’t return for more than three months, should we go back to explain the situation?” (Soma)

In order to return to Radeus soon, he went to the Holy City without telling anyone. Soma couldn’t say that he was going to explain things until everything was all over.

He thought so, but Hildegard shook her head.

“No, you don’t have to. It will be easy for me to do that, so I will explain it. I think it’s fine because I told them, since they were conveniently there, that you won’t be able to come back for a while.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm, is that so? That really helps.” (Soma)

No matter how extraordinary his leg strength was, he wouldn’t be able to return to this place within three days even if he ran with all his might. It meant that he couldn’t study once, and it was a pain because he couldn’t afford to do that.

Of course, even if that was the case, he should explain the situation properly with his own mouth, but…

“For the time being, I have to convince them. I would like to explain once at some point…” (Soma)

“Hmm… I can’t say if that’s possible. As I said, each seal should be far from each other and there was already one here.” (Satya)

“But it’s not impossible. To begin with, the Devil is not going to stay at one place.” (Hildegard)

“Well. I mean that’s why I can’t say anything. I can’t deny the possibility that the Devil will approach the seal.” (Satya)

“I’m grateful if it doesn’t go there, but then, there’s no reason for it to go to Radeus, right? After all, they won’t stay at one place.” (Soma)

If it didn’t go there, Soma also wouldn’t have to go there. If he gave priority to make a contact with the Devil, the preparation would be delayed since it wasn’t possible to remain here.

“Well, I can’t help but worry about that. If you really want to, it’s fine to tell me about the situation from time to time.” (Hildegard)

“Are you sure?” (Soma)

It was certainly helping him, but it was definitely a hassle. However, Hildegard shrugged, telling him not to worry about it.

“I’m worried about the situation over there. Even though I’ve managed to some extent, I’m practically leaving the Academy alone. By the way, there’s not much difference as seeing how they are doing right now.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm, is that so… it really helps.” (Soma)

“What do you need to worry about?” (Hildegard)

“Wow, you’re obviously trying to score a point, Hildegard.” (Satya)

“You’re noisy! Don’t mix in a weird monologue!” (Hildegard)

“Rather, if you pretend that it’s nothing, you should at least do something about the looseness of your mouth.” (Satya)

“You don’t have to tell me that!” (Hildegard)

“It’s fine to joke around with each other, but won’t we annoy many people if we don’t move soon?” (Soma)

The twilight sky was spreading outside the window, and the darkness was approaching. In general, it was about time for dinner, and like lunch, Soma and Hildegard couldn’t go out, so it was necessary to have it early.

Well, strictly speaking, they didn’t have to worry when going under public eye, but it would be unreasonable to leave Satya and go to the dining room by themselves. Also, if they brought a meal, they didn’t have to worry about it from the beginning, but it was an act that caused unnecessary effort and inconvenience.

That was why it was necessary to head to the dining room as soon as possible this time as well.

“Well, you’re right. I’ll stop her from making fun of herself for now, and let’s go to the dining room soon.” (Satya)

“You… the way you said that makes me feel…? Do you think I was making fun of myself!?” (Hildegard)

“Well, no matter how I look at it, you were doing that, but you don’t have to worry about it, you know?” (Soma)

“Soma…!?” (Hildegard)

Soma stood up from the spot, shrugging at Hildegard, who opened her eyes wide. After spending a lot of time here, he didn’t feel like doing anything else other than having meals.

Immediately afterwards, Soma turned to the dining room, leaving Hildegard, who had a stern look, and Satya, who was laughing.

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Sophia casually squinted as she watched the setting sun.

The direction was strangely the direction where the Holy City should be. She wondered if he was seeing the same thing, and she smiled wryly.

“I wonder what are you thinking…” (Kraus)

“…What is it?” (Sophia)

When she turned her gaze to the voice, Kraus’ eyes were on her. Rather than leaking a wry smile, she felt that sign. She wouldn’t have seen it at least that moment.

That was because his face was pointing out of the window, similar as her.

“It’s nothing. But… I feel like it wasn’t that way. Perhaps, I should say that you may feel the same.” (Sophia)

“…I see, that’s certainly not the case. But I probably don’t mind about it today. That’s because what we’ve done so far has been wasted.” (Kraus)

“…Yeah.” (Sophia)

While saying that, what came to her mind was what happened in the daytime today. However they would move from now on… no, Hildegard suddenly appeared when they were discussing it, which had already become a firm determination.

And she came with a threatening look that they weren’t sure whether she was angry or in a rush. She apologized for jumping to a wrong conclusion.

While they were all stunned, the appearance of her leaving after saying only what she wanted to say was shocking.

“…I think she was more intelligent and reliable in the old days.” (Sophia)

“Well, maybe she’s changed too. I don’t know whether it’s for the better or the worse.” (Kraus)

“At least considering this time alone, I can only say that it’s in the bad direction. That alone isn’t enough to convince me.” (Sophia)

No matter how they thought about this matter, it wasn’t a matter that it could be solved immediately. The evidence no longer existed, but Sophia and Kraus were certainly seeing it. It was necessary to ask properly what was going on.

Although she could guess the general idea where Hildegard used the word escaping, there were many things that she didn’t understand. Besides, it was about making a move as a country, and its policy had been set in most parts.

Thus, it was impossible for them to be convinced when Hildegard only said that.

“Still, we were convinced that wasn’t the case, but we just let it go.” (Sophia)

“That shows how much she is trusted. Besides, it would be better… in many ways if the matter is settled.” (Kraus)

“…Well, you’re right.” (Sophia)

Sophia was somehow agreed when saying it. The appearance of complaining was just a pose.

“…To be honest, I was relieved.” (Sophia)

“…What does that mean?” (Kraus)

She knew what he wanted to say.

He probably meant that he couldn’t make a move as a country. Perhaps, it meant that he didn’t have to deal with the power that wouldn’t help him when he moved.

Or maybe…

“Well…? I wonder what the meaning is.” (Sophia)

She probably knew without asking, that her husband was quite mean because he dared to ask such a thing.

However, Sophia didn’t say the word. Instead, she turned her gaze out of the window again.

Sophia squinted at her gaze as she was convinced. In any case, it was true that this matter was one of her concerns. There was no mistake about that, but… Sophia wasn’t pleased.

It was because there was something swelling in her chest that she couldn’t identify. She couldn’t put it into words… It was probably a vague premonition.

There was no basis. However, it was swelling from inside her chest as if it were aching.

There was no way that it would end simply.

While feeling something similar to an anxiety, Sophia let out her breath toward the dark sky.



  • I wanted to translate three chapters instead but these two chapters drained my mental capacity. Let me apologize if it’s difficult to understand. I’m not sure why but sometimes the author is using an unsuitable word. For example, I had to change the word ‘learn’ to ‘teach/tell’ after reading these two chapters again and again.

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