Ex Strongest Swordsman 277 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Receiving Revelation


Ex Strongest, Receiving Revelation

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Suddenly, the eyes opened.

No, should it be said that it was in the intention. Immediately after that, there was a realization that this was still a dream.

And the reason why it was a dream… was because the familiar scene that was displayed.

Burning flame. A jarring sound. An unpleasant feeling that was transmitted to the arm.

The surroundings were filled with the smell of burning flesh, but instead of increasing appetite, it only brought nausea. However that was natural. The flesh was that of humans.

The rattling and unpleasant sounds never stopped. But that was also natural since it was heard from the hand. It was natural that the sound never stopped because the hand never stopped.

If so, the feeling that was transmitted to the arm wouldn’t disappear, but in fact, that was the biggest cause of nausea. This was because the existence under the eyes was used to call Father and Mother until recently.

However, everything was a thing of the past, and it wasn’t possible to deny it as someone who lived in the present. The arms kept moved with the *Guchu* sound.

It felt sickening.

The eye sockets, that were filled with darkness, were directed to the owner of the body. However, the arm that was swung down without being mindful with the stare still conveyed only unpleasant feelings.

*Guchu* *Guchu*

Unpleasant sounds echoed, and… there was a sudden realization. It was certainly unpleasant, but… it wasn’t jarring.

Then, without stopping the arms, the awareness was focused on the ears and there was another sound heard. Realization…

But it was already too late to regret. The sound was heard from the surroundings. Moreover, the same sound repeated many times and it was a misunderstanding if that was only from a source of sound.

*Squeaky* *Squeaky*

The eyes turned involuntarily… another realization. Many eyes were directed. The jarring sound heard was laughter.

Still, the arms didn’t stop. As if to repent, as if trying to atone for the sins that had been committed. As everyone was watching, the arm was swung down.

Nausea never stopped, but… that was also natural. The last thing remembered was very important.

Thinking that was the feeling of nausea, but it wasn’t. What was in the mouth was the same as everyone else.



— Soma had such a dream.

“I had a dream that made me wake up with unpleasant feelings again.” (Soma)

He let out a breath as a sigh. It was a really unpleasant awakening.

There were strange things happening yesterday, and Soma wondered if he was tired without knowing it. That was because it was a dream that he had no idea about, but…

“…Say, what are you doing?” (Soma)

“–!?” (Hildegard)

Soma let out a sigh when she turned away the face of ‘How did he catch me!?’. Rather, why did she think that he wouldn’t notice her?

“No… it is surely because of that, right? You were half-awake, yes!?” (Hildegard)

“It’s you who are half-awake. Or perhaps I should say that you’re talking in your sleep.” (Soma)

Soma let out another sigh while looking at the face in front of her.

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“…It’s probably a revelation.” (Eleonora)

It was only for some reason that he told the dream he had earlier at breakfast. For some reason, the talk was interrupted, he remembered the dream for some reason, and for some reason, he mentioned it.

So, Soma didn’t expect a decent answer, but he tilted his head to the words that came back unexpectedly.

“Revelation, is it…?” (Soma)

It wasn’t a word that he had never heard. Rather, it was a question because he knew it. Was that really a revelation?

“Revelation… Surely, it was a warning from God and a prophecy that is transmitted to the believers of the Holy Doctrine. But, isn’t strange because Soma isn’t a believer.” (Hildegard)

Soma nodded to those words in a double sense. The content was the same as what Soma knew and to show consent to the latter.

“Hmm… I don’t remember being one.” (Soma)

“In other words, it means you understand our thoughts naturally, right? So, I welcome you. No… rather, if you think about living here and eating with me, doesn’t it mean that you have already signed up as a believer?” (Eleonora)

“You’re talking nonsense after sleeping, isn’t it?” (Hildegard)

“Oh my, I don’t want to be told by someone who failed to crawl at night.” (Eleonora)

“Wha… Why do you know that…!?” (Hildegard)

“The fact that this place is under the protection of my Lord means that it is the same for me. It was foolish to initiate a night crawling without noticing that… No, in the first place, it’s not already a night crawling in terms of time, so at that point, it can only be said to be foolish.” (Eleonora)

“You bastard… do you think you can say that even if I ask you how!?” (Hildegard)

“I haven’t said enough to someone who tried to do something shameless under the watch of God!” (Eleonora)

Ignoring their already familiar arguments, Soma thought about the revelation.

He didn’t think that it was a mistake. Looking back, it was certainly more like being shown something close to a dream than a dream. If that was something related to the future, it was strangely convincing.

“Hmm… Anyhow, I don’t remember signing up as a believer…” (Soma)

When he muttered that, it stopped the argument between Hildegard and Eleonora, and they turned to him. What was displayed in their eyes were the thoughts that he couldn’t understand…

“…Actually, you don’t have to serve our Lord to receive revelation. It’s said to be a revelation, but in reality, it is the remnant of the dream that my Lord is dreaming of. It’s just that it’s a warning to the future.” (Eleonora)

“Hmm?  What does it mean by the remnant of a dream that becomes a warning of the future?” (Soma)

“Well… do you know that my Lord is always connected to the world?” (Eleonora)

“I remember hearing it.” (Soma)

Certainly, ‘she’ mentioned that kind of thing yesterday. It was possible to make deep connections if ‘she’ was conscious of it, but now it was intentionally kept at a minimum level.

“Then, the talk will be quick. Because of this situation, when my Lord is sleeping, the information that the world is seeing now flows to my Lord in no small way. And it appears in the form of a dream.” (Eleonora)

“Hmm? I feel that the fact that the remnant is related to the future means that you are looking at the future even though you’re looking at it now?” (Hildegard)

“That’s right, so there’s no problem. The world is always looking to the future. By doing so, it’s always making sure that it can proceed as planned.” (Eleonora)

“That means… you can’t move flashily right now because of that?” (Soma)

“You’re right. The more flashy you move, the more dramatically the future will change. That’s why we are preparing for maximum efficiency with minimal movement.” (Eleonora)

“I see… that’s why you meant by considering various things.” (Hildegard)

“Of course. It’s different from someone who is full of perverted thoughts.” (Eleonora)

“Who are you talking about..!?” (Hildegard)

“Reacting to me even though I didn’t specifically say who it was means that you are that someone!” (Eleonora)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

He understood what revelation was like. However, he still didn’t know what was important.

After all, why did Soma see it?

“Well, I didn’t say anything important. Please excuse me. That’s why anyone who has a good connection with my Lord can receive the remnant. Of course, if you have something to do with the remnant. It means from the world to the Lord, and from the Lord to someone. That’s true when Soma has signed a contract with my Lord and is sleeping at the place under Her protection. The conditions for receiving revelation are in place.” (Eleonora)

“I see… if that’s the case, I’m convinced.” (Soma)

The revelation was more like sending the information unknowingly rather than showing it. He didn’t know where in that dream that was related to him, but for the time being, it seemed better to remember.

“Hmm… It was helpful to teach me various things in an easy-to-understand manner. Sorry for doing that while eating.” (Soma)

“No problem. It would be great if it helped Soma-san. That’s the most important role for me right now.” (Eleonora)

“…Now I suddenly remember this. Why are you eating with us?” (Hildegard)

“Oh my, I remember inviting Soma-san because it’s at the right time, but I don’t remember inviting you? You were accompanying us… so, even if you asked me why, that question is actually my line.” (Eleonora)

“What did you say!?” (Hildegard)

“Am I wrong!?” (Eleonora)

For some reason, Soma looked over the place while listening to the arguing voices. The place there was now was the dining hall, so he should stop them, but he let them since there were no other people. That was because he chose the time when there were no people here today.

Satya wasn’t there, but Eleonora was. In a different sense from Satya, Eleonora couldn’t eat together with people either. It seemed that she basically ate at a different time from the general public. Soma and Hildegard didn’t have to deal with it, but… although he was already used to it, he couldn’t refuse when he was told that someone wanted to eat together with him.

However, it was unknown whether that was done with a pure intention. Soma decided to go along with her, at least because he didn’t think it was a complete bad decision.

While remembering that time, he looked sideways at the two of them. Well, it seemed to be fun for some reason, so he thought that this was good.

With that in mind, Soma drank the last bit of the soup that had begun to cool.


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