Ex Strongest Swordsman 264 (Self Edited) – Talk between God and First Believer


Talk between God and First Believer

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Eleonora squinted while staring at the door where the two backs had disappeared. It seemed like she was trying to see through the other side of the door, or it might be something else, but… of course, she couldn’t see anything. When she turned her gaze as if she had given up, she turned to her lord nearby.

“Are you sure it’s alright?” (Eleonora)

“What? That’s what it looks at first. When you are presented with what you want, it’s like asking you to look at your feet when you’re in a hurry. On the contrary, I was relieved that he wasn’t so thoughtless.” (Satya)

“Yes, that’s right…” (Eleonora)

Eleonora sharpened her lips, feeling a bit dissatisfied with those words, but she wouldn’t repeat it any more. It was none other than her lord’s decision. Even if there was dissatisfaction, it was a natural obligation to obey it…


“I wonder if you don’t believe me.” (Satya)

“Aah, no, it’s not that I’m denying your idea, Satya-sama. To be honest, I…” (Eleonora)

“Do you think that they won’t cooperate?” (Satya)

“…Yes.” (Eleonora)

The answer from Soma and Hildegard was temporarily stopped for the time being. Soma told ‘her’ that he wanted to think a little bit at the moment, and he just went out of that door with Hildegard. Although he came to the Holy City, he wanted to think while looking at the city since he hadn’t looked at the city properly, but… Eleonora wouldn’t be surprised if he went back home.

It seemed that he wasn’t willing to cooperate with them that much.

“In particular, Hildegard-san… she seemed to be very resistant…” (Eleonora)

“Hmm? Aah… as for Hildegard, she wasn’t that much, you know.” (Satya)

“Eh, is that so?” (Eleonora)

“Yes, she looked stubborn, but she was half-acting.” (Satya)

“Acting?” (Eleonora)

“For some reason, from his point of view, we are the first opponents, and this is place that is almost like enemy territory. She dared to act in denial to make him easier to refuse. Well, it must have been mixed with personal feelings, but that was why she was uselessly overdoing it.” (Satya)

“I see…” (Eleonora)

Basically, Eleonora was devoted to observation, but she didn’t notice it at all. This was completely the meaning of the authority of ‘Eyes’.

When Eleonora looked depressed and let out a sigh, ‘she’ suddenly leaked a wry smile.

“No, you don’t have to be depressed. She doesn’t look much different from you, but the years she actually lives are much longer than yours. Well, she is a lot more human than she used to be, but… I wonder if it’s worth it to blend along with people for fifty years. At that time, she was wondering if she could walk with people as a Dragon. Now, she doesn’t seem to be worried about that.” (Satya)

“…Honestly, I’m also dissatisfied with that.” (Eleonora)

“Hmm? Why is that?” (Satya)

“That person is definitely indebted to Satya-sama, but she doesn’t seem to feel it at all.” (Eleonora)

“Aah, I think that can’t be helped. Harassment is not a lie. She doesn’t try to put it on the outside appearance, but I think she’s quite grateful for that.” (Satya)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“It doesn’t make sense if she doesn’t show it…” (Eleonora)

And that was why Eleonora didn’t like Hildegard. She knew that she was a great existence, but she couldn’t see through with her ‘Eyes’ and she couldn’t know Hildegard’s true intentions. Or perhaps, it was some kind of jealousy.

“Well, anyhow, she’s practically not that much of a problem. It’s obvious if he agrees in the first place, she will agree as well.” (Satya)

“So, it is up to him to decide? That doesn’t seem to be worse than I expected.” (Eleonora)

“Well, I wonder about that.” (Satya)

“…Do you have different thoughts, Satya-sama?” (Eleonora)

Surely, Soma wasn’t a willing person, but he didn’t show a very negative reaction. She also felt that if ‘she’ explained it firmly again, he would agree.

“I’m sure he’s a weak type of person. When it comes to someone he considers relative, he will be extremely nice, but he’s harsh against other people. Even strangers will try to help within their reach, but… I think they wouldn’t dare to reach out. Especially in situations where he has something to prioritize.” (Satya)

“…In other words, is he unlikely to help us?” (Eleonora)

“He understands himself very well. Surely, he is very powerful, but as long as the starting point of the sword exists, it can’t be truly universal. If he’s trying to help his loved ones, it’s best to be close to them. And surely, the crisis in this world can still be overturned. There will be many dead bodies of people unknown to him around, but… his dear ones will be safe. With his power, he could do anything to protect one country.” (Satya)

“That is…” (Eleonora)

Eleonora wanted to say something, but she eventually closed her mouth. That was because there was certainly a correct answer.

Eleonora, in particular, could almost accurately predict what would have to be done if Soma would cooperate with them. Given that, it was no mistake that he would try to help only his loved ones.


“…Even so, I still want to reach out, so I guess, I’m a selfish person.” (Eleonora)

“I think that’s also your beauty. The reason you want to help as many people as possible is you may have the ‘Eyes’, but I’m wondering if that’s a sigh of your humanity.” (Satya)

“…Thank you.” (Eleonora)

“I don’t need gratitude. And… maybe your worries will become an unfounded worry.” (Satya)

“…Is that what they meant by you plotting something?” (Eleonora)

“…Even you say that, huh? That’s weird… I’m proud that no other God is as clean and innocent as I am.” (Satya)

Eleonora agreed that ‘she’ was a wonderful God, but… to the extent, Eleonora honestly felt something fishy when ‘she’ made such a joke at an odd timing. There was no doubt that the joke was due to ‘her’ personality, so she would like ‘her’ to refrain from showing regret, but that wasn’t something she could say to ‘her’.

It wasn’t because she was afraid, but because she knew that it was simply pointless.

“Well, I’m not plotting anything, but it’s almost certain that he won’t come back.” (Satya)

“…Why can you say that? You’re not going to tell me that’s because he’s the Demon King, right?” (Eleonora)

“That’s not the correct answer, but it’s not wrong either. Even though I call him the Demon King, it’s just a mark given by the world. There is no other meaning, but… there’s no difference between being a mark…” (Satya)

“Is something going to happen around him?” (Eleonora)

“It seems that he was lending a hand to the resurrection of the Demon King after interfering with the summoning of Heroes. I found the candidate. It’s less likely that the world will overlook it without doing anything. I mean… even if it doesn’t happen, he himself has the property of attracting troubles. There are a lot of things around here right now, and I’m sure something will happen.” (Satya)

“…Is it alright not to tell him?” (Eleonora)

“He didn’t ask. Besides I told him I will answer if he asks things. That’s one of them.” (Satya)

Since ‘she’ said that, she couldn’t think of it as anything but something fishy. It couldn’t be helped to think of that. Yes, it had double meaning.

Then, Eleonora turned her gaze toward the door while suppressing her sigh. Although she tried to find the two people who had left there, she couldn’t find them even with the authority of ‘Eyes’.

While letting out a sigh with various meanings, Eleonora hoped that at least everything would go in the right direction, knowing that there was an existent to pray next to her.



  • It seems that Eleonora also has the same authority of ‘Eyes’ as Hildegard. I supposed it was given by Satya.

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