Ex Strongest Swordsman 263 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Being Asked for Help


Ex Strongest, Being Asked for Help

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“–I refuse!” (Hildegard)

Immediately after being told kindly, that was the first thing shouted at the beginning, and it was Hildegard who did it for some reason. Moreover, the appearance of pointing out her chest proudly seemed to be trivial, and that made Soma let out a sigh unintentionally.

“Well, why are you answering? And for some reason, you look proud.” (Soma)

“That’s because of ‘her’ you know? No matter how you think about it, it’s fishy. For starters, the management of this world is under ‘her’ jurisdiction, and there’s no need for Soma to help.” (Hildegard)

Although she surely could see the personal and hidden thoughts, there was one reason why she said that.

Or rather, she honestly considered Soma. ‘Her’ words were a bit too fishy to listen obediently.

She wasn’t skeptical about ‘her’ being a God… or rather, that might be the reason? To believe in the word of God, people wouldn’t experience bad things. That itself was common to all ages.

“Oh my… it’s sad that you can’t believe my words.” (Satya)

“Hmmph… mind your own business. Leaving that aside… I think I should ask what you are plotting.” (Hildegard)

“Plotting… what do you mean? I need him to save this world because it’s true that this world is in danger. Of course, it’s not the result of my plotting.” (Satya)

“Hmm… is it a crisis in the world?” (Soma)

Although that came quite abruptly, the other side was the God of this world. It wasn’t something that could be denied unconditionally.

“What exactly is it?” (Soma)

“Soma…? I don’t think it’s necessary to follow along with ‘her’ nonsense…” (Hildegard)

“I thought you were the one who asked what was ‘her’ planning, yes? No matter what I decide, I can’t make a decision without first listening to ‘her’.” (Soma)

“Hmm… that’s true, but…” (Hildegard)

“Well, don’t mind whatever the motive is. As long as you listen to me, you both can’t ignore it for sure.” (Satya)

“When you say that, I immediately lose the desire to listen, but… even so, did you say ‘you all’?” (Soma)

“Yes. Well, you’re probably already skeptical, but the reason I made you wait for five days was actually because I’m waiting for Hildegard to come. I was wondering if she would come here more directly, but… surprisingly, that didn’t happen.” (Satya)

“What do you mean surprisingly…!? Did you say you were waiting for me?” (Hildegard)

“Of course, that’s because I’m waiting for you both.” (Satya)

What was troublesome was that ‘she’ knew from the beginning.

So, there was no surprise in particular, and when Hildegard looked at ‘her’, urging to speak quickly, ‘she’ deepened her smile.

“Hmmm…? I feel like you’re creating an atmosphere where you can understand each other with your eyes?” (Hildegard)

“It’s probably in your mind. So? What do you mean?” (Soma)

“Well. Anyhow, I’m quite wondering where to start, even though I said I’m going to talk about it. Well, it’s fair to talk from the beginning. Yeah, so… do you believe that this world was supposed to be destroyed a long time ago?” (Satya)

“Is it supposed to be destroyed?” (Soma)

“Yes. It was hundreds years ago… to be exact, it was about 500 years ago.” (Satya)

Soma had an instant click about the words probably because he had been involved in related events several times. He didn’t know the specific number of years, but hundreds of years ago was something that he had heard several times…

“Hmm… In other words, by the Evil God?” (Soma)

“Indeed. Yes, this world was supposed to be destroyed by the Evil God… who had fallen mad. But that didn’t happen. It was nothing but the Evil God himself was defeated before the world was destroyed. By the hands of certain heroes.” (Satya)

“Hmm… speaking of certain heroes, you always use to say it.” (Hildegard)

“I wonder what that means.” (Satya)

“It means as it is. I’ve heard that story too. I think it was a story about how the heroes suddenly appeared in this world, right?” (Hildegard)

“That reminds me, I remember hearing it too. Was it a story that the heroes, who defeated the Evil God, were the other worldly people?” (Soma)

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When that was said, ‘she’ smiled as if that was a correct answer.

When the Evil God, who was evil enough to destroy the world, was rampaging, people, who had the power to stop it, happened to appear from another world. Soma wondered if such a convenient coincidence had happened.

“Unlike Hildegard, I’m a God born only to manage this world. Since I am completely one with this world, if this world is destroyed, I will also be destroyed. Even God doesn’t want to die, so I did my best.” (Satya)

“If you say that much, you should have done something yourself. The fact that there were only two pillars meant that the power was the same, right?” (Hildegard)

“I wanted to do that if I could. All the authority of the combat and hatred were under ‘her’ jurisdiction, and it was fundamentally impossible.” (Satya)

“Fundamentally impossible? Does that mean you can’t attack ‘her’?” (Soma)

“No, actually, that’s not the case. I said it, right? I was born to manage this world. We aren’t authorized to harm what we managed. Even if ‘she’ had fallen, she was also the one who managed it. Far from attacking, I couldn’t even hurt ‘her’.” (Satya)

“Hmm? It feels strange, isn’t it? Then, the Evil God shouldn’t be able to destroy the world that ‘she’ managed, right?” (Hildegard)

“That should be the case, but… perhaps, ‘she’ was different. It wasn’t because ‘she’ had fallen, but it’s because ‘she’ was empowered to destroy the world from the beginning.” (Satya)

“What’s the reason to do so? Well, I don’t think the world want to commit suicide…” (Soma)

“No… Actually, that’s right.” (Satya)

“What?” (Soma)

“The world gave ‘her’ the authority to commit suicide. By the way, everything was on the rules, including ‘her’ falling madly and destroying this world. It was decided to do that from the beginning.” (Satya)

“By who?” (Soma)

“Of course, by the world.” (Satya)

It was something that Soma couldn’t quite understand yet, but apparently, it was different from Hildegard. She was nodding as if she was convinced of something.

“I see… the world has decided that it is its destiny.” (Hildegard)

“Well, it may be hard for you to understand, but the world is that kind of thing. It predicts the future that it’s most likely to follow and try to do just that. It doesn’t worry if its destruction awaits at the end.” (Satya)

“In a sense, it’s the most natural thing. If the world does something unnatural, I don’t know how much the impact will be. That’s why we call it fate, and it’s right to follow it…” (Hildegard)

“Well, I’m exceptional in many ways.” (Satya)

Although ‘she’ shrugged her shoulders while saying that as if it was like a joke, as far as the actual story was heard, it was likely to be so. Regardless whatever it meant.

“Hmm… Well, I understand somehow, but what’s with the story? In other words, it was 500 years, and the destruction of the world was prevented by the defeat of the Evil God, right?” (Soma)

“No, actually, it’s not prevented. It’s true that there’s no longer a factor, but… the world itself hasn’t given up.” (Satya)

“Aah… well, in that case, it seems to be that way. If the world has set it as fate, it’s absolutely something the world wants to follow. Even if 500 years have passed… I mean 500 years is within the margin of errors from the world. From the world’s point of view, it considers as a failure, so it’s likely to move toward to the next opportunity.” (Hildegard)

“That’s right. However, as I said earlier, I can’t do anything about it. That’s why I called you both.” (Satya)

There was no contradiction in the story, and it was certainly a convincing story.


“So, why are we called?” (Soma)

“I mean, you can call us normally.” (Hildegard)

“I wanted to do that if I could, but then… there was a risk of being detected by the world. It’s almost like advertising that I’m up to something to call you guys to come to me. Well, it may not change in the end, but I should choose the one with the lowest possibility of being detected, right? By the way, the reason I called you both is… I decided to entrust this matter to you. It is exactly as I said. That’s because you’re one of the few people who can go against the world.” (Satya)

“You don’t mean by fighting power, right?” (Soma)

“Yes. The reason I don’t choose other people, for example Eleonora, is similar to why I don’t make moves directly. Even if I try to do something, I can’t do it. It’s impossible for ordinary people to go against what the world wants.” (Satya)

“Hmm, surely, I’m a former God and a dragon, so I can’t say that I’m purely a human being in this world. However, Soma is physically a normal human being in this world, right?” (Hildegard)

“He’s rather more important. He’s the only one who can really go against it. As the Demon King, he would be recognized by the world that he was the traitor of the world. That’s because you were chosen by the world to this world.” (Satya)

“…But I have never wanted to do that?” (Soma)

“Well, there are various reasons for that. I’m going to explain it one by one, but before that, can I ask for your help? Since you are the focus in this matter, it may be a problem to tell you various things if you don’t feel like helping. Aah, of course, if you cooperate, I promise to give you a decent reward.” (Satya)

“Hoo…? Isn’t it compulsory? I thought I would be told if I didn’t cooperate, I would die.” (Soma)

“How can it be. If so, wouldn’t I be the Evil God? I’m a good God. I don’t force someone to do something that he doesn’t want, and I pay the right amount to those who work.” (Satya)

Hildegard said ‘I don’t want to hear it from you’, but that was perfectly ignored. While smiling, ‘she’ had the seriousness in ‘her’ eyes.

“Even so, I’m still a God. I can do most things, and I can fulfill most wishes. For example, you will be able to use magic.” (Satya)

‘She’ asked ‘So, what do you think?’.



  • Apparently, the Evil God is female since Satya addressed ‘her’ as Kanojo.

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