Ex Strongest Swordsman 265 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Visiting the Holy City


Ex Strongest, Visiting the Holy City

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Soma was looking around while walking around the city. What was there was unusual and impressive.

He was walking on the main street of the place that was called the Holy City.

He might look suspicious if he wasn’t familiar with the place, but the people in the city didn’t even look at him suspiciously as if they were used to it. Well, considering that this place was the headquarters of the Holy Doctrine religion, it seemed that it was common for believers who visit for the first time, to behave somewhat suspiciously.

Fortunately, Soma looked at the people and the cityscape without holding back.

“…Soma, are you fine with all this?” (Hildegard)

When he turned her eyes to the voice, there was a surprisingly serious appearance of Hildegard.

Her line of sight was focusing on him, telling that she wouldn’t miss for even a single lie. She didn’t have to reconfirm what she was asking about, but… for that reason, Soma shrugged like it was nothing.

“Whatever it is, isn’t it good I put it on hold? Given the situation, I think it’s rather natural to do that.” (Soma)

“Hmm… that’s certainly true, but.. I thought you would surely agree because this is about you.” (Hildegard)

“That’s an unfair prejudice, you know. Well, I don’t deny it.” (Soma)

Soma was asked to save the world in return for being able to use magic.

The previous matter which was using magic was just about that, but saving the world was another matter. However, the scale of the matter was huge, but still… the foundation is still the same thing. The reward is what Soma wanted more than anything else.

It had been fifteen years since Soma was born in this world. It had been almost ten years since he started looking for a way to do it, but he still couldn’t find it. Although he found something like that several times, all of them ended up being vain attempts.

However, this time, the other side was a God. If it was possible, it would definitely come true. Soma was finally able to meet each other on the opportunity to fulfill his long-cherished desire.


“Even so, the other side was a God. Believing in that behavior and acting won’t make you vulnerable, and the truth will not change even if the world changes, let alone all times and places.” (Soma)

“As a former God, I don’t really want to agree, but… well, from the standpoint of a former God, I can’t help but to agree. Besides, ‘she’ is definitely hiding something.” (Hildegard)

“There is no doubt that ‘she’ had stated it clearly, but… because ‘she’ had started it clearly, it’s not good. Rather, the hidden information should be considered more annoying as ‘she’ had stated.” (Soma)

Even with this, Soma had been traveling for a long time in the previous life. In that world, God was alive and well, and he had been involved with God several times.

Every time, he realized that the myth was correct, but it would be too optimistic to think that it was different in this world. Rather, considering that ‘she’ was the only God, then, the possibility was even more likely.

Basically, the higher the existence of God was, the information given was skipped in many ways. In the previous life, he wasn’t involved in the supreme heaven where the Gods were tied up, but that was the reason he should assume that they were the biggest opponent ever.

“Well, if I answer immediately, would I get information? I’m not going to be treated as a piece that is convenient for God.” (Soma)

“You… want to bargain with them…?” (Hildegard)

“What do you think of me?” (Soma)

“Well, you’re the type to go for a direct punch, if you’re going to bargain or to do something extra, right?” (Hildegard)

“Well, that’s certainly true.” (Soma)

However, he couldn’t really do that with God.

No, perhaps it was especially true more than five years ago. If he had traveled to be able to use magic, he might not have known about this.  He made a quick decision, and even if something he didn’t like happened, he might have thought that it would be alright if he had a small ‘discussion’.

However, Soma was weaker back then. Physically, he had grown accordingly, and probably, it was almost the same as the heyday of the previous life in terms of fighting ability, but… that was it.

Unlike those days, there were too many important things in Soma. There was no way he could ignore all of them and act selfishly.

“…I feel like you’re doing something selfish when you’re alone in a place like this arbitrarily.” (Hildegard)

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“Now, I don’t know what you mean by that.” (Soma)

Aside from joking, it was Soma’s true intention that he had to think properly this time. It was a bit too much to push through selfishness, and he wanted to think hard before giving an answer.

“Well, in that sense, I’m really happy that this is the Holy City. It’s perfect for a change of pace.” (Soma)

“I don’t think so much about that, but… to be honest, there’s nothing unusual about it, right?” (Hildegard)

“Rather, that’s why it is.” (Soma)

Yes, even though it was a religious city that was called the Holy City, the place where Soma and Hildegard  were there wasn’t much different from what they usually saw.

When he thought if there was something more unique, such as the architectural style, that wasn’t the case. A scene similar to the royal capital of Radeus was spreading there.

That was why Soma looked at them as if they were unusual and impressive. At least in the world of the previous life, it was natural that the architectural style would change in different countries.

However, that wasn’t the case in this world. Considering the distance between the Holy City and Radeus, he didn’t think that there was a cultural connection.

In that case, it meant that rather than imitating it, there should be something in common.

“Well, the conclusion is that they have something in common.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm? Do you know anything?” (Soma)

“I’ve lived in this world for fifty years, and I’ve been involved with Radeus since its founding, right? So, it’s normal to know.” (Hildegard)

“Even if you told me that, is it true? So what do they have in common? (Soma)

“It’s simple. It’s unavoidable that it takes time to build a solid country, but that is something that needs to be built at the center of the country. However, as you know, Radeus was originally a lonely land, which was almost deserted. There was no such thing as a great city, and they had to build it from scratch.” (Hildegard)

“Well, that’s true… so?” (Soma)

“Anyhow, if they built up slowly, they would be attacked by Veritas. So, they needed to make it as soon as possible… Look, you know those people who are good at making things, right?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… Is it the Dwarves? That is… Aah, I see. Is that it?” (Soma)

It seemed that the situation was similar here as well. Since it was necessary to build a city immediately, they had to rely on Dwarves.

“However, even if that fact alone, they wouldn’t make a similar city, right?” (Soma)

“That’s natural, but for during that time, shaping was the top priority. Basically, almost all the sense of the buildings was left to the Dwarves. It’s possible to place an order, but that would slow down the speed because they weren’t used to it.” (Hildegard)

“I see. Is that the only thing?” (Soma)

And that was why the Holy City seemed to look similar to the royal city of Radeus. According to the story, the Holy City should have been created in the old days, but it seemed that the Dwarf’s sense hadn’t changed since long ago.

“It’s just a matter of appearance, and I think the inside is really different.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… Anyhow, I’m convinced that it’s similar. To be honest, I thought it was possible that the other side would refer to this side here.” (Soma)

“Hmm? Why is that? I thought there were no Holy God believers among them though…” (Hildegard)

“That’s not it. I thought there was something else in common. Radeus is supposed to be a mixed race country.” (Soma)

“Aah, I see… that’s what you meant.” (Hildegard)

Hildegard nodded saying that, and turned her gaze to the surroundings. While looking at those, who had ears and tails, walking there…

Although the Holy City wasn’t strictly a country, it was attached with the name of a capital. At best, in an autonomous city, the qualification to enter this place was whether the person was a believer of the Holy Doctrine or not.

Moreover, that was as far as Soma and Hildegard could see. It was just the basics, but it couldn’t be confirmed for now. In other words, this was a place where anyone could visit and live in the literal sense.

It was a free and equal place regardless of race, where people could live like any other person, and whether they were beastkin or Demons. That was this Holy City.

If it was a country, there were so many people in sight that it seemed it was called a mixed race country. For that reason, Soma might have referred to this fact.

“Well, perhaps, none of them have ever come here. I wouldn’t have had that much time at Veritas, and it wouldn’t be superfluous since Radeus was founded. I’m sure you have heard it somewhere, so you may refer to this place to a certain extent…” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… that means it might be useful if I tell you what I saw and heard here.” (Soma)

“You have something to do before that, you know.” (Hildegard)

Soma shrugged as he was aware of that, but he still looked around. A place where people could live equally regardless of race. This was probably what his mother, father and Radeus aimed for.

Then, there was a meaning that Soma came here only to be able to see this. Well, there were something he was concerned about… 

“Sorry. Can I have a little bit of your time?” (??)

It was at that time that such a voice called them out.


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