Ex Strongest Swordsman 262 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Receiving Various Explanations


Ex Strongest, Receiving Various Explanations

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Soma muttered ‘Hmm’ once while looking at the chaotic situation. He wanted to ask many questions, but…

“For now, is it alright to think that you know this person?” (Soma)

“This person? I even introduced myself with the name of Satya.” (Satya)

“Isn’t that a self-proclaimed name? I mean, I’m still wondering what kind of attitude I should show.” (Soma)

“Hmm, I can’t be helped. I definitely want to get along with you by all means… After all, you’re one of few people that I like. Aah, by the way, do you know that Hildegard and I know each other? Or rather she is my best friend? Isn’t that right, Hildegard?” (Satya)

“Who is your best friend!? I don’t remember having a friend like you in the first place!” (Hildegard)

“Is that so?” (Soma)

When he looked at them while saying it, that person and this lady… weren’t they strange? Soma tilting his head as if he was uttering what was in his mind. However, as soon as he noticed something, he struck his hand…

“Aah, I see. Is it surely a tsundere, right? Hildegard and I are trying to show that we have such a friendly relationship.” (Satya)

“Really?” (Soma)

“It’s completely wrong! I mean, how can I forget what you did!?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm? What did I do? Did I do something that made you angry? I handed over the authority of harmony and you also lent me omniscient, right? I think you should be happy with it” (Satya)

“Well, I’m sure that I would be grateful to you honestly.” (Hildegard)

“Yes, that’s right. I even helped with the reincarnation, so… what on earth are you dissatisfied with?” (Satya)

“It’s true when it comes to the reincarnation, but…! Because of you, I have to wait for fifty years, you know! I’m looking forward to it, but when I realize it, you probably don’t understand how it felt after fifty years, right!?” (Hildegard)

“No, I actually understand it, but… while you were waiting, it was fun, right?” (Satya)

“That’s true, but… No, that’s not the problem!” (Hildegard)

“Hmm…” (Satya)

Although Soma somehow understood what they were talking about, he had one thought when he saw the scene. He alternately looked at Hildegard, who looked angry, and ‘her’, who was ignoring Hildegard’s angry voice with a smile. Then, he nodded once.

“Hmm… Surely, you’re on good terms.” (Soma)

“Yeah, I know, right? Hildegard, look, even that guy says it.” (Satya)

“Soma…!? Do you have holes in your eyes? Or perhaps, ‘she’ holds your weakness or something!?” (Soma)

“I wonder why that is. I just said what I saw, but wouldn’t Eleonora think the same?” (Soma)

“Eh? Aah, yes, that’s right… I think they both are very close. The more they quarrel, the more I feel that.” (Eleonora)

“Kuh, could it be considered that way here!?” (Hildegard)

No matter how Soma thought about it, they were in enemy territory from the beginning, but Soma only sighed at what she was doing. Or rather…

“So, why are you coming here? I think you’re a bit too old to visit your friend’s house to play, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“I told you, who is my friend…!? I should have come to get you back, but I feel like something different is going on…?” (Hildegard)

“Even if you say that there is something different, I still have no idea.” (Soma)

Why did this happen to begin with?

Soma came here completely of his own will. He thought that he got into the prison because of the reputation, but he wasn’t really arrested.

To be honest, he could go home whenever he wanted and he could still go home. Even if she told that she came here to get him back, Soma couldn’t stop wondering why she said that.

“You… did act violently because you were jumping into a wrong conclusion?” (Satya)

Depending on whose point of view, it was almost certainly the case that Hildegard came here to ask for a fight against the Holy Doctrine. It was nothing but violence.

“N-no, that’s not it…! I’m sure it’s fine to ask for a fight, but… y-yes, everything is because that Goddess is bad! That must be the case…!” (Hildegard)

“I’m pretty sure that you are no longer a child who throws a tantrum, yes?” (Soma)

“Hehe, not at all. Well, of course, you have a point. To be exact, I can’t help but to think so.” (Satya)

“Hmm… What on earth did you do? Well, I can somehow imagine when looking at Hildegard’s reaction and hearing something about reincarnation.” (Soma)

“Perhaps, you’re right? Well, I reincarnated you in this world, but at that time, I should shift the reincarnation time a little. That’s why she waited for about fifty years before you reincarnated.” (Satya)

Since that matter was expected, Soma wasn’t particularly surprised. It was rather natural that he was involved in the reincarnation of this world. There was no reason why the God of this world and the God of that world weren’t involved.

“By the way, why did you do that? it seems that it was intentional based on the way you were saying it.” (Soma)

“Yes, it was intentional. And as for the reason, half of it is harassment, I think?” (Satya)

“You… Was it harassment after all…!? Is that the reason I don’t know why I’m getting angry frequently!?” (Hildegard)

“I still think so even now. That’s because I have the legitimate right.” (Satya)

“Legitimate right, is it?” (Soma)

“Yes. That’s because she said she came to get you back, but she was the first to snatch you away.” (Satya)

“Hmm? What does that mean?” (Soma)

“Aah, wait! Don’t you–…” (Hildegard)

“It means what it is. It’s the world you were called before you reincarnated here. It was Hildegard who summoned you into that world.” (Satya)

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The words that continued ignoring Hildegard, who was trying to stop it, reached Soma’s ears properly, and his eyes were reflexively directed toward Hildegard. However, Hildegard, who had stopped her hands that were extended halfway, might have noticed his stare, but she didn’t look at him.

After all, those words were correct.

“Hmm… it seems to be true.” (Soma)

“There’s no point in telling a lie.” (Satya)

“Even so, to snatch me away is…” (Soma)

“Yeah, you were supposed to be summoned into this world. Of course, it’s not through reincarnation.” (Satya)

In other words, Soma originally should have been in this world when he woke up in that world. Anyhow, it didn’t change the fact that he was coming to another world.

“Hmm… if it had been so, it would have been different.” (Soma)

“I know right. Well, from a universal perspective, it wouldn’t make much difference. After all, you are in this world.” (Satya)

“Well, I don’t care because I’m not interested in what didn’t happen, but.. why would Hildegard do that?” (Soma)

“Aah, about that… it would be a funny mistake. She wanted to meet someone who would defeat her. So, the moment she saw your soul, she had decided. From that point, she said that she was waiting for you to come, while watching over you. Rather than strange, it could be said that it was admirable, right? Moreover, it seems that she had his hand so that you wouldn’t be in danger right after the transfer–…” (Satya)

“St-stop it right there! My pr-pride will disappear, you know!” (Hildegard)

“Let me tell you one thing, Hildegard. Something won’t happen if someone doesn’t exist in the first place, isn’t it?” (Satya)

“What did you say!?” (Hildegard)

Then, Hildegard started making noise again, but unlike before, it looked unnatural. Or rather, the intention was clear at that time when she tried not to look at Soma.

“Hmm… Hildegard.” (Soma)

“…!?” (Hildegard)

The moment he called her name, her shoulders trembled. Hildegard still refused to turn her face, but Soma said the following words regardless.

“I’m grateful.” (Soma)

“…Eh? Grateful?” (Hildegard)

“Of course, right?” (Soma)

“I did it to fulfill my desire, you know? To be grateful is…” (Hildegard)

“That is that, this is this. No matter what you thought and intended, I was able to end the previous life with satisfaction. If I came to this world from the beginning, I don’t think it’s possible to have a satisfying life. That’s why I’m grateful.” (Soma)

“You… as always, you are being unfair.” (Hildegard)

“I don’t understand why you are saying.” (Soma)

When he said that, a dry sound rang twice in a row. It was the sound of a hand being slapped, and when he looked at it, there were stunned eyes there.

“Yes, yes, can you do that somewhere else?” (Satya)

“…Seriously, yeah. It only looks like harassment.” (Eleonora)

“It wasn’t like that, but… certainly, we’re still in the middle of the talking. Anyhow, I was summoned to that world and died… so why did you reincarnate us?” (Soma)

Of course, I was asked by Hildegard. She wanted to be reincarnated with you.” (Satya)

“…I could have managed to do it in the same world, but when it came to another world, I couldn’t do it. So, I searched for the closest magical world to that world, and asked God there…” (Hildegard)

“Well, I couldn’t help but wonder which side is lower, but even so, you’re God. So, I was willing to accept it.” (Satya)

“…Then, what is so pleasant about harassing me?” (Hildegard)

“That’s that. Since you’re God, I can’t be looked down too much.” (Satya)

Soma didn’t think there was anything to be looked down when there was only one pillar in this world, but in short, it was a joke. To be honest, he could ignore it, but…, he couldn’t.

“Hmm… I understand most of it, but there are still things I don’t understand. Why should I have been called into this world? No, maybe I should ask it differently. Isn’t it because of that reason that we were reincarnated in this world and even called in this way this time?” (Soma)

“…It helps when you can understand quickly. Yes… I’ll answer that question. You’re right. The reason why I bring you into this world is…” (Satya)

The words stopped there surely because it was something important. Then, after making a wasteful stop…

“…I want you to save this world.” (Satya)

‘She’ said such words.


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