Ex Strongest Swordsman 261 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Encountering the Self-Proclaimed Main Cause


Ex Strongest, Encountering the Self-Proclaimed Main Cause

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At first glance, ‘her’ appearance was like a girl. The face was beautiful and if ‘she’ walked around the city, 10 out of 10 people would turn around. Furthermore, the air around ‘her’ was similar to heavy pressure, so it would catch the eye even if ‘she’ was in the crowd. However, his gaze contained different meanings.

White hair and red eyes. In this world, there was the same thing that meant a certain existence, but… it wasn’t the reason why Soma stared at her. He didn’t even care about such a trivial matter.

Soma was interested only in one thing. The air around ‘her’.

It was equivalent to Eleonora… No, it was so intense that if he compared it with Eleonora, he might think she was an ordinary person. Soma knew well what the air around ‘her’ meant. That was because it was the same kind as what Hildegard had.

That was…

“I see… in a sense, it is the cause of everything. In short, are you the last God remaining in this world?” (Soma)

Although ‘she’ was waiting in the depths of the Holy City, there was no such suitable existence other than ‘her’. By the way, it was understandable that Eleonora was only the nominal lord of the Holy City, even though she was the Fifth King. If there was a God to serve, no one would be able to stand on it.

“Hehe, you got the correct answer immediately. Even though you know it, aren’t you afraid of me? I wonder if I should ask that.” (Satya)

“Well… I don’t know why you are telling me that.” (Soma)

“I think that’s too much of underestimating yourself? Perhaps, is it toward me? Isn’t it true… the next Sword King?” (Satya)

“…I see, if you say that, I guess it’s true.” (Soma)

Supposedly, the Holy City was the one that decided who would be the Sword King of the Seven Heavens.

And Soma had received the offer to be the next Sword King more than five years ago. There was no mistake to think that he had been investigated to some extent.

Moreover, he told Eleonora about his previous life with his own mouth. The fact that the top echelon of the Holy City was God itself meant that all information, including that, were being overheard. That was why it was true.

However, considering that ‘she’ was actually the last pillar left in this world, it wasn’t strange to know everything without being told, but…

“Hmm… I somehow know what you’re thinking, but I don’t want you to underestimate it. However, I wonder if your thoughts are surely overestimating it.” (Satya)

“Is that so?” (Soma)

“Yes. I’m given the right to wield the power of omniscience and omnipotence as the only God left in this world, but in reality, I can’t use omniscience at all. Incidentally, it could be said that I can’t use omnipotent at all.” (Satya)

“Hmm… Aah, is that why there is Eleonora?” (Soma)

“As expected, you are quick to understand.” (Satya)

If ‘she’ could do everything by ‘her’self, ‘she’ didn’t need a decoration such a nominal top. In that case, paradoxically, ‘she’ couldn’t do everything by ‘her’self.

“Is it about the matter of how you deal with the Evil God?” (Soma)

“Well, yes, it’s about that. I couldn’t stop ‘her’ from being called the Evil God. That’s why I tried various possibilities by using various ways, and… I’m glad I managed to defeat ‘her’ using the last resort. After that, it took about 200 years to finish the clean up, and then, I fell asleep for about 200 years. However, my strength didn’t return at all. So, I often slept and woke up repeatedly. Well that’s why I made you wait.” (Satya)

“By the way, I was told by Eleonora that you would wake up a bit earlier.” (Soma)

“Recently, Satya-sama has been repeating the cycle of sleeping for a day after sleeping for ten days. So, five days ago should have been the day when it happened…” (Eleonora)

“Sorry, I overslept too much. I’ve made you wait for five days.” (Satya)

It was just an intuition that those words were lies. However, at the same time, it was also a confident intuition. At least, Soma thought he was right.

The reason why he didn’t say it was because he also intuitively felt that it was necessary to lie. The reason for telling a lie was unknown, but… if he didn’t ask, he would probably know before long.

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That was also something that he intuitively felt.

“Hehe… as I expected of you. It’s scary that you’ve reached that point.” (Satya)

“…? What does that mean?” (Eleonora)

“Well, it’s nothing. It’s just a monologue. Well, that’s why I made you wait a long time, but… wasn’t it boring?” (Satya)

“There’s no such a thing, you know? Rather, it was interesting in many ways. There were books prepared by Eleonora.” (Soma)

Yes, as Eleonora said herself, that pile of books was prepared for Soma to spend the time. Therefore, while he was waiting, he wasn’t doing nothing, and it was rather meaningful. There was so much written in there that was something new for Soma.

Although the Holy Doctrine itself was widespread in this world, there were many things that weren’t known about the Holy City. It wasn’t so secret simply because no one other that the Holy Doctrine believers were interested.

So, if there was no interest, the information couldn’t come out. Even though Soma wanted to know about them, he couldn’t obtain the information.

“I was particularly interested in the Divine Arts. I just wanted to know more details…” (Soma)

“Well, it seems that you are interested in it. However, it’s not that I can’t teach you about the Divine Arts. I’m the only one who simply understands it. On the other hand, Eleonora can’t explain it very well. If you want, I can tell you.” (Satya)

“Ooh…?” (Soma)

It sounded generous, to be given the opportunity to be taught by God ‘her’self. If ‘she’ was Holy God, he probably should be happy that he would be almost crying. In fact, Eleonora was looking at him with envy.

But since Soma wasn’t the Holy Doctrine’s believer, he couldn’t be satisfied here. He squinted at what ‘she’ was up to, but ‘she’ shrugged as if ‘she’ didn’t understand why he had such eyes.

“Oh my, I can’t believe you have that expression. I’m offering it out of good intentions.” (Satya)

“No matter when, where or what myth are they, nothing is more annoying than God’s good intention. Isn’t there such a saying that good intention is the cause of everything?” (Soma)

“It’s a terrible way to say things to God.” (Satya)

“That’s because you’re God. For starters, you said that I’m the cause of everything.” (Soma)

“I see… surely, that’s true.” (Satya)

The appearance that said those words while smiling covered with a suspicious feeling. Anyone who believed that ‘she’ wasn’t plotting anything must be believers. Although it was quite rude, the proof was that Eleonora didn’t try to interject.

However, regarding Eleonora, there was a part that she deliberately refrained from speaking or acting after entering this place, so that might be the reason.

“So? Isn’t it about time for you to talk? I think it’s time to ask the reason why I was called here.” (Soma)

“Hmm, well, that’s true. It’s fun talking to you, but I can’t do it forever. However, don’t you actually know without being told?” (Satya)

“Well, Eleonora clearly called me ‘The Demon King’. Is that related anyway?” (Soma)

The Demon King.

Although the title referred to Soma’s friend, Iori, or the one that was defeated in the royal castle before… for some reason, Soma had become the Demon King. It felt a bit annoyed when he was told that he knew it, but he was well aware of the reason. Immediately after defeating the Demon King in the royal capital, he had felt it lightly, but now, the feeling was clear.

So, it was because of this place. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that it was irrelevant.

Well, he could only understand it sensuously, but he couldn’t understand the details. It was a lifesaver, so he just obediently went along with it.

Other than that, it was because of Divine Arts, and he also wanted to go to the Holy City once. Anyhow…

“Yes, it’s good if we can be quick about this. Well originally, when you become the Demon King, it’s impossible for me to interfere with you.” (Satya)

“Hmm? Is that so?” (Soma)

“You know that you’re the Demon King, but don’t you know anything else?” (Satya)

“From the way you talk, are you saying it means something else?” (Soma)

“Well, yes. However, you’re so special that I can’t leave it alone in many ways. After all, I’ve invited you here already. Well, it’s just on the surface.” (Satya)

“Hmm? What does that mean?” (Soma)

Speaking of on the surface, it meant that there was another reason for calling Soma here. However, he had no idea about it, so he tilted his head.

He didn’t feel any malicious intent, so he didn’t think that ‘she’ had an evil intention.

“That is… aah, the timing is just right, isn’t it?” (Satya)

It was almost at the same time when those words were uttered, Soma turned his gaze toward the wall. It was because he sensed the presence of someone coming here. Immediately after that, the wall shattered with a roaring sound.

Obviously, it wasn’t a small matter, but Soma didn’t do anything because he was familiar with that presence.

“Huhahaha, do you think you can deceive my eyes, but don’t think it’s easy! It would be a problem if you think I’m the same as I was back then!” (H????????)

The appearance that appeared in that way was definitely someone he knew. The laughing loudly appearance on the rubble was rather foolish, but that appearance changed soon.

“Now, who is asking for a fight–… eh!?” (H????????)

There was a feeling of astonishment. With the expression of seeing something that was impossible, the eyes that were directed to the existence who introduced ‘her’self and told Soma that he was the cause of everything earlier, was…

“Hey, Hildegard. It has been a while.” (Soma)

“A-are you kidding me…!? Why are you here…!?” (Hildegard)

The one, who broke into this place, Hildegard, made a voice similar to a scream.


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