Ex Strongest Swordsman 254 (Self Edited) – The One who Inherits the Blood of the Demon King – Part 2


The One who Inherits the Blood of the Demon King – Part 2

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“Rather than a denial, it’s a word that presupposes that in the first place, right? It means that I didn’t think that there was anyone other than me who had such curiosity.” (Soma)

“You really say that…” (Aina)

Aina let out a sigh, as she turned half an eye to Soma, who was coming closer.

However, there was no denying the word ‘curiosity’. There was no other way to say anything other than ‘curiosity’ when such a person came here on such a day.

“Well, it’s a complete vacation, so people who want to take a rest, will take a rest. Furthermore, people, who think about that day and want to do something, will go to another place. So, it makes no sense to come here.” (Aina)

“Well, you’re right.” (Soma)

As the term suggested, a complete vacation was a day when the Academy was completely closed, which was recently set up in the Academy. Since the Academy itself was closed, it was a matter of course that it wasn’t possible to use the training ground. That was why no one was here.

By the way, this complete vacation day happens only once a year. That day was created five years ago, and it was implemented just for yours ago.

“It’s supposed to be lively in the city, isn’t it? I don’t know because I’ve never been there.” (Aina)

“I guess so. Everything is going to be as noisy as the Founding Festival, right? I’ve never been there either.” (Soma)

While saying such a thing, when they looked at each other, they smiled bitterly. Even so, she was wondering what he was doing in such a place.

Aina didn’t know Soma’s reason, but there was no particular reason why she had never been to the festival on this day. It was just that she didn’t feel like going there.

There was no big reason, nor was there a negative reason. There was nothing she could say other than ‘for some reason…’.

Perhaps… it was because she couldn’t let go of the past.

The Academy made this day a complete vacation because there were people whose spirits were hurt on the same day as five years ago. Aina knew that there were people who were protected here because she was protecting them on that day. However, originally, they were the ones who were supposed to fight like Aina.

If that was the case, even if they weren’t told to fight, it was true that some of them came to the Academy for that reason. But they chose to be protected without fighting.

It was unavoidable. Although they had the power to fight, they weren’t adults yet, and the monsters that were coming were those that could kill them easily. It was unavoidable to remember fear there, and to be scared.

In fact, it was said that about ten percent of the people didn’t return to the Academy when it resumed its operation the following year. The number of students left at that time should never have been large, but it seemed that the spirits of quite a few people had broken.

She was sure that there was no one who blamed them. The people who remained here could understand their feelings.

And what she thought was the same for those who weren’t at the Academy. Those, who were relieved to see the completely destroyed Academy, regretted it, and those, who couldn’t do anything, still regretted it. Aina didn’t know the situation directly, but… the fact that how much they felt contributed to the reopening of the Academy in the subsequent year.

Their thoughts continued even after that, Aina knew it because she felt it directly. The proof was that the training grounds became more crowded after school hours than before.

But that was probably why the headmaster of the Academy decided to give a complete vacation today. No one could work hard at all today. They needed to take a day off today, and they did so in order to save energy tomorrow.

However, after the reconstruction of the royal capital, there seemed to be some people, who bothered to go there and trained, and… it had already been five years since then. The spirits must have been healed.

That being said, there was still someone here who was worried about that day, but… the situation was slightly different…

“Well, I am myself, right?” (Aina)

“Hmm? What are you talking about?” (Soma)

“It’s nothing, just a monologue. By the way, do you know what other people are doing? Felicia asked me to go to the city, so maybe she and Sheila are going there.” (Aina)

“Yeah… Well, I think Sylvia said she had something to do as a royal family.” (Soma)

“Again? Didn’t she say she did the same last year? It was strangely noticeable at the Founding Festival, and I wonder if she stands out as a daughter of the King and the Queen recently.” (Aina)

“The royal family is the royal family and they have so many things to do.” (Soma)

“Well, it doesn’t matter since it doesn’t concern us, and I hope that girl understands that…” (Aina)

The royal capital held a festival on this day to show the inside and the outside that it was natural to forget about the day and make noises for doing whatever the people usually did. If people traced the origin of the Founding Festival, it seemed that they wanted to make them aware that the problem had been solved, or it was something similar.

By the way, it seemed that Sylvia was working as a royal family there because she was the one who directly confronted the Demon king at that time. It looked like this was to show the dignity of the royal family, but originally, Sylvia was in a state where she had almost no inheritance right as a royal family. However, did someone say that the royal family seemed to be thinking about something which would come to disturb the Founding Festival?

In any case, it seemed to be becoming serious, but the person in questions seemed to understand it, so that might be fine. After graduating from the Academy, they would probably think about doing something at the castle.

“Speaking of Felicia and Sheila, these days they often go out without worrying about people’s stare.” (Aina)

“Yes… Well, I guess they got used to it. Sheila aside, I’m a bit worried that Felicia won’t be too careful, but since Sheila is with her, it should be fine. I’m worried if she goes out alone, but I’m sure she’ll be able to do something about it.” (Aina)

Before this, Sheila and Felicia often wore hoods when going to the city and regardless where they were in the Academy, but recently, they hadn’t worn hoods even when they went to the city. That was surely a good change. Even in the lively and noisy festivals, they began to go out actively and learned about the fun.

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It might be a bit worrisome to think about both of them, but it seemed that they complemented each other in a nice way. The two were so close that she was envious of them. They might have the desire to fill up the time even for a single minute.

Even after graduating from the Academy, the two would surely be together for a long time. It was just that Aina was a bit worried about Felicia.

She heard that the headmaster of the Academy was supposed to protect her now. That was also another reason why she could go out of the Academy.

However, once she graduated from the Academy, that wouldn’t happen. Aina wondered what would happen, but… she wasn’t too worried.

It seemed that Soma was in charge of Felicia, and if the headmaster was also involved, they might be thinking about something. It must not be a bad thing.

“I wonder if Lars and Helen will be back again this year.” (Aina)

“Yeah, me too. I’m sure they will continue to do their best. Well, that’s not a bad thing…” (Soma)

The two were the first of those who went to the city to train, even though the training ground was closed. However, at the beginning, they seemed to be trying hard because they were concerned about that day, but at present, it seemed that it was rather normal. It didn’t look unreasonable, so it must be a good thing.

Besides that, Lars wanted to join the Knights after graduating from the Academy, and Helen would continue to advance to the high school. If both of them graduated, it wouldn’t be easy to meet them, but after all, Radeus was still a small country. Sooner or later, they might be able to meet them suddenly.

“Eh? That reminds me, how about Lina?” (Aina)

“Hmm? I also don’t know. I mean, I haven’t seen her today yet.” (Soma)

“Is that so? She was stuck with you all day long until last year… I mean, you haven’t been strangely bad lately to her, right?” (Aina)

“You’re overthinking too much. Didn’t she say to Hildegard that she wanted to graduate together with us?” (Soma)

“…I can’t deny that.” (Aina)

Lina entered the Academy one year later, so it was certain that she would remain even after Soma and her graduation. No, it might have been too much to say that as if it was already confirmed. Apparently, Lina was seriously asking the headmaster if she could graduate with them, and if that wasn’t possible, she would quit halfway through!

That was Lina said. Aina didn’t think that was going to be stopped, but… in the end, she felt that it depended on Soma’s future. Well, that included her as well.

Aina didn’t know what to do after Soma graduated from the Academy. Or rather, no one probably knew that.

Perhaps Soma might have decided. It might be easy if there was something to be decided, but Soma’s purpose hadn’t been fulfilled yet, and as usual, no clue about magic had been found.

And this country has been in a very peaceful time now.

She heard that the royal capital managed to do something about the people that could disrupt peace to a certain extent, when it was half destroyed. It wasn’t something well known, but it was said that their influence was reduced by using some schemes. It seemed that it worked unexpectedly and the possibility of internal troubles was much lower.

In the surrounding area, she sometimes heard some kind of disturbing rumors. She often heard that there might be some movement from the Holy City in the near future or the civil war of Veritas was coming closer to them. However, apart from the matter of Veritas, no matter what happened in the Holy City, it wouldn’t reach Radeus.

Anyhow, the country was peaceful. Yes, it was ominously peaceful. Perhaps… she was worried about that.

Yes, that might be the reason. A vague and unpleasant feeling emerged in Aina’s chest at a moment like those days five years ago.

What went through her mind was the scene before her turned into a pile of rubble at the next moment. Could she say that didn’t happen? How could she guarantee that someone wouldn’t cause it?

Who would never do it to themselves?

However, immediately after thinking so, what came into her mind was the words returned to Aina, who was asking such questions. This was her father’s words.

‘If you can’t believe yourself, just believe in someone you can believe in. You are going to ignore the things that I say after this, but later, this will intuitively come into your mind, and you will look at the person that you have been thinking about.’

Soma, with his gaze turned, was mysteriously tilting his head.

“Hmm? What is it?” (Soma)

His height had increased considerably compared to the past.  The face and the body changed, and he looked like an adult.

However, she was sure nothing had changed inside. Aina was also the same.

Well… it might be Aina hadn’t changed much since then. She had grown taller, and her body might have become a bit feminine, but the inside was…


“…Hey, do you remember?” (Aina)

“What is it?” (Soma)

“You said that if I was kidnapped, you would come and rescue me.” (Aina)

“…That’s a very nostalgic story. Surely, it was something that I told you when I was trying in my free time, wasn’t it? But I feel like the nuances are a bit different.” (Soma)

“Don’t mind the details. I mean, you said it yourself, but I remember it well. You…” (Aina)

Rather, Aina remembered the situation when she was told that.

However, the situation didn’t matter this time. The only that mattered was the words and the fact he had said it to her.

“Well, I still have a lot of confidence about it, but… what are you trying to say?” (Soma)

“It’s nothing, alright. I just remembered that it happened, and if something similar happens again… well, even if it’s not, I just wondered if you would come to help me if I was in trouble.” (Aina)

“Hmm…?  Of course, I will help you.” (Soma)

Her mouth naturally loosened due to the way of him saying it naturally. But, she didn’t want him to see her face, so she turned her eyes away together with the face.

“…Yeah. Then, I can rest assured.” (Aina)

“Hmm. I don’t know what it is, but I think you should rest assured.” (Soma)

Although Soma said that she didn’t understand well, Aina thought that if it was him, he would be able to understand.

Suddenly, Soma muttered.

“I wonder if it’s time for me to go.” (Soma)

“What? Did you have something to do?” (Aina)

“I don’t know what it is yet, but that’s not the case, is it? I just felt like I had to go somewhere else, just like I felt that I should come here.” (Soma)

“Well, that’s fine. So, where are you going?  Are you going to the city?” (Aina)

“Well, I don’t feel like going there… I guess I’ll go to where I feel like I should go. How about you, Aina?” (Soma)

“I… Yes, I will stay here a little more. For some reason, I have that feeling.” (Aina)

“Is that so?” (Soma)

Soma turned his back as he nodded. Then…

“Well, see you later.” (Soma)

The appearance of Soma walking and leaving was natural. There was nothing suspicious.

Even so, Aina was naturally looking at his back. It was as if she was unconsciously thinking that she should be able to understand something if she stared at him.

And… for some reason, she had a terribly bad premonition. She felt like Soma would go somewhere just like that.

But when she thought a little, she thought that it would be the time. It might be because of the peaceful days, it felt like it would be the time for Soma’s sudden disappearance. So far, there have been no major incidents.

Therefore, there was no problem and no worries. Aina consciously took her eyes off Soma while trying to convince herself like that. She looked up at the sky as it was.

There was no difference in what she saw when he came here and what she was seeing right now. However, Aina’s feeling must have changed… She was sure of that. For some reason, Aina felt unpleasant at the sight of the sky, and there was a vague and bad premonition held up in the chest.


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