Ex Strongest Swordsman 253 (Self Edited) – The One who Inherits the Blood of the Demon King – Part 1


The One who inherits the Blood of the Demon King – Part 1

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Aina perfectly understood the meaning of inheriting the blood of the Demon King, probably after the Demon King attacked the royal capital. No, to be exact, she was right in the midst of understanding it.

Aina saw the Demon King only in a distance. It was a distance that she couldn’t recognize the face, but… she understood at that moment.

She thought ‘I see’. It was like a feeling of being cooled off after looking at something from above.

And at the same time, she understood. The blood of that was flowing to me.

By the way, her father’s reaction when she confirmed it was as follows.

“Hmm? Aah, that reminds me, I didn’t mention that.” (Iori)

Aina thought that her parents weren’t bad even though she was concerned.


“Rather, I thought you would be aware of it normally.” (Iori)

“…Why is that?” (Aina)

Although she glared at him with the feeling of there was nothing to make her aware, her father shrugged lightly. Then, he continued with a tone that reminded her of common sense.

“Don’t you know that Steina had the blood of the Demon King? Or rather she was made from the blood of the Demon King? Then, if you think what kind of relationship Beatrice, who Steina called Sister, is related to the Demon King, you will understand by yourself. It seems that the girl tries not to call her Sister, but sometimes she mentions it momentarily. I’m sure you have heard it several times.” (Iori)

Beatrice was Aina’s mother’s name, and although she was a child, she remembered that Steina occasionally, but rarely, called her mother that way. However, it didn’t feel related at all, she couldn’t make a connection from that. When she was told that, it was natural to notice it.

By the way, she learned that Steina was a homunculus made from the blood of the Demon King when she heard about various things from Steina and Soma at the Demon King castle. It wasn’t shocking in itself. She only thought ‘Is that so?’, but after hearing various things, she seemed to be completely aware of the matter.

“What the… Aren’t you way too serious? It’s good to be serious, but don’t you think that you’re sometimes unusually clumsy because of this? It’s like you’re thinking too much and your view becomes narrowed, or your thoughts are dispersed and you can’t focus where you need them.” (Iori)

That was what her father said. That made Aina lose her words again because this was the reason why he rushed out from the Demon King castle.

Although she was told that she shouldn’t approach the castle because he was busy and didn’t know what was going on, he went to Radeus secretly and met that guy quietly. So, why was she getting all these preaching?


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“I wonder if you’re feeling nostalgic about it…” (Aina)

Certainly, that event happened two years ago, so it was correct to feel nostalgic, but for some reason, it felt different.

When Aina muttered such a thing and looked up at the sky while thinking, a wonderful blue sky spread there. However, she sighed because the scene didn’t suit my current mood. Although she felt so at her own convenience, it couldn’t be helped because she couldn’t change the mood so easily like the weather.

Nevertheless, there was no meaning if she kept feeling hesitant. She let out a breath and looked down as if to change the mood. Then, she was in a familiar scene.

It was a training ground.

But, it was unusual that there was no one in the place, which was usually crowded with people. It was like just after the royal capital was attacked… Actually, it wasn’t.

“If I have to say it, I don’t know the scene of that time.” (Aina)

At that time, she was with Soma in the Neumont’s family mansion. Not to mention nostalgia, Aina squinted to remember at the scene of the distant past. It seemed like it happened a long time ago. Perhaps, it was because the current mood was close to what it was at that time.

Soma had a feeling that Aina at that time would be depressed because the Academy was destroyed, but in reality, it was different. Well, Aina didn’t say that she wasn’t depressed at all, and it was true that when she thought about it from the beginning, she didn’t feel good at all.

In the meantime, she noticed something else. That was the fact that the blood of the Demon King was flowing in her. Strictly speaking, she noticed it, but soon, stopped worrying about it.

It was obvious, so it didn’t matter. More importantly, she considered that it wasn’t something she should care about at present. However, she wondered if it would be something different. Actually, she had always been unconsciously worried about it.

For example, what if she didn’t do it seriously and the damage on the Academy became worse? Or what if she caused extra damage to the surrounding by putting wasted effort? What would happen after that?

She didn’t have the intention to cause damage. However, she wasn’t confident to come up with answers. Speaking whether it was possible or not to come with answers, yes, it was possible.

If she had to say something, it was just that she was concerned about the event at that time. However, that wasn’t the case. It might not fit on its own.

Aina had the blood of the Demon King. It was an undeniable fact that the Demon King was the one who caused chaos in the Radeus Kingdom, and it was said that the country would be destroyed if Soma wasn’t there.

She wanted to say that she wouldn’t do the same thing.

If a parent was evil, their child wasn’t necessarily evil. It was a matter of a parent. But, it couldn’t be denied that it was impossible for the child to be evil like the parent. It also couldn’t be said that such feelings wouldn’t sprout one day.

“…Well, I’m going to deny that rubbish talk.” (Aina)

That was why her father treated her as a clumsy person. When she thought again, it was true that she was needlessly overthinking about something that was pointless to think.

If she was going to deny it, everyone would also do the same thing. And the next moment, they would say it wasn’t strange.

But… Aina was told this by her father.

If she couldn’t believe herself, it couldn’t be helped. So…

“Hmm? When I think if there’s something interesting today… is it just you, AIna?” (Soma)

And she heard a voice.

The appearance in the field of view was as expected, but Aina had to put a bit of effort here. The person who she was thinking of had just arrived, so she had tightened up her loose mouth a bit more tightly.

She opened her mouth a little so it didn’t look loosened. Then, she opened her mouth while raising her eyebrows, so that she looked moody.

“What the… isn’t that supposed to be my words? To begin with, I was wondering if there’s something interesting today, but huh… it’s just you, Soma.” (Aina)


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