Ex Strongest Swordsman 255 (Self Edited) – Momentary Reminiscent – Part 1


Momentary Reminiscent – Part 1

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When he noticed it, Soma Yagiri wondered if he was dreaming.

But that wouldn’t be the case. There was a grassland that spread out in the field of view, and if it wasn’t because of imagination, the creatures that he had never seen roamed around. Soma wasn’t so crazy as to double his common sense here.

Strictly speaking, he had seen the creatures before, but… unfortunately, that was a matter in games. It wasn’t a matter of the real world.

“Well… I wonder if I was sleeping before I knew it…” (Soma)

The blue sky was spreading to the point where he looked up, and the murmur was let out emptily.



It has been three months since Soma came to this world. At first, he was often confused, but after three months, he got used to life here even if he didn’t like it. And there was more than enough time to admit that this was a different world.

…No, he just liked it a little bit. It was about acknowledging that this was a different world. That was because such a thing ended in less than five minutes after coming here.

However, it wasn’t so strange. It was a place that was obviously unfamiliar, and there were creatures like monsters. If he had been escapist forever, it wouldn’t be strange if he just died.

Of course, there was a possibility that it was really a dream, or it could be a surprise, but at that time, it was just a matter of a funny story. However, if it was a reality and it was a different world, then, it was necessary to act immediately. When thinking about what to prioritize, he didn’t have time to think about anything unnecessary.

Fortunately, there was a relatively large city in the immediate vicinity, and he was able to reach it safely for the time being. It was a city with huge and magnificent walls as he looked up. It might have been the most tense scene there since waking up in this world.

Since there was a grassland with a good view until he reached the city, there was no need to worry about being attacked even though shadows like creatures could be seen in the distance. However, there was a castle gate, and two people dressed as soldiers stood there. Moreover, for some reason, the two seemed strangely nervous. It was clear from a distance that the hand holding the spear had more power than necessary. It was natural to think that something was happening and they were on alert. Then, the problem was what kind of situation Soma was in.

A suspicious person of unknown identity who had no proof of identity. No one would blame Soma who wanted to turn right as it was.

However, if he did such a thing, he wouldn’t have to wait for false charges, and he didn’t know what the civilization level of this world was. There was a possibility that if he got caught, it would end as it was.

However, there was no way to go where he could run away, and it was certain that he would starve or be killed. Then, if he got angry since there was no help for it… she entered the city easily without any problems. He wondered what the situation was like earlier.

He asked if it was alright if he couldn’t prove his identity, but it seemed that such things were common here. It was rare for someone who could do that in the first place. Therefore, if there was nothing else, he wouldn’t be stopped at the castle gate, and he could live in the city as it was.

However, the city was a bit noisy because there was something that happened a while ago, and it seemed that this was also the reason why the soldiers were tense. It was already over and there was no problem. He was told such a thing because they didn’t want him to worry.

Soma was convinced if that was the case, there was no actual harm. So, there was no problem. But if he had to say it, there was only one problem. That was he wondered if it was the king of this country who conveyed that information for some reason.

Yes, he thought that it was a relatively large city, and he thought that it had a magnificent wall, but it seemed that the place where Soma came was the royal capital of this country. Soma, who entered the city safely, was somehow able to go to the royal castle and talked about such a thing.

It remained unclear why Soma received such a kind of hospitality. Or rather after that, after being briefed about this city and country, he was let go normally, so he didn’t even think that he needed to worry about it.

Actually, he was grateful for the explanation. Although the intention and reason were unknown, so far, there had been no disadvantages due to it. It was a waste of time when he tried to think about it because he couldn’t understand where he needed to be concerned. He had more things to do than thinking about it, so he was sure he wouldn’t think about it in the future.

Anyhow, Soma got off to a good start in a different world life, but that was all that went well. It was obvious. Mysteriously, he could understand the words, but he couldn’t read the letters and he couldn’t understand the way around here.

He didn’t know if his common sense would work… No, it was almost certain that it didn’t work. It would be better to think that things would go smoothly.

However, even if it didn’t go well, it wasn’t too bad. If there was something he didn’t understand, he asked the people in the city, and they told him most of the things, and if there was something wrong, they told him as well.

At first, he wondered what this meant, but soon, understood the reason. There were nothing but simply open-minded and kind.

Perhaps, it could be said that they had spare time. They were calm anyway.

And the reason was also relatively easy to guess. They could afford the life itself. So, they were able to stay calm and be kind to others.

Their temperament might have been related to that, but there was no doubt that it was bigger than anything else. It was difficult for anyone to pay attention to others if they couldn’t afford it. Conversely, if they could afford it, they could be kind to others. Soma must have been the one who couldn’t afford to do it at that time.

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However, thanks to that, Soma managed to create an environment where he could live without problems even if things didn’t go well. He wondered if the first thing to do in a different world was to find a job, and without money, he couldn’t eat or stay anywhere. That should be the highest priority. He was able to find it safely because of its worth.

Thanks to that, he was still alive three months later, but if there was one problem, the job he was able to find was to be a farmer. Soma himself still thought why he was a farmer who came to another world, but it couldn’t be helped because that was the only available work.

In this world, there were monsters, just as he thought about the creature he first saw. It was a powerful existence that was incomparable to animals and it was clearly a threat.

If left alone, it would be harmful to people, and it was normal for some people to get rid of it. Soldiers, mercenaries, or those who were called adventurers.

However, this was just a story of the whole world. To put it simply, there were only few of them in the place where Soma was currently being taken care of.

Not only this city, but the whole country seemed to be in that way, simply because the monsters weren’t so powerful. Although there was a risk of death even for adults if they were alone, it was possible to get rid of monsters if there were a few people. It was even enough to defeat them if there were five people.

Less risk meant less money to spend on it. Since monsters were dangerous, if they defeat them, they would be paid a reward, but the amount depends on the degree of danger of the monster. The monsters that appeared around here didn’t reward a lot of money when defeated.

When that happened, the adventurers would head to other places, and at the moment, there was no problem. Of course, the number of adventurers wasn’t enough, but rather, it was the farmers who weren’t enough.

Due to the fact that the monsters weren’t so dangerous, and there was a lot of fertile land, this place was the largest breadbasket in the world. It was also called the world’s food store, and no matter how many farmers they have for that, there was no problem.

On the other hand, most of the food produced was imported, and it was enough. After all, Soma could only become a farmer.

“…Well, I’m living a healthy life for the time being.” (Soma)

Although he stayed at a general inn, he was able to eat three meals, and above all, he got to go to bed early and wake up early. Since he was using his body, he was sure that he would be healthier than before he came here.

He went to school and helped the farmers to live. If he was asked which one made him feel happier, it depended on the people’s value.

“Anyhow, it’s time to get used to this life.” (Soma)

Although he was still trying to get used to it, it wasn’t enough to have spare time. He was thinking what to do from now on.

Soma, who had somehow reminisced about the past, stood up with a good feeling.

“Then, should I do my best today as well?” (Soma)

He left the inn while muttering a monologue that had become completely like a habit.

Looking up at the sky, the sky had just begun to turn white, but the farmer’s morning was early. Rather, Soma was even the slow one because he wasn’t used to it yet.

The farmhouse that Soma was helping was a bit further away from the wall. If he headed from now on, he would arrive when the sun was completely visible. Originally, it seemed that he had to start working at this point, and he seemed to be actually working, so he couldn’t afford to relax. Well, it was just a whim that Soma headed for a different path than usual.

In this city, there were two main roads running in the center, and narrow roads extended to every corner in the grid shape to cross the main roads. In other words, he didn’t have to worry about getting lost somewhere, and the travel time didn’t differ too much. After knowing that, Soma had been looking forward to walking a little off the main road, in the direction he was interested in from time to time.

What was different from usual was the distance of only a few steps. However, with that alone, this city would show a different view.

This might not be limited to this city. It was possible that it was the same in his original world just because he didn’t try it.

But Soma at that time didn’t know that. At least, for the current Soma, this was an act to reaffirm that this was a different world. Since he helped the farmed and did the same thing every day, he sometimes wondered if this was really a different world.

It might be that he got used to it here, but… Soma still couldn’t afford to conclude whether it was a good or a bad thing. So he didn’t want to forget something like a sense of discomfort with this world until he could at least think about it.

“…Hmm?” (Soma)

Soma stopped there because he heard a sound that he didn’t know, but that sound stimulated his memory.

It wasn’t something he was thinking about when he went there. Rather, it could be said that he went there intuitively.

The sound became louder as the foot progressed, which stimulated Soma’s memory. And… when he reached the source of that sound, Soma saw it.

“Is that… swordsmanship?” (Soma)

That was the moment when Soma first came into contact with swordsmanship in this world.



  • Soma/Souma (相馬) Yagiri (夜霧) is written in Kanji. His name was written in that way for the rest of this chapter.
  • The name Soma in the previous chapters were all written in Katakana which was ソーマ.
  • At the beginning, I wanted to write the name as Souma because I thought there are two different characters, but I have confirmed that they are the same character since the speech style is similar to each other.
  • This chapter made me say ‘Oh… wow, I didn’t see that coming.’


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