Ex Strongest Swordsman 252 (Self Edited) – Arbitrator and Official History – Part 5


Arbitrator and Official History – Part 5

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Thus, the worst ending appeared at present.

‘Lina’ slowly let out a breath while looking at the scene before ‘her’. ‘She’ tried to smile by forcibly moving ‘her’ lips, but it must have been difficult. However, ‘she’ couldn’t do this without smiling… Besides, this kind of action was probably appropriate for this situation.

“To begin with, if I really have to say something, it’s just me suffering the consequences. Wu-san, you always warned me, but I always ignored it. However, above all, the only thing that I couldn’t help with is I don’t regret it. Even though I knew this fact from the middle that this would happen, I didn’t feel like stopping. Perhaps, even if I could rewind the time, I would still have done the same thing.” (Lina)

The number of corpses that had been piled up was already innumerable. And that was also a great achievement. ‘She’ was sure it was the worst punishment, but ‘she’ couldn’t hear a single voice of resentment.

Even if ‘she’ was resented, ‘she’ didn’t have enough power.

“Wu-san, are you going to ask me what I should do if I have time to cry, right? It feels depressing, but it’s tolerable somehow…” (Lina)

‘Lina’ really wanted to hear a voice.

However, ‘her’ wish never came true. ‘She’ understood it.

‘She’ was no longer the Human Arbitrator, and it was impossible for fate to help someone who was no longer the Arbitrator. ‘She’ also understood that, but…

“Aah… I’m not going to ask something luxurious like please say kind words, so can anyone say something gently? Well, at that time, I suppose this is luxurious, isn’t it?” (Lina)

The reality wouldn’t change if ‘she’ tried to run away from the matter. When ‘she’ gave up and turned her consciousness ahead, the unmistakable reality of Lina lied there.

At a glance, it looked like garbage. It would be too much in many ways to say that, but it couldn’t be helped because it really seemed to be the case.  However, those black dots seemed to be a group of people. ‘She’ didn’t know the details because they were still far away. ‘She’ only knew that they were armed.

Other than that, could ‘she’ say that ‘she’ was aware of the atmosphere floating around them? It was a harmful and hostile-fear atmosphere.

Moreover, all of them were directed to ‘her’. To be honest, if ‘she’ could cry, ‘she’ would do it.

“Well, I really can’t cry, but…” (Lina)

Even if ‘she’ thought that would excessively break ‘her’, ‘she’ had to re-think about the other side.

Then, ‘she’ came up with a joke. ‘She’ couldn’t repent or feel remorse, and ‘she’ wondered why ‘she’ was feeling that way. Then, ‘she’ suddenly thought.

It was really a joke, but…

“Aah… yes. If they are spoiled, but it is probably something different.” (Lina)

‘She’ was the only child, and ‘her’ parents couldn’t spoil ‘her’. They couldn’t afford to spoil ‘her’.

“Hmm, an older sister… No, as expected, an older brother, isn’t it? If there is an older brother, I also… What an idiot I am…” (Lina)

However, this much saying was allowed. At least, ‘she’ wanted them to forgive ‘her’ for saying it.

“Even a Demon King has the right to dream, right?” (Lina)

While boasting about that, ‘she’ pulled ‘her’ sword from the waist. Although the face was so far away that it couldn’t be discerned, the situation became noisy. A bitter smile appeared involuntarily.

“Goodness, they can’t defeat the Demon King in that condition at all. Pull yourself together. I can leave the rest completely to you guys, so…” (Lina)

Anyhow, ‘she’ might be forced against, but it couldn’t be helped. Surely, ‘she’ chose this herself, but this was also what they chose.

Once they got here, there was only one thing ‘she’ needed to do.

“Now… Shall I fulfill the final role?” (‘Lina’)

It was an obvious consequence of the end of the Heroes. Of course, this was a natural and familiar story.

The person who had too much power was feared and destroyed as the Demon King. It was only that.

‘She’ just had to play her own role. ‘She’ just needed to fulfill it until the end, but… there was one last thing.

“I don’t know who is watching me all this time, but I want to give you a piece of advice. I have no regrets, not even a single moment of remorse, but this is definitely a wrong path. If possible, you shouldn’t do the same thing, and… don’t let anyone do it. It’s just that this is my fault. After all, I’m an embarrassment as a human.” (‘Lina’)

‘She’ wondered if this would change things even though this was the last time ‘she’ could say it. While wondering about that, ‘Lina’ was walking toward ‘her’ ‘end’ with a smile on ‘her’ face.


(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“Aah… I see.” (Lina)

Lina sighed without seeing the scene until the end. While squinting at the back of ‘Lina’, who was getting further away, she remembered the words talked earlier.

“You said earlier that ‘she’ was running away. Is that what you mean?” (Lina)

[Yes. ‘She’ was running away from people. At that time, ‘her’ power was more than enough to be awe-inspired by people.] (Wu)

“She was helped by them, isn’t it?” (Lina)

“She didn’t want to be helped by them, but they didn’t know that fact. And those who don’t know, she’s too powerful… and more importantly, she’s ominous.] (Wu)

“Ominous?” (Lina)

Lina hadn’t seen everything, but as far as she had seen, ‘she’ looked like a normal, including the last scene.

‘Aah, no.’

Only the hair color was different.

“But that hair color probably changed a little before the end, isn’t it? Every time I saw it, the hair color changed, but… I think it was closer to black.” (Lina)

[You’re right. Your guess is correct, but… when it comes to ominous, that’s not the case. Remember. She is the only one who survives, despite the fact that her surroundings have been annihilated and nothing is alive. That also happens many times.] (Wu)

“…Aah.” (Lina)

Certainly, that was true. In other words, depending on how people looked at it, it looked as if ‘she’ was the one who was causing it.

“If you think about it for a moment, you’ll know that it’s impossible, but… it’s unreasonable to be afraid of ‘her’.” (Lina)

[I agree, but the world of human beings is unreasonable. I know it well because I can see the past, and… ‘she’ knew it and took all the actions. She could have abandoned them. With the exception of the fragment of Evil God power, if that is left alone, the damage would increase but that doesn’t affect the world and humankind. Of course, it doesn’t cause a fatal injury, but…] (Wu)

“Still, ‘she’ pulled out ‘her’ sword. It feels the same as Nii-sama…” (Lina)

[You’re right. There’s only one difference between him and ‘her’. He’s just stronger than her, the rest is not too much.] (Wu)

“I think there’s too big a gap of strength…” (Lina)

Even so, it felt strange to Lina that she looked like someone else, even though ‘she’ might have been herself. However, she didn’t think she would do the same thing in the same situation, so it might be natural to say that…

[Well, of course. ‘She’ and you are originally two different people. Originally, both of you should have been almost fused at the time of the first awakening, and it was her who was the basis of that.] (Wu)

“So, the reason that didn’t happen is because I have Onii-sama?” (Lina)

[That’s correct in a sense. You guys merged because the awakening stage was advanced by inheriting Aina’s power. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was his fault, considering the inheritance of power wasn’t carried out because of your brother’s presence.] (Wu)

“…As for me, I’m grateful about that.” (Lina)

“Well, yes. And maybe… ‘she’ also thinks the same. Perhaps, me too.] (Wu)

Although Wu-san understood about it, it didn’t seem to be convinced by this ending. That was why it was glad that it didn’t happen.

Then, the reason why it showed Lina something like this was already well understood. She didn’t want to ask as much as possible, but she still had another question.

“By the way, what happened to the situation with the Elves? There were a lot of things that happened, right?” (Lina)

[Yes, it was. Even though ‘she’ was prepared, ‘she’ also had limits. ‘She’ couldn’t look at the piled corpses and the gazes from the surroundings, so ‘she’ tried to take a break from getting involved with the Elves for a while. That was it.] (Wu)

“…Well, it’s not at the level of ominous.” (Lina)

[She had a good reason to resent the world. Perhaps, that was why, but… well, it seems that she completely broke through it. As a result of going to defeat the Demon King and manage to defeat him brilliantly, she was recognized by the world and humankind as the next Demon King.] (Wu)

Lina didn’t want to be happy about that at all, but she was sure Wu-san thought so more than anyone else. She couldn’t say very much if that wasn’t a joke.

[And right after that… Her hair color changed to pure white.] (Wu)

“…Did she become the enemy of the world?” (Lina)

The existence that could harm the world… It was the same with the Demon King…

“…Eh? The Demon King I know had black hair, you know?” (Lina)

[Yes. If you view the Demon King by hair color, there shouldn’t be a Witch from the beginning, right?] (Wu)

“…If you ask me that, I guess the answer is yes. So, why did ‘her’ hair color change?” (Lina)

[Well. That was all I could see, and by that time the connection had already broken. There’s no way to know more.] (Wu)

Anyhow, there was only one fact. ‘She’ became the Demo King and was defeated by people as the Demon King. That was it.

“There is really no salvation, isn’t it?” (Lina)

[I don’t know how it was for ‘her’. But… as an objective opinion, everyone would agree with you.] (Wu)

“Was there nothing you could do?” (Lina)

[To me, yes, I couldn’t help ‘her’. ‘She’ had decided herself, and that accelerated the time. No matter what ‘she’ did, the ending didn’t change. ‘She’ inherited too much power. If ‘she’ didn’t inherit that, at least, it might have been possible to change the ending, but… at that time, ‘she’ and I couldn’t understand the consequences. It was also true that without power, ‘she’ would have fallen in the middle of ‘her’ ambition.] (Wu)

That was probably the time with the Evil Dragon. However, Lina didn’t really talk about it because she thought that she wasn’t there. If that was the case, she shouldn’t ask too much.

“Was there anyone else who could manage to defeat it?” (Lina)

[Not that I know of. Even if there was another Arbitrator, it was still impossible. Perhaps, God could do it, but it was impossible to get a sleeping God to do something for you.] (Wu)

“…Eh? What does it mean that God is sleeping?” (Lina)

[It means as it is, you know? I also can’t even see God, so this view may be mixed with speculation. God, who was still asleep, was the one who defeated the God called the Evil God. Strictly speaking, Gods can’t fight each other, so it may be that they cooperated with suitable humans, but it would still be difficult to destroy God. So, I wasn’t sure what to do. God seemed to be active for nearly 300 years ago, but since then, He has fallen asleep and is still asleep.] (Wu)

“Hmm… it seems that it was hard. I think it can’t be helped to think this, but to be honest, I don’t think He’s useful.” (Lina)

[I agree, but don’t say too much. He is also my creator. Still, that’s why you can’t rely on the power of God.] (Wu)

It sounded like a warning, probably because it was true. It was also talking about things that didn’t seem to be necessary in order to tell them. It seemed trying to tell Lina that it was useless to think about it since it was already too late when it happened.

[So, that’s why I talked and showed you various things. Do you really understand the intention?] (Wu)

“To be honest, I don’t understand.” (Lina)

[I do understand that sentiment. If you want it, it’s safe to end the story here. But you don’t want it, right?] (Wu)

“…That’s right.” (Lina)

The path she followed was all memorable. And even if the ending was different, there was no big difference from the big picture. No, there was a possibility that it was getting worse because the ending was different.

In other words… Soma, who was following the same path as her, was likely to have the same ending.

“When you found that the royal capital was in danger, wouldn’t you move around because of your loved ones? And since you understood that, you had to move.] (Wu)

That was right.

To the bitter end, Lina didn’t care what happened to the world. When she thought about it, ‘Lina’ and she were two different entities.

However, there were still things that Lina couldn’t give up. For that reason… if she didn’t want the scenes she saw unfolded… Lina would do anything…

“So, what do you think I should do?” (Lina)

[It helps when you say that. Well, first of all…] (Wu)

Perhaps, it would be the same as ‘her’. With such conviction, Lina listened to the voice she was accustomed to hearing.




  • From these five chapters, the Human Arbitrator has two main attributes. First, it is a kind of authority where it can dictate human live or not (so, basically it is OP against humans). Second, it has the ability to absorb the strength of people who died in front of ‘Lina’.
  • IMO, the argument that Soma would have the same ending as ‘Lina’ is a bit shallow because unlike ‘Lina’ who conclude all the big events not in the most perfect way, Soma did it way much better. The only similar part about those two is just the OP strength they both have.


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