Ex Strongest Swordsman 251 (Self Edited) – Arbitrator and Official History – Part 4



Arbitrator and Official History – Part 4

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Lina tilted her head while looking at the scene before her. She wondered what it meant.

What was spreading there was a scene that seemed to be seen when the lid of hell pot was opened. There was a pillar-like object extended straight from the ground and reached the sky.

The color was black. However, it wasn’t a painted color. It was a void color that could be said to no longer reflect light as a result of sucking in light. It was such a thing that made her feel uneasy just by looking at it, and the pillar-like thing was getting bigger little by little.

It seemed small because it was viewed from a distance, but it was probably quite large. At any rate, it seemed that it could cover the entire royal capital of Radeus. It was expanding little by little, so actually, it was spreading bigger at a fairly high rate. So, Lina could imagine what would happen when it covered everything.

However, there was only one thing that could be said when looking at it.

“…What is so simple about this?” (Lina)

[It’s as you can see. There is no big change and everything around it is just destroyed, right? There’s no other word to describe except being simple.] (Wu)

“Aah… that’s what you meant.” (Lina)

Apparently, everything would end simply easily. There was probably no other way to describe it.

[Hmm… do you feel uncomfortable?] (Wu)

“Rather than feeling uncomfortable, I’m thinking why am I looking at this scene.” (Lina)

[That’s not something I expect you to say, but… Well, were you trying to guess the meaning as well? I thought that would make you feel refreshed. I got it wrong, isn’t it?] (Wu)

“Refreshed, is it?” (Lina)

[That’s the Veritas Kingdom in the middle of destruction. If I have to say the conclusion, that will completely obliterate the Veritas Kingdom. I thought it would make the stomach acid washed away because the hometown of the enemy is destroyed.] (Wu)

Lina thought that the scene looked unfamiliar. It would be a matter of course if that was the Veritas Kingdom. When she was told that, she couldn’t think of any other impressions.

It was the same as before. After all, it was just another person’s affairs, so she just recognized that such a thing was happening and wouldn’t raise any further emotions.

In the first place, there weren’t many emotions. When Lina was shown the scene where the enemy country was destroyed, it was natural that she didn’t have much thought.

“Perhaps I should say, when it comes to revenge, the Evil Dragon had it more toward the Veritas Kingdom, rather than us, right? Of course, I was surprised that Radeus was destroyed, but I was wondering if there was any reason to instigate the Evil Dragon.” (Lina)

[Aah, it’s done because of another reason, but in the end, the conclusion doesn’t change. Haven’t I said it already? From a broad perspective, although there are minor differences, basically the flow of history isn’t different.] (Wu)

“However, in our world, neither Veritas nor Radeus have perished.” (Lina)

[And that’s why I also said, there are various problems with that. By the way, you know what is destroying Veritas.] (Wu)

“Eh… really?” (Lina)

Lina took a closer look, but she couldn’t think of anything in particular. If she told something like that, she thought that there was no way she couldn’t remember, but…

“Aah… Perhaps, that thing was during my time in the Academy?” (Lina)

Speaking of the Academy at that time, Soma managed to do something in its underground area before it turned to something huge. She slightly felt that the power had risen up, and she felt the same from the scene before her. If it said that there was no major difference from the official history. If that was the case, the Evil Dragon would come next into the picture.

When she considered that matter as well, it felt appropriate.

[That’s right. In other words, it was the fragment of the Evil God power.] (Wu)

“I’m glad that my prediction was right, but… it was dangerous, wasn’t it?” (Lina)

Although she knew that it was dangerous, she didn’t expect that the scale was that much. Being called a great power, Veritas had a land and population that was incomparable to Radeus. Since Veritas was completely destroyed, it could be said that the fragment was a danger beyond expectations.

“Anyhow, although Nii-sama managed to protect the Academy, it was a failure. He was blown to the Witch Forest by the recoil, so it’s natural to say that, is it?” (Lina)

[That’s also, again, absurd in various ways, but… well, that’s the matter at present, yes?] (Wu)

“Aah, by the way, why was the fragment of the Evil God power in Veritas? It should have been in the underground area of the Academy, but… was it also in Veritas?” (Lina)

[No, it’s the same thing. It was noticed at an early stage there was a fragment of the Evil God power because the Academy wasn’t built. It was brought to Veritas for research purpose, but… they made a mistake in controlling it. Well, that’s obvious. Whether it’s possible to do something on it or not, the fragment is something that can’t be sealed in the first place.] (Wu)

“By the way, what happened to the fragment after destroying Veritas? Did it run out of power and disappear?” (Lina)

[Hmm… I see. It seems that my way of talking wasn’t appropriate, but you seem to underestimate the power of God a little?] (Wu)

“Underestimate, is it?” (Lina)

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She didn’t mean to do that, but that seemed to be the case. However, on the other hand, what did that mean?

[What? It’s simple. If the fragment of the Evil God power had been left alone until it ran out of power, then, the whole world would be destroyed at this point.] (Wu)

“It’s just a fragment, isn’t it? Can it do that much?” (Lina)

[Well, even if you say a fragment, that’s one hundredth of its–…] (Wu)

“O-one hundredth!?” (Lina)

[No, as expected, I shouldn’t say that.] (Wu)

“Y-yeah. As expected–…” (Lina)

[It’s probably one ten thousandth.] (Wu)

“One ten thousandth!?” (Lina)

If that was true, she was certainly underestimating it. As long as it didn’t have to lie about the figure.

“G-god is amazing…” (Lina)

[Well, that’s because it’s only one half since God managed the world with only two pillars. It’s natural it can do that much.] (Wu)

“Is that so? Eh? Does that mean somebody stopped it?” (Lina)

[Of course. That reminds me, as long as I show you this, you have gotten the answer, right?] (Wu)

“…Aah.” (Lina)

That was true. In other words…

[Now, shall we go to the next one?] (Wu)

“Eeh…!? Shouldn’t I see the scene where it got stopped!?” (Lina)

[It doesn’t matter if you look at it. It’s also simple to end it, so you just need to know the facts.] (Wu)

“Hmm…. if I am told that, I can only say ‘is that so?’, but…” (Lina)

[Well, in addition to that, ‘she’ attended the Royal Academy of Veritas. ‘She’ was heading to the Holy City for a long vacation, and on ‘her’ way there, ‘she’ encountered that event and managed to reseal it somehow, but… there’s no need to explain in detail.] (Wu)

“No, there is a lot of interesting information, don’t you think!?” (Lina)

However, the shouted words were ignored, and Lina’s field of vision dimmed. It was a scene where black was approaching, but when it turned around, green became the majority.

The scene was completely different from the previous one, but Lina wasn’t surprised. Although she was used to it, she became more frustrated.

Lina pouted her cheeks even though she understood that it couldn’t see her.

“Hmm…” (Lina)

[I know you are curious, but that’s not the information you need. Don’t you care about the official history?] (Wu)

“That’s right… It’s fine, I can ask the other me later.” (Lina)

[Aah, you better stop that. That’s because ‘she’ doesn’t know you.] (Wu)

“Eh… Is that so?” (Lina)

[It’s due to the great divergence. I don’t think it makes sense to know it, but I don’t teach ‘her’ anything other than the general flow of events after the Evil Dragon.] (Wu)

“I see…” (Lina)

If she was told that, she had no choice but to be convinced.

To begin with, Wu-san was an existence that acted as the person in charge of ‘her’ education, a caretaker or something similar. Although Wu-san had reasons to assist ‘her’, it had no reason to assist Lina herself.

The other reason why it was telling her now was because ‘she’ couldn’t appear, and Wu-san said that it was necessary.

To the bitter end, Wu-san’s priority was ‘her’.

There was no way for Wu-san to obey even if it was asked to do something beyond necessary, so Lina had no choice but to be convinced.

“Well then, I’m concerned but I’ll put up with it. So… where’s this? Somehow, it looks like a forest.” (Lina)

When she looked around while saying it, most of it was green as it was mentioned earlier.

The closest thing Lina knew would be the Demon Forest, but obviously, that wasn’t it. The size of the trees and the atmosphere that spread around were completely different.

However, in reality, since only the eyes and ears were working, that was the only sensation she could get.

[I can tell you the answer, but… it seems that you know where this is.] (Wu)

“…Well, yes, somehow.” (Lina)

If she reached this point, she could really understand what the flow was like. If the scene came out was the Evil Dragon, the fragment of the Evil God power, then, what next should be that one.

“This is the Elf Forest, right?” (Lina)

[Yes, it is. More importantly, you understand.] (Lina)

Rather, Lina didn’t understand why it was decided to see this. Whether it was a Witch or an Elf, Lina couldn’t think of a business to visit that place.

It never happened that she visited by chance and was involved by chance…

[It was actually coincidence that ‘she’ got involved. I’m sure that you have no reason to visit now, but ‘she’ did at that time.] (Wu)

“What’s the business?” (Lina)

[It was to deliver a keepsake. Well, maybe half of the reason was to run away.] (Wu)

Although Lina was concerned about the phrase ‘run away’, she was more concerned about the keepsake. There was only one thing that came in mind when she heard a keepsake to be delivered to the Elf Forest.

“Keepsake… Do you mean Sheila-san?” (Lina)

[As expected, you get it.] (Wu)

“Perhaps, it was when the Evil Dragon went on rampage, right? It wasn’t mentioned, so I thought it could be a possibility, but when you said keepsake, there’s no other than her.” (Lina)

[Hmm… that’s right. If you didn’t ask the business, I wouldn’t have to say it.] (Wu)

Lina wasn’t shocked because she could have expected it. She thought ‘is that it?’.

“For the time being, I understand why I came here. So–…” (Lina)

When she tried to ask what would happen from here, the need to do that soon disappeared. The sound of trees falling and screaming, which seemed to belong to the Elves. When she turned her gaze toward the scream that she could hear, there was something that was a degree bigger than the huge trees in the surrounding area. There was no other way to describe what was that because it was something that she had seen before.

“I see, is that how the Elf Forest was destroyed?” (Lina)

[That really helps if it’s easy for you to understand.] (Wu)

“Even so, it feels worse than what I know… is that really true?” (Lina)

[No, it seems that it has deteriorated so far after taking in the Witch. By the way, I don’t know if this will be comforting, but ‘she’ doesn’t know about the Witch. ‘She’ knew the Elves were scared, but ‘she’ was trying to do what it was and did something about it. However, it seemed that she was a bit too late.] (Wu)

“I see…” (Lina)

On top of looking at things objectively, Lina didn’t have any other thoughts except the feelings about being paralyzed. She still had to see something similar twice…

[…Well, the next one is the last.] (Wu)

“…Eh, is that so?” (Lina)

[Yes. Well, there is nothing to see here anymore. Shall we go to the next one?] (Wu)

“This scene is simpler than before, right?” (Lina)

[If anything, this is the passing point. It’s just to double confirm. I had you look at it in the sense of confirmation, but I’m sure that feeling won’t change until the end.] (Wu)

“…Even if I hear it as the last scene, I guess I can’t be relieved at all.” (Lina)

Rather, there was no other feeling but anxiety.

And then, suddenly, she remembered what was said a little while ago. She was told that it was the second most painful scene before she saw the scene of the Evil Dragon.

However, so far, there was no scene that seemed to be more painful than that.

[…Isn’t it good to have a sharp intuition? Well, you should think that it’s a good thing, given that you’re ready. To be honest, I was wondering if I should tell you in advance.] (Wu)

“Then, is the next one about that?” (Lina)

[Yes. You should keep it in mind. The next one is the last appearance of the official history that you should see, and… it is the scene that you wouldn’t want to see the most.] (Wu)

Along with those words, Lina’s vision dimmed in a similar fashion as before. And then, the worst scene appeared before her.


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