Ex Strongest Swordsman 250 (Self Edited) – Arbitrator and Official History – Part 3



Arbitrator and Official History – Part 3

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Lina was sighing unintentionally as she looked at what was projected in her sight. The thing that was there was something too much for her to see.

In the jet black that covered and spread all over the sky, something red hanging from there. The red part looked quite small, but it was just an optical illusion. Since the jet black part was too big, the red part just looked so small.

As if to prove it, at the same time when the red part touched the ground, a terrible roar was heard. The dancing explosion swallowed the surrounding easily, turning its wrath into ashes. It was just like a natural disaster.

“If I’m not mistaken, that is the Evil Dragon… Well, it was as expected. When I heard the story, I was wondering why Nii-sama was there, but… if Nii-sama didn’t exist in the first place, that would be a convincing scene.” (Lina)

[Hmm… I understand that this is something you expected, but it doesn’t seem to be shocking as I expected.] (Wu)

“Shocking… why is that? That reminds me, you said earlier that this is the second most painful scene for me, right?” (Lina)

[Hmm? Is it wrong? I thought the scene where your home is destroyed and your mother is killed would make you shocked appropriately.] (Wu)

Certainly, Lina couldn’t deny that. It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t shocked at all.

However, when she was told that the scene was actually the official story, and when the scene was shown before her, that wasn’t an event that actually happened. If so, she didn’t really care too much as long as her mind was readied.

[…I see, is that so?] (Wu)

“No, well, maybe I’m ruthless.” (Lina)

[…No, I was probably overthinking. Even though I resemble a person’s spirituality, it’s only consciousness, and not a real person.] (Wu)

Perhaps, it was because Wu-san was taking care of her. The other ‘her’ said that Wu-san was kind, and… surely, that was correct. It wasn’t a mistake even though it wasn’t much different from being a Sparta.

Anyhow, she didn’t think there was another way of saying it. When she thought how tactless it was, a slight bitter smile showed up on her face.

[Hmm… It seems that I am judged in a way that I don’t prefer.] (Wu)

“It’s just in your mind. More importantly, I’m a bit concerned about something… Just now, you mention Mother? Shouldn’t you say my parents… instead?” (Lina)

[Hmm? No, it’s not a mistake… Aah, I see. That reminds me, I haven’t explained it yet. ‘She’ was also misunderstanding that first because of that.] (Wu)

“Yes? Why is that?” (Lina)

“Well… First of all, let me tell you the conclusion. It was only your mother killed by that. Your father wasn’t there.] (Wu)

“Eh? That is… possible, but wouldn’t it be weird in various ways?” (Lina)

Radeus wasn’t properly attacked, because Kraus was on the frontline against the Veritas Kingdom. If Kraus, who was the key of the event, wasn’t there…

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“…No, it simply means that it didn’t happen at that time, right? For example, he had to go to another place for some reason or something else.” (Lina)

[No, that’s not it. Your father wasn’t there from the beginning. At least, he shouldn’t have been close to that area destroyed by the dragon for more than a decade. At that time, he must have been glaring at the soldiers of the other country near the border with Lipka.] (Wu)

“Lipka… is it?” (Lina)

That should be an impossible course of events.

Lipka was a name of a multiracial country located in the south of Veritas. Of course, it didn’t have a  border with Radeus. Inevitably, it wasn’t possible to glare near the border, and to begin with, Radeus and Lipka weren’t hostile to each other. Therefore, there was no reason to do so.

[Well, that’s something I haven’t explained yet. In fact, the country of Radeus should have disappeared.] (Wu)

“…Yes? What do you mean?” (Lina)

[There’s no other meaning. The flow is the same up to the point of rebellion in Veritas and the establishment of Radeus, but less than a year later, Radeus was attacked and destroyed by Veritas.] (Wu)

“W-what’s going on…? Mother and Father should be there, right?” (Lina)

[Well, I can’t say for sure because I couldn’t see the details, but… there weren’t many who could become strategists. They were able to outperform them locally, but overall, they lost and they had to surrender.] (Wu)

That was unconvincing, but… as long as it didn’t lie intentionally, it should be true.

“Hmm… to be honest, that fact is more shocking than the scene in front of me.” (Lina)

[Hmm… I see As expected, the subtleties of the human mind are difficult for me. Anyhow, that’s why your mother remained here, and certainly, she couldn’t resist the assault. ‘She’ was awakened in the middle and was trying to resist, but I can’t say that ‘she’ was resisting.] (Wu)

“But ‘she’ won, yes?” (Lina)

[Yes, ‘she’ won, but… to be exact, ‘she’ won because the dragon self-destructed. Honestly, she wouldn’t win if not because of that.] (Wu)

“Is that so…?” (Lina)

If she witnessed the assault in this way, it would be convincing. However, she heard that Soma had defeated the dragon rather easily, so she didn’t think so. It wasn’t perfect, so it might be the reason…

[No, I was also looking through ‘her’ eyes. It’s just that your brother is out of standard. If there is such an existence, ‘she’ is certainly not needed.] (Wu)

“As expected of Nii-sama!” (Lina)

While talking about that, the scene where the Evil Dragon’s violence continued, Lina didn’t feel anything more than what she expected. It was probably because it was huge and different from the actual event.

Rather, it was like sightseeing. She didn’t feel like spoiling the mood.

According to the story, all the places within Radeus were burned down, and there was no vegetation, but… when she thought about it, she suddenly spoke.

“That reminds me, does the fact that Radeus was attacked and destroyed means that there was no Academy?” (Lina)

[Of course. That’s because there wass no royal capital in the first place. The buildings were left behind, and those who were the royal family of Radeus were treated as slaves. No, it seems that the slaves were living a better life. Well, let’s stop talking about this here. It’s not something you’re going to be happy about when I hear it.] (Wu)

“…I want you to do that. By the way… they are…” (Lina)

[They were burned down by the Evil Dragon. Aah, to be exactly, ‘she’ was left alone, so ‘she’ inherited that girl’s abilities, but I don’t want to talk too much about it if I can.] (Wu)

“Eh, why not?” (Lina)

To be honest, Lina was surprised. She didn’t think it would say such a thing.

“Maybe, it didn’t help?” (Lina)

[No, it was extremely helpful. Especially what happened to ‘her’ afterwards. So, it’s because of that… No, let’s stop. I’ll talk about it again later anyway.] (Wu)

For the time being, Lina knew that she didn’t want to talk further, so she decided not to ask any more. Rather, that wasn’t what she wanted to do in the first place.

“The fact that there was no Academy means that the headmaster of the Academy… Hildegard wasn’t there either.” (Lina)

[Aah… that’s one of the things I haven’t told you.] (Wu)

“…Eh?” (Lina)

[Hildegard Lindwurm. She is the same as Soma Neumont. She is a person that shouldn’t exist in the official history. I think she is the biggest factor in the world where Radeus isn’t destroyed. Well, that’s not that important.] (Wu)

“No, no. How could you say that it’s not that important!?” (Lina)

She knew that Hildegard was acquainted with Sophia and others. It was also said that the Academy was created almost at the same time as the kingdom was founded. Certainly, if that was the case, it was coherent. Lina thought that Hildegard was a wonderful person, but she was also an important person.

[No, it doesn’t really matter. With or without Hildegard Lindwurm, there are only details that change after all. That’s just the norm. However, when it comes to Soma Neumont, it’s a completely different matter. I didn’t mention him because there is no problem even if I don’t talk about him at all. If you didn’t ask me, I won’t say anything.] (Wu)

“Hmm… Is it because it is a trivial matter? I don’t think it’s trivial though.” (Lina)

[Isn’t the rise and fall of a country a common thing? Radeus, in particular, is a small country. It doesn’t affect the big picture, with or without it.] (Wu)

In fact, that might be true, but… Lina didn’t feel good when she was told that it didn’t matter whether she had a hometown or not. It would be unavoidable to pout the cheeks and being moody.

[…Sorry. I seem to have something insensitive.] (Wu)

“…Hah. Well, it’s fine. That seems to be a fact. I wouldn’t forgive you if you say something deprecating and try to affirm yourself.” (Lina)

[…I’ll be careful. And it looks like it’s over there, too.] (Wu)

“That looks like it.” (Lina)

When she turned her eyes while saying it, the huge jet black that had just fallen from the sky was cut in two. It was like Soma, and she couldn’t help but admire it.

“Ooh… ‘she’ did it. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can do that even now.” (Lina)

[Well, the enemy is a combination of inheriting various powers. ‘She’ has also inherited various powers as well, so it can’t be helped if you can’t do it.] (Wu)

“I feel a bit disappointed when I think of myself as the same person. By the way, is this really the end?” (Lina)

[That’s the plan, but… do you feel unpleasant?] (Wu)

“There’s none, but I thought it was different from the previous scene.” (Lina)

The previous scene was to see the state of ‘Lina’ after everything was finished, from a close distance. This time, it was an observation from a place far away from the middle of the matter. It would be a bit too different.

[Well, what I was trying to show you was different. It may seem a bit strange, but that’s fine.] (Wu)

“Well, if you say so, I’m fine too.” (Lina)

[I see. Well then, let’s move on to the next one. The next one and the one after that would be something simple for you.] (Wu)

With such words, the field of vision dimmed. Immediately after that, the next scene appeared in front of Lina’s eyes.


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