Ex Strongest Swordsman 249 (Self Edited) – Arbitrator and Official History – Part 2



Arbitrator and Official History – Part 2

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The reason why ‘Lina’ was digging the ground silently was because of the slight respect remaining. No matter how much that person was called a Demon, there was no such a thing as being left alone in a place like this. It would be too sad.

“…Well, I’m not sure if I have the qualification to do that.” (‘Lina’)

Half of the reason why the person died was because of her. ‘Lina’ understood that fact firmly, so… in the first place, ‘she’ hadn’t enough interaction to mourn the death.

This time was their third meeting, and ‘she’ knew the name for the first time today. Maybe, they could be friends if they talked more properly, but… that was already too late.

The person… Aina died, and ‘she’ obtained Aina’s power. And thanks to that, Lina was able to defeat the enemy, and that was why she was in the present moment.

That was all she could do.

“Now… this place should be fine, right?” (‘Lina’)

When a hole of a certain size was completed, ‘Lina’ nodded satisfactorily and stood up. From now on, Aina’s body must be carried there. Aina’s body was rather big, so it’s a bit difficult to carry her, but ‘she’ couldn’t say it.

‘She’ didn’t say it to anyone, and ‘she’ decided that by herself. In that case, ‘she’ had to do this.

While thinking about it, ‘Lina’ tried to walk, and… suddenly, ‘she’ tilted her head. She felt like someone was watching her.

“Is it you, Wu-san?” (‘Lina’)

She muttered asking, but there was no response.

However, ‘she’ said that ‘she’ would take a break since ‘she’ was tired, so it wasn’t strange in itself. What was strange in ‘her’ line of sight was it never disappears. Although ‘she’ felt like ‘she’ was being seen from somewhere near ‘her’, ‘she’ felt like ‘she’ was being seen from far away at the same time.

However, ‘she’ didn’t feel unpleasant, so ‘she’ left it alone. More importantly, ‘she’ had to mourn. Even if ‘she’ had to do it alone, there was no mistake that it was better to do it.

When ‘she’ thought about it, ‘Lina’ quickly headed for the shadow of rubbles where Aina’s body was enshrined.



“…You have a bad taste.” (Lina)

[Is that so? Rather, I’m not showing it because I have a bad taste, but… I’ve said it many times that this is to make you understand the current situation.] (Wu)

“…To be honest, I really doubt that is the truth.” (Lina)

While saying that, ‘Lina’ who carried something from a hidden place came back. Her body seemed tattered, and the body seemed to be Aina held in both arms was even more tattered. The face was different to the point it didn’t retain its original shape, and if she didn’t understand the situation, she might not know who that was.

“…If Nii-sama didn’t come at that time, we might have ended up like this… No, it’s highly possible that this was the case.” (Lina)

[…Hmm, that assumption is right and wrong.] (Wu)

“…? What do you mean?” (Lina)

There shouldn’t be any doubt about that. If Soma’s help didn’t arrive at that time, Aina would be killed, but Lina would be awakened and gained Aina’s power to defeat the enemy. Wasn’t that correct to assume that way since she had been told since earlier?

[Before I talk about it, let me answer your question. I don’t know the answer. It may or may not have happened. Actually, there is a possibility that ‘she’ had been awakened at that time, but there is also a possibility that ‘she’ didn’t.] (Wu)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“Hmm? What do you mean by that? Does that mean that there is also a possibility that the situation is deviating from what it should be?” (Lina)

[That assumption is right and wrong at the same time. Since the future is uncertain, the official history is nothing more than the future that is likely to come. It’s certainly quite possible that trivial things change with some notches, but… that’s not what I’m trying to focus on. It is actually the problem before that happens.] (Wu)

“Before that…?” (Lina)

[Yes. You seem to think that your brother coming to help is the turning point of the future, but that’s not the case. After all, he shouldn’t exist in the official history.] (Wu)

“…What?” (Lina)

Lina couldn’t understand the meaning of those words, and she stopped thinking for a moment.

That was right. Soma was deeply involved in Lina’s life to the point that she wouldn’t be here without him. However, she couldn’t believe it when she was told that he shouldn’t be there.

“…The other me didn’t say that either.” (Lina)

[’Her’ knowledge is based on what I teach. Of course, ‘she’ doesn’t know the things that I haven’t taught yet. It seems that ‘she’ is wondering a lot and feeling doubtful.] (Wu)

“Why didn’t you tell ‘her’?” (Lina)

“The biggest reason is because I wasn’t sure. As you know, I have been given the same name as the God that rules fate. While it’s at the lowest seat, the power given is almost the same as the authority. However, my authority is valid only for the official history. I can only look into the past of official history, which is located in the past rather than the present. I thought I shouldn’t teach much about uncertainties because i don’t know what’s in the future.] (Wu)

That matter sounded reasonable. Even so, there were still some doubts…

[There are certainly a few things I didn’t dare to say, but I’m going to talk about them as I move on. I think it would be less confusing to talk about it at that time, so I just keep silent. It’s not that I’m not going to talk at all.] (Wu)

“…I hope that’s the case.” (Lina)

Actually, she wasn’t convinced at all, but certainly, she had to be convinced first for the time being. If she was still unconvinced even until she went to the end of all this, she would think about it at that time.

While talking about that, ‘Lina’ had finished burying Aina in front of her eyes. After that, while Lina looked at the scene, she felt like she couldn’t say anything.

“…Anyhow, I don’t feel good, I think? In many ways…” (Lina)

[Have you seen many similar scenes before?]  (Wu)

“There is no way a friend can be with someone who doesn’t even know her face…! Besides, I’m also here!” (Lina)

[That’s true… Sorry, but I can only ask you to get used to it. This is just the beginning.] (Wu)

“As expected, you really have a bad taste!” (Lina)

That was why she was told that it didn’t have a bad taste, but she didn’t feel like listening. Lina understood what it was trying to do. In other words, it was going to show the official story that she should have followed in the future.

And the sight that she would see next was predictable. She had asked about that as well, and it was certain that her feelings would get worse than this time.

That didn’t change the fact that it had a bad taste since it was going to show such a thing to her.

“Eh!? What is that!?” (Lina)

But before that, something amazing happened. She hadn’t moved to the next scene yet, but… when ‘Lina’, who had finished burial, stood up, her hair color began to change.

‘She’ had the same hair color as her, but it started to become reddish and changed to a color close to purple. Maybe the person herself hadn’t noticed it yet, so ‘she’ didn’t react in particular, but Lina had seen the changes before her.

She had never heard of something like this happening before.

[That’s the effect of incorporating magic skills. Moreover, it shouldn’t be like that if it is Advanced Rank, but this is a special class. It’s only natural that the color of hair and eyes will be affected.] (Wu)

“…Is that so?” (Lina)

It was the first time she heard of it. No, she had heard that hair and eye color were related to the skills and talents that could be used, but she had never heard something like this so far.

[Hmm… is that so? Well, just because you know it, it doesn’t mean anything else. Think of it that way. For starters, haven’t you heard of inheriting abilities from the dead?] (Wu)

“…I certainly have.” (Lina)

It seemed that she could use that power, but she had never used it and didn’t think she wanted to use it, so she wasn’t conscious of it. However, even if she told so, she hadn’t heard that the Human Arbitrator could do such a thing.

Then, it might be possible.

“As I said earlier, this is just the beginning. You can’t always be so surprised about everything, alright?] (Wu)

“I don’t really mind, you know.” (Lina)

However, even if Lina said that she was tired, it wasn’t going to stop what it wanted to show her. It was quite different from what Lina had heard from ‘her’, and it felt quite like Sparta.

[’She’ was trying to do her part for some reason. Isn’t it natural that the treatment  has to change?] (Wu)

“Yes, yes, that’s right. So, am I still going to watch this? I don’t think there’s anything to see anymore.” (Lina)

[Well, you’re right. Then, let’s go to the next scene as requested. It is probably the second most painful scene for you.] (Wu)

The moment she heard such words, her field of vision dimmed. Then, the next scene came into view when the light was regained immediately after that.



  • Just bare with me about the confusion until this part is finished. The raw chapter barely differentiate between Lina and ‘Lina’. I think it’s only once or twice, and the rest, I did it myself.
  • I haven’t read the rest of the raw of this part, so I can’t tell much. Anyhow, I will adjust the chapter if deemed necessary later.

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