Ex Strongest Swordsman 248 (Self Edited) – Arbitrator and Official History – Part 1


Arbitrator and Official History – Part 1

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When Lina suddenly noticed, what was in front of her was a scene that was almost like hell.

Red and black. Flames and rubbles. The only thing that danced was flames, and all that was left was something that turned into charcoal.

Lina let out a sigh at the scene that looked familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

“Again? Rather than trying to make me feel down sooner or later, I wish you would give up doing that.” (Lina)

Needless to say, it was a monologue. It was natural because no one was there other than Lina. Of course, there should be a reply from someone…

[It can’t be helped, right? I’m not doing it because I want to do it.] (??)

There was a reply even though there was nothing there. However, Lina wasn’t surprised by it. She just shrugged her shoulders since it was only a matter of course.

“If so, I would like you to stop.” (Lina)

[Aah, that’s my plan. Rather, that’s why I’m showing you this scene.] (??)

“…?” (Lina)

She didn’t know what it meant, and she tilted her head as there was no further explanation from the voice. That would be something that could be understood without being told. With that in mind, Lina looked around… Suddenly, she felt something was caught in her memory.

It was like… She had seen this scene somewhere someday…

“…Eh? This place… Could it be…?” (Lina)

Everything was different from what she remembered. To begin with, she didn’t remember it so clearly.


[Yes, it seems you notice it. It’s the place where you… no, the other you have woken up. Well, strictly speaking, it’s a bit different.] (??)

“In other words, this is the place where we were kidnapped and rescued by Nii-sama, right?” (Lina)

More than six years had passed since then, and what remained in the memory was indeed vague. Still, when she looked around again, there were some things that she was familiar with… and that was…?

“…No, as expected, I don’t get it. Rather, I think I’ve noticed it a lot.” (Lina)

When she took a closer look after being told, she felt that some of the rubble was certainly familiar to the wall she had seen at that time. There was something like an iron fence that burned and melted, and something like the burning residue of trees that was rolling some distance away.

However, if it was said that the scene was due to her mind, it was enough to convince her, and she noticed it really well.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

[Well, that’s probably related to your power as the Arbitrator. You should understand that this is a real scene in your unconscious mind. The most important thing is that you’re here.] (??)

“A real scene, is it…?” (Lina)

Even if Lina was told such a thing, she couldn’t feel it, but… she was strangely convinced by those words. Certainly, she thought that was correct.

“Hmm… it’s kind of weird.” (Lina)

[Well, this is a kind of dream… It’s like a lucid dream. I think it’s natural to feel it that way.] (??)

“Rather, that’s the weirdest part…!” (Lina)

[Even if you told me that…you won’t know what it is unless I say it clearly.] (??)

“Your expression has continuously changed since some time ago, you know! It can’t be helped to feel worried!” (Lina)

Moreover, the voice and the mood that she felt from the other existence changed every time. It was as if many people were talking to each other, but Lina knew they were all the same person. There was no reason not to feel worried.

[Hmmm… sorry about that, but I’m also trying to figure out the situation. I hope you can forgive me for a while.] (??)

“Figuring out, is it?” (Lina)

[…This is my first time talking directly to you like this. So, I’m trying various things to see which shape is the best for you.] (??)

“If you tell me that… Well, certainly, this is my first time talking to you, Wu-san.” (Lina)

They were speaking too naturally, but until now, it was always through ‘her’. It wasn’t too uncomfortable to think that Lina was used to it…

[Well, that’s probably because I’m here as well. If I have to say it, this place is inside of me. That’s the norm here. However, you don’t feel anything without being aware of me. Of course, that is except when I point it out to you.] (Wu)

“Is that so?” (Lina)

[Well, it doesn’t matter what you understand. I brought you here to help you understand your current situation. If you feel uncomfortable every time you do something, you won’t be able to move forward. So, you can think of this as a way to suppress the uncomfortable feeling.] (Wu)

“Hmm, I don’t get it, but I understand what I have to do for now. By the way, I feel like your expression is more stable now, right?” (Lina)

[Aah, after trying a lot, I decided this was the best fit for you. I think this expression has eliminated the slight discomfort you remembered about me. What do you think?] (Wu)

“If you ask me… hmm…” (Lina)

Lina was worried about the fact that Wu was changing the expression, but she also felt slight discomfort here. To be exact, she thought that it didn’t suit her. But at the moment, it had disappeared completely.

[I was originally a consciousness, but in that situation, you knew my words indirectly before you heard my voice. There was a consciousness gap. It seems that there’s a difference from what I had imagined in you.] (Wu)

“In other words, did you imagine this kind of expression and tone inside me?” (Lina)

“Yes. Aah… I was thinking of saying this earlier. I want you to stop calling me, Wu-san. To begin with, I don’t want to be called Wu-san by ‘her’…] (Wu)

“I got it, Wu-san!” (Lina)

[…What on earth did you get? I certainly asked you to stop calling me that, but it doesn’t seem you’re going to that… haa. No, I guess it’s pointless to ask, huh? ‘She’ has already decided to call me that. So, it’s too much to ask you again. More importantly, I can’t waste my time doing nothing any more.] (Wu)

“…? What are you trying to do?” (Lina)

[Didn’t I mention it earlier? I’m trying to make you understand the current situation.] (Wu)

Although Wu said it for sure, Lina didn’t understand how this situation would lead to it. She had never heard that there was a current situation that must be understood in the first place.

[…Are you aware that you have become the Arbitrator?] (Wu)

“I understand that I was awakened to something like that, and I understand that the other me won’t appear on the surface.” (Lina)

[Yes, that’s why you need to act as the Arbitrator. Anything else?] (Wu)

“I got none!” (Lina)

[…Well, indeed. It’s not like you can’t understand it. It’s just that you refuse to understand because you have grasped and understand about it.] (Wu)

That was the truth. Lina had an accurate understanding of what the Human Arbitrator was from the time she first learned about it. For that reason, she had no intention to understand further or to act like one.

“If you are already aware of that, then, I would like you to stop it. Even if I dream about how much I need, my feelings won’t change.” (Lina)

[…I understand that as well, and to be honest, I can understand your feelings. However, that’s not the case.] (Wu)

“Even if you told me that, I still don’t understand. I want you to say that to the other me.” (Lina)

[Even if you say that, you probably understand that there’s nothing you can do about it.] (Wu)

“Of course. That’s why you have to say it.” (Lina)

Lina felt sorry that ‘she’ couldn’t come out, but to be honest, she was even more relieved. It would be a problem if ‘she’ could play the role of Arbitrator without her knowledge, and if she knew that there was a risk of doing that, Lina would probably have decapitated herself.

“Human Arbitrator. It is a person who arbitrates whether human beings are suitable for survival in this world or not. I didn’t know that role, so I have no intention to do it.” (Lina)

Or rather, it wouldn’t be necessary to arbitrate such a thing. Even if the world was destroyed by the existence of human beings, she was fine with that. Was there any meaning to keep the world alive when she had to destroy the ones she loved?

[Aah… let me say this again, I understand your feelings. However… No, I mean that’s why, you have to see and know this. And then, you have to make a decision.] (Wu)

“So, what are you going to show me…?” (Lina)

[I’m reluctant to show, but I have to. So, let me tell you. Look at your feet.] (Wu)

Lina would like to say that… she had no reason to obey whatever she was told, but if she didn’t obey, she would have to stay in this place forever, and that didn’t change anything. It would be the same as before. When people were shown the scene where they destroyed the world by their own hand, it changed nothing.

If so, this time would be…

“Looking at my feet, is it? I’m fine to focus on it, but it seems the same scene spread here…” (Lina)

While thinking about that, she looked at her feet and she held her breath for a moment. Until now, she should have been the only one in this place, but there was a small figure there.

And this feeling was the same as before. Although she didn’t have to look at it, she knew it. Something was screaming in Lina’s heart that this was the right way it should be.

“W-when is this…!?” (Lina)

[When? That’s not it. ‘She’ was at your feet from the beginning. It’s been there for a long time.] (Wu)

“T-that can’t be…! Rather, if that’s the case, there’s no way I can’t notice it!” (Lina)

[However, you didn’t notice it. That’s the fact, but… well, that’s what it is. It’s because a person can’t see themselves the most.] (Wu)

“…Eh? My figure…?” (Lina)

Lina didn’t understand what had been said. It was like…

[Don’t look away. Don’t you get it? Yes, the one who is crouching there is… you. To be exact, it is you in the official history… In other words, it’s the way you should have been in this place at this time.] (Wu)

Lina couldn’t deny those words. That was because she understood that it was correct more than anyone else.

And she knew what this situation was like. She had heard it and knew it.

Although… Lina was stunned for some reason. She could only keep staring at the scene of her feet silently.


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