Ex Strongest Swordsman 245 (Self Edited) – Academy and Magic – Part 1


Academy and Magic – Part 1

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‘What is magic?’

If that was asked, Carine would answer without hesitation.

Magic was a kind of skill.

Rather, it was too vague to give answers other than that. Of course, if she was asked to explain in detail, she could explain it as much as possible. However, if she had to further explain her answer only a little bit, she would say that magic was a technique for interfering with the world using mana.

To the bitter end, that was also an answer from Carine. It was no wonder if that question was asked to other lecturers or researchers, there would be different answers.

It wasn’t because Radeus was lagging behind in the research of magic, but rather the opposite. If people went to another country, they would probably get a wider variety of answers. Maybe, some people had multiple answers by themselves.

After all, no one could understand exactly what the magic was all about. There were some people who could use it, and there were many researchers in this field too.  But no one could understand why magic could be used and why it happened.

“I’m sorry to say something like admitting loss, but it’s a fact, so I can’t help it.” (Carine)

While saying such a thing and looking around the place, Carine let out a small breath. The scene spreading there was no longer the usual scene.

It was the Royal Academy of Radeus, in the magic class. Moreover, even though it was in the third grade of the middle school, the students were still busy.

Of course, it was something other than taking the class.

Regarding which department and grade the instructor was in charge of, it was equivalent to how much their class would be evaluated by the Academy. In other words, Carine received the highest evaluation, at least among the lecturers who taught magic class, but… it had been five years… no, actually it was more than five years, the students were still not paying attention to her during lessons.

Considering that there were now seven people sitting in the front row, there was a difference in mood compared to the beginning, but…

“…It’s a subtle thing to say that it’s my effort.” (Carine)

The mutter stopped in the mouth, and she sighed again.

However, she regained her mind here. She was in class now, and there was no difference that there were people who were listening.

Then, no matter how depressed the scene spread, if she didn’t continue the lesson, she would be disqualified as a lecturer.

“Well, to begin with, magic is something else from the beginning. It’s something that sets it apart from swordsmanship or something similar, so it can’t be helped. But of course, I’m not degrading swordsmanship, alright? That’s because humans didn’t use magic from the beginning. That’s what I mean in that sense.” (Carine)

The beginning was about 500 years ago, when the existence called the Evil God was raging. The power of miracles was conveyed by a wise man at that time. That was magic.

“At least, that is the fact for now, and it’s also said to be as correct as possible. The literature that left such a description remains firmly, and above all, there’s no trace that magic existed in the era before that.” (Carine)

This fact was natural for mages, or was it natural knowledge for anyone who was interested in mage or magic?

Therefore, should she start with some interesting stories? Carine could see that those who were interested, returned to their usual expression as if discouraged.

However, that was normal. There was no one who was happy to hear the story which she did when they were in the elementary school

Even those who were in the front row looked a bit bored. Of course, she was talking about it because it was necessary, and they understood it. However, that wasn’t the cause why they looked bored.

But that feeling might end here.

“Anyhow, there is a theory that the magic that was transmitted at that time and the magic that we are using now are actually different things.” (Carine)

The moment Carine said that, there was a reaction from everywhere in the classroom. While everyone was saying something, they were listening to her somehow.

It might be said that there was a difference from the beginning, but it could only be said that it was achieved by one’s own power. They were paying attention even a little because the existence she was looking at was in the front row. It was never something that she could be proud of.

If anything, they were the ones who reacted in the first place. Pure surprise and interest in those who started doing something different from what they expected. It was small to stir curiosity, and it was something that could disappear as something trivial. That was why this was a crucial moment.

It depended on the follow up whether it was possible to attract attention all at once. Since she was aware of that, Carine took a small breath and shook her throat with a strong voice.

“As a matter of course, magic was being researched at that time, and some of the materials that are the results still remain in the present day. However, there is often a disagreement between what is written there and what are currently known.” (Carine)

Therefore, the claim that the outcomes of the research were secretly replaced by something similar along the way to the present time became a basis.

When she said that, there was a clearer reaction than before. Not only was there a stir, but their eyes clearly turned to her.

It was her first time to have this, and she was about to hold her fist, but she managed to suppress it. This place was a class. It wasn’t a place to be delighted, but a place to give answers. If she didn’t do that, the students would soon lose interest again.

That must be prevented.

“By the way, this is not a ridiculous story, you know? That’s because there are real examples.” (Carine)

The reason why the noise became louder was probably because even though there was such a theory, there weren’t a lot of people who supported it, so it wasn’t mainstream.

That was certainly what she would do. The problem was that there was no point in bringing up a story that wasn’t a mainstream. Then, what was going to happen if they heard something that wasn’t useful?

However, if Carine said that it was normal in the first place, she should mention the fact at all. And as a result of that normality, the students hadn’t been interested at all until now.

If that was the case, the best reaction she would get that the students were surprised. Hence, it was a success when they had such a reaction. While being aware that her mouth was loosening, she turned her gaze to a part of the classroom for a moment.

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There was a small noise there, but it was a bit different from that of other places. To be exact, her field of vision wasn’t focused on the whole part. It was directed only to one person, and it should be a star instead.

The voice was small, but strangely, she could hear it well.

“…Say, that’s a hint for you, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (Soma)

“If so, look in my eyes and say it.” (Aina)

“I want to do that, but I’m in class right now. Sorry, but it’s not possible to look away.” (Soma)

“If looking away isn’t good, chattering is good, is it?” (Aina)

“Aina, if I don’t look at you, would that make you pitiful? If that’s the case, it can’t be helped.” (Soma)

“…” (Aina)

“…Did you endure it well?” (Sheila)

“I’m sure I will endure it well, but I think it’s a good time to be angry now.” (Aina)

Anyhow, it was normal for Carine to hear it because she paid attention to them while using the magic of collecting sounds. However, from the standpoint of a lecturer, such a thought was necessary.

By the way, that reaction didn’t seem to be bad, so she decided to keep going.

“And when you ask what the example is, it’s actually magic. Yes, it’s the magic itself, which is said to have been conveyed 500 years ago, has been replaced by something else.” (Carine)

Even before the magic was conveyed, there was a way to cause a phenomenon similar to magic in this world. It was called magic arts.

However, magic arts was less efficient than magic and it was a roundabout method. It meant that magic circles had to be drawn one by one, chanted a long chanting, and intermediary was needed. The information about magic arts existed in the present time, but magic arts was less effective than magic even though it took time and effort. In that sense, it was normal that the magic arts users disappeared.

It was like a good business drove out a bad business. It was natural that magic, which was easier to use than magic arts, took place.

“But, that’s why I can’t say the same thing didn’t happen to that magic. It’s possible that something easier is found, so the term magic remains the same but the contents are exactly different.” (Carine)

Again, this too was unfounded. This was because there was still an example where the contents were replaced while the name remained the same. That was magic arts.

As the information of magic arts existed, the magic arts that were used at that time could still be used by following its procedures. But there was no reason to use something that wasn’t easy to use. For that reason, the magic arts, that no one used, was given up as its name.

“Yeah, I think everyone knows, but what you can learn in a magic book is called magic arts as a result.” (Carine)

It was said that magic books were originally used as a generic term. It was an alternative that was inferior than magic.

Since there was only one purpose to use it, magic arts had changed to something that could be learned in a magic book.

“I’ve said so far, but I think everyone is probably wondering. Surely, the contents were replaced, but I wonder if we are aware of it or not. But I’ve never heard that magic was replaced by something else along the way.” (Carine)

Actually, the meaning of that was there was no document saying that magic was replaced, so some people would say that such a thing was impossible. Or rather, it was the mainstream.

“But… I wonder if smart people already know it. Yeah, that’s a matter if all documents are properly passed on to the present day. It is speculated that this happened 300 years ago. Even if the documents are lost due to some unfortunate events, we now have no way of knowing or even tracing it.” (Carine)

Of course, if she mentioned it in that way, anything was possible. In an extreme case, it was possible to say that even the existing documents were forged at that time and remained in the present time.

That was why it wasn’t mainstream and it was treated as a trivial rumor, but…

“Well, I just told everyone that there was such a story. It is important to know that there is such a story for the time being, you know? That’s because there are more options in case of emergency. Well, it is up to you to believe it or not.” (Carine)

When Carine said that, some people had faces that they couldn’t say anything about. It was as if they were betrayed by the person they believed in, and they knew that the story they were listening to was a fictional story.

However, this was the Royal Academy and Carine was the lecturer. There was no reason to believe in the trivial rumor.

“By the way, what do you think about it, Sensei?” (Soma)

Carine suddenly asked the question that was suddenly asked from the front row. She couldn’t say that she had no answer…

“Well… for the time being, it’s true that the usage of magic has changed drastically since about 300 years ago. However, there is no document about it, so the mainstream idea is that people at that time just didn’t notice it.” (Carine)

Research had been ongoing for a long time, and it was often returned to the mages. Besides, the magic improved little by little, and the progress continued even now. Therefore, if people took time to think about this later, there might be research that changed dramatically at that time, and it was believed that was applied to the mages.

Although magic was learned and used by senses in most cases, few people were able to use it completely on their own. In most cases, people could get the feeling by seeing someone who used magic. Therefore, the research applied often affected the later generations as it was… Another theory was that the interaction there was so sensuous that it might have changed dramatically at some point.

“Well, the mainstream claim is that, basically, as a result of the evolution of magic through research, it has become something different. There are small differences, but for the most part, they are the same.” (Carine)

Even so, if it was mainstream in the first place, those people wouldn’t talk about it, and they wouldn’t do it in class after making it possible to explain magic with theories.

It was true that Carine didn’t say so, and she didn’t answer the question itself in the end, but it seemed what she wanted to say was mostly conveyed.

“Hmm… I see. I’ll use it as reference.” (Soma)

When Soma said that, she put up a bitter smile.

Then, when she looked around the classroom tentatively, it seemed her thoughts were conveyed. It was slightly different from earlier as there were people here and there with indescribable faces.

However, whether she was concerned about it or not, that would be another matter to consider in the beginning if she was going to say something like this. On the contrary, Carine could still proceed explaining from the present reaction.

If it didn’t work, she would stop here, but if it was like this, it should be fine.

“Aah, yes, this is a trivial rumor, but I wonder if you know about it. There are two things that can’t be ignored when talking about magic.” (Carine)

For a moment, there wasn’t even a buzz in the classroom. The expression that floated there was ‘Could it be…’.

But Carine smiled broadly. As if to reassure everyone.

“Yes, I think you have heard about these names. They are Curse and Divine Arts.” (Carine)

She said the names that came into her mind.



  • Magic/Mahou (魔法)
  • Magic Arts/Majutsu (魔術)
  • Curse/Jyujutsu (呪術)
  • Divine Arts/Houjutsu (法術)


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