Ex Strongest Swordsman 246 (Self Edited) – Academy and Magic – Part 2


Academy and Magic – Part 2

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It would be most correct to describe the faces lined up there at the moment as a hardened face. However, except some of them, it seemed that it wasn’t possible to stay calm about that.

Satisfied with the surprised face, Carine had a bitter smile again. As she nodded while thinking whether it was possible to give a suggestion, she continued the explanation.

“Magic, Curse and Divine Arts seem to be completely different things but in fact, there aren’t that many differences. If you compare the phenomena that are caused by them, there’s no big difference. As for magic arts, there is a difference in that sense, so it is natural to treat it differently, but… if you think about the phenomena in a broad sense, it’s safe to think that all of them are the same kind.” (Carine)

At the moment, the biggest buzz in the classroom happened today.

It would be so. With Carine’s remark, it wouldn’t be strange to be found guilty if she was brought to the inquisition.

Of course, that matter should be considered separately. Although she could rephrase it as much as possible, it was a dangerous statement to that extent. However, even though the students should be aware of it, they didn’t seem to care so much, which might be one of the reasons why they were so surprised.

By the way, was the person in the front row closer to the dismay? However, without worrying about it, Carine continued while deepening the smile on her mouth.

“Even so, the current mainstream trend doesn’t accept that statement, and it’s unlikely that it will be accepted in the future. That’s because you will pick up fights in every direction. Personally speaking, I would like you to have that kind of spirit if you’re going to do research.” (Carine)

Of course, it was a remark that she knew it would be impossible. It was impossible to confront the Holy City head on. What she was trying to say was to combine the idea of magic and Divine Arts.

However, recently in the Holy City, not only Divine Arts, there was a sign where they wanted to bring in magic. If they were motivated and she was also the same, it would be fine to meet each other. However, that was probably not possible.

The Fifth King of Seven Heavens would definitely come on a business trip, but she didn’t know if this could be helped by the Seventh King. No, rather, she wouldn’t be able to consider it at all.

The Fifth King gave the highest priority to the Holy City while the Seventh King gave the highest priority to the country Radeus. No matter how much the same mages were, it couldn’t be helped because Carine would pick a fight to the Holy City as a result of her research on magic. Considering that she would take an aggressive position against the Fifth King, there would be no leeway left. On the contrary, there was no reason not to throw the leeway away. This was synonymous to stirring up trouble between Radeus and the Holy City.

Furthermore, it also meant that they were hostile to the Holy Doctrine religion, which would be quite bad. They had believers from all over the world other than the Holy City, and they weren’t confined as they interfered with other countries’ affairs using that as an excuse.

However, being hostile to Radeus meant that they weren’t only being hostile to the Seventh King but also the First King, so the Holy City should avoid that as much as possible. Veritas was the only one who would go against the two Seven Heavens. Moreover, there was a civil war which was about to occur, so there was a proviso to the former.

In any case, because of that, they could only see the future in which their necks were held out by the agreement of interests of both sides. It was necessary to take care of one’s life in order to proceed with research because it wasn’t possible to do research if one wasn’t alive.

While correcting the direction of the thought that had deviated sideways, Carine explored her memory of what she was talking about. Immediately, she remembered that it was treated in a broad sense and in the mainstream…

“Well, as long as it’s called research, it’s not possible to pick up fights, so it isn’t natural to distort the claim. Of course, there is a clear difference between them, and there is a reason for that.” (Carine)

It was needless to mention when it came to Curse. Since it was used by a Witch, it was natural that it was different from magic.

“At the end of the day, there’s no ingenuity. However, the current situation is that it will be accepted, but… if we accept it as it is, there won’t be any magic class. Therefore, I’ll talk about it in a bit more detail.” (Carine)

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Although the surrounding noise became louder as if it was still stronger, Carine never stopped closing her mouth. She had predicted that this would happen, and… she was prepared to a certain extent.

Carine went ahead to show that her class was like this.

“Aside from my personal opinion, when considering this matter as a researcher just like what I said earlier, it is impossible to think of them as something different unless there is a clear difference between two. In other words, it exists in both magic and Curse… At least, that’s what the mainstream think.” (Carine)

People didn’t consider it because rather than saying that it was mainstream, it might be considered as a heresy. Besides, that was reminded often. Perhaps, she could be creating a new heresy by telling the students about this, but that time was that time.

Classes and researches were like that, at least that was true for Carine. Therefore, it was impossible to be afraid.

“First of all, it is said that Curse requires a price to be used. If you close one eye about this fact, Curse is also magic in a sense.” (Carine)

Although she heard the whisper that it would be too much to say, she decided to continue thinking that it was a substitute for cheering.

The price for using magic was mana. If mana was considered as a price, Curse and magic were structurally similar.

However, in the case of Curse, it was more direct.

“In the case of Curse, the Witches use materials that can be taken from monsters, famous flowers and others. They are materials that are effective as it is, and materials for medicine.” (Curse)

However, if that fact was the only thing matters, it was possible to simply think of the Witches using materials instead of mana. In many cases, monsters and famous flowers often had mana. It had a broad meaning, but it could be regarded as the same kind of thing in regards to the price.

“That’s why it’s obviously strange for people not to see it that way, isn’t it? Yes, to be honest, I agree only with that. As for Curse, the price and the phenomenon caused by it are clearly not in conflict.” (Carine)

For example, if people said that the Witches could use the magic of the city destruction class by using a horn that could be obtained from a horned rabbit, they would understand that was weird, right? Of course, this was just an analogy, but certainly, it was so strange.

“Anyhow, it doesn’t matter what the price is. It seems that there are some rules, but I don’t know the details. Yes, you over there, don’t be disappointed. I can’t help it in this matter, you know. It’s just that I have no way to find out about Curse.” (Carine)

Researching Curse meant investigating Witches. Well, if Carine thought about research, would it mean that she had to ask the Witches to cooperate?

In any case, if someone saw the scene, she wouldn’t be able to object if she were brought immediately to the inquisition. By the way, no question asked and she would be given a death penalty.

So, speaking how she knew this much…

“Well, in order to catch a Witch, you first need to know the Witch, which means knowing Curse. Even if someone turned a cold shoulder, it’s common for someone else to do something that causes the results of your research to move further by chance.” (Carine)

In short, that was what it was. No one knew the details, and no one was going to know.

If she tried to dig into it in detail, she would only be subjected to the inquisition.

“By the way, there is a rumor that the Witches use something not visible, such as their own lifespan, or that they can use some kind of lifespan to use more effective magic, just like sacrificing themselves. I wasn’t able to confirm this matter, but it’s probably just a rumor. Well, as is often the case, be careful. You can’t be a good mage if you’re swayed by such things.” (Carine)

When Carine said that, it was reflected at the edge of her field of vision that a part of the front row made a tensed face as if they were disturbed. However, when she thought about it, the word sacrifice might not have been appropriate. She regretted that she should have considered a bit more. If so, she felt like she heard a voice saying that she shouldn’t talk about Witches in the first place, but she pretended she didn’t hear it.


“Next is Divine Arts. From that point of view, this is going to be more puzzling in a sense. I have to agree on that as well.” (Carine)

That was because there seemed to be no price to pay to use Divine Arts.

There was no doubt that the mana of the users wasn’t used, and the users didn’t offer any compensation like Curse. The users only had to pray to God to cause some kind of phenomenon.

Depending on the point of view, it might be said that prayer to God was the price, but… as expected, that couldn’t be considered as something with equivalent value.

“If I were to say that, it would turn the Holy City into an enemy. For them, they are getting the miracle of God by praying.” (Carine)

However, from the researcher’s point of view, that was still not possible. It didn’t follow the principle of equivalent exchange, which was the basic law of this world. Rather, if a miracle happened just by praying to God, it would be much worse than a Witch.

“That’s why it’s actually a popular theory among researches. Well, that’s natural, but…” (Carine)

Although the compensation offered by the Witches weren’t balanced, they were at least offering something. On the other hand, Divine Arts didn’t require anything, but it caused a miracle.

That didn’t make sense. That was why researchers thought that something that wasn’t actually visible, and they didn’t understand how it was being used.

“However, if you shout loudly like that, you’re going to pick up a fight to the Holy City, so it’s practically forbidden to study Divine Arts.” (Carine)

That was why magic, Curse and Divine Arts were different, even though they were very similar.

“I think that’s unproductive or wasteful, but… I’m not a researcher, but just a lecturer in the first place. I wonder if that’s unconvincing.” (Carine)

Carine decided to conclude the explanation by saying that, and smiling with a bitter smile.


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