Ex Strongest Swordsman 244 (Self Edited) – Witch and Compensation – Part 3


Witch and Compensation – Part 3

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It should be said that this didn’t mean that Felicia’s hair color had changed to black. It wasn’t dyed, or rather, it was impossible to dye her hair in this world. This was because no matter how much she wanted to dye, the color would fall just like oil repelled water.

This was one of the rules of this world. It was impossible to interfere even with authority. In the first place, there was no authority to control hair color, so it was natural.

Then, it was a simple matter if it said the way it was. The black hair was put together and arranged so that it looked normal. She only needed to put it on the head.

“Wig, is it?” (Felicia)

Since the hair color was white, she was called a Witch. There were no other characteristics why she was called a Witch. There really was no other way to distinguish from a Witch.

Even if the skill appraisal was used, there weren’t many who could use the skill. If it was said in that way, everyone would agree. To be honest, Felicia was shocked when she learned about the reality.

The Witch’s body would be in danger if she didn’t withdraw to this confined world. History had proved so. Otherwise, Felicia, her mother, and the other Witches would have lived with everyone in the Elf village. However, they couldn’t do that. Even though they couldn’t do it… just by wearing something like this, no one would notice there was a Witch here. It was so stupid that she didn’t feel anything on the contrary.

But, when her head got cool and calmed down, she realized that it was really strange.  It wasn’t weird that everyone didn’t notice this. It was so unnatural that no one could think of this kind of thing until now.

In the first place, the cutout that made this was a statement that people couldn’t tell that she was a Witch unless her hair was white. Although it was possible to think that far, it would be strange to think that it wasn’t possible to proceed to the idea beyond that.

Even Hildegard didn’t seem to think of it, not until she was told so, and she didn’t seem to think that it was unnatural. Felicia finally noticed it when that fact was pointed to her.

Besides her, the only person who noticed it was Soma, who suggested the wig. However, it seemed that Soma didn’t even know why.

“…I don’t understand why the world was trying to get that information out of people’s mind.” (Felicia)

Although the information wasn’t that much, it seemed that the world interfered with people’s consciousness and tried to make them not think about it. Since it was related to the rules of the world… or rather, by doing so, it would reveal the fact that she was a Witch. She wondered if the world was trying to keep that fact from getting out as much as possible. Either way, it seemed to be a painstaking measure.

It wasn’t unusual to have something acted unconsciously. It was like there was such a kind of barrier, and in literal sense, it was just done on a global scale.

However, even if it was said in that way, there was no difference that was something terrible. Therefore, Felicia concluded that was what the world did, and it was unavoidable even if Soma didn’t understand it.

“…Since it’s about Soma, it’s possible he knew it and kept silent.” (Felicia)

However, there was no way to confirm it.

That was because this was information that couldn’t be known originally, so if she left this place, she would forget it.

Since it wasn’t that important, there was no problem.

Even if she would forget the information, nothing would happen to her wig.

“…Anyhow, it’s time to go.” (Felicia)

She had already completed her business. Felicia didn’t know what was going to happen, but… she actually felt like running away from this place. Rather than staying in vain, she should go out quickly.

When Felicia decided so, she gently touched the necklace around her neck with her right hand.

And then…

“–Forest God.” (Felicia) (TLN: The raw is Nidomukamui)

The moment she whispered that, the surrounding scenery changed in an instant. It was a similar place with a lot of greenery, but instead of smelling flowers, the smell of vegetation was somewhat stronger. Using the Forest God power, she moved out from the Elf Forest with a pseudo-spatial transition.

It wasn’t surprising because she was doing the same thing when she came here. Felicia, who closed her eyes, was slightly surprised the moment she opened her eyes because there was a figure there.

When she realized who it was, she immediately loosened her mouth. It was Sheila.

“…You have already come.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, it ended earlier than I thought.” (Sheila)

“I see. Well, thanks for waiting.” (Felicia)

“…Sure.” (Sheila)

After nodding, Sheila tilted her head. The line of sight was still facing Sheila. It was as if she was thinking that there was something on Felicia’s body, but that was not the case. Felicia also looked at Sheila and she tilted her head.

“What is it?” (Felicia)

“…Well, is it time to go now?” (Sheila)

“Eh? Aah… yes. I’ll be careful so that everyone won’t notice.” (Felicia)

She wasn’t lying but of course, it wasn’t the truth. The reason why she didn’t mention Curse was because it was a secret. If she mentioned it, they would worry. Since she was already determined and decided, it was even more so for not saying it.

“…Alright.” (Sheila)

Sheila didn’t seem to doubt it, and she nodded obediently. On the contrary, the feeling of guilt was stimulated.

However, it didn’t make sense to show it on the face, so Felicia desperately hid it, and in exchange, she said what she was thinking.

“Even so, you’re not surprised, are you?” (Felicia)

“? …What is it?” (Sheila)

“It’s about that I’ve just suddenly appeared. It was only after coming here that I learned I could do this.” (Felicia)

By adding the explanation, Sheila nodded as if she were convinced. By the way, she nodded once again…

“…Well, I’m used to it.” (Sheila)

“…Is that so?” (Felicia)

It wasn’t because Sheila had more experience than her. Somehow, Felicia could understand that. The main reason was probably because of Soma.

“By the way, how about you? Did you achieve your purpose safely? I’m done with mine.” (Felicia)

“…About half?” (Sheila)

“Again, it’s something you can’t confirm, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“…Well, I know how to grow now. So, for the time being, the purpose is achieved? Unfortunately, I can’t do that yet.” (Sheila)

“…Is that so?” (Felicia)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Felicia had heard in advance why Sheila came to the Elf village.

First of all, the reason why they were supposed to join here was because they had all the opportunity to talk about what they were planning to do on a long holiday at the Academy. The plan was overlapped but this visit was done expressively.

Strictly speaking, they were, in fact, came along together to a certain extent, but in midway, she acted differently from Sheila. It seemed that Sheila did her things as planned, and in that sense, it was right to do.

By the way, Felicia had heard Sheila’s purpose along the way here.

That was about Sheila’s magic.

“So the other half is that you don’t know how you can use magic, right?” (Felicia)

“…Yes, Nii-san also doesn’t know why I am able to use magic.” (Sheila)

“I see… Hildegard-san also said that she didn’t know why, so we are stuck.” (Felicia)

“…Sure.” (Sheila)

It was really sudden that Sheila noticed that she was able to use magic.

At least, when she came back here last time, she confirmed that she couldn’t use it yet, but after that, there were a lot of things going on. Since she occasionally helped with the reconstruction of the Academy and the royal capital, she couldn’t even try a method to be able to use magic. Therefore, she didn’t try to use magic as a matter of course, but… one day, she felt that she could use it and when she tried, she really could use magic.

Of course, Sheila was pleased with that. However, at the same time, it became a problem. She didn’t know how she became able to use magic.

And there was a person close to Sheila who wanted to use magic in the same way. But she didn’t know how she became able to use it, so she couldn’t teach him.

Maybe, that guy didn’t care if that was the case, but Sheila was concerned. She wanted to teach him how to do it somehow, so she consulted Hildegard while keeping it quiet at that time, but as a result, she got the reply where Hildegard had no idea about it.

In that case, Sheila wanted to say that she would like to have a discussion next time, but as far as she knew, Hildegard was the most knowledgeable person. At least, she couldn’t think of anyone with a knowledge level comparable to that in the Academy or surrounding area. Therefore, she decided to come to the Elf village to see if she learned the reason.

That was why she felt stuck because she couldn’t teach Soma.

“So, what are you going to do?” (Felicia)

“…Well, for the time being, I’ll think about it until we get home. It can’t be helped if I can’t think of anything by that time, so I’ll talk to Soma.” (Sheila)

Sheila, who usually didn’t change her facial expression so much, said that with a loosened face, and that made Felicia loosened her mouth slightly.

Felicia felt that she could understand that feeling.

She was sure that Sheila would be able to help Soma, but she would be sad and frustrated if she couldn’t. It seemed that there would be a child who was going to get angry after this.

Of course, Soma didn’t mind about it, but… at least, he would be jealous. Felicia wasn’t going to blame Sheila for that.

However, because of that, she understood why Sheila felt guilty about Soma. It was just given to her… so she wanted to give him that opportunity.

Felicia understood it very well.

“Well, for now, let’s go home. It’s easier to come up with a better idea while walking rather than staying here.” (Felicia)

“…Yes, it is. By the way, what happened to Nee-san?” (Sheila)

“Well, as I said earlier, I achieved my purpose safely, but… there were some unexpected things. For example–…” (Felicia)

While she was talking, the knowledge that couldn’t be known had gone somewhere.

But there was no problem. What she needed to do was already in her mind.

Yes, Felicia was sure that no matter what happened in the future, it wouldn’t change. She had that conviction. Then, Felicia left her hometown with Sheila.



  • I just find it hard to understand why the world makes everyone realize that the one who has white hair is a Witch, and by covering it, everyone will not realize it. Or maybe the world just wants Felicia to not expose herself as a Witch? I don’t know.


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