Ex Strongest Swordsman 243 (Self Edited) – Witch and Compensation – Part 2


Witch and Compensation – Part 2

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The reason Felicia decided to experiment with Curse was because something happened about four years ago.

That was the total destruction of the Royal Academy of the Radeus Kingdom. It was due to the power of the Forest God that Felicia wielded, but… this experiment had nothing to do with it. Felicia thought it was something necessary to experiment.

At least, that was the best course of action at that time. Felicia couldn’t control the Forest God power precisely, and it was necessary to give priority to the people of the capital over those in the Academy.

And above all, it was Camilla who gave such an instruction. Then, there was no need for Felicia to worry about it.

She followed the instruction and had a good understanding of her own part. There weren’t many things she could do on her own, but when she did her best, she found that it wasn’t enough. So, she understood well which area she should give priority.

It was the same with assisting by using the Forest God power. The reason why Felicia was able to do a force march like Soma and others four years ago was due to the Forest God power. Soma didn’t only give her the power to summon the Forest God, but he also gave its power, albeit a little. Although it was only a little, it was to an extent that Felicia could achieve.

However, it could be said that it was even more so. Felicia understood well what she could achieve even if she borrowed its power.

For that reason, she wasn’t worried that she could have done better. With the borrowed power, she could help at that time.

However, whether she didn’t feel any responsibility, that would be another matter. Since she understood exactly what she had done, she thought that she should do something if there were something she could do, and… naturally, that included Curse.

Rather, it should be said that Felicia’s expert was in that field. Her Curse wasn’t suitable for combat by its nature. On the contrary, it was very suitable for reconstruction. But she couldn’t use Curse openly, so she used it quietly with Hildegard’s cooperation.

On the other hand, it was for that reason that the Academy was able to recover in less than one year. Although it was because all people involved in the Academy cooperated, the power of the Curse had an unexpectedly great effect.

And… It was the notch where Felicia understood herself, the meaning of Curse and Witch. For that reason, she decided to experiment this time.

“Hmm, it finally comes back… the interval to come back is gradually increasing.” (Felicia)

While remembering what happened this time, the transparent arm began to return to its original state gradually, and eventually, it returned completely. When she tried to see through the other side of the arm, she couldn’t see through it as a matter of course.

Felicia finally nodded with satisfaction after checking several times, looking at the whole arm and turning the front and back several times.

“As expected, I was a bit impatient this time… I was planning to join Sheila today, but I couldn’t join her as it was.” (Felicia)

The words of relief weren’t strong or anything, but because she was relieved to be able to do what she just said.

In other words, Felicia was pleased that she was likely to join Sheila safely after this. It could be said that she was about to die until a moment ago.

Yes, her one arm was transparent not because of a strange illness or it was set up with strange magic, but it was about to be erased from the world in return for using Curse. If it had progressed as it was, or appeared in a worse way, Felicia would have easily disappeared from this world and died.

However, the reason why Felicia wasn’t afraid even though she knew the fact was because she knew that it wouldn’t happen.

It was actually simple. The world couldn’t do such a thing. No, it should be said that the world couldn’t afford to do it.

Certainly, from the point of view of the world, Felicia was a tiny individual. If the world wanted to erase her, it should be an easy job.

However, since she was a tiny individual, the damage in that case wasn’t limited to Felicia alone. Perhaps, the closed space would be erased together, or perhaps, even the Elf Forest would disappear. Since the scale was too small, the world couldn’t scheme to erase the individual Felicia.

Yes, it was as if Felicia couldn’t defeat the rampaging monsters at the Academy. The range of influence was too great for the world to directly harm Felicia.

Of course, the extent of the world’s influence wasn’t to the extent of Felicia’s rampage at the academy. Above all, the world itself couldn’t admit it.

This was similar to the act of trying to move the whole body to remove the bacteria that had entered the body. No fool would do such a thing, and so was the world.

All the world could do was to issue a warning.

The warning sounded like ‘When you understand yourself, I just have to show it.’

“Well, however, there’s no difference in getting rid of it if it goes too far.” (Felicia)

If she couldn’t do something by herself, she could just do what was right for her. Originally, it was the work of God, but if God didn’t move, it was no wonder if the world itself might move depending on the extent. Curse was within this category.

Felicia didn’t understand it until that time. No, she thought that she knew it from her knowledge, but that was something she was going to do.

It was only because she had executed it many times and saw the results. It was true that this was an ability that shouldn’t be in this world.

The world was basically made up of equivalent exchanges. Something was required to do something, and there was no exception to it. No matter how unequal it seemed, it was different from the world’s point of view.

The only thing that wasn’t included in this matter was when authority was used. It was because the authority directly interfered with the system of the world, so it didn’t follow the general rule. It wasn’t an exception because this fact was established from the beginning, and to the end, authority was a law outside of the general rule. So, there was also no problem.

However, Curse was the only exception that shouldn’t have been possible. This was because Curse ignored the law of equivalent exchange even though it wasn’t an authority.

Strictly speaking, Curse also required compensation. However, the price wasn’t balanced. As if it was prepared as a camouflage, the balance there wasn’t balanced at all.

And it was the act of destroying the world. The world circulated and revolved well because the balance was balanced. Originally, that was true when authority was used. However, there was an exception and that was even more in the case of Curse.

To some extent, it was possible to restore the world. But the world had the role of revolving itself above all else. There was a limit to everything, and if it exceeded that, everything would be destroyed easily.

It wasn’t the problem called the collapse of the balance. It was the collapse and disappearance of the world.

Since Curse involved harm, the Witches were viewed as harmful by the world.

So, if the world saw them as really dangerous, the world would act to eliminate Felicia without any hesitation. The Felicia at that time wasn’t a pathogen to the world but a malignant tumor. The act of scratching one’s body and removing the tumor was a matter of course. If the world didn’t do so, the world would be destroyed, so it was natural.

However, it was an indirect means rather than a direct means. The world might give something like a revelation to someone somewhere like God, or it might give power to that person or create a creature that was dedicated to it.

Illusion species and spirits were originally created by the world. That extent was easy.

However, even if the existence was finally destroyed, the world wouldn’t know how much the damage will incur in that process or after that, so the world wouldn’t do it unless it was really the worst.

“Rather, I don’t want to try anymore, and I don’t want to use it as much as I can.” (Felicia)

Of course, Felicia had no desire to commit suicide. Even if she had to die, she didn’t want to commit suicide by involving people around her. At that time, she would take her own life with her own hands quietly.

If not, there was no way to experiment in the first place. The only way to do this was to see how much was within permissible range.

Besides, it was suitable to experiment in this place. At least, she thought that she tried to the furthest extent she could do.

There were many things that could be used as compensation for Curse, and this place was shut from the world. She expected that there would be less interference from the world than it should be, and even if it should fail, the damage to her would be minimal.

The expectation was correct, but there were some unexpected things.

“I didn’t expect that I knew something I shouldn’t know because of less interference by the world.” (Felicia)

The current Felicia knew some knowledge outside the world, partly because of it. Perhaps now, she would be able to talk to Hildegard and Soma more than usual.

However, if she left this place, the knowledge would disappear.

It was useless to leave a memo. Since the knowledge shouldn’t be in this world, Felicia couldn’t preserve it. If she copied it to something, it wouldn’t exist from the beginning due to the correction power of the world.

However, not everything wasted. It was because of this, Felicia knew exactly how dangerous she was. The feeling of frustration wouldn’t disappear, and she was sure that she wouldn’t think of using Curse lightly anymore.

This was probably something that neither Soma nor Hildegard could understand exactly. If they understood, they should never allow Felicia to use Curse.

“I would like to tell them if possible, but…” (Felicia)

It would be impossible. That part was stuck in the knowledge that shouldn’t be known in the first place.

The only thing she had to remember was the determination not to use Curse anymore.

“Well, I don’t want to die if I can… After all, I experimented all expressly.” (Felicia)

While whispering, Felicia touched her hair with her own hands.

The color was white because it couldn’t be anything and it wasn’t worth anything. Actually, that was how it should be, but her hair now was dyed blacked as if it were the darkness of the night.


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