Ex Strongest Swordsman 242 (Self Edited) – Witch and Compensation – Part 1


Witch and Compensation – Part 1

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After looking around, Felicia exhaled a breath.

It had been just a week since she came here. Speaking of something as expected, yes, there was something as expected. However, it could be said that it was as expected in general.

“…Anyhow, I was surprised that the dragon remained. Besides…” (Felicia)

As Felicia whispered and recalled what happened earlier, she somehow fiddled the thing she had in her hand. It was a palm-sized transparent bottle, and the content was a red liquid that was close to black.

It was one of classic examples of mysteriousness, the blood of a dragon.

“You ask me to accept it, but it feels a bit complicated…” (Felicia)

While saying that, she turned her eyes to the surroundings. Various trees and flowers were reflected in the field of view, and all of them were rare. Although there were some that could be extremely poisonous, its value could be understood when she studied about it outside of this place even though it was imperfect.

Needless to say, this place was the Witch… No, it was the former Witch Forest. The Witch no longer lived here, and there was another owner, so it should be called accordingly. Or the place should take the name after the new owner, and it should be the Dragon Forest.

Yes, the new owner of this forest was the dragon who lived here. There was no mistake on that because when the dragon came before her a little while ago, it gave her the thing she had in her hand to indicate that matter. It seemed that the dragon did such a thing because it thought that it was worth it to show respect to the former owner of this place.

However, Felicia probably wouldn’t be able to simply be pleased with it. If the dragon really acknowledged her, it would be due to the power, the Forest God’s power, entrusted to her by Soma at the time when they left this place.

It was entrusted by Soma in the form of a necklace, which summoned a part of the Forest God on the spot by Felicia’s will. However, even if it was a part, previously, it was ‘that’. ‘That’ might not be possible to defeat the dragon, but it was possible to surpass it to some extent.

Moreover, it could be easily summoned if it was in a forest. Furthermore, depending on the forest, if the place has a high affinity with the Forest God, ‘that’ could be summoned more powerfully. It seemed the place has a quite high affinity, and ‘that’ could be manifested at almost the maximum output… rather, it was actually even more so.

By the way, it was actually the case because ‘that’ had to be used to repel the monsters that were here. When Felicia lived here, she didn’t go to the place where there were monsters, but this time, she went around because she thought it would be fine with the power of the Forest God. The dragon seemed to recognize her, probably because it was watching during the incident last time.

The meaning of the dragon expressly conveyed its blood was it did so earnestly. She was acknowledged by the dragon, but more importantly, she realized again that she didn’t know much about this place.

Although Felicia knew that was the case, it was different when she actually saw it. As with monsters, even plants that grew randomly all over the place was something she had never seen. If she hadn’t been taught various things while she was being hidden by the Academy, she wouldn’t even know the name.

In a sense, those plants could be said to be the relics of her mother. She knew the names and was able to see them. Although it might not have been meaningful, it was meaningful to Felicia at least.

To be honest, she was a bit worried. It was possible to maintain this space because there was a Witch inside. By using their vitality and magical power, things in the space were circulated.

Although it had a moderate size, it was a limited space after all. If it was the ‘Witch Forest’ world, it couldn’t be considered sufficient, and it was necessary to supplement it with something.

The biggest factor had disappeared. Without saying that the place would be completely devastated, she thought that it would terribly fall into a ruin state, but… as far as she could see, there was not even a single sign of devastation.  That was probably the most unexpected thing, and the reason was there was a new owner… that was the Dragon that remained here.

In the first place, the dragon was more confined than it lived here. Felicia wasn’t sure when, but she was sure that it probably judged the space would be in a dangerous situation a long time ago, and it was confined here. There was such a thing like monsters, but Felicia could enjoy the situation because there was a barrier. Other than that, the space was closed, and none of them could escape.

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However, it also became meaningless since the Witch was gone. If the space couldn’t be maintained, the whole world would disappear rather than just the space within the barrier. Most monsters wouldn’t be able to escape and would share their fate with this confined world.

However, only the dragon should be able to escape before the world collapses. Well, on the contrary, the space should have collapsed considerably, and the dragon should have escaped to the outside world as it was. She didn’t expect that the dragon would remain here without escaping.

However, there must be a good reason. Felicia had no way of knowing it. She supposed it had a good reason.

Even if the dragon had a reason to welcome her, there was no reason to take care of the space. Or the dragon might do it on a whim, where it suddenly noticed that this space might disappear. Felicia was really grateful that the dragon did that much at that time. She wasn’t sure when it would do it next time.

“…I probably should ask whether I can come here or not.” (Felicia)

Felicia let out a breath, saying it to no one.

Anyhow, she thought that while continuing to look around the place. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be so difficult to maintain here.

As she knew well, there were a lot of rare things here. Not to mention plants, flowers and monsters, the method of maintaining this world was valuable to begin with.

This world was an area created by a person who was said to have first transmitted magic to mankind, and the person was called the Witch of the beginning. There would be about 50000 researchers who would come here to study. No, it might be an exaggeration to say that there were no researchers who wouldn’t want to do so.

If it were to maintain this space, they would have to gather a mountain of resources to do so. With it, it should be difficult to maintain without someone becoming the owner, and this was a place worth doing so.

Felicia was sure that they were very blessed to live in such a place. It probably had multiple meanings though…

“…Well, it seems that people would have different judgments as to whether or not they were really blessed.” (Felicia)

For researchers, this was a place that they wanted to stay in for the rest of their life. However, for most people, that wouldn’t be the case.

And when she realized that her feeling was similar with most people, she smiled as if to mock herself. Even though there was no wind, she put her hands on her head as if to hold the hair.

The hair, which she had only recently got used to, slightly covered her field of vision.

“Now… I’m no longer an inhabitant here, but a guest. Aside from the assumption, there’s also an owner now. Should I leave immediately as soon as I’m done?” (Felicia)

Felicia came here mainly for two objectives… No, it was going to be three.

One was simply to see what was going here. If it was as she expected, the space should still exist, which led to the second objective. 

The second objective was to collect valuable materials from here. Since there was something unexpected such as the dragon, she was able to obtain the materials more smoothly and abundantly than she expected, but of course, she wanted to use the materials.

It was originally to make a Witch elixir, but now the knowledge had increased, the number of uses also had increased. It would be a waste if she knew how to do it but didn’t do it. But… both of the objectives were actually just incidental. While fulfilling her main objective… or perhaps, she was thinking of using the objective as the base of her action. That was why she came here quietly without meeting or telling anyone in the Elf village.

“…It was worth it, wasn’t it?” (Felicia)

While muttering so, she held her right hand into the sky. It was, in a sense, the result of the third objective.

Felicia’s right hand was so clear that the other side couldn’t be seen over her right hand. It wasn’t like the palm was covering the son. In a literal sense, it was transparent.

That was Felicia’s original objective. That was, the experiment of magic and the compensation, and that was the reason why she had stayed here for a week.



  • Revising the raw a little bit to differentiate between the words ‘world’ and ‘space’.
  • The ‘world’ in this chapter represents the Witch Forest, and the ‘space’ represents where Felicia’s house was.
  • It looks like the ‘space’ is the core of the ‘world’. If the ‘space’ collapses without the existence of an owner, the ‘world’ will also collapse.
  • ‘That’ is the Forest God power. I supposed it’s similar to the fragment of Evil God power.


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