Ex Strongest Swordsman 241 (Self Edited) – Elf and Growth – Part 3


Elf and Growth – Part 3

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“…What do you mean?” (Sheila)

Sheila gave a half-stare at Joseph, and then, he snorted. If anything, it seemed that he was smiling bitterly.

She had wondering eyes as if trying to understand the meaning, but she gave up before long when his brother snorted again. She looked at him.

“No matter what it is, the meaning is as it is. As I said and showed earlier, we can certainly change our physical age to some extent. It seemed that some of our ancestors were able to blend into the society of human by making good use of it. But we can’t afford to do that. It takes time and I’m feeling tired now. It would be impossible to show it again today.” (Joseph)

“…Is that so?” (Sheila)

“Well, yes, certainly you have more stamina than I do. If you do the same thing, you probably won’t feel as tired as I am. But there are also things that I don’t have. That is the imagination power.” (Joseph)

“…Imagination power?” (Sheila)

Sheila tilted her head because she didn’t understand the meaning. She wondered if she didn’t have the imagination power.

Imagination power was essential for swordsmen. If they could imagine, they could aim for a higher level, and it was also necessary when fighting someone. It was because if they could imagine and predict, they could beat their opponent.

Therefore, having no imagination power was like being told that you didn’t know yourself…

“Hmm, I can imagine what you’re thinking, but that’s not what I want to say. I’m not saying that you don’t have the imagination power.” (Joseph)

“…Well, what do you mean?” (Sheila)

“Even though the imagination power is the imagination power, what you don’t have is the imagination power to change your body. In order for us to change our bodies, we need the willpower, and by extension, it’s nothing but the imagination power. You told me to teach you how to do it, right? It’s simple. Imagine how your body changes. If you can do that, your body will respond and change.” (Joseph)

As soon as she heard that, she immediately imagined it. She closed the half-closed eyelids, began to imagine on the other dark side of the eyelids.

It was a grown-up figure of herself. It was a scene she grew up walking with the same eye level as Soma and others.

Then, Sheila slowly opened her eyelids… However, what was reflected in the field of her vision was her appearance, which hadn’t changed at all from before she closed her eyes.

“…There’s no changes.” (Sheila)

“That’s why I said it, right? You don’t have enough imagination power. Nothing will change even if you look at me like that.” (Joseph)

“…That’s not it. I imagined it properly.” (Sheila)

“Hmm… Aah, I’m sure you imagined it. But was there a sense of reality? Did you really imagine yourself? Did you believe that the scene would become a reality?” (Joseph)

“…?” (Sheila)

She didn’t understand what he was saying. A sense of reality? Appearance? Truth? She didn’t understand.

“Hmm… Listen to me properly. I told you that we couldn’t do it freely, remember? There’s no way you can do it just by imagining it. To begin with, I said that it was easy to do it, but I didn’t say it was going to be easy.” (Joseph)

“…Cheater.” (Sheila)

“Don’t say bad things. You’re a sensory person, so if you don’t try it yourself, you won’t be convinced, right? I just made it happen.” (Joseph)

“…Hmm.” (Sheila)

Surely, she knew that it couldn’t be done easily. But then, how could she do it?

“I’ve already shown you how to do it. I also have showed an example. That’s all I can teach you. Rather, I don’t even know how you can do it.” (Joseph)

“…? …What do you mean?” (Sheila)

Our change are premised on ourselves. In other words, we can only be our past self or our future self, nothing else. Especially for us, since we couldn’t be someone else, we are basically similar to our ancestors. Well, that’s the limit of being a human with flesh.” (Joseph)

“…I don’t really understand.” (Sheila)

“In short, you should imagine yourself in the future. That also must be perfect. If there’s any difference, nothing happens at that point. It’s like what happen to you just now. By the way, I should have said that our change is the willpower. Therefore, you also need to believe in your imagination. The future self you imagined is definitely the future self.” (Joseph)

It was needless to think how difficult it was.

After all, Sheila saw people who actually grew up. Certainly, they had the remains of the past. If she compared the two appearances, she could be convinced that they were grown up.

However, if she could imagine the present appearance only from the past appearance, that was wrong. The way of growth and the part with remnants were all different. Why could she imagine herself in the future from the current self, and be confident in it?

“Hmm.. You can understand what I mean by impossible.” (Joseph)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“Nii-san is…” (Sheila)

“Hmm?” (Joseph)

“…Nii-san, can you do it?” (Sheila)

“I can’t. That’s why I showed the past appearance. No matter how hard I tried, all I had to do was to take the appearance of the past. No, on the contrary, none of the existing Elves can change into their future self. That’s why I said that. I’m also not sure.” (Joseph)

“…I see.” (Sheila)

It was hopeless.

However, Sheila didn’t give up because there was one word that she was interested in what he said just now.

“…But it was possible in the old days that there were existing Elves who could do it, right?” (Sheila)

“…Hmm, you notice it well. It’s fine if you give up, but… I’m going to teach you as a reward for noticing that. Yes.” (Joseph)

“… Is it other than the ancestor?” (Sheila)

“Of course. Or rather, I’ve actually seen it. It was a story when I was a kid, but still, I don’t know how it was done.” (Joseph)

It sounded like self-mockery, but that was good enough.

In the first place, Sheila came here to find something that she wasn’t sure if she could get the answer. Compared to that, it was easy and simple to look for what she knew she could do.

There was no need to say something else. If she couldn’t do it now, she just had to try various methods until she could do it.

“Hmm… you’re a bad girl who doesn’t know when to give up. I don’t know who you take after.” (Joseph)

“…It can’t be helped. I’m Nii-san’s sister after all.” (Sheila)

“Indeed…that makes sense.” (Joseph)

When she slightly smiled, Joseph also reacted in the same way. Then, when he snorted to clear the throat, his eyes were slightly diverted.

The words spoken in that way weren’t particularly surprising.

“…By the way, is ‘that’ doing well?” (Joseph)

It wasn’t necessary to think who he was talking about. Or rather, Sheila felt that she should ask as per normal, but this brother of her still seemed to be clumsy.

“…It’s all good.” (Sheila)

“…Is that so? Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Joseph)

Sheila thought she didn’t have to ask if it didn’t matter, but she wouldn’t say it. The reason she tilted her head there was not because she wondered why she was asked about it, but the content of the question.

“…By the way, haven’t you met?” (Joseph)

“…Yes? With ‘that’? Of course, but… why do you ask suddenly?” (Sheila)

“… ‘That’ must have come here before me, right? And ‘that’ would be there for a while.” (Joseph)

“At least, ‘that’ hasn’t come to me. Well, we don’t control ‘that’ anymore. If we try to correct ‘that’ poorly, we don’t know what will happen, so ‘that’ becomes a semi-independent world. You don’t have to get permission from me if you want to go, but… did no one notice it? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.” (Joseph)

“…By the way, since ‘that’ plans to join on the way home, I’ll know at that time whether it is safe or not.” (Sheila)

“Hmm, did ‘that’ say that? It doesn’t matter.” (Joseph)

Although Sheila thought he was being direct, she would be relieved just to send a report on the way home.

However, she was returning here only to hear how she could really grow up. In other words, she had no reason to stay here anymore.

“…Ah.” (Sheila)

No, actually, there was another thing to do. The reason she was wandering around for a few moments was that she was still wondering what to do, but then… she concluded.

It was what Joseph said earlier. The Elves were close to the spirit, so they had a high affinity for magic.

Therefore, if it was Joseph, he might know something.

“Hmm, what’s wrong? You reacted as if you remembered something.” (Joseph)

“…Well, there’s something I want you to see.” (Sheila)

As soon as Sheila said that, she stood up and lifted her right arm. Then, she extended her index finger forward. And,,,

“–Light.” (Sheila)

–Beginner Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Forest God: Magic – Light.

It was only a moment.

A light shone on Sheila’s fingertips for only a moment, and when it illuminated the surroundings, it disappeared immediately. It was a momentary, but surely, it was a magical light that people might have missed if they were blinking their eyes.

Sheila wasn’t supposed to be able to use magic.

“–!?” (Joseph)

At that moment, Joseph stood up vigorously. Sheila stared at her fingertip, which wasn’t lit now, as if she couldn’t see anything else.

She was greatly surprised, and… there was a slight joy on her face.

“…Sheila, you…!?” (Joseph)

“…Hmm, when I realized it, I was able to use it.” (Sheila)

It was an undeniable fact.

That was why, while looking at her brother’s expression, there was certainly joy on her face, but it was only a little. Various complicated things were floating on Sheila’s face, displaying what were in her mind.



  • ‘That’ is quite vague as it’s a mere pronoun アレ. I’m not sure what it is yet.


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