Ex Strongest Swordsman 240 (Self Edited) – Elf and Growth – Part 2


Elf and Growth – Part 2

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Joseph muttered, wondering how to begin this talk with. He folded his arm, squinted his eyes as if he was staring into the distance, and kept silent. It wasn’t that he wasn’t going to talk. It was just that he was organizing his thoughts. For some reason, Sheila looked around the place while looking at his appearance side by side.

Needless to say, Sheila was in the Elf village. Actually, this was her first time to look at this place, which was the house of the chief, and her house as well.

Sheila visited the Elf village for the first time in about four years since the incident of Felicia. At that time, this house was prepared temporarily, so she had no chance to see it in a completed state.

However, when she looked around like that, there was nothing in particular to be looked at. Basically, most of the houses made by the Elves were built in the same way. If there was a difference, it would be the size and height, but this house was also average.

If the house looked as it was, people would probably get bored in five minutes, but that never happened to her. Before that five minutes, Joseph came back from his thoughts.

Sheila noticed it because he was clearing his throat, and when she turned her gaze, he did it again. Then, the mouth was opened.

“Well, it’s easy to explain how the Elves growth, but then, you probably don’t know.” (Joseph)

“…? Why…?” (Sheila)

“Usually, that alone doesn’t make sense. Well, since you’re a sensory person, so you may understand that even with that alone, but… this is an important matter for us Elves. This is a good opportunity, so listen to me.” (Joseph)

“…Yes, I got it.” (Sheila)

To be honest, she wanted him to tell her how to do it quickly, but when it came to what was important to their race, that was a bit of a concern. It didn’t mean that Sheila wasn’t interested in that kind of talk.

“We are… rather, our ancestors were originally spirits. This is a fact that I don’t have to confirm, right?” (Joseph)

“…Yes, I remember.” (Sheila)

Far from that, she had told Soma and others about it, but she would keep quiet about it for now. She didn’t have to make him get angry.

“Although I said originally, our ancestors weren’t reincarnated, but they were incarnated instead. In exchange for not being able to leave offspring, their lifespan was extended, but if you look only at their strength, they aren’t different from spirits. The Elves often show a strong aptitude for magic because we inherited their blood. It seems the power of magic and spirit are close to each other.” (Joseph)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

Since she knew about this, she nodded instead of saying anything else. And what she heard from this fact was something that hadn’t before.

“By the way, even though I said that we are inheriting the blood of those who were spirits, strictly speaking, it’s a bit different.” (Joseph)

“…? …What do you mean?” (Sheila)

“That’s not a mistake, you know. To be more correct, we should say that we are still close to the spirits. That’s because we haven’t changed the generation to the point where we can express that we are inheriting blood. Considering that we can reach the ancestors just by tracing for several generations, depending on the viewpoint, we are closer to spirits than humans.” (Joseph)

“…? …??” (Sheila)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Since Sheila didn’t understand what Joseph was saying, she tilted her head obediently, and then, he let out a bitter smile. It was a reaction that he had predicted from the beginning.

“Well, that’s how it is. I also didn’t understand when I heard this story. It has been a long time since then, and I have only recently come to understand it… No, I can’t say that I fully get it, I think? Anyhow, you will understand sooner or later. This is about you, so I think it’s easy to understand once the opportunity comes.” (Joseph)

“…So, what’s the relationship between that and what I’m looking for?” (Sheila)

“Don’t be so impatient. Just now is the prerequisite for the thing you’re looking for. It’s fine to say that this is a justification. When you can understand its meaning, you can be convinced of what it meant, and in a sense, that is the answer to what you’re looking for.” (Joseph)

“…Answer? …What is it now?” (Sheila)

No matter how she thought about it, she didn’t think that Joseph was playing around. It didn’t look like he was trying to confuse her by saying the right thing.

“…? …Somehow, there is a sense of incongruity?” (Sheila)

“…Hmpph, that’s really true, you’re quick to notice. I thought I could pull the story a bit longer, but… well, it’s just that I don’t have the talent to play around. After all, that’s not necessary for the head of the village.” (Joseph)

Suddenly, Sheila felt a sense of incongruity, and when she tilted her head, Joseph happily lifted the edge of his mouth. It was a very rare sight, but Sheila didn’t care about it. That was because it wasn’t the case.

“…Eh? …Ni-san, your height is…?” (Sheila)

“We’re human, but we are close to spirits. Therefore, as long as you understand and be aware of it, you’ll be able to do this.” (Joseph)

The true nature of the sense of incongruity was immediately noticed. Sheila and Joseph were sitting, so it was hard to see at first look. However, it was clear that Joseph’s height was shrinking.

She could see that by looking at his feet. Although he should have put his feet firmly on the ground, before she realized, he was fluttering in the air.

No matter how she thought about it, it was proof that he was shrinking. No, that was far from it. It wasn’t just his height, but it was the whole body.

“Anyhow, this is it.” (Joseph)

“…? …?? …???” (Sheila)

Although Sheila was watching the scene firmly, there were a lot of question marks appearing on her face. It was obvious.

Joseph was an adult man no matter where she looked. If the age was compared to the humans, he would be in the early or late twenties. There was no element that could be mistaken.

For some reason, Joseph was only as tall as Sheila. In terms of humans, he was about ten years old and he was obviously a child. Moreover, the voice was also very young, corresponding to the appearance.

It wouldn’t be weird to be confused, wondering what was going on.

“Hmmph, it looks like you are surprised. It’s the first time I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t look like I’ve thrown it away.” (Joseph)

Having said that, the appearance which looked around his body happily, seemed to be like Joseph, and not Joseph at the same time.  Although there were some remnants of the figure, it felt like she was watching Joseph’s child rather than Joseph himself. If she didn’t look at the fluttering clothes and at the person himself, Sheila was sure that wasn’t Joseph.

No, to be honest, she was still a bit suspicious. Actually, if she was told that was Joseph’s child playing with illusion, she would believe it.

“It’s fun to watch you, but it seems our talk won’t proceed like this. Well, shall we? If you have any concerns, you can ask after coming back from confusion. However, if you are surprised at this much forever, the day when you wish come true seems to be far away.” (Joseph)

“…Uh.” (Sheila)

She was taken by surprise by those words. Yes, she came here to listen to how to grow up. It was a scene to be pleased now, not to be surprised.

When she regained her mind, Joseph snorted more happily than usual.

“Hmmph, that’s right, so listen to me. Well, that’s all I have to show you for now. Spirits are originally existences that don’t have fixed appearance. Therefore, the spirit can change its appearance as desired. And that characteristic was inherited even after incarnation. Anyhow, it wasn’t possible to do it freely because of the incarnation. On the other hand, it was easy to change the physical age, and it was possible to change the gender if they wanted.

“…Physical age. That means you can grow intentionally?” (Sheila)

“You’re only reacting to that, huh… Well, that’s normal when I think about your purpose. And the answer is yes. Didn’t I say it? We’re still close to the spirits. You should be able to do it just like I did. However, it’s not going to be easy.” (Joseph)

“…Tell me how to do it.” (Sheila)

Sheila responded as she leaned forward, but Joseph, with his bitter smile, put out his palm to calm her down. After that he instructed her to sit. She sat reluctantly, staring at Joseph with a strong light in his eyes so that he wouldn’t escape.

“Hmm, it seems to be the right answer. In this situation, I wonder what kind of unreasonable things you would do if I hadn’t taught you this? rather, when I think about what you have done so far, you’re likely to give me a headache.” (Joseph)

“…Just tell me. If possible, I’ll turn back. To be honest, it’s hard to do it.” (Sheila)

“That’s not it. Well, is it because of the figure that your push is more aggressive than usual? Fine. Honestly, I feel a bit hard to do it too.” (Joseph)

As soon as Joseph said that, his body began to expand little by little.

It was a scene that seemed so, and it was a very correct expression rather than growth. But Joseph, who continued to grow as if he didn’t realize such impressions, eventually returned to his original appearance. After looking around his body, he snorted.

“Hmmph, it doesn’t look right unless it’s like this.” (Joseph)

“…Yes, I agree.” (Sheila)

She nodded, but that was that. When she looked at Joseph impatiently, he snorted again.


“I don’t mind teaching you, but that will be another matter. No… it’s probably not possible with you now.” (Joseph)

He was saying such a thing.

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