Ex Strongest Swordsman 236 (Self Edited) – The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 1

The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 1

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A loud sound echoed in the hall. It was a sigh. There was not a single whisper there, so it felt like the sigh sounded so loud.

The sound of flipping through a document stopped for a moment, but it was only a moment. In addition to how unnatural it sounded, the reaction everyone showed was just to look at the source. When the line of sight was immediately returned to the hand, the sound of flipping over the document again continued.

Immediately after that, a sigh was let out again, but no one even showed a reaction this time.

“Hey, did your king let out a sigh when looking at this? Wouldn’t it be nice if there is at least somebody asking what’s going on?” (Sophia)

It was as if the feeling of numbness was stopped, words were eventually spoken… A sigh was let out as it couldn’t be helped.  A part of the sound which flipped over the document stopped. In exchange, Sophia directed her eyes toward the sigh.

“…Let me ask you. Is there anything I can do for you? As you can see, we are very busy, yes?” (Sophia)

“No, I know that. I’m busy too, but I think it’s time to take a break.” (Alexis)

The reason why Sylvia quietly nodded at the word was that it was already around noon for some reason. It was too late to think about the time to eat lunch. They had been working since morning, so it would be time to take a break.

She wondered if he was thinking about such a thing. Alexis turned his eyes at Sylvia and smiled.

“You see, Sylvia is getting tired too, right?” (Alexis)

“Sylvia-chan is helping us for our sake, so she should be able to take a break at any time, yes?” (Sophia)

“Even so, isn’t it hard to take a break alone? So look, we should take a break, isn’t it?” (Alexis)

Obviously he used her as an excuse, but in fact, it was true. Though, she was sorry, she sneakily looked away. A sigh that seemed to be helpless was let out from her mouth.

“I understand. Shall we take a break and have lunch? Is that alright for you too?” (Sophia)

“Well, it can’t be helped. It’s better than continuing to be depressed.” (Kraus)

“Is it that bad to the point that you feel depressed?” (Sophia)

“Of course. To begin with, I’m not good at doing such things but why do I have to do this?” (Kraus)

“I have a feeling you would say that, but… look, I have only important documents. That’s why I’m in so much trouble.” (Alexis)

That was a fact. It was true, and the sign of exhaustion could be seen slightly on the face.

Kraus was also aware of that, and he let out a sigh without continuing the words.

“Goodness. You were able to say it easily, so I suppose you become bolder.” (Sophia)

“No, I can’t do it without getting bolder. Actually, I still feel that I haven’t changed…” (Alexis)

“…It’s natural because you’re the king. I wonder if you knew it and chose that path.” (Kraus)

“Well, yes, but…” (Alexis)

Sylvia looked a bit surprised when looking at Alexis lying on his desk as he said it. At least, she had never seen her father do that.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“It’s not over yet. It’s just lunch, so tough it up. Sylvia-chan looks like she has given up on you.” (Sophia)

“Eh? N-no… It’s not like that…” (Sylvia)

“Well, Sylvia isn’t a child anymore, so it’s about time. It’s enough if you help us that much. In the first place, I’ve been showing a miserable appearance to you.” (Alexis)

The miserable appearance was probably when the Demon King attacked. On the other hand, Sylvia didn’t think so, but Alexis took it hard. No matter how much Sylvia said it wasn’t so, he wasn’t going to admit it.

“That didn’t mean that it was alright to show your girl such a miserable appearance.” (Kraus)

Sylvia also slightly agreed to that statement. At least, Alexis’ current appearance was miserable, and she would like him not to show such an appearance if possible.

“Besides, you’re acting on behalf of Olivia today, right? Then, it’s even better.” (Sophia)

“…Don’t treat my wife and my daughter in the same way. That would be rude to both sides, wouldn’t it?” (Alexis)

“Eh, is that so? Something, I don’t think it’s true, you know? They are getting closer to resemble each other… Ah, sorry, it’s not my part to think so.” (Kraus)

“…What does that mean?” (Sophia)

A staring gaze from Sophia was turned to Alexis. Immediately after, they spouted almost at the same time. Kraus started to laugh as if he was caught up in it, and Sylvia rolled her eyes again.

It was the same as her father’s behavior, but actually, it was her first time seeing Kraus laughed like that. She had heard it before, but it seemed that these three were close friends.

“You see, Sylvia is surprised again.” (Sophia)

“Aah, sorry, Sylvia. I can’t help but to remember the old days when I am with these two.” (Alexis)

“…Don’t blame others. All you have to do is to control yourself.” (Kraus)

“Isn’t it fine to do that once in a while? I’ve been controlling myself all the time. Sylvia also thinks that, right?” (Alexis)

“Eh? Uh-uhmm… Well, I think it’s fine to let loose once in a while…” (Sylvia)

“Look, you too. If a daughter says that, don’t you think that it’s the parent’s obligation to respond to it?” (Alexis)

“Well, we don’t know where your dignity is gone, so you can do whatever you like… but yeah, you’re really shameless.” (Sophia)

“Bold, you say… I’ve been worried about that since earlier, but isn’t that the way of you in the past?” (Sylvia)

When she asked that, the three looked at each other and made an expression that differed from each other. Sophia had an amazed face, Kraus looked like he was laughing while reminiscing the past, and Alexis had a bitter look. It was a situation where she couldn’t even hear the answer.

“Uhmm… I guess it’s not like that.” (Sylvia)

“Well. The first impression I had when I saw Alexis was that I honestly couldn’t rely on him.” (Sophia)

“Eh, really? Did you think that way?” (Sylvia)

“It’s just that, you have a lot of confidence even though you’re a tanker.” (Kraus)

“No, I can’t help it. Even though I joined the Demon King subjugation unit with a certain amount of pride, everyone around me seems to be strong. Do you get what I mean, Kraus?” (Alexis)

“…Sorry, my impression of the first meeting was similar.” (Kraus)

“Damn it, that’s because you guys are the Seven Heavens! These brain muscles altogether!” (Alexis)

“…Both brain muscles are helping with the paperwork. I wonder whose paperwork is this.” (Sophia)

“Yes, it’s mine. Sorry.” (Alexis)

The moment Sophia stared at Alexis, he stood up and bowed down. Immediately after, Sylvia laughed. Although it should be said that the King shouldn’t bow his head unnecessarily, she knew that this place wasn’t the place.

However, she knew how close the three were.

“Otou-sama, I understand well that you’re different in the past, but why did you become the person you are right now?” (Sylvia)

“Hmm… I wonder if that’s a bit of a problem. Rather than having a clear reason for it, I would say that I was driven by the accumulation of responsibility. If I were as I was, I would have been beaten by my companion before the Demon King.” (Alexis)

“Eh, your companion? What happened?” (Sylvia)

“Wait a sec, aren’t you a bit too much for saying that? We didn’t put you in too much trouble, right?” (Sophia)

“Yeah, it’s not like we have a lot of spare time, but it was simply because there was no one else but you who could do it.” (Kraus)

“You guys might have been like that, but there’s about one person who wasn’t absolutely like that, right?” (Sophia)

“I don’t know that guy.” (Kraus)

“Not bad!? That’s true, but…!” (Alexis)

Alexis shouted as if lamenting, but his mouth was loose. From that situation, it could be said that he enjoyed this exchange. More importantly, even though he was told so, he never thought that the other person was bad.

That person was probably someone Sylvia knew.

“Otou-sama, that person is…” (Sylvia)

“Aah, yeah. You’re probably thinking the right person. But, let’s talk about the future place while having lunch. It seems that the break time will be much longer if we stay like this.” (Alexis)

Although he wanted to take a break, it seemed that he cared about his work. Sylvia looked with a wry smile at Alexis, who surely acted like a father, rang a bell to call maid.

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