Ex Strongest Swordsman 231 (Self Edited) – The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 2


The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 2

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“Aah… I see. You’re still asleep, right? How about you wash your face first?” (Steina)

Although such words were returned, it was inevitable. After all, his plan did sound like a joke. If not, what would it be?

“Who is asleep?  My head is clear, and I’m sane, you know?” (Iori)

“Hmm, although I was about to say that you’re insane, I guess, you overtook me…” (Steina)

While spitting out a joke like that, Steina was staring at Iori, so she didn’t miss to see his expression.

However, even though she felt that there was a lighthearted air, she didn’t feel that he was lying or joking. In other words…

“…Are you for real?” (Steina)

“I’m not saying it like it is some kind of a joke, right? Obviously.” (Iori)

His eyes were clear when he said so. There was certainly a feeling of seriousness in his eyes. It seemed he was serious.

“Are you going to let Nee-… no, Beatrice-san to know about that” (Steina)

“It’s fine to call her Nee-san. For how long are you going to call her that name? You can stop doing that. By the way, you can call me by name.” (Iori)

“I can’t stop doing that. Anyhow, it’s a punishment. If I stop here, it will serve as a lesson, so it can’t be helped. Of course, I will call you as my adoptive father.” (Steina)

“…Tsk.” (Iori)

“Rather, it doesn’t really matter. So, did you talk to everyone?” (Steina)

“Yeah, more or less. I only mentioned that I was thinking about it, but the specifics haven’t been reached yet. In the first place, we didn’t think about it.” (Iori)

Even though they hadn’t thought about it, it seemed that he was trying to implement what he had just come up with. As expected, Steina was surprised and a sigh leaked from her mouth.

“Are you a fool?” (Steina)

“No. Certainly, I just thought of it, but it’s just an idea, right? There’s a chance of success here.” (Iori)

“…Hmm, really?” (Steina)

Even if Iori was stared with eyes that didn’t believe in him, he cleared his throat once. Steina reflexively flinched when looked by his eyes. The atmosphere was appropriate to the owner of this castle.

However, that didn’t mean that his thinking was correct.

So when Steina also cleared her throat once, she regained her mind and looked back into his eyes. Judging whether it was right or not was one of the reasons why Steina was here. It couldn’t be helped to feel timid.

“…For now, I understand that you were just thinking about it. Well, speaking about the details, how are you going to make it happen? Yes… since there is a chance of success, why don’t you tell me the reason first?” (Steina)

“The reason is rather unexpected. Far from being a Demon, Gustav is one of the five people with the top blacksmithing skill, right? Under normal circumstances, I  wouldn’t allow him to move to other countries. Especially now, each country is very anxious and some of them are actually in war. It’s mainly Veritas. Let’s say if he goes to that country. There is no doubt that the power balance will be lost.” (Iori)

Surely, Steina was also thinking of that.

If Gustav went to another country, it would definitely raise the fighting potential of that country.

Dimento wasn’t so strong because Dimento wasn’t a country. Even if they rose as a country, it would be impractical if they had no soldiers. However, for that reason, even if Gustav moved from Dimento to another country, there should be no such disadvantages to Dimento.

“No, raising the strength of other countries is synonymous with making us relatively weak, right? That can be a disadvantage enough, isn’t it?” (Iori)

“That may be the case, but… Gustav is trying to move to Radeus. To be honest, their soldiers will become a bit stronger, but it’s within the margin of error as long as there is Soma, yes?” (Steina)

“Well, if I have to say it directly, you’re right, but if I think the other way around, the reason is because Soma is there. If Soma isn’t there, wouldn’t that be a sufficient threat?” (Iori)

“Hmm… that’s definitely true, but is that in exchange for allowing the Demons to establish a country?” (Steina)

“At least, I think so. It’s fine with Radeus this time, but when I think about Veritas, and the surrounding countries, who are in war with Veritas, they would have opposed this idea. If we do something bad, we may be attacked and our forces would be destroyed. On the other hand, if Gustav goes to a country that was in war with Veritas, then Veritas would have repulsed. Veritas may not be destroyed, but there is a good chance that they will fall into a disadvantage.” (Iori)

“Isn’t Radeus in a war with Veritas?” (Steina)

“They are in a ceasefire right now. Perhaps, they are the same as us. I mean they are probably having a miscalculation error.” (Iori)

With those words, Steina suddenly remembered. There was the matter of the Evil Dragon, and did those people know about Soma who was there?

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Veritas couldn’t afford to worry about such a situation in the first place, which it could be said that they were one step ahead of having a civil war.

“Hmm… anyhow,  either you don’t want or want to allow Gustav into their country… you’re saying that you want the Demons to have their own country, correct?” (Steina)

“Yes, that’s right. Originally, we don’t have a plan to do it, but now, we’re in a situation when we can do it. I guess Gustav would have left because he thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Still, it’s worth a try. That’s how it is for now.” (Iori)

“Hmm… I understand, but can we really push it through? After all, when it comes to public stance, it’s basically impossible. I don’t feel like not knowing what would happen.” (Steina)

“That’s why I said it. More importantly, there’s a chance of success.” (Iori)

Surely, Iori said so, but then again, Steina gave a skeptical look. Even though he affirmed it, he was probably doing it without a hopeful thought…

“…The reason is not because the king is your friend, right?” (Steina)

There was no friendship between countries. Even if the person with the highest position in a country was his friend, that wouldn’t be the case. A country that gave priority to sentiment would always be hit and collapsed. For this reason, there was no establishment of friendship between countries.

Radeus, in particular, had just been founded, so they tend to give priority to its national interests to an excessive extent. It was something that Steina, who hadn’t been here for less than a year and six months, knew. While saying all of these, Iori, who had been reading all kinds of reports, had no reasons not to know about this fact.

As he was stared with such a thought, Iori shrugged his shoulders while putting up a bitter smile.

“Of course, I haven’t thought about that. I heard some stories directly from Soma, not from the reports. If it doesn’t benefit the country, they probably will cast Gustav away with a margin. I think I may convince myself like a fool, but since this is my fault, I can’t say anything. Well, on the other hand, if this benefits the country, I could ignore it to some extent.” (Iori)

“Isn’t it just a possibility? Plus, it’s not one with high probability, right?” (Steina)

“I don’t think so. At least, I think there is a chance that I can make it happen.” (Iori)

“…What is your basis?” (Steina)

To be honest, Steind didn’t think that there was a good chance. Rather, the chance of success was low.

It was because the Demons were going to establish a country. In a word, they weren’t being driven to this place, but they were trying to gather here instead.

The reason for reducing the activities was because Iori tried to minimize the conflict with the surroundings the moment he became the Demon King. He didn’t attack or he only put up a defense and left the enemies alone and there was no problem with that. Perhaps, the priority to do such things was low.

However, trying to establish a country was rather turning the efforts had been done until now upside down. It was like pouring oil on a fire. It wouldn’t be weird if each country came to destroy them seriously this time.

“Hmm, I think your thoughts basically end with a needless fear. At least, they’re not going to destroy us.” (Iori)

“…Why do you think so?” (Steina)

“It’s because no country would take the role of leading and gathering forces. After all, Veritas usually takes both roles. It may be possible to put together their country temporarily to subdue the Demons, but that’s the best they can do, and they can’t spend their efforts on any other matters.” (Iori)

“If so, why wouldn’t other countries assume those roles?” (Steina)

“They can’t do that either. At the time of the previous Demon King subjugation unit, they were betraying each other. If they doubt that it will happen again, no one will try to do the job. That’s because they may be stabbed from the back this time.” (Iori)

“So, are you saying we won’t be attacked because of that?” (Steina)

Steina felt something that she couldn’t put into words when looking at Iori who was nodding. How should she say it… rather than doing something vague or rather not wanting the Humans to do something foolish…

“Well, if it’s Soma, he wouldn’t care about it, or he will just ignore it. If he is betrayed, he will say it then, and he doesn’t really care. He’s a good man, but he also believes in the goodness of mankind. It’s possible to say that he understands that there are malignancy and goodness, and he expects the goodness will outweigh the other.” (Iori)

“Oh, I haven’t heard about that part of him until now! So? Even if it’s not related, there is no doubt that this plan is dangerous, right?” (Steina)

“No, I don’t think so. That’s especially with Radeus. Although there is a ceasefire agreement with Veritas, they are basically hostile against each other. It’s unlikely that it will go away. In addition to that, it will be bad for them to make the Demons to be their enemy.  Radeus will be destroyed.” (Iori)

“…Soma wouldn’t like it, isn’t it?” (Steina)

“After all, he is a minor. There is a rumor that he will be the next Sword King, but even then, he can’t be counted as a force of a country. Rather, if we declare that we are going to establish a country, and Radeus is going to send him here, do you think he will do it?” (Iori)

“…On the other hand, I feel like he’s going to beat those who are going to send troops here.” (Steina)

It was possible to imagine that. Moreover, that expectation was probably not wrong.

“Yeah. In fact, that guy will probably do it. If this becomes a clear threat and they do something, at least we’re not going to do that. He’ll stand by me here.” (Iori)

“…Isn’t that trust as a friend.” (Steina)

“What’s wrong with that? Like I said, he’s still a minor and he’s not working as part of the country. So, there’s no problem.” (Iori)

Steina thought it was a chop logic, but she couldn’t object to him. He was a troublesome person who might or might not be present at all.

“Anyhow, that’s the reason why they won’t make the Demons as their enemy. Then, how about the opposite?” (Iori)

“The opposite?” (Steina)

“Yes, they can consider the Demons as their ally. Radeus will have an ally next door. It’s a complete ally, not an unofficial ceasefire. We will be able to cooperate with each other in a dignified manner. Wouldn’t it definitely benefit Radeus?” (Iori)


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