Ex Strongest Swordsman 230 (Self Edited) – The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 1


The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 1

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“Hmm… isn’t this really bad?” (Steina)

Looking at the report… no, the application at hand, Steina groaned involuntarily.

The content was that a certain blacksmith wanted to move to another country. The reason was that there was something that the blacksmith wanted to produce in that country, but it wasn’t written in detail. However, considering that the person was a blacksmith, he might not need to do anything else.

But, it didn’t make sense. This would be fine if the person was an ordinary blacksmith, but if he was an ordinary blacksmith, he didn’t need to submit an application form.

An application was a document that was literally required to apply for something. This document would be submitted to the Demon King castle, which was the center of the Demons. The person who submitted it was naturally someone befitted for the application.

The blacksmith who submitted the application this time was the person who was regarded as one of the best blacksmiths among the Demons. Strictly speaking, that person wasn’t a Demon, but a person who had just moved to Demento. In most cases, it referred to the people who lived in Demento, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the person was a Demon.

Anyhow, the best blacksmith wanted to move to another country. It was normal that the cause wasn’t something that could be understood.

He was a blacksmith, but he specialized in swords. Given that his forged sword would spread to other countries, that alone was a threat.

Obviously, using a good sword didn’t dramatically increase the strength of a person, but it was certainly the easiest way to raise strength. Any country would welcome him with all they have, and as for Demento, he wasn’t a person that the country could let go.


“If you ask me if there’s a way to prevent him from going, I don’t think there is one…” (Steina)

He was such a person, so Demento naturally gave him preferential treatment. As the Demon King’s exclusive blacksmith, he was guaranteed to have a comfortable life. He was given everything he wanted, such as the best environment, food, clothing and shelter.

…No, to be exact, it should be said that they tried to give everything to him.

“Hmm, the problem is he didn’t want anything… aah, no, except for one thing, right?” (Steina)

That was to never get in his way. On that condition, he accepted it. That was all that matters to him, and he didn’t need any comfortable life in the first place.

So, he declined even if he was told that they would prepare the best environment in the Demon King castle. It was the same when he was offered the best materials, he also didn’t agree to it. They told him what they wanted him to make, and he accepted the request without saying anything, not even asking what bargaining chips for it. After all, their relationship with him was nothing more than him as a blacksmith and a guest. The reason for accepting his condition was because that would not be the most intrusive. If he was a blacksmith master of a town, there was no way he could go against the order from the Demon King.

It didn’t change even he became exclusive. In return, he was able to reject any unwanted requests. He accepted the requests, but that was it. He couldn’t be coerced, and even he suddenly said he would go to another country, there was no way to stop him.

Since the blacksmith had the right to decide where he lived. No matter where he moved to, his position as the exclusive status for the Demon King hadn’t changed, and it was possible to request, but… of course, that kind of thing was only for the public stands. Yes, it couldn’t be helped since they still had no right to stop the blacksmith.

“Well, what’s the matter with him? I don’t think I can conclude this matter. Anyhow, it seems there’s nothing can be done anyway, but… where is that lazy guy?” (Steina)

Then, Steina looked at the vacant seat facing her, and she let out a sigh. When the door of the room suddenly opened, a figure came in.

Steina turned around, and again, she let out a sigh. Should she say that she knew who that person was…

“Did you finally come back? Don’t just throw your job to me, and would you stop running away?” (Steina)

“It’s a hassle, and unlike before, there are people who can handle the matters for me, you know? That’s why I run away.” (Iori)

Steina wondered why that person said something foolish as if it was a natural thing, but there was no point in saying anything else, so she sighed for the third time instead. After that, she handed out the application form at hand.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Just settle it quickly. This is not something that can be done unless it is you.” (Steina)

“Haa? What do you mean? I thought it had become quite peaceful recently, but to have something troublesome like this…” (Iori)

HIs words became anticlimax at the middle of saying, and he finished reading the form before long. A bitter expression with eyebrows spread over the face.

“…Seriously?” (Iori)

“Does it seem that this guy has ever made a joke to you before? At least, I’m trying to help you here. Well, since it has already happened, I guess it’s not a joke.” (Steina)

“Yeah… this is troubling.” (Iori)

The weak murmur was probably due to how serious the matter was. Steina understood it and to be honest, she also agreed with him.


“What are you going to do?” (Steina)

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“Hmm… what should I do? If he is dissatisfied with something, I can try to solve it, but he doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied with anything.” (Iori)

“In the first place, he is the kind of person who never says directly if he has a complaint, yes?” (Steina)

“Yeah. There were times he didn’t make a sword for a while, but recently, he had been saying that he was able to produce a better sword than before…” (Iori)

As expected, it didn’t seem that Iori could think of a solution. Or rather, he felt that a solution didn’t exist from the beginning.

“Moreover, he is going to Radeus… so there’s no reason to stop him, right?” (Steina)

“I wonder… I can come up with many reasons if he wants to go to other countries, but if it is Radeus, I can think of none. I can’t say the ceasefire truce has been lifted.” (Iori)

Being exclusive to the Demon King meant that he wasn’t only receiving the protection of the Demon King, but the opposite was also possible. Since that information of the ceasefire wasn’t publicly disclosed, there was nothing to worry about. But in the unlikely event, it could be spread.

Of course, even though it was informal, they had a ceasefire agreement with Radeus.

That was why they were aware that the village nearby to the Demon Forest was a dummy, and they knew that it posed no danger to Radeus. But then, it didn’t mean anything to stay away since it was dangerous.

“Radeus… Radeus, huh…” (Iori)

“What’s wrong?” (Steina)

“No, I feel like something is stuck, but I think I can remember…” (Iori)

As soon as he said it, he groaned, but Steina decided to leave him alone for the time being. There were still a lot of documents in front of her that she needed to go through.

It was a punishment for what she did, but Iori called it a paperwork job to help him. Even so, she felt that this was more like a punishment game rather than a real punishment. In particular, that guy made this place like an office, but the owner of the place himself often disappeared.

The only work that didn’t include was to search and capture him, but that was still better.

“Aah…” (Iori)

And when she thought that she needed to defeat this lazy person for the sake of the Demons, she heard the loud voice as if he remembered something.

When she turned to him, he really had that expression on his face.

“What is it? Do you remember something? Are you trying to say that you just realize how troublesome it is to think about it?” (Steina)

“What do you think I am?” (Iori)

“You should ask that question to yourself.” (Steina)

“I don’t feel unpleasant at all, but anyway… I probably understand the reason why he suddenly said he wanted to move.” (Iori)

Despite saying that he understood it, his face seemed to be mixed with some kind of amazement. The way he was shaking, similar to when he was shown the report, made Steina want to sigh at any moment.

“That’s good for you, but is it not a good thing?” (Steina)

“Well, maybe it’s not good or bad. If you understand his reason, there’s nothing you can do about it after all.” (Iori)

“…? So, what’s the reason?” (Steina)

“Well, I don’t have any confirmation. It’s just that I remembered it. I remember when Soma came before, he asked for a sword.” (Iori)

“Aah…” (Steina)

That reminded Steina. Come to think of it, Soma did say that, and he said that he requested a sword in that town.

In addition, he said that he would surely pick it up later…

“That’s a confirmation, isn’t it? I can’t think of anyone else in that town who can produce his sword.” (Steina)

“Yeah. When I think about it, it was just around that time when that guy, Gustav, started to produce swords.” (Iori)

“Did you confirm it?” (Steina)

“Incidentally, Gustav must have been looking for the right user to carry his sword.” (Iori)

Iori raised his arms when saying that, telling that he gave up. After confirming it, it would be impossible to prepare a person who could meet Gustav’s requirement other than Soma.

“Ah, no, that reminds me, I thought you’re using a sword, right?” (Steina)

“I can only use the sword, nothing else. My swordsmanship is not considerable. In fact, I was told that I was not good once I confirmed it. More importantly… how to say it…” (Iori)

“Hmm? What’s wrong? I’m sure you remember you were the one who was told to call this as one of the divine retributions?” (Steina)

“No, that’s not it…” (Iori)

Steina put up a grinning smile toward Iori who seemed disappointed. She certainly was punished, but this was more likely trying to get revenge on him. There was no reason for Steina to stop from saying that.

“Besides, since there will be one more person who will keep reprimanding you like this, I guess you better get used to the way I am now, right?” (Steina)

“Aah, aah, I can’t hear you. I can’t hear what you’re talking about!” (Iori)

“You just don’t know when to give up… Oh well, it’s fine. In the first place, you will never be confined with that kind of matter. If someone marries a person like you, she will act in the same way, isn’t it?” (Steina)

“Haa? What did you say?” (Iori)

“No, it’s nothing. Then, is it alright to accept his application?” (Steina)

“It’s not like I can reject it in the first place. So, let it be. Well, I probably have no choice but to give up. However, this may create a rare opportunity.” (Iori)

“A rare opportunity?” (Steina)

Iori nodded with a meaningful smile to Steina, who tilted her head. And then…

“Aah… That said, I just came up with it… With Gustav as a bargaining chip, I’d like to ask Radeus to recognize the founding of our country.” (Iori)

Iori said it.


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