Ex Strongest Swordsman 232 (Self Edited) – The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 3


The Demons and the Founding of the Country – Part 3

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“Rather than being too optimistic, don’t you think that you are way too optimistic like a racoon trying to steal things?” (Steina)

“Well, actually, that’s not a mistake. Actually, you are right. However, it’s not possible to abandon the idea. At least, I think there should be room for discussion.” (Iori)

Iori shrugged his shoulders while saying that, but in reality, he seemed to have some confidence. To begin with, Iori said that there was a good chance of success. However, he didn’t mention how big the probability was.

“…Well, it’s something like that. Earlier, those guys said that they would refuse me if it didn’t benefit their country, but that’s actually impossible. Rather than benefits, it’s a  matter of disadvantage.” (Iori)

“Does refusing us bring disadvantages to Radeus? Although you are a temporary, you’re still known as the Demon King, you know? Actually, it would be better to refuse since you’re the Demon King, isn’t it? I’ve also heard that the resurrected Demon King attacked their royal capital and half-destroyed it.” (Steina)

“Aah, that might surprise them, so I can’t deny the possibility of being refused, but… those guys owe me. At least, they seem to think so, and objectively speaking, it’s not a mistake. It’s because we had gone challenging the previous Demon King for the sake of those people.” (Iori)

“Aah… well, it certainly looks like that.” (Steina)

Depending on how they looked at it, it could be seen that Iori had lessened their burden. That was why he was convinced since he defeated the previous Demon King. There was no fear having his plan refused.

Steina didn’t know what it was really because Iori didn’t tell her…

“Well, there’s no mistake on that, but… if I mention that matter, at least they have to listen to one thing I say. If they reject the founding of our country, I will remind them that I had agreed with the founding of their country.” (Iori)

“What a mean guy… are you going to take advantage of your friends?” (Steina)

“It’s not like that. Or should I say, if I don’t do that, I wouldn’t be able to found our country. Besides, the other side will receive benefits too. There’s nothing wrong if both sides receive benefits, right?” (Iori)

“Well, I’m not the person who can judge that.” (Steina)

Anyhow, it looked adorable seeing him like this.

Rather, he gave a good reason, but after all, it was an excuse. Although Iori said it repeatedly, he was saying in an indirect way that he could get the other side’s cooperation.

It was just that he didn’t say it straight to the point. Since he had said it that much, Steina had nothing else to say.

“Hmm… Well, for now, I understand that there is a probability that the founding of the country can be a success. However, there is something I can’t figure out.” (Steina)

“What is it?” (Iori)

“Why are you trying to found a country that quickly? The timing may be right when it comes to the matter of Gustav, but it still feels that you are rushing it. I mean… Why did you mention about founding a country?” (Steina)

“Hmm? Didn’t I tell you the reason earlier?” (Iori)

“That’s not what I mean. What you said earlier was how does the matter Gustav go to Radeus allows the Demons to found a country. You didn’t explain the reason for the founding. To begin with, the matter of Gustav is just as it is, but it was a half lie, isn’t it?” (Steina)

There was a moment. It was a gap… then a bitter smile came out.

“…Is it so easy to understand me?” (Iori)

Steina shrugged at her shoulders at those words. After all, she got it right.

“There’s that too, and I thought I was a bit pushy in the beginning.” (Iori)

“Aah, as I expected… You thought that you might be able to do it. However, it’s not completely a lie, right? There’s certainly a possibility of that.” (Steina)

“I don’t deny it, so that’s why I didn’t tell you half way. However, I think it’s too exaggerated after all. If Gustav’s name is known all over the world, it’s another story.” (Iori)

“Well, indeed.” (Steina)

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This time, Iori shrugged his shoulders and deepened his wry smile. What came from his mouth was probably to mock himself.

“Honestly, I don’t care about that. I don’t want to use that reason in the first place. The only purpose is to allow the founding of the country and I’m trying to figure out how to do it. In the end, you will only hear one reason.” (Iori)

“That is, why do you want to found a country, is it?” (Steina)

“Yes. Come on, say it. No matter what it is, you will be involved. Isn’t that why I talk about this to you? Say that you’re ashamed for that reason or something similar.” (Iori)

“I’m still working on various things, so I was wondering if this matter could be achieved. Is that fine?” (Steina)

Iori let out a sigh. After that, he began to talk about the reason.

“I decided to found a country here so that the Demon King could appear next time here. In the worst case scenario, I will be able to counter him when he shows up. The rest is to eliminate discrimination against the Demons as much as possible.” (Iori)

“…Apart from the former, I don’t understand the meaning of the latter reason. If you try to found a country, the discrimination is just going to get worse, isn’t it?” (Steina)

“There is such a possibility, but anyhow, if it remains as it is, the discrimination will never go away. There’s no equality. In the first place, the discrimination against the Demons by a country, and it is necessary to have a country to interact with another country. No matter what, we need to build our own country.” (Iori)

“Yeah… Well, I agree with that view, but for the argument sake, even if the founding of the country were recognized, it is still impossible to eliminate discrimination, right?” (Steina)

The Demons weren’t discriminated against not without reason. In the first place, people who had a reason to be despised gathered, and the resulting village became the origin of those who were called the Demons. The situation became worse since the discrimination was instigated by the Veritas and its surroundings. So, the discrimination would surely disappeared if the ones that made the matter worse were removed.

Above all, the fact that the Demons were once discriminated against remains, and this current generation accepted it as a matter of course. It would be nearly impossible to remove all the common sense that had been unconsciously ingrained unless something was done.

“That’s why I said it. I should do it. It would be nice if it gets less and less discriminated against. But of course, I think it’s fine if the discrimination itself remains. It can’t be helped. But at the very least, it’s normal to discriminate if you’re a Demon. So, I don’t care what I have to do, but I just want to manage the situation.” (Iori)

“…Why are you trying to go that far? Wouldn’t things progress in that way just by having you here? There shouldn’t be a duty or necessity to go that far.” (Steina)

“Things are progressing because I’m here. And it has been more than ten years, isn’t it? I’m not cold-hearted that I can’t feel it at all, you know?” (Iori)

“I didn’t say that.” (Steina)

“…Well, in the end, it’s just self-satisfaction. I want to do it because I don’t like the situation. That’s all there is to it.” (Iori)

Steina sighed as she shrugged her shoulders. Then, she laughed as if she had laughed at herself.

While saying such a thing, Steina understood what Iori really wanted to do. Somehow, she wondered why he didn’t try to explain it to her.

In other words, it was because of his self-satisfaction. That was why it wasn’t possible for Steina to put down the plan. Eventually, it would be the same.

Again, Steina let out a sigh. She somehow thought that even if it was a foolish plan, he would probably do it.

“…Well, I understand what you want to do. Then, it’s fine to do it as you please.” (Steina)

“…Is that alright?” (Iori)

“Is there any reason to disagree? I also don’t like the situation. After all, there’s no way that I can go against my adopted father, isn’t it?” (Steina)

“…I told you, stop calling me that.” (Iori)

Steina smiled at Iori who looked displeased. Well, Steina’s age was rather close to Iori compared to Aina. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand his feelings… Rather, she called him so because she understood it.

“At first, I was told that the punishment was said to be at least five years. I will bear the punishment, so it’s good if you bear me calling you that. Well, anyhow, speaking of the Demon King who will appear next time, it’s not possible to stop it. Surely, we need to prepare for it. If something similar goes wrong, the Demons will likely be eradicated this time.” (Steina)

“Yes. We will destroy every single thing the Demon King left in various places in order to revive. Well, it seems like it wouldn’t work even if I don’t break them. At any rate, it’s not surprising that the Demon King will be born somewhere next time.” (Iori)

“Indeed.” (Steina)

The Demon King was created by the world. It was a sign of an existence that was judge to be harmful to the world, and it was measured that way.

Therefore, if there was no Demon King, its existence would be created. The world had the right to appoint, and it couldn’t be denied.

Since there was a previous Demon King, no one else became the Demon King. That was because he had several means of resurrection, so he never died.

However, it was said that the Demon King had been revived a little over a year ago, and it had been defeated without their knowledge. Thus, the means of resurrection were all destroyed by Iori. With this, the death was completely confirmed, and the appointment right of the Demon King had returned to the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise when the world wanted to exercise its right.

Of course, there was a possibility that the right wouldn’t be exercised.

“The next one could be unexpectedly Soma.” (Iori)

“Stop it. It’s not a good joke in so many ways.” (Steina)

“…Yeah.” (Iori)

Besides, they had the information that it was Soma who had defeated the previous Demon King. They didn’t question it, and it wasn’t a surprise that Soma was capable of doing it. However, that meant that Soma had more strength than the Demon King.

The possibility that the world might feel a crisis couldn’t be denied.

“If Soma really becomes the Demon King, the Demons would be very welcome.” (Iori)

“I guess you’re right.” (Steina)

The Demons showed allegiance toward strength. If it was Soma, they wouldn’t complain.

However, it wasn’t decided that the Demon King would be the king of the Demons. The fact that the previous Demon King led the Demons simply because it benefited him. In that way, whoever became the Demon King, the chances of that person eventually doing the same thing was very high.

The Demon King was a proof that the world had been recognized as dangerous. If people knew that, would they leave him alone? The answer was impossible and the reason was obvious if people thought about the Witches.

On the other hand, the Demons regarded strength as everything, but at the same time, many didn’t care about it. Those, who were willing to support, would probably not a lot because there were many who still supported the previous Demon King, but if the Demon King came here, he would still be welcome.

“However, if the country was established at that time… well, it would be a bit better.” (Iori)

“This a deep-rooted problem like the discrimination.” (Steina)

In the first place, the reason why Demons looked at strength because there was no other way to stop the discrimination. There were those who supported them, but they were also people who weren’t supporting them. Thus, they had to rely on strength.

Therefore, if a country could be established, the problem should be alleviated. As a result of showing allegiance to the Demon King, the strength and number would be similar to the Human. Besides, with the addition of resentment, the possibility of fighting against humanity would be reduced.

“That is also a very optimistic idea.” (Steina)

“Yes, but it’s definitely better than doing nothing. Plus, if you have the time, it should be manageable.” (Iori)

“In order to do that, the main question is whether the founding of the country would be recognized or not.” (Steina)

Eventually, it came back to this main problem. Of course, it came back because their discussion got away from the main problem.

“Aah, that’s why I’m going to Radeus soon.” (Iori)

“…Are you serious?” (Steina)

Even if the other side felt indebted, it was a situation where he couldn’t complain if his request was secretly dismissed. Rather, it would be difficult if other countries knew. After all,a person who was supposed to the king of the Demons came, and it was natural to get rid of him.

Moreover, as Steina said earlier, Radeus had a history where The Demon King actually attacked by himself. Moreover, they had no intention to deal with it.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to meet them secretly.” (Iori)

“That’s why I seriously think it’s not good, but… are you going to the royal capital? Wouldn’t there be spies from other countries here?  I mean, they can sneak into our area.” (Steina)

“I told you, we are actually on the better side. Unlike other countries, I have no plan to abandon the idea even now. Besides, the reason why we’re sneaking in because we may be overlooked. I don’t think the others are sneaking in, right? At the moment, it seems that there will be a lot of attention focusing on the defense of the royal capital.” (Iori)

“That’s all good, but…” (Steina)

No, actually, it wasn’t all good, but even if she said something, she understood that it would not make sense. Plus, it must be the most efficient method.

“Since Soma may not know this, it’s better to tell him. If possible, yes.” (Iori)

“I know it’s necessary, and it’s not a mistake that’s the best thing to do, but… take it easy, alright.” (Steina)

“Thanks to your information, the previous Demon King has been annihilated. I can take it easy if the anxiety of the future is no more. To be honest, I’m looking forward to this. After all, I’ve been staying here for more than ten years. Well, basically, I’m a type of person who doesn’t want to go out because it’s a hassle, but… if I become NEET because of this, I’ll be made to work if I stay in the castle. In that case, it’s better to go outside.” (Iori)

“What a nonsense reason…” (Steina)

“Besides, if I’m going to establish a country, rather than only receiving reports, I think it’s better to see it with my own eyes.” (Iori)

Steina wondered when he talked nonsense, but it seemed that he was thinking decently. Then, she tilted her head when she was started with such a serious face.

“Hmm? What is it?” (Iori)

“No, if you think about it, it’s natural for you to become the King when founding a country, right? It seems like it’s a hassle, but I thought you were a bit motivated.

“Of course I’m motivated. That’s because by founding a country, I will be a king which means I will have many subordinates. In other words, I can allocate work accordingly, and it will definitely be easier that it is now. if you think about the ease of later, this much of hardship is nothing.” (Iori)

After all, it was another nonsense of his, and that made Steina sighed. However, she didn’t think his plan would succeed easily.

But then, if she mentioned it, he might not be motivated. In that case, it was better to shut her mouth.

But there was one thing that bothered her.

“By the way, have you recovered your strength to some extent?” (Steina)

“…What are you talking about?” (Iori)

“Even if you don’t hide it, I know that you have been skipping from going to Yggdrasil to recover your strength until now. Well, I suppose you really skipped it. If that’s the case, you still can check all these documents, right?” (Steina)

“No, if I’m doing something else, I will lose efficiency. Rather, how do you know that?” (Iori)

“Well… I’m not sure whether it’s because I was possessed by the Evil God, or is it because I was dying, or maybe because of Soma, but for whatever reason, I feel sharper than before. If I focus, I can see what’s happening in the middle of this castle.” (Steina)

But, she couldn’t be sure about the surroundings of Yggdrasil because its power was strong.

Anyhow, she didn’t have to be honest about it.

“…By the way, did you tell anyone about this?” (Iori)

“Is it about me? Or is it about you? I don’t really understand myself yet, and I can’t tell anyone about you.” (Steina)

“…Is that so?” (Iori)

Iori let out a breath of relief when she said that. Perhaps, he didn’t want Steina to talk about it.

Steina shrugged her small shoulders. After all, she hadn’t told anyone, but she didn’t say no one was aware of it. She wondered what kind of face he would make if everyone felt it. When she imagined the scene, her mouth loosened a little.

“Then, it’s good, but… what’s with you?” (Iori)

“No, don’t worry about it. More importantly, how’s your strength?” (Steina)

When it came to founding a country, the Demons still placed importance on strength. Although Iori had succeeded the title of the Demon King now, it was allowed because everyone knew that it was only on paper. Steina thought that he had nothing to do with them.

In fact, that was the case at the moment, but of course not when it came to founding a country. Even if he was unrelated to the previous Demon King, some opposition would be expected if he declared that he really wanted to stay at the top. In order to calm the unrest, he still needed to show his strength.

However, she had heard that most of his power was exhausted when he killed the former Demon King. It had been more than ten years since then, and he hadn’t recovered yet.

Even so, it would be enough to silent the opposition, but if he wanted them to comply, he needed the strength. Something like Soma.

Then, Iori shrugged his shoulders with a confident face.

“Well, leave it to me.” (Iori)

“…If you say that, I’ll just leave it to you.” (Steina)

He often ran away when things happened because it was a hassle to him, but in times of emergency, he could be someone reliable. Looking at the figure of her troublesome adoptive father, she let out a sigh together with a bitter smile.




  • I had to go over and over again this chapter because their conversations have too many loopholes where I have to add up my own words to make sense out of the story. I improvised quite a lot.
  • Apparently, some Demons know that Iori is not the true Demon King which explains that they know how the world works.


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