Ex Strongest Swordsman 229 (Self Edited) – Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 3


Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 3

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“Haah. You are an instructor at the Royal Academy, is it? I was wondering what would happen when you were leaving to become an adventurer, but I didn’t expect you to manage to become that.” (Gustav)

“That’s my line. I thought that you were going to give up after saying that you would be the best swordsmith in the world… and I never thought that you would be here. Well, I shouldn’t hear your name.” (Camilla)

“When I considered the place where I can compete purely with my skill, as I expected, this is the place.” (Gustav)

“You’re as foolish as ever as a blacksmith. Besides… it’s certainly true that you’re getting closer to your dreams.” (Camilla)

“I’ve been going a long way, isn’t it?” (Gustav)

Beyond the line of sight of that exchange, there was a continuous sound noise. A small breath was let out at Soma, who was joyfully swinging his sword at the speed that the trajectory couldn’t be followed.

“It seems Soma is trying it out. Looking at how satisfied he is, the outcome is good.” (Camilla)

“I would say of course, but to be honest, I’m anxious about his real opinion. I’m still not sure that I can make something that will satisfy him.” (Gustav)

“Hou…?” (Camilla)

The reason why Camilla was impressed was because Gustav seemed to grasp Soma’s ability to some extent.

Of course, no matter how good he was as a blacksmith, what was required for him to understand was completely different and that was a combat job. It wouldn’t be weird if Gustav couldn’t understand the magnitude of strength that could be felt if a person fought something. In addition, Soma had the power which isolated the feelings from those who weren’t skillful even if they were the same kind of people as him. That was why his strength shouldn’t be noticed by ordinary blacksmiths.

But Gustav seemed to notice it to some extent. A really good blacksmith could accurately measure the other side’s ability and created something that matched it. Above all, this friend of Camilla seemed to put his heart into blacksmithing.

“Hmm… by the way, I have one thing to ask since you are such an excellent person.” (Gustav)

“I don’t have a good feeling when you’re praising me, but sure, ask me. What is it?” (Camilla)

“You… won’t you want to be a disciple or something?” (Gustav)

“Disciple? Don’t be silly. Do you think I have that kind of free time?” (Camilla)

“Well, I thought you were.” (Gustav)

Gustav had always been a blacksmith and he was a fool who only thought about blacksmithing. Or rather, most Dwarves thought in the same way. If they were interested in something, they wouldn’t look at anything else.

Taking a disciple was important in the sense of inheriting one’s own skill, but naturally, the time to improve one’s own skill would be reduced accordingly. Even if they trained disciples, they wouldn’t think about it too much until they felt satisfied or they reached their limit.

“Well, your skill is good, so would you like to move to another country and let people know that you are a black smith?” (Camilla)

“Leaving the skill aside, I’m not sure about moving to another country… Well, it’s common for someone to do that if he is not to be satisfied in the current environment, but if they are blaming the environment, they won’t have skill in the first place. Rather, why do you ask me that?” (Gustav)

“The country I stay in is lacking manpower all year around, especially now. It would be nice if a good blacksmith comes. So, wouldn’t you want to come?” (Camilla)

Needless to say, a blacksmith was needed to restore the royal capital. There was simply not enough manpower, but what was more lacking was manpower who could produce things.

It wasn’t that there weren’t enough blacksmiths, but it was difficult to make contacts with other blacksmith masters. Rather, if it wasn’t done well, there was no way to contact other blacksmiths.

“Aren’t you praising me way too much?” (Gustav)

“Well, would you recommend me other blacksmiths?” (Camilla)

“Well, I have none.” (Gustav)

“You’re no good, huh? What a fool.” (Camilla)

After all, a fool was a fool.

Anyhow, Camilla wasn’t discouraged even though it was a failure. To begin with, she wouldn’t invite anyone if it wasn’t her friend, Gustav. Originally, she didn’t have to ask him, and there was no problem if she failed.

“By the way, shouldn’t you ask me whether I’m willing to emigrate or not first? Or is it because there aren’t enough people with the level of my skill?” (Gustav)

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“No, I don’t think it’s not enough, but… why won’t you come?” (Camilla)

“Well….” (Gustav)

“Then, why did you ask that? You fool.” (Camilla)

When Camilla showed an astonished expression, she got a proud-looking face as a reply, so she let out a sigh. She couldn’t help it with this fool.

“In the first place, you are a blacksmith who specializes in swords, right? What I want more for now is people with all purpose skills.” (Camilla)

Although it was possible to assist with magic to create a shape, there was nothing that could be done if they couldn’t create the foundation first. There were also things that couldn’t be produced with magic, so it was obviously inefficient. It was much faster to ask blacksmiths to make it.

Speaking of a mansion, it was possible to make it in half a day just by using magic and without making the foundation, but of course, that was in the past. Unfortunately, the magic of the present time had deteriorated compared to those days. That was why these people were needed, and Camilla didn’t need a fool who seemed to make only swords.

“Well, surely, I’m not going to make anything other than swords, right now.” (Gustav)

“Right? So, why were you–…” (Camilla)

“Well,I really want him to come!” (Gustav)

When saying such a thing, Soma, who was swinging, stopped his arm, and raised his hand. His face still had a satisfied expression, and that made Camilla sighed involuntarily.

“…Well, I understood that you really like it for now, but… was it so satisfying?” (Camilla)

“Hmm, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much, but it’s more than I expected. He said that he was able to create something satisfactory, but… he didn’t say that he wouldn’t make something better than this, right?” (Soma)

“…Yes, of course.” (Gustav)

Gustav had a grinning smile due to Soma’s words. He had the challenging spirit that could be seen in his eyes. After all, it could be understood that the word ‘satisfactory’ was like taking a break.

“Tomorrow is better than today, the day after tomorrow is better than today. So, a year later, I will be able to make a better sword compared to now.” (Gustav)

“Hmm. That’s why I think that I want you to come by all means.” (Soma)

While saying so, they were staring at each other as if they were talking with their eyes. Or rather, it was to confirm their intentions.

Since it was fine with Camilla, she looked at them while shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, I know that you want a better sword, and I know how you feel. But then, if he creates a better sword than now, wouldn’t you want to change it immediately? For the time being, aren’t you satisfied with that sword?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… that is…” (Soma)

“I’m not a swordsman, but I know how to use a sword, so I know how good it is. So, let me tell you. Even if he makes a better one, no one else out there can master it, you know? Even Kraus would have a hard time. In other words, it would be a waste to have that skill if he comes with us. After all, the reason we are here is for that sword.” (Camilla)

That was the fact.

It didn’t matter if Gustav came or not. She would welcome him if he wanted to come. He might not be useful for reconstruction, but if he could make such a sword, it would be the best sword in Radeus even if the number was small. There was no need to be bothered about it.

However, whether it could benefit the user would be another matter. And to conclude, Gustav emigration to Radeus wasn’t for the sake of him or Soma, but it was for Radeus.

Originally, Camilla might have thought for the sake of Radeus, and helped to solicit Gustav. Unfortunately, although she came here to help with the reconstruction foundation of the country, she didn’t hold any important position in Radeus. If Gustav was moving because of his friend’s request, he might do it because of her, but of course, that was a considerable act of soliciting since they were acquaintances.

“If you want a better sword, why don’t you ask again? If I show that sword, you wouldn’t want to come to get it.” (Gustav)

“Hmmm… is that so? I’m sorry for saying something weird.” (Soma)

Soma seemed to be convinced as well. Then, he lowered his head to Gustav, but… the discussion didn’t end there. This time, Gustav shook his head, as if he disagreed.

“I’ve decided. I’m going.” (Gustav)

“…What the? Did you listen to me? I told you, that if you go, you’ll just waste your skill…” (Camilla)

“I know. Rather, if it’s about wasting my skill, it’s actually the same in this place. It doesn’t matter how much wasted my skill is. It’s going to be the same if it’s about letting my skill go to waste. But this boy will be there, isn’t it? In that case, I have no reason not to go there.” (Gustav)

“I thought you said that you didn’t want to come?” (Camilla)

“I changed my mind. Well… it’s just that I realized that there’s no reason not to go there.” (Gustav)

Gustav, who was smiling while saying such a thing, seemed to have decided his mind completely. Incidentally, Soma looked very happy. They were like children who got the toys that they wanted… As expected, Camilla didn’t think she could do anything about it.

She sighed at the two who were feeling happy on their own, without knowing what was inside their mind.

“Aah, yes, why don’t you contact those guys? It might be interesting. Uhmm, you don’t know how to contact them?” (Camilla)

“Those guys… you mean those guys?” (Gustav)

The people in common who knew about Gustav and Camilla, were their friends from their hometown. Certainly, he didn’t know how to contact them, but…

“… Haaa, well, wouldn’t it be fine to let them do what they want? If they come, they will be helping as well.” (Gustav)

Camilla didn’t know what was going on with each of them, but given that Gustav was like this, it was likely that everyone hadn’t changed much, and they probably had better skills than before. Radeus, which lacked of manpower all year round, had no reason not to welcome them.

“So, it’s fine if you want to come, but how exactly are you going to do that? We came here to pick the sword up, so we are going to return immediately, you know? Well, we’re going to stay here for the time being, but there’s something you need to do before leaving this place, right?” (Camilla)

“Yes… I’ve received orders for some time. I need to go through all of them. I’ll finish them in a year… no, in half a year, maybe? I’m planning to go after that, but… where should I go?” (Gustav)

“It depends on where you are and what you want to do. Oh yes, do you know the Demon Forest? Oops, do these people here call that forest differently?” (Camilla)

“No. I know that place. So, is it fine to head there?” (Gustav)

“Strictly speaking, it’s beyond that forest. There is a mansion immediately after exiting, so if you go there, we can do something about you. Don’t go beyond that mansion, alright.” (Camilla)

“Got it. So, since I’ve decided, I can do many things there… I’m going to get busy!” (Gustav)

Even though he said that he was getting busy, his expression was so happy that he really wanted it. In that case, there was no need for Camilla to say anything.

Moreover, she wondered whether Gustav should go back to his work and entertain the customers. Then, she let out a breath after overlooking the small square that was in the interior part of the store. That spot was a place for trial cutting.

Camilla turned her eyes to Soma, and let out another breath.

“Goodness… when you’re with me, all the unexpected things happen.” (Camilla)

“I was also surprised this time, but since it was something that you wanted, there should be no problem, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“There is one. That is, I don’t think we can let such a blacksmith with skill like this stay in this town.” (Camilla)

She needed to send a report about Gustav, and even if she was busy, she was fine to do extra work. It would probably create a storm to all related parties.

However, they had no choice but to blame themselves since they were planning her trip together with Soma.

“I feel like I just heard that you were happy to travel with me.” (Soma)

“That’s true, you know? I really do.” (Camilla)

Besides, it wasn’t all troublesome for her. In fact, it would be extraordinarily good if Camilla could secure a blacksmith with skills like him.

It was also great that she was actually spending her time in the Demon territory. This was because there would be someone who could point out something that she wouldn’t consider at all.

For instance, asking other races to directly tell their complaints, pointing out things that she didn’t understand, discriminating against other races unconsciously, and how to improve the situation. By doing so, Radeus should be able to get very close to the ideal nation they were aiming for.

However, the relationship of people with various other races would get hectic, but to setup the foundation of a country, there was no choice to go through all that.

“…Well, I’m just an instructor at the Academy, so it doesn’t really matter to me.” (Camilla)

“You’re so merciless…” (Soma)

“Well if I can contribute so that the country becomes an ideal country by being merciless, those people would be happy to the point they shed tears.” (Camilla)

After saying it proudly and shrugging her shoulders, Camilla went back to the store together with Soma.


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