Ex Strongest Swordsman 228 (Self Edited) – Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 2


Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 2

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Camila, who safely got into the town, gently let out a breath when looking around while being guided by Soma. That was because she realized how she had been unknowingly deceived by Veritas as they portrayed the Demons differently.

The town named Fergau seemed no inferior than the towns in Radeus and Veritas where she had been visited up until now. That was in respect of the number of people, the appearance of the buildings and the vibrancy of the town. It was impossible to simply compare it because there were too many disparities in each town, but it wasn’t possible to say that this town was clearly inferior.

Rather, it had a distinct advantage compared to the towns in Radeus, and that was the race. Even if it was looked at the aspects of the number and the degree of multiracial, Radeus couldn’t compare to it and Veritas was definitely out of the question. No, it wasn’t only limited to Veritas, but also other homogenous countries.

Besides, even though Radeus claimed to be a multiracial country, the inhabitants were originally from Veritas. Although those people got tired of Veritas and immigrated to Radeus, discriminatory thoughts had permeated in the deep of their awareness. It might be less than other countries, but it was still not a livable country for non-Human races.

At least Camilla didn’t feel it when she was in Radeus. Camilla, who could be regarded as a short Humanity species for the purpose of appearance, might have never been discriminated against, but at least for non-Human race, she thought that it was a bit uncomfortable. Even so, she didn’t think that was due to the discrimination.

Yes, those other than the Human race in Radeus were clearly discriminated against. However, it didn’t mean that they were being oppressed, so the discrimination was a trivial matter.

For example, when walking along a road and were likely to hit the other person, the Humans wouldn’t try to avoid if the other person was from another race. Perhaps, that was because the other person avoided the Human, but it could be understood that the Human clearly had no intention to avoid. That was the first thing Camilla noticed when looking and walking in the crowd of town.

There were many other small details that seemed to be clearly discriminated against. Yes, it was a trivial matter and it was probably something she didn’t care about, but it was certainly raising uncomfortable feelings. Above all, the problem came up unconsciously.

It would have been better if the Radeus’ country policies didn’t exclude other races. Their country was much better since other countries clearly excluded other races, and even some of the countries considered the other races as slaves if they accepted them.

However, Radeus’s country policies were to accept other races. Unconsciously or not, discriminating against other races shouldn’t happen.

Anyhow, that matter was the matter of the past. It wasn’t something that could be remedied immediately, so to some extent, it couldn’t be helped. It was something to look forward to in the long run.

But, the top echelon of the country was obviously not good. In that situation, there wouldn’t be any way to correct it. It was like a matter of correcting the situation without examples.

Yes. In other words, the top echelon of the country, Alexis, Sophia and others, were also unconsciously discriminated against other races. This was evident when they had never heard of discrimination. If they understood it, they would surely do something about it. Since they didn’t do anything, it meant that they didn’t understand the matter either.

No… rather than that, it might be difficult to notice it compared to Camilla. Camilla was educated enough to the point she was able to tutor Soma. But she only received education only after Radeus was established.

Of course, a part of the education had been received up to this point, but it wasn’t possible for Dwarves, a rare race, to receive higher education. Since she became an Appraiser for a Duke household, she was involved in many things, and for that, she got enough knowledge to be a tutor.

It was because of that, Camilla’s common sense was slightly different from that of so-called upper class people. It might be called distortion. She knew what their common sense was, but she didn’t think it was her common sense.

Because of that, Camilla’s perception of the Demons was more discriminatory compared to that of Sofia and others. Unlike those people who were informed of the truth, and knew the truth on top of that, Camilla’s perception of the Demons was the same as those of Veritas people. That was common sense. After knowing the truth, regardless of the education she received, she couldn’t change her common sense. That was why even though she got used to them gradually, she still saw the Demons the same as before.

And when it came to other races, it was the opposite. Camilla wasn’t originally considered as one of the Humanity races, and wasn’t so exclusive to other races.

Still, she lived in an obscure village on the edge of Veritas. The common sense of Veritas was inevitably ingrained. Even when she saw an exclusive scene, she was used to the point that she thought it was common sense.

But it wasn’t the same for Sophia and the rest. They were educated to be exclusive to non-Human races. Although strange ones were clearly excluded by reasons and characters, the common sense must be rooted in the consciousness. Even if they saw something discriminatory, it was highly likely that they decided that it was something normal, and wouldn’t notice it.

Anyhow, it might be something inevitable. If it was done maliciously, and if it was in more explicit form, people might have noticed it. However, since some matters were done unconsciously and it was trivial, it was impossible to notice it unless it was something totally obvious.

This journey itself is showing that meaning to Camilla, but the other matters weren’t seen. She simply didn’t have time or leeway.

Besides, it was questionable if there were solutions to this issue. Every time Camilla arrived into a new town, she felt that her country still had a long way to go, but it was also because she noticed new issues. It made her realize that whether it wasn’t normal to think that it was common occurrences.

On the other hand, if she wasn’t shown this kind of thing, she wouldn’t be able to notice it. In that case, even though many things were seen, there was a possibility that that didn’t cover the whole issue.


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“Hmm…” (Camilla)

“You’ve been making a difficult face since the beginning. What’s wrong? Well, you have that kind of face every time we get to town.” (Soma)

“Hmm? Really? I have no intention to show it on my face…” (Camilla)

“I didn’t ask until now because I’m used to it, but it’s definitely on your face. I was wondering if I should ask you. Maybe, I can do something about it.” (Soma)

“Is that so? I still have a long way to go.” (Camilla)

Certainly, as time went by, the problems continued to accumulate, but that wasn’t related to Soma. However, for Soma to notice her, it would be no good if he got used to it.

Of course, whether these problems had nothing to do with Camilla to begin with.

Yeah, rather thinking about other races, it was much better to think about the Demons. Camilla was thinking about it since she noticed it, but it wasn’t her job to think about it.

…That was probably why she thought about it though.

“Hey, Soma. What would you do if you hurt or make someone dissatisfied because you’re doing something unconsciously? If you know the cause, all you have to do is to fix it, but what if you don’t understand what the problem is or is there a problem in the first place…” (Camilla)

Suddenly, she said it, and when she noticed it, she closed her mouth in a hurry. This wasn’t something she should ask Soma.

Rather, while telling herself that this got nothing to Soma, why did she even do that…

“Hmm? Isn’t it all you have to do is actually ask? Like what is the cause if there’s any dissatisfaction. Well, I don’t know what it is, so it’s possible that I’m saying something irrelevant…” (Soma)

She got the feeling that she was awakened to the truth by the words Soma told as he tilted his head.

That was right. If the other person might be dissatisfied, all she needed to do was to ask.

Camilla was wondering why she didn’t realize such an obvious thing. Then, she immediately struck by the cause of the problem. After all, Camilla still had a discriminatory perception of other races. She didn’t think it should be resolved by asking the reason because she knew that other races had no choice but to tolerate dissatisfaction.

“…Haaa. I really still have a long way to go.” (Camilla)

“Hmm? Is it irrelevant? If so, you can just ignore it…” (Soma)

“That’s not it.” (Camilla)

Saying it irrelevant made her smile.


“I think it was really good to travel with you this time.” (Camilla)

“Oouh? Well, if you say it’s good, then, I’m happy…” (Soma)

Soma showed a puzzled expression which was rare, and her mouth was loosened. At that time, she looked around because of the atmosphere flowing around, rather than because of public gaze.

“Now…is it about time?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… that’s right. I’m glad you notice it.” (Soma)

“Yeah, somehow.” (Camilla)

When Camilla noticed, she was already off the main street and proceeded on a path that looked like a back street.

Although there were many shops on both sides of the street, there were no signs, so she didn’t know what kind of shops they were. Surely, she knew it were shops of craftsman. She wasn’t telling her opinion because it wasn’t the kind of work she did. However, it reminded a certain craftsman she knew well.

Then, Soma’s foot stopped when approaching one corner of such a place.

“Is it here?” (Camilla)

“Maybe. I think so. I only visited this place twice a year ago, and to be honest, there’s a possibility that I am wrong. Well, there’s no doubt that the shop is around here. If it’s different, it’s fine to go in as I see fit.” (Soma)

Camilla didn’t think that was fine, but if there was no other way to confirm it, there was nothing much they could do. In front of her, who was roughly thinking of that, Soma opened the door without hesitation.

“Sorry for intruding… Uhm, I guess I was right.” (Soma)

The later part of those words was probably said toward Camilla. She shrugged her shoulders at the words uttered while he was looking at her.

Then, after Soma, she stepped into the shop.

“Seriously, you have finally come. I have completed it, you know? My best masterpiece, that is. Well, to tell the truth, I’ve been able to satisfy myself only recently, but… uh–…” (Gustav)

Inside the shop, there was a small figure. He was small as a boy, no taller than Soma or Camilla. However, she didn’t think that he was a boy since he was full of beard on his face.

When she wondered who was that person who displayed a confident smile toward Soma, that person, then, looked at her… and she opened her eyes wide. It was almost something that she didn’t expect, and… the other side was probably feeling the same. The reason why Camilla was surprised was because there was a person who she had never thought of being in such a place.

“Is that you… Camilla?” (Gustav)

“…I never thought we would meet in a place like this, Gustav.” (Camilla)

That person was a friend of the same village.



  • FYI, Human race is just human while Humanity are five races that are considered as a part of Human. One of them is the Dwarf race.


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