Ex Strongest Swordsman 227 (Self Edited) – Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 1


Appraiser and Dwarf – Part 1

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Volume 7 starts.

“Ooh…?” (Camilla)

While going through an unfamiliar street, Camilla murmured as if she was impressed.

Despite the fact that it was a street, most of the paths she walked until now didn’t give a feeling that they were streets. As for this situation, it couldn’t be helped to think that was it really here?

Anyhow, whether it was true or not, she was impressed with the appearance of the town beyond her eyes.

“I see. Certainly, there’s no mistake.” (Camilla)

“That’s what I told you. I’m not making mistakes.” (Soma)

When Camilla turned toward the disgruntled voice, she could see a disgruntled face. She gave a bitter smile to Soma, who was staring at her, and shrugged her shoulders.

“Sorry for thinking about that, but isn’t it natural to doubt when considering how much you have traveled?” (Camilla)

“Well, it would be hard to argue with that…” (Soma)

When they progressed while talking about such a thing, they were able to see the town clearly. Of course, Camilla didn’t know the details of what was inside, but…

“Hmm… I’m not sure whether I should say this or not, but this doesn’t seem like a town that I know.” (Camilla)

“Are you still saying that? I think it’s time to get used to it…” (Soma)

“I understand it in my mind, but I was taught of it as a common sense. Surely, a preconceived notion usually comes first.” (Camilla)

“Is there such a thing?” (Soma)

“Yes. Well, it’s time that I am able to notice it. There’s no difference between the Demons and us.” (Camilla)

When Camilla looked up while muttering that, the blue sky spread out there. It was a matter of course, but it was the same sky as when she looked up at Radeus.

And when she looked down, it was the same thing. In particular, since Radeus was praised as a multiracial country, compared to other countries, there were various races there. There wasn’t much difference from what she saw here and in Radeus even if there were some cultural differences.

The Demons and Humans. Camilla understood the fact that there was really no difference between the Demons and Humans from a real experience, rather than from knowledge.

However, to begin with, the reason why Camilla was here in the Demon territory was supposed to be an inspection. It had been almost a year since the assault of the Demon King on the royal capital of Radeus. The Royal Academy had been reopened this year, and the reconstruction of the royal capital was gradually underway.

But originally, the country called Radeus was rather a country that had been established recently, and it was hard to say that the country was stable. There was an assault on the royal capital and the royal capital was half destroyed. It could be said that the conditions were sufficient for the country to shake.

Still, it didn’t happen because it was the Demon King who attacked the royal capital, and more importantly, there was a track record of repelling the assault even though it had been left partially destroyed. In short, if this situation was repeated, the assault would be looked up to the point it might physically crush them. When the internal matter of Radeus was considered, it could be said that it was more decent than before.

However, it didn’t happen much because there wasn’t enough manpower to support such a situation. Rather than saying that the reconstruction of the capital was gradually progressing forward, it was actually more on the reconstruction that could only be done gradually.

The country couldn’t afford to do anything extra. The internal matter was manageable, but the external matter was another thing. If a war happened somewhere, regardless how small the aggressor forces were, the country couldn’t stand as it was.

That was why this outing was an inspection. There were many things the country didn’t know about the Demons.

Was there a possibility of a war to happen in this situation? If so, could it be somehow avoided? Hence, this trip was supposed to be an inspection to investigate such a possibility.

Strictly speaking, it should be mentioned that way.

“Hmm… by the way, have you found any means to avoid the war with the Demons?” (Soma)

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“To be frank… well, we can manage it somehow. Rather, even if I don’t do anything, the official stand is being readied. So, it’s futile for me to do it seriously.” (Camilla)

“That order should come from the country, but are you fine with that?” (Soma)

“It’s fine. This outing is to investigate the situation of the Demons, right? If I get that done properly, it’s good enough. The rest is just the matter of the official stand.” (Camilla)

Of course, Camilla and others have heard about the person Soma met at the Demon Castle. That was why they knew that the Demons wouldn’t set up a war with them.

Rather, it should be said that they knew this fact from the beginning. The Demons stopped invading after the Hero disappeared. They couldn’t guess what it meant. However, the country, Radeus, wasn’t an incompetent country to not able to guess why.

On the other hand, they didn’t confirm any information. More importantly, if they make a public statement out of it, they couldn’t predict what kind of action the country, Veritas, would take. After all, the one who actively showed low opinion of them was Veritas. And it was also them who was the first to form the Demon King Subjugation Unit and send the Hero.

Moreover, the Hero who seemed to have defeated the Demon King was the Hero who Veritas acknowledged. No matter how that information was thought about, it wouldn’t look good in any way. So, that information was only held by those higher ups.

It might not be necessary to worry about Veritas anymore, but now, it might be the right time. It was good to be on the alert.

That was because they were wondering if there would be something from the Veritas side during the reconstruction phase, but there was no such a movement in particular. On the contrary, the other side was still in disorder. There were various stories spreading out such as there was a civil war or the country was about to divide. Surely, Veritas was in the middle of confusion.

However, that was why it was possible for them to jump into this matter to bring Veritas to stand together. Radeus shouldn’t provide them any extra information. Thus, this inspection also could be considered for the public stand. Incidentally, there were various disturbing elements in this matter, so Radeus just released necessary information for the sake of public stand.

Anyhow, even if someone made up stories, it would be suspicious if Radeus didn’t do anything. Besides, Camilla was chosen because she should actually see the Demons once.

By the way, the reason why Camilla was chosen was because she had the most spare time among the powerful people. Even though she has been continuing to be a lecturer at this Academy safely this year, she was now on a long holiday. Camilla had nothing to do, so the inspection was just right for her.

However, the biggest factor why she was chosen was because she was close to Soma. If anything, the mission this time was to accompany Soma.

“Well now, once we reach there, it will be the final turning point, is it? It felt strangely long for the time that has passed.” (Camilla)

“Well, it was a place I wasn’t used to, and I had to go through it all the time. Is it because of that?” (Soma)

“No, it is because of your fault, and you’re trying to shift it around, isn’t it?” (Camilla)

“…Hmm?” (Soma)

Soma looked like he was confused, but that was actually his line. Did that meant that she wasn’t aware while they were doing various things? As far as the story went, since he had to do many things like now during the travel before this, did that make him not care too much about it?

“No, it’s probably because it’s you, Soma.” (Camilla)

“…I think you are being unfair, you know?” (Soma)

“Unfortunately, that is a right assessment. At least, everyone believes that except you.” (Camilla)

“…I don’t get it.” (Soma)

While they were having such an exchange, they approached a place where they could see the appearance of the gate clearly.

It seemed that there were a certain number of people who were waiting to enter the town, and their appearances were still diverse. While moving the eyes to take a good look at the town, Camilla unexpectedly squinted her eyes.

“So, someone inside there is making your sword… Is that person able to satisfy your need?” (Camilla)

“Maybe, it has been completed? Well, it’s just an intuition.” (Soma)

“You won’t say anything else but intuition. Well, that’s why we came to this place.” (Camilla)

Yes, that was the main reason why they came to this place. Soma was about to receive his sword that he requested a year ago.

Of course there were some twists and turns before that, but… that wouldn’t be explained now. In conclusion, this trip was judged to be necessary, or because Soma thought that the sword had been completed.

“Hmm… as expected, I should be sorry.” (Soma)

“What? Don’t worry about it. I just want to mention it, alright. In fact, those people also admitted this is necessary, and I’m also the same. Although a part of the reason is for the public stand, there are other good reasons to come here. Besides… I’m seriously curious about the blacksmith you mentioned.” (Soma)

She didn’t usually pay attention even to herself, but Camilla was a Dwarf, and Dwarves and blacksmithing were closely related. It was said that the Dwarves were having a top notch blacksmithing skill, and they were capable of producing something more powerful than the human counterpart.

That was a fact, of course. In fact, all Camilla acquaintances who were Dwarves, were on the road to blacksmithing.

However, that was a common thing among them, and Camilla was an exception. Camilla herself had no talent in blacksmithing.

Anyhow, she didn’t feel bad about it, and she had never been jealous or resentful. But blacksmithing was something she was familiar with, so what would be like the person that was recognized by Soma?

“…I wonder if those guys are doing well.” (Camilla)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“Aah, no. I’m just talking to myself. Don’t worry about it.” (Camilla)

Since she rarely got involved in blacksmithing, she remembered it because she felt nostalgic. She supposed that those people were doing well. Like Camilla, the Dwarves are a dying race, but they were strangely tenacious.

“Hmm… is that so?” (Soma)

“That’s right. It’s almost there, so can we just line up like this?” (Camilla)

“Hmm. If it’s the same as before, there should be no problem.” (Soma)

“Alright. Shall we?” (Camilla)

Then, as she agreed with Soma, they headed for the gate of the town while looking forward to getting a bit closer to the gate.


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