Ex Strongest Swordsman 226 (Self Edited) – Temporary Rest


Temporary Rest

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When Soma woke up suddenly, a familiar scene spread in his field of view. It might be said that he was tired of seeing it rather than getting used to it, but then, he let out a sigh toward the usual ceiling, which was just beyond his line of sight.

After all, he had been watching the ceiling for about a month. It would be inevitable to let out a sigh.

When he woke up while thinking about such a thing, there was still a sight that he was getting tired of seeing. At the beginning, he thought it had been a while to see it, but now, he didn’t feel so. It was obvious to feel bored after watching it for a month.

“Well…” (Soma)

As Soma mumbled and looked out of the window, the sky began to turn white. It had been a long time since he woke up slightly later in the morning.

He reflexively stretched his arms, probably because he was focusing about the future, and suddenly, he frowned as pain struck.

“Hmmm… although it has been considerably healed, is it still painful to move carelessly? It seems that it will take some time until it is completely healed…” (Soma)

On the other hand, it meant that the arm was healed to the point where it wouldn’t hurt unless he moved it carelessly. If he tried to move the other parts of the body while paying attention to the right arm, he wouldn’t feel any pain. Soma nodded in satisfaction once he was convinced with that, and…

“If I do it lightly, it wouldn’t be a problem.” (Soma)

“Heh… I wonder what you are going to do lightly, and what seems to be no problem?” (A???)

Soma muttered ‘Hmm’ once at the reply that he didn’t expect since he was speaking to himself. The eyes that had been directed at the right arm, was redirected toward outside of the window. Then, he narrowed his eyes.

“Well, it’s a refreshing morning. Shouldn’t I do something?” (Soma)

“Hey, wait a sec…! Are you trying to do something while pretending you’re not aware of your condition, even though I’m sure you’re aware of it!?” (A???)

“Hmm? Oh, Aina, have you come? By the way, why are you shouting in the morning? You’re disturbing the neighborhood. you know?” (Soma)

“Youuu…!” (Aina)

And Soma thought he could just sweep the matter under the rug by saying something foolish, but as expected, that didn’t work. He looked at her and shrugged.

“…So, what were you trying to do?” (Aina)

“It’s not a big deal. Rather than just me getting bored, this body of mine feels dull. I just wanted to do light training.” (Soma)

“Haa… I was wondering about it…” (Aina)

Soma shrugged again at the eyes that looked amazed, together with a sigh. Even if she saw him in that way, there was nothing much he could do because he really had too much spare time. Rather, she should praise him for staying quiet for a month.

“By the way, why are you acting like that? I don’t remember being shown such a behavior before…” (Soma)

“I don’t have such a behavior, alright. It’s just strange that you’re staying obedient. I thought that it was time for you to do something. Well, I was going to see you for a while in the morning, but I didn’t expect what you wanted to do in the early morning.” (Aina)

“Hmm… will it backfire even if I do it carefully? Something like this will happen sooner or later… Hmm, I’ll be careful from now on.” (Soma)

“Hey, what kind of misguided reflection you have!? Did you really mean it…!?” (Aina)

“Hmm? Is that wrong? Then, why did you say it like that?” (Soma)

“Your behavior is just way too much, so why don’t you stay quiet, alright!? Hey, don’t tell me that you forgot that you have been told to have a complete rest!?” (Aina)

“That’s rude. I remember it properly, you know.” (Soma)

That was why he rested obediently even though he was bored. If he hadn’t been told that, he would probably have been up and running around since a week earlier.

“A week earlier… didn’t you say that there was pain when you moved your body for the first week or so?” (Aina)

“Hmm, I did say so. But I will get used to the pain soon. You see, it’s similar to muscle ache.” (Soma)

“That’s totally different, alright! Muscle pain and compound fractures aren’t the same things!” (Aina)

“That’s an exaggeration… Well, it’s not like my arms got blown away, so it’s the same when it will heal over time if I leave it alone, yes?” (Soma)

“Well, yeah, it may sound the same, but… it actually means that you leave it to the complete resting so it doesn’t get worse!” (Aina)

Since it would get stronger than before if it got worse. He could make it worse to some extent, but… since the situation would heat up if he mentioned it, so he remained silent. If Soma said that it was alright to make it worse, or it was alright since he had experienced it before, he would probably make her more angry.

“Goodness, seriously…! To begin with, you’re having too much spare time because a part of the reason is due to your own mistake.” (Aina)

“…Well, when you say it that way, I can’t say anything else.” (Soma)

Certainly, he was basically healed… or rather, he didn’t even have to get injured to begin with. At that time, he didn’t have to use a secret technique against the opponent, the Demon King. That caused his arm to break, so he had no other choice but to have spare time since he was told to get a complete rest.

Yes… it had been a month since the Demon King attacked the royal capital and he defeated him.

“However, although this is certainly my fault, but… at the same time, it’s only a part of the reason…” (Soma)

“…What do you mean?” (Aina)

“No, it’s nothing. Rather than the royal castle, don’t you think that there was something that I could do to make the Academy safe?” (Soma)

“Don’t you dare to think about that! Anyhow, that place is safe, so it wouldn’t change the fact that you need a complete rest!” (Aina)

“Well, I guess that’s true.” (Soma)

Rather, it was possible that the surveillance was strengthened, so it might be less convenient that it was now. However, that matter was that matter, this matter was this matter. In fact, the royal capital and the Academy were safe. Soma didn’t have to go there for now.

In conclusion, the royal capital was half destroyed and the Academy was even more. Even if it was completely destroyed, it was no exaggeration to say that they suffered damage. But, it was caused by the monsters, not the Demon King himself. A part of the reason was what happened after the Demon King was defeated.

The movement of the monsters was somehow manipulated when he was alive, but when it changed immediately after he was defeated. Instead of losing control, the monsters were suddenly rampaging on the spot, destroying anything around them.

It wasn’t known whether such a matter was intended or not, but that was what happened. The fact that half of the royal capital was destroyed showing how much damage was done by the monsters as they destroyed the surroundings.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of the royal capital were barely harmed, but they couldn’t help since the place they lived was destroyed. By guaranteeing the life of the country, the inhabitants had to be sheltered in the surrounding villages and towns until the royal capital could recover, but it was said that it would take several years to recover at a rapid pace. If the Academy was safe, it would be sooner, but… the damage to the Academy was worse, so it couldn’t be helped.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Speaking of the Academy, the fact that the monsters were scattered to some extent when the Demon King was defeated was one of the factors that contributed to the damage. Strictly speaking, the most contributing factor of the damage was probably not supposed to be talked about. Although it wasn’t officially disclosed, the damage at the academy was man made.

When they found out that the scattered monsters, there were only two measures to take. It was whether to prioritize minimizing the damage to the Academy by searching the rampaging monsters one by one and destroying them, or to assume the worst situation and prioritize the destruction of the monsters as soon as possible.

Needless to say about the former option, the worst situation that could happen if the monsters got out of the Academy. Those monsters that were in the Academy only stuck in one place, so if people protected the Academy, the damage was only done to the buildings, but… if the monsters got out of the Academy… it wasn’t longer the downtown of the royal capital. Although the inhabitants had taken shelter, they were scattered around. If the monsters attacked there… Well, that was it.

As a result, the Academy staff chose the latter option. They chose to protect the inhabitants of the royal capital  over protecting the Academy. Although Camilla was protecting the frontline of the Academy, Hildegard and other teachers all supported the decision. Rather, they were praised for making an accurate and quick decision.

Apparently, Camilla felt responsible, so she seemed to take the initiative to help with the reconstructions of the Academy. If anything, Aina was even more depressed than Camilla. That was because Camilla was the one who made the decision, but Aina was the one who persecuted it.

But, it was obvious that Aina wasn’t the only one who persecuted the instruction. The others were Sheila and Felicia.

Originally, Felicia shouldn’t have fighting capability, but… it seemed that she got a trump card. Judging from the situation heard, Soma thought that it was appropriate, but he wondered whether she couldn’t wait any longer. If she waited, it would be easier to deceive the public.

Considering the situation, it was obvious that Felicia used her trump card, and if he considered the latter option, it was going to be tedious. It seemed that the matter wasn’t being investigated for now because of the slow reconstruction process, but as expected, it wouldn’t go away, and it wasn’t possible to forget it. It was dangerous to leave the matter as it was.

Soma thought it was fine to explain it properly, but on the other hand, he needed to explain it. It was very troublesome considering how much he had to explain.

However, he couldn’t blame her decision. After all, he wasn’t in a situation that could be easily explained to people. However, he couldn’t say that he was relieved. It was partly because of the appearance. Anyhow, the Academy was almost destroyed because of the monsters. So, it was great that he could shift the blame to the monsters. Still, it wasn’t enough to dispel Aina’s feeling of guilt. It seemed that he could finally say it as if this was a joke, but… this was likely to drag for a while.

By the way, the place where Soma was in was in his room in the mansion of the Neumont Duchy. The Academy’s dormitory was caught up in the situation and it was a total loss. Originally, he should be there, but since he couldn’t help with anything, he went back.

Incidentally, the school was now completely closed. Obviously, there was no lesson available. It took about a year to resume the Academy, and if he passed the examination at that time, he could move to the next grade without the need to repeat the year. Of course, he had to repeat if he didn’t pass the examination. However, because of the situation, it was said that there were many considerations about the matter.

For that reason, the Academy was currently undergoing rapid recovery, but most of the people involved were related to the Academy. It seemed that Helen and Lars were pushed around, and among those people, Felicia was secretly blended in. There were two reasons for that. One, Felicia destroyed half of the Academy, and the other was it was something that she could do.

It was partly because of the second reason, Felicia wasn’t so depressed. If anything, it was because she knew who she was. At that time, Felicia knew that it was the best course of action, and if she believed that, there was no reason to be depressed.

Moreover, it was something that only Felicia could do. Of course, that was Curse Magic. Soma had told Hildegard about Felicia, and she affirmed that she could hide her without any problems. Felicia helping with the work wasn’t because she wanted to return the favor, but it was because she wanted help out.

Well, if it was Hildegard, she wouldn’t force Felicia to use her power, so there should be no problem. In fact, the Academy should be reconstructed as soon as possible. Soma still wanted to learn a lot in the Academy, and more importantly, it was something needed for Felicia.

No matter how much Hildegard tried to hide the fact, there was a limit of what she could do especially when the Academy was closed. In order to do that, it was necessary for the Academy to recover.

It was partly because of that, Soma hadn’t talked about Felicia with the Academic staff, including Camilla, and also Sophia. It would be nice to hide the fact that she was a Witch, but… it would be too optimistic to think that would work forever. For now, thanks to Hildegard, she was able to do something about it, but there seemed to be something else that needed to be considered.

“Hmm… As expected, I should resume training as soon as possible.” (Soma)

“If you suddenly think about something, why do you have to say that!?” (Aina)

“Well, I have given a lot of thoughts. Regarding Felicia, I expect there will be a lot of things involving her. In that case, it would be better to get healed even just a little bit faster.” (Soma)

“I understand what you are trying to say, but can you act more mature! Anyhow, Sheila is over there, so you don’t have to worry about it, alright.” (Aina)

“Hmm… Yes, well.” (Soma)

Sheila was over there to help Felicia. Speaking of which, those who helped for the reconstruction over there, including Hildegard and Felicia, would use the buildings leftover there. It seemed they were staying overnight to help with the reconstruction. Even so, Sheila had nothing to do with the damage to the surroundings, so she got nothing to do with having depression.

The reason why Aina was still depressed probably because she couldn’t help with the reconstruction. It was inevitable because she wasn’t suited to do the job. Hence, she took a role to take care of Soma, but… this matter was this matter, that matter was that matter. This wasn’t something that Soma could say, so Aina had no choice to overcome that feeling herself.

“Hmmm… since there are only two people here, I was expecting you to make some interesting reaction.” (Soma)

“Wha…? Wh-what are you saying so suddenly…!?” (Aina)

“ As expected of you, Aina.” (Soma)

“You…!” (Aina)

Soma shrugged his shoulders at Aina, who stared at him back. In fact, it would be more interesting with the usual Aina. It didn’t happen because she was depressed.

Seriously, the arm really needed to heal.

“Well, now that I think of it, today is the day Mother and others return.” (Soma)

“Eh? Is that so?” (AIna)

“Hmm. I don’t think it’s impossible to make mistakes since the daily routine is the same.” (Soma)

“Although you mostly stay in the bed all the time, you still remember it. I have no excuse for myself…” (Aina)

“You’re taking things seriously as always, aren’t it?” (Soma)

It was possible for Aina to keep feeling depressed.

By the way, it was true that only Soma and Aina were in the mansion at this moment. As a result of the reconstruction of the royal capital, the reconstruction of the Neumont Duchy was obviously delayed. Therefore, the people in the territory who had evacuated and the attendants hadn’t returned yet.

In addition, Sophia and others were helping with the reconstruction of the royal capital. Lina also seemed to be helping there… or rather, the main reason why they didn’t recover here was because they were now living in the royal capital and continuing to recover there. Apparently, Sylvia was also helping with the reconstruction. It seemed that there wasn’t enough manpower, so it might be inevitable that this Duchy was left behind.

However, it was no good to just leave it alone. Therefore, they were supposed to come back here for one day of one week. If anything, it was only for the public appearance.

“Speaking of that, are you trying to train on the day when they come back?” (Aina)

“Hmm. I was thinking whether I should surprise them…” (Soma)

“What kind of surprise is that!?” (Aina)

Anyhow, they usually returned at night or early in the morning. It was rather normal to aim for it in the early morning of the day–…

“I’m home!” (Lina)

“It’s fine to be excited, but… wouldn’t you wake up that boy with that voice?” (Sophia)

“Seriously.. who’s going to surprise with that?” (Hildegard)

“But, if you think properly since this is Soma, he might have noticed before she did that, right?” (Camilla)

“Certainly, that seems so. Speaking of that, Soma-san seems to have already got up. He’s probably trying something weird again.” (Felicia)

“Aah… is that so? I guess you’re right.” (Camilla)

“…It’s troubling that I can’t deny it.” (Felicia)

Then, he instinctively looked at Aina since their voices were heard suddenly. Aina also had a confused expression. Apparently, she didn’t hear.

“You seem surprised. As expected, it’s about time.” (Soma)

“You’re not explaining properly, alright. Shouldn’t you thank me? They will scold you if you really go out for training.” (Aina)

“Well, I’m sure you will tell them later, so I think it doesn’t make any difference, right?” (Soma)

“I know you get it, so why don’t you be nice, and stop from doing that…” (Aina)

Soma shrugged his shoulders at Aina who seemed to give up. He probably couldn’t help it since that was normal.

“Now, it’s a long-awaited meeting. Let’s go meet them.” (Soma)

“Even if they said it quietly, can you still hear them? Well, I’m sure they’ll be more happy if you greet them, so I have no intention to stop it from the beginning.” (Aina)

“I’m not going to overdo things. One of the reasons is to show that I’m fine for now.” (Soma)

While talking about such a thing, Soma got out from the bed, and started walking. During that time, Aina was watching him in order to make sure that he was fine.

Soma made a bitter smile, since she didn’t really trust him at all.

“Whose fault is this? I mean, when I look at you closely, you’ve changed your clothes… when did you do it?” (Aina)

“That’s in the middle of the night, I think? It’s normal to prepare early, right?” (Soma)

“I don’t disagree with that, but that’s not the issue. Your clothes will wrinkle.” (Aina)

“What? Even if the clothes wrinkle, it doesn’t make me die. To begin with, you have no time to worry about wrinkles in the battlefield.” (Soma)

“This isn’t a battlefield…” (Aina)

As Soma watched Aina letting out a sigh, he took a step. While listening to the downstairs, where he could hear lively voices, he suddenly wondered.

“That reminds me, why does Hildegard come here as if it is something normal?” (Soma)

“Yes? Why did you say that?” (Aina)

“No, I don’t think there’s a problem with Mother, Lina and Camilla, as well as Felicia. It’s my responsibility to take care of Felicia. Rather, it’s natural. It would be natural for Sheila to come along since she’s worried about Felicia. But what about Hildegard?” (Soma)

This was the fourth time Sophia and the rest have returned to this mansion since the reconstruction of the royal capital began. The main reason was to heal the tiredness that they couldn’t do it in the royal capital and the Academy. There was a good reason for everyone to come back.

However, Hildegard had no reason.

“Hey, if you say that, she will get angry, you know? She has been taking care of Felicia.” (Aina)

“Well, I’m just making a joke since I couldn’t think of her reason, but I was a bit concerned why she came here so naturally. It’s just weird that she comes as if this is her place.” (Soma)

“She’s a higher up person, so I don’t think that needs to be said to you, yes?” (Aina)

“How can that be… It’s rumored that no one is humble as me.” (Soma)

“That rumor is probably because of something wrong in your head. You need to get it check as soon as possible.” (Aina)

“Aren’t you harsh…?” (Soma)

“You reap what you sow. Please bear in mind.” (Aina)

“Hmm, doesn’t it seem to be a problem?” (Soma)

“Yes, yes, I thought you would say it… goodness.” (Aina)

Aina muttered as if she was amazed, but… a small smile floated around that mouth. It might be absurd, but if she could smile no matter how depressed she was, it wouldn’t be long before she regained herself. While thinking about that, Soma opened the door. Then, together with Aina, he headed out to meet everyone.



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