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Everyone in the place heard an unpleasant sound.

The reaction split into two at the next moment. One looked happy and the other looked gloomy. As for the latter, it was almost close to despair. Nevertheless, it never became a feeling of despair because they knew what it meant, and that was probably because their mind was stronger than anything else.

But because of that fact was known, the former–… No, the Demon King looked more joyful. The anger that he had so much before could be ignored. He thought that if this could give them despair, it fitted the occasion.

However, he was frustrated at the same time because the person, who should feel despair first, didn’t seem to feel despair at all. While knowing the sword in hand, the boy, Soma, only looked at it once. Without any further reaction, he walked at a brisk pace.

There was no frustration on that face, but… the reason why the demon King smiled deeply because he judged that the boy was bluffing. Certainly, showing frustration in this situation would only put him at a disadvantage. If so, it would be more natural to behave like there was nothing.

Although he only looked like a boy, the Demon King wasn’t stupid enough to look down on him. But at the same time, he thought of something. After all, it was nothing more than shallow thinking.

It was true that a sword had its blade, and once the sword disappeared, people such as swordsmen became powerless. In that case, trying to bluff and become despair in the end made the Demon King smile even further.

But still, he didn’t let his guard down. What came to his mind was the old memory where he was defeated by someone called a Hero.

He knew that it was a horrible memory, but that was something that he shouldn’t forget. Anyhow, during that time, he was careless and he was defeated. He couldn’t repeat the same mistake anymore.

So, immediately after that, the Demon King attacks without slightest hesitation at all. He unleashed the jet-black spheres similar to the earlier attack. The scene where the jet-black spheres slashed and dispersed as the boy approaching was incredible no matter how many times he saw it. While raising the end of the mouth reaching to his ear when the sound echoed again, he kept throwing attacks one after another.

The jet-black sphere held the intention of destroying everything. Strictly speaking, it should be called a sphere-like object, but it didn’t have a physical appearance.

It didn’t have any mass, and it was something more like shadow. At the moment of impact, the place was filled with the intention of the Demon King, trying to destroy the target by overwriting the world. Rather than a destruction, the target would begin to disintegrate as a result of being destroyed.

In other words, it was a Conceptual Rank attack, and it was a powerful force that could even reverse the cause and effect. Of course, it wasn’t possible to touch it, and it wasn’t going to be sliced apart. Therefore, the scene before the Demon King was to be something impossible, but… he didn’t pay much attention to it.

There was no doubt that it was impossible, but if he said that, it was also impossible to say that the Demon King was defeated last time. The Demon King at that time was definitely approaching the place closest to God. Even if a dragon attacked with all its might, he wouldn’t be hurt.

Nevertheless, he lost. By a single human being named a Hero.

Of course, the Hero might have been supported by the world, and there might be that the Demon king was conceited. However, the outcome was impossible. It just didn’t make sense.

No matter how powerful that Hero may be, a human was a human. For example, even if he hit with the power that enough to break a star, he was within the Demon King’s territory at that time, so he shouldn’t be able to destroy a single vital point of his barrier.

However, the Hero easily defeated such a Demon King. Just as a God who was once called the Evil God was destroyed by a mere human being called a Hero.

That was why the Demon King realized there. It was likely there would be someone like that born among men occasionally.

Once he realized that fact, it didn’t matter anymore. No matter how powerful he was and how close he was to God… even if it was God itself, it was likely to be defeated.

Then, it wouldn’t be strange if someone, who could defeat God, could be defeated by the Demon King. In other words, the fact was simple.

The scene that was happening before him was confirming the Demon King’s thought. It seemed that the boy had enough power to defeat the Demon King. That was from the way he sliced apart the jet-black spheres filled with his intention, which couldn’t be sliced by nature. The Demon King had that certainty.

But he was pushing the boy to the corner. At this time, Soma still wielded his sword and continued to slash the approaching Demon King’s intention, but the sword’s crack was also getting worse. In addition, there were few parts where the blade didn’t exist anymore on that sword. It wouldn’t be long until his sword shattered, and that would be his end.

Until that time arrives, the Demon King wouldn’t relax, and when that happened, the future of Soma would be decided. But… the Demon King was putting effort way too much.

He, who was once dead, had lost much of his power compared to that time. Moreover, it couldn’t be recovered by ordinary means.

The Demon King, who was still close to the place of God after being resurrected, was more like an illusion-type species. Unlike humans, the strength didn’t increase when trained, and the only way to regain strength was to wait for the passage of time or to deprive others.

However, it wasn’t easy to deprive others. Honestly, it was inefficient. Most of the power disappeared when he consumed it, and it took some time to get used to the power taken away.

Furthermore, while getting used to it, he wouldn’t be able to recover as much power as he went over time, and it was likely that he recovered faster without depriving others. If the opponent’s power wasn’t too strong, there was no point in taking it, and it could even be harmful.

In addition, now, with the newly acquired power, it was possible to feed on the fear and despair of people, and use it as his own power. This was also inefficient since he wasn’t used to it, but no matter how weak the opponent was, only a small amount of power could be gained. Hence, there was no difference in gaining power. With that in mind, he had never deprived others this time around, but… that boy would be well worth the try.

Besides, it might be a rare case, but he could gain new power by depriving him. That mysterious phenomenon continued even now. When he thought that he could do that, it was only natural that the Demon king opened his mouth there.

“Hmm.. how absurd is this. What a strange appearance. Well, this is because you go against me, so of course, it’s natural.” (Demon King)

It wasn’t Soma who responded to those words, but the people behind. Perhaps, they opened his mouth to refute something, but then, they realized that they weren’t in a position to say anything, so they couldn’t say it. In the end, they fell silent. The reason why the Demon King snorted in satisfaction was because Soma was calm as usual and showed no reaction.

However, when the Demon King considered whether the boy was trying to bluff, he didn’t get angry even though he thought that it was absurd. He continued thinking that while wondering how long Soma could keep that attitude.

“You will definitely die if you keep this way. It’s miserable, meaningless and worthless. That’s what you understand best, right? No matter how strong you are, the fact remains the same. Well, if you’re going to die without admitting that, you can do whatever you like.” (Demon King)

“Hmm. If so, what about it? You wouldn’t forgive me even if I beg for my life, right?” (Soma)

“Hmmph… of course.” (Demon King)

Rather, if Soma did that, he would be crushed on the spot without the need to deprive his power. A fool who thought that he would be safe if he begged the Demon King for his life, wasn’t worth keeping even a second. That same goes for his power.


“If you beg, I would make the most of your power, you know? If the situation remains as it is, you will leave nothing and disappear without a trace. Then, by leaving that power to me, wouldn’t it mean that you were alive?” (Demon King)

“Hmm. Could it be that you let the monsters go on a rampage in this capital and go wild here because of that reason?” (Soma)

“Hah, there’s no way that could be true. Whatever it is, I did it because of gain and hobby. Well, I have ordered the monsters to reserve any that might be useful to me, but I don’t think there is such a person here.” (Demon King)

In the unlikely event of a possibility, the Demon King would go to a place where there was someone as powerful as possible, and probably even the strongest in this country. However, there was no way to expect that.

Strictly speaking, what he wanted the most was to inherit the blood of the Demon King, but that was something that couldn’t be found in such a place. The only reason why he let the monsters go on rampage was to sprinkle fear and despair.

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“…Is that so?” (Soma)

“Now, shall I tell you the answer? Well, I don’t think you ever hear it.” (Demon King)

“I guess so. In the first place, I was wondering why you were nodding.” (Soma)

“Hmmph. Are you a fool? Very well. You don’t realize I was trying to be generous… Well, if you want, you can die in a meaningless way.” (Demon King)

“Hmm… aren’t you the fool one when you’re still nodding in this situation? After all, I was right there until I reached you.” (Soma)

It certainly was true. When the Demon King noticed, there was a figure of Soma in front of him. If Soma took one step further, the sword in his hand would reach the body of the Demon King.

But, even if that was understood, the Demon King wouldn’t move from the spot. There were two reasons. It was unnecessary and it only gave an adverse effect.

To begin with, the Demon King understood that Soma could reach him. Still, he was staying there because he knew that if he exposed an opening, he could be hit and cut in a moment. He could only release the jet black sphere, and that couldn’t be done when he moved around. To put it simply, it was best to stay on the spot, and continue to attack. Unnecessary movement would be counterproductive.

It was still the same now… More importantly–…

“Hmm… Surely, it is as you say, but with that sword…?” (Demon King)

Yes, the sword might reach his body only if the sword was still a proper sword. However, the sword in Soma’s hand had fissures all over its body. It was clear that the sword had reached its limit, and it was rather strange that the shape of the sword was still retained. There was no mistake, it wouldn’t be able to endure the next blow.

In that way, there was no problem whether Soma was in front of him or not. Although Soma’s power was powerful, it was clear from this distance that he couldn’t be a threat without using a sword.

That was the reason why the Demon King talked unnecessarily while remaining calm until Soma reached him.

“I see, surely this sword will not hold. It has worked hard until now.” (Soma)

“So, are you going to beg? If you were pleased with those words and attitudes, wouldn’t it better to let me use that power?” (Demon King)

“That is unpleasant. After all, I don’t do what I don’t need to do.” (Soma)

“Hmm… is that your last word? You’re still a fool until the last moment.” (Demon King)

Two jet-black spheres had already been prepared. Then, there was no need for other things.

As it should be, the two spheres moved at the same time. Soma took a step as the Demon King matched with his intentions. Jet-black and dull color clashed. A high-pitched, unpleasant sound that never heard until now echoed.

Soma’s sword, which had reached its limit, was destroyed. Everything, including the handle, was broken into pieces and fell from his hand. There was nothing left in his hand. Perhaps, since the one he was clenching was gone, his hand opened as if he had lost his strength. Then, another jet black that was on the left jumped in.

The result was no different from what the Demon King had expected, and he snorted again. Sylvia, who was looking at the scene from the rear, gazed at them. Without being able to do anything, what she could do was to look at it until the end. And Soma was staring straight ahead, just as he did before this, let out a breath as if he was amazed.

Immediately after, he took the last step. His arm was swung, and the Demon King’s body was slashed at an angle with the approaching jet-black sphere.

“…Wha?” (??)

Even the Demon King didn’t know whose mouth the murmur leaked. No matter who’s mouth it came from, it wasn’t strange. The Demon King himself was no exception.

He couldn’t understand. Soma should neither have a spare sword.

No, he didn’t even have it now. He didn’t have a knife in his hand. He just has an open hand.

“H-how could this be… you’re supposed to be a swordsman.” (Demon King)

“Hmm? Well, that’s right. I really want to say that I am an aspiring mage, but as long as I can’t use any magic, I have no choice but to say that I’m a swordsman.” (Soma)

“T-then… how? Why are you alive? How could you erase my intention, and why is my body hurt!? Y-you don’t even have a sword!” (Demon King)

“What are you talking about? If it’s a sword, I have it? It’s here.” (Soma)

Soma then pointed to his right hand. Fingers were aligned and stretched straight, and only the thumb was bent toward the palm.

That was it. Seriously, that was all to it.

“A-are you… are you kidding me…! I…!” (Demon King)

In an instant, every leeway he had was blown away. The scars that conveyed pain displayed the fact, but the Demon King couldn’t admit such things.

At that moment, a jet-black sphere appeared around him, as if to respond to his shout. Soma hit it in the same way as before, and… it was ripped apart, just in the same way as before.

With bare hands. Moreover, that included the body of the Demon King.

“Ugh…!?” (Demon King)

“Even if you say such a thing, you are actually being done with this kind of thing. You should face reality, you know? Well, if you don’t want to admit, that’s fine.” (Soma)

The Demon King threw his intention while biting his teeth as if he was rephrasing the words earlier. His intention should fill the world, but it disappeared without a trace. On the other hand, the wounds on his body increased.

The pain that gradually became stronger was something he didn’t even feel when fighting the Hero. In the first place, the Demon King and the Hero unleashed each other’s strongest attack, so it disappeared without having the time to feel pain, but…

“Hmm… As I expected, I don’t think I can use full power with this hand sword. For some reason, I can’t be convinced. Hmm, should I have picked up a wooden stick on the way here? I think I should be satisfied with that, right?” (Soma)

“–!?” (Demon King)

The words seemed like a joke, but the gaze turned was very cold. The Demon King’s life was being scraped away little by little, calmly and ruthlessly.

The moment he understood it, he leaped from the scene. He had no time to think that the chase would be immediate, and he felt that he had to escape from that place right now.

However, realizing that it was nothing but an escape, the Demon King bit his teeth. He looked at himself, and… he decided. This wasn’t already the situation to talk about the small details.

“…Very well. Certainly, I admit it. I can’t even beat you with your bare hands. Now, I am in a predicament because I underestimated you. But.. if it is so, I’ll kill you here. Even if I have to trade my life…!” (Demon King)

At the moment of screaming, a jet-black vortex began to swirl around the Demon King. It grew little by little and began to swallow things around it.

What it swallowed crumbled and began to disappear. There was no exception, even for the Demon King.

His purpose was the destruction of the world. But of course, it didn’t make sense if he died. After all, he needed to remain until the end.

That was why the destruction caused by the Demon King’s intention had himself as the exception. Rather, the vortex was adjusted to some extent so that he didn’t get caught up with it.

But now, he threw away that consideration. He was aware of the possibility that he would be destroyed. However, he decided to increase the power and the scale of destruction even with that possibility.

Of course, if the Demon King died, the vortex would stop, so there was a limit. Perhaps, by then, the whole royal capital would be swallowed. Due to the presence of monsters, it was almost impossible for the people to run away. They would be swallowed before they could escape.

The only way to stop it was to do something to the Demon King. Here was the question, whether that was possible or not.

If someone approached the vortex, which was still expanding, he might die at that point, but it wasn’t known if something could be done in a long distance. Those, who were there, understood at a glance. Perhaps, that vortex would break apart anything regardless of magic or something else.

If so… no, perhaps, it might be obvious from the beginning. In this situation, there was only one person they could rely on. The eyes of four people gathered at one place… Soma, then, let out a sigh.

“Good grief… if you’re in trouble, you can blow yourself up as a last resort… Well, speaking of a promise, it’s a promise, but… it’s really going to take me a lot of trouble to the end.” (Soma)

As he said so while shrugging his shoulders, he started to flutter his right hand as if nothing happened. The Demon King, who saw it, however, whispered clearly in a consciousness that gradually faded. He didn’t think Soma could handle this.

This was a situation in which, unlike previous ones, the Demon King’s intention was wrapped in multiple layers. It was impossible in principle to break through all of them and defeat the Demon King. There was no way it could be done.

Soma probably didn’t understand it. So, he must be bluffing. Was it because Soma wouldn’t be able to disappoint his expectation? Did he think that if he did that, the Demon King would stop? Or perhaps, there was a reason that could be understood, but…

“Well, I’m glad I tried it a few times. On top of that, it’s pretty much like this.” (Soma)

With the words, Soma slowly lifted his right hand. When the hand was straightened, the elbow was slightly bent.

It was meaningful words and behavior. But… It was just that…

“–I am the blade that pierces the heavens and shatters the Earth. Let it reach the end to his entirety.” (Soma)

It was up to that point that Demon King could recognize. He could understand that Soma murmured something at the next moment, but… his body was cut off without waiting a single moment.

The last thing the Demon King saw was the figure of Soma in a position with his right hand shaken off, but… without understanding what he thought at the end, the Demon King’s consciousness had completely disappeared from this world.



  • The author occasionally uses the word intention to replace the word ‘vortex’ and ‘sphere’ attacks. I guess that his style to simplify the long name attacks.


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