Ex Strongest Swordsman 224 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Facing the Demon King


Ex Strongest, Facing the Demon King

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“Did… you just slice my attack…? You… who are you?” (Demon King)

“Well… unfortunately, I don’t need to give my name to a person like you.” (Soma)

While nodding and shrugging his shoulders in the midst of murderous air, Soma looked around quickly.

The traces of destruction here and there were proof that there was a battle here. Moreover, since the man before him was strangely tidy, he understood that the attacks stopped there. There was a difference in power.

That was obvious because his attire was clean and he had not a single wound.

On the other hand, when he glanced backwards, the three people there were tattered. Even though there was strong conviction in their eyes, which only meant that they weren’t giving up. Soma was convinced that it was hard just to stand up. There were surprises in their expression, as if they were saying something, but they couldn’t say it because of the situation.

And the girl further back, Sylvia, was also tattered. She was still better than the other three, but that meant that the other three were using their bodies to protect her. For some reason, he remembered looking at her with a lot of scratches, but he certainly could see the light in Sylvia’s eyes.

Soma realized that even though it was similar to before, it was also different. Then, his mouth loosened a little.

“You… not only you didn’t answer my question, it would be disrespectful to look away.” (Demon King)

Apparently, his behavior seemed to irritate that man’s temper. The murderous intention increased further, but… the expression was calm as if he was trying to suppress it. It looked unusually funny.

“But I’m a generous person. So, let me just ask you again. Who are you?” (Demon King)

“Well, do you think I would answer after telling you I won’t answer it? No matter how many times you ask that, my answer is still the same. I don’t need to give my name to you.” (Soma)

While feeling relieved since he made it, he opened his mouth to that man after turning around. To be honest, he was a bit in a hurry since a part of the castle was blown away. However, it was well made because it was a smooth ride to get to this place. Perhaps, the man before Soma was the person who did it, so he was grateful for that fact alone.

Of course, he had different feelings for the other matters.

“Rather, who are you anyway? Didn’t somebody tell you to ask someone’s name when they don’t know yours? You should have known that simple thing.” (Soma)

“You…!?” (Demon King)

Soma wasn’t trying to get a reply with that intention, but then, the man was easily upset when he gave a slight provocation. He seemed to be very arrogant, but… perhaps, the resistance to provocation was low.

“You don’t seem to understand who I am!” (Demon King)

“Well, even if I don’t understand anything, isn’t that because you didn’t give me your name? Are you even listening? Or are you a fool?” (Soma)

“…!?” (Demon King)

Looking at how his anger flamed even further in silence, the situation became funny. Was that man really a fool? The man seemed to look him down with folded arms, as if he was trying to calm himself down, but his arms were trembling. If Soma continued to provoke him, sudden attacks might be unleashed.


“Yes… Soma-kun, do you really need to provoke him? I personally understand how you feel. In fact, I would love you to continue that, but it would be very dangerous to us if he kept getting provoked.” (Alexis)

When he thought that it might be a little bad when considering those at the rear, he received the same thought from her.

However, since he obviously wanted that man to hear, he was trying to provoke rather than giving the man warning. The man’s mouth moved with a slight twitch.

“Alexis…you…” (Sophia)

“Hmm? What is it? Didn’t I just tell him a fact?” (Alexis)

Alexis’ eyes were fixed to the front since it was dangerous to turn his face, but he knew what kind of expression Sophia’s had when she talked from behind him.

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Sophia, who let out a breath, was shocked as it was. As Alexis somehow became delighted, she also became delighted. Moreover, she had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to stop it, so she seems to have the same thought. It was really obvious.

“Uhmm… Otou-sama…?” (Sylvia)

However, unlike those two, Sylvia leaked a slightly embarrassed murmur. It was surely because her father tried to stir that man. Perhaps, for Sylvia, it was something unusual.

Speaking whether she could understand their feelings, it was probably the same feeling she had for Soma. Soma met Alexis a few times before, but it was in a calm situation. Although there was a bitter feeling, no one was trying to stir up the other.

From the perspective of Sophia and Kraus, who were still surprised, it seemed that Alexis was basically copying that behavior. The reason was probably anger… Well, it was normal since his daughter was hurt. Surely, there was more anger on himself since he couldn’t protect her.


“You… Do you think you can feel relieved in front of the Demon King’s rage!?” (Demon King)

In addition to being instigated, the man was getting angrier because he was ignored. Setting aside Sophia and the other two, Sylvia didn’t mean to act in that way, but she wanted to say that it was done well. That said, she wanted to say that she was worried about that man. For some reason, she had that feeling, but…

“Demon King?” (Soma)

“Tsk. Yes, that’s me. For me to get provoked by someone who doesn’t want to give his name… But, yes. Hmmph, did you realize what you were doing? But it’s too late–…” (Demon King)

“Hmm… I’m sure you were the one who lost to Iori, right? Whatever it is, he said that he won easily to the point he was wondering whether you were the real thing. He also said that the Demon God was much tougher.” (Soma)

“…” (Demon King)

“…Iori? Soma, how did you know that name…?” (Sophia)

“Before I came back here, I had an opportunity to meet him. I also heard about that matter at that time.” (Soma)

“Whether I should be surprised, amazed, or impressed… I’m not sure which I should choose.” (Sophia)

“That’s your son. But I see, that guy is living well, isn’t it? I haven’t heard about him recently. So, I was wondering if he was fine.” (Alexis)

“Well, for now, there seems to be a lot to talk about. If this situation ends, we can–…” (Soma)

— The Rules of Swords – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Lighting Speed: Lightning Sword Flash.

Soma shook his arm faster than he could finish his words. He sliced the same thing he sliced earlier, which flying straight toward him this time, with a single sword swing.

“Seriously. Attacking me while I’m talking isn’t a good manner. You can’t just give me the space, aren’t you?” (Soma)

“…It’s all good if you shut that mouth of yours. I can no longer overlook the insolent toward me. You should make up with your death.” (Demon King)

Apparently, the man’s patience was completely exhausted, or perhaps, the boiling point had been exceeded. There was no angry expression that could be easy to notice, and his face was expressionless. However, something was there.

At that time when he was attacking, what he thought internally was known.

“Uh…!?” (Alexis)

“Soma…!?” (Sophia)

The atmosphere at the rear was also changed. They were letting out surprised voices because the man, the Demon King, unleashed the same thing as before but the number was probably reaching three digits. Furthermore, even with only one of them seemed to have enough power to obliterate the entire area as it was. Since the attack was created in an instant and unleashed all at once, it was normal to call that man the Demon King.


— The Rules of the Swords – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Lightning Speed – Clear and Serene Mind – Wild Dance: Riot of Flowers.

“Hmm… I have a feeling you were saying this is our death, but what’s with that?” (Soma)

Soma smashed everything that was approaching and let out a sigh, but still, there was no reaction from the Demon King. Should it be said that his emotion was completely exhausted, and there was nothing else he could say?

It was also the same for the four people behind Soma.

“Well, you have nothing else to say, yes? It seems you’re doing things as you please. So, it seems right for me to do the same.” (Soma)

Soma took a step forward in order to realize the words he proclaimed… At that moment, a crackling sound came from his hand.


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