Ex Strongest Swordsman 223 (Self Edited) – Fragments of Despair


Fragments of Despair

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A high-pitched sound echoed.

However, it was synonymous with the word despair. A blade was stationary as if it was sewn in the air. It was only a short distance but it displayed a hopeless difference.

Perhaps, the story would be different if the one who gave the blow was someone else. But, that person was the Sword King. The blow that stood at the top among swordsman, make it the strongest in the world, was prevented without a problem.

Moreover, the other side didn’t use his hand. By just standing there, he prevented the Sword King from slashing. It would be impossible to avoid the feeling of despair there.

But, that was it. Despair couldn’t be the reason to give up.

“–Kraus!” (Sophia)

As if to prove it, Kraus’ movement didn’t stop. He responded to the voice, and quickly leaped out from that spot. Almost at the same time, a total of five flames struck the spot where Kraus was just before. With a roar, it exploded.

A blast of flames swirled to burn everything that was there, but immediately after, something jet-black came out of the flame.

“–Tsk.” (??)

Who was the one who smacked the tongue? However, a shadow leaped in front of them before he confirmed it. A figure with a huge shield that exceeded his height, couldn’t be mistaken for Sylvia’s father. Then, Alexis’ shield collided with that jet back before Sylvia’s gaze. A dull sound reverberated three times. That was equivalent to the number of that flying jet black, but there was no damage to him.

It was easy to see from rear that her father, who should have been completely prevented it, wasn’t unharmed. Sylvia found that his face was slightly distorted.

Was it such a tremendous impact, or did something other than the impact penetrate? She didn’t knew, but it was true that her father didn’t step back. While feeling proud of him, Sylvia chanted.

“–Overflow, Healing Light.” (Sylvia)

–Intermediate Rank All – Round Talent (Intermediate Rank Magic – Imitation): Magic – Healing Light.

At the moment, an overflowing of light wrapped around her father, and healed the wound. She didn’t know how effective it was, but it was better than nothing.

However, there was no time to let out a breath. Something came out of the flame that was still burning.

And it wasn’t the same as before. The number was one. It was a bit bigger than before, but what was different was its color. The previous one’s color was jet black, but this time was darker black.

The moment she saw it, she saw that he farther shook his back slightly. She didn’t question it because there were other people who had similar reactions.

“…” (Alexis)

The ones who reacted was Sophia, who was preparing for the next magic, Kraus, who was retreating, and herself.

An event that happened just a few minutes ago passed through her mind, but what was approaching was just around the corner. It seemed that her father was wondering how to deal with it, and it was transmitted through his back.

“…Hah…!” (Alexis)

In the end, he decided to repel it. It was repelled overhead, stuck into the ceiling as it was, creating a slight roar. Sylvia suddenly held a breath and turned her gaze upward, but the ceiling was safe.

“Hmm… what happened? Shouldn’t you talk big since it didn’t damage the castle?” (Demon King)

However, without having the time to feel relief, her body became stiff when she heard the voice. At the place where the flame disappeared, she turned her eyes and she saw one man standing.

It was the existence that leaped into this castle, the Demon King. There was a feeling of ridiculing in his eyes, but… that couldn’t be helped. It was regrettable, but it was true that he could ridicule them.

It was obvious from their appearance. The Demon King had no wound. Their side was the side with full of wounds. Everyone’s body was injured and tired so much that Sylvia’s magic  couldn’t even help.

Aside from Kraus, who came out in front and sliced the Demon King, and Alexis, who used his shield to prevent his attack, it was clear that there was a considerable difference in ability even if it included Sophia, who gave magical support from the rear. Sylvia was the only with better condition, but that was because she was protected by those three.

But, if she wasn’t protected, she would have been lying on the ground prematurely. On the other hand, she didn’t feel indebted. She knew that she wasn’t shielded because she was a royalty or because she was a child. Those, who were standing there, didn’t have such a sweet thought.

Sylvia was shielded because she was necessary as war potential. Obviously, it wasn’t enough to have Kraus to attack from the front, Alexis to defend from the front as well, and Sophia to attack from the rear. Compared to those three, what Sylvia did was much less than them, but in order to face the Demon King, her support was necessary.

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However, it was another matter whether it was going to be a battle with the Demon King.

“…You say it well. Obviously, it was an attack that mimicked the one before.” (Demon King)

“Surely. However, if I have to say the other way, it was only on the appearance. It would have been possible to detect if we calmly dealt with him… it seems that I was able to endure the earlier.” (Alexis)

As the Demon King said that, he slowly turned his eyes to the rear. Certainly, it was full of openings, but no one seemed to be going to attack. Even if they did such a thing, they didn’t think that they were disrespecting him. After all, there was a big hole where the Demon King was watching… It was done by him, of course.

The castle was the symbol of the country. Damaging it was synonymous with hurting the country. It shouldn’t be acceptable.

However, even it was said so, the fact that it had happened couldn’t be changed. Alexis, her father, the king of this country, had allowed the Demon King to hurt the country.

Sylvia herself thought that was inevitable. The previous attack was so different. It was natural that Alexis repelled it, but if it weren’t repelled, the same condition would fall onto her father’s body.

But that matter was that matter, this matter was this matter. Even if it was inevitable, she couldn’t forgive the Demon King who made it happen.

“Hmph… only the eyes are strong, but that’s it. The reaction after I created that was considerable, but the attack was weak. It seems to me you were trying all you can just now. If you were the same like the first time I met you, you would have struck that with your shield as it is… Well, shouldn’t I say that it’s all good since you have done this far?” (Demon King)

Sylvia reflexively shook her back at the words uttered that seemed uninterested together with the sound of steps stamping on the floor. Fear dwelled in the heart, and she wanted to run away from this place now if she could.

…No, that was what she thought from the moment she confronted this Demon King. But she didn’t escape because she knew there was something she could do.

More importantly, no one here had given up yet, so she couldn’t afford to give up.

“Well… he says that it’s over, but I wonder if it’s too quick to think of that? I mean, none of us has been defeated yet, right?” (Alexis)

“…That’s right. No one has given up yet. If he wants to say that, there should be at least one person who says that he has given up.” (Kraus)

“Yes. He seems to talk nonsense as always… Isn’t that absurd?” (Sophia)

“Hmmph, what an impudent talk. Don’t you realize that I’m not going all out? Well, I don’t mind admitting that bluff.” (Demon King)

Certainly, that was an obvious bluff. Although they could attack and prevent the Demon King’s attack, they had never reached him. If one of them collapsed, everything would end at that point. That point surely wasn’t far away.

However, even if they knew it, no one would give up. They weren’t waiting for something like a miracle to happen, but they didn’t give up because they wanted to attract miracles.

It might not be possible. It might not happen.

—Even so…

“Well… I don’t mind your impudent talk, but it was a generous insight. I can’t wait any longer though. Shall we get started then?” (Demon King?

“…Are you waiting to do something? I don’t know what’s your plan, but… do you think I will allow it?” (Alexis)

While raising a doubtful voice, Alexis prepared his posture in order to observe the situation. At the same time, he steadily moved his feet. If the Demon King was going to do something strange, he would prevent it with that shield. Kraus and Sophia also made a move, and Sylvia followed them.

They kept eyes on the Demon King, but… he didn’t move his eyebrow at all. When they looked at them, he merely snorted.

“I don’t have a plan. I’m thinking about your turn to come. No, I may say that you are the leading role.” (Demon King)

“…Leading role? What on earth are you thinking about…?” (Kraus)

“No, it doesn’t matter what you think or plan. We will definitely stop you. You can’t do whatever you want.” (Alexis)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Sophia)

No matter what the Demon King said, the three replied with a resolute attitude. Sylvia wanted to be the same by remembering the aspiration here. What she could do, at least, was to look straight at the enemy.

But the Demon King snorted again, as if to mock their attitude.

“Huh, plan? What are you saying? Are you wondering what I was aiming for?” (Demon King)

“Your aim…? I’m sure that you want to give people fear or despair…” (Sophia)

That was something he said when he appeared here. That was why, it should be the reason why he came to this place.

However, what did that have to do with the situation? Sylvia was doubtful, but Alexis didn’t Immediately after that, a convincing voice was heard.

“Aah, I see. Is that it? Fear, despair, and us. In other words, you came here to show everyone that we were losing badly.” (Alexis)

“Hmmph… I see. Surely, it’s a very Demon King-like method.” (Demon King)

“Of course, right? You want to be praised some more, and you want to be honored. It’s not just about being killed, but it’s also about the effort with your own hands.” (Alexis)

“Can you not pretend to be acting like you’re doing someone a favor? After all, you’re doing it for yourself.” (Sophia)

It was clear that they were having frivolous talk, but the tension between each other was gradually increased. While gulping saliva, Sylvia turned her eyes to the large hole for a short time.

From there, she could get a panoramic view of the capital. She didn’t know how much she could see. At least, she couldn’t see it clearly. But if she had to put it the other way around, it wasn’t strange to see the capital to some extent.

After having that thought, Sylvia finally understood the meaning of the words Alexis said. Certainly, if the worst happened to Alexis in this situation, the capital’s turmoil must peak.

And the fact that they couldn’t see it clearly from the capital might have been planned. The more people couldn’t see, the more their imagination could be stimulated. Then, their imagination would become more exaggerated. It couldn’t be said that there was no feeling of deeper despair as its result.

On the other hand, they might be able to imagine something else other than despair. At this rate, they would lose. It was obvious that this situation was a different field compared not to giving up or trying to attract miracles. If Sylvia turned her eyes away from it, there was nothing to give up.

But then, she thought of this. Miracles couldn’t happen after all, and they just ended up being killed miserably. But even so, there were certainly things that they could leave behind and things they could tell.

It was because of that Sylvia was able to look straight ahead while being filled with the sign of death everywhere. The sign couldn’t be seen from Sylvia, and it was probably the same with the other three. It was obvious when she looked at their back. Then, the Demon King, who was looking at them, snorted three times.

“As always, only your eyes are strong. If you’re done easily, you will not taste the suffering. No… could it be that… you think you can do something about it? I am not wrong about that, am I?” (Demon King)

At the same time as those words, the sense of intimidation that overflowed from the body increased. It was so heavy that Sylvia felt her throat was dry, but she maintained her gaze while holding down her trembling body.

Showing her will… was something she could only do for now.

“…Very well. Originally, I was going to elaborate on a lot of things, but… I changed my mind.” (Demon King)

At the moment, the Demon King raised his right arm, and there was an intense sign of death in front of him. It was something like darkness and death were compressed together.

Sylvia held her breath when Alexis and the others were watching that something. At the same time, Alexis looked at her for a moment as if he felt her determination.

Sylvia immediately understood that. Even she would like to do something. She couldn’t help but to think that she felt the sign of death getting stronger from the moment the Demon King appeared until he destroyed the barrier. The only correct answer was to escape from this place right now. There was no other way to survive.

Regardless of what the other three were doing, it was the same. No one could ever do anything before that something. Perhaps, only one person could do something.

However, that guy wasn’t here. After all, nothing could be done, but still…

If there was nothing she could do, she would just stare at it without running away.

“Tsk. You guys are people that I can’t really like. I would feel satisfied if anyone, or at least someone runs away. Well, it’s fine… I will give you permission. If you want to die that much, just die…” (Demon King)

Then, with the sentence of death, the right arm was swung down…

“…I refuse.” (S???)

At that moment, a ray of light slashed through the darkness that came.

The darkness that Sylvia thought that she couldn’t do anything to it, disappeared quickly. She didn’t need to ask who was making an appearance. Yes, she didn’t really have to ask who that was.

“…Soma-kun.” (Sylvia)

The person, who shouldn’t appear here, looked at Sylvia and shrugged his shoulders when hearing her whisper.


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