Ex Strongest Swordsman 222 (Self Edited) – Offense and Defense at the Academy


Offense and Defense at the Academy

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As it could be seen from the fact that the interior space was expanded, it was the result of a certain special magic was being used in the Royal Academy, and a magic tool that was installed there.However, there was nothing to prevent the invasion of the external enemies into the Academy.There were several reasons for this situation, and the main reason was it was simply difficult to install the magic.

To prevent external enemies from entering the Academy, it must involve something that affected the space within it.However, the Academy was already interfering with the space in the form of extending its internal space.If they needed to do more than that, they couldn’t predict how the magic would affect one another.

If that was possible, they would be able to install it without any problems, but to be honest, that would be unlikely.However, in the worst case scenario, there was a possibility of bouncing and leaping through spaces.Such a thing wasn’t permitted in the Academy and the royal capital. Therefore, the Academy didn’t dare to have the function to prevent the invasion of the external enemies.

More importantly, there was the barrier of the royal capital.That was good enough, and if it wasn’t, there wasn’t nothing the Academy could do at that point.

For that reason, if the external enemies invaded the Academy, they would have to do something about it themselves…

“Goodness… As expected, this is hard. I kept silent thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing when the newcomers say unnecessary things, but… it would have been a bit easier if they could grasp the position of the external enemies.” (Camilla)

While letting out a sigh, Camilla swung her favorite battleaxe.A high-pitched sound echoed, and the monster before her that prevented her pride swing, had its foot bellow trampled on.

No matter how strong it was, it was just a monster.Its body was full of opening after it prevented her attack without technique behind it.

— Advanced Rank Axemanship – All Martial Arts – Superhuman Strength – Concentration of Mind – Unconventional Heaven – Mind’s Eye – Continuous Attack: Great Slicing.

Taking the advantage of the momentum when she swung, she connected it to the next hit. Then the torso of the monster before her was cut easily.

However, there was no time to take a breather as Camilla instantly leaped backwards.What Camilla saw when she was in midair was a scene where the ground she stood earlier submerged and exploded.

Seeing a single huge build monster that created the scene and turned its eyes toward her, Camilla exhaled a breath.As expected, what she got from that monster was her paralyzed arm.

However, she didn’t worry about it especially when she knew what was going to happen next.

“–Firestorm.” (A???)

The moment Camila heard the murmur, a flame spewed out from the monster’s feet and covered its figure.The flame didn’t only involve that monster, but also caught the monsters behind it.Screams echoed around it, but it lasted less than a few seconds.

The flame also disappeared as if it had noticed that the screams had stopped. What was left after the flame disappeared was something like a black charcoal.

“The power and the range are perfect, isn’t it? You’re good as always.” (Camilla)

Looking back while muttering a sincere comment, there was a girl standing there.With her red hair tied into two parts, the shoulder jumped a little.

“If it’s just this, it’s only natural that I can do it. It’s not enough to earn praise.” (A???)

The reply might be an honest reply.Besides, the feeling of arrogance and modesty couldn’t be seen here. It seemed that the girl was saying that it was something natural.

A wry smile leaked inadvertently when seeing that appearance.

“Well, indeed, it may be natural for you, but…” (Camilla)

Even if the girl, Aina, or her friend, Sophia, Camilla thought that it was natural something like this could be done by those with Special Rank skills.

When Camilla thought like that, Aina, somehow wanted to say that wasn’t true. Camilla looked at Aina again, and her shoulders were shrugged, and… that made her convinced.

“Certainly, when compared to that man, it seems natural. However, I feel like the target of the comparison is wrong.” (Camilla)

In terms of location, Camilla and Aina was at the west direction.They were at the nearest place from the northern gate of the royal capital, and this was also the place where most of the monsters were rushing in until now.That was why Camilla and Aina were both assigned here, but this wasn’t the place where the monsters rushing in.A moderate number of monsters were coming from the north direction, and they could see that several monster had come again.

However, the monsters didn’t progress further from a certain position.When they thought that the monster would progress ahead of that position, the whole body fell apart and collapsed in the next moment.

It didn’t happen at the same time. The timing was a bit off, but in less than a second, everything fell apart. So, this situation should be more than enough to be surprised.The monsters only moved about ten meters ahead, but it was as if this wasn’t real.

The reason why it happened wasn’t visible in Camilla’s eyes.Perhaps, if she didn’t know who did it in the first place, she wouldn’t know it at all.

However, the blonde person, who caused it, resumed her original position before Camilla knew it, and she began to resume the vigilance of the surroundings as if nothing had happened.

“I think people who can say well enough when compared to that guy, can be counted with only both hands, isn’t it?” (Camilla)

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“But, she doesn’t seem satisfied, you know?” (Aina)

“The reason she isn’t satisfied is because she still has a long way to go when compared to Soma, right? That’s why there’s something wrong with the comparison.” (Camilla)

Anyhow, it wasn’t that Camilla didn’t understand her feeling.Camilla also saw how the girls were doing and she thought that they were good as ever, but the girls themselves didn’t think so. They knew that there was a difference in skills.

In the past, they would have given up and accepted it, but…

“By the way, is it really fine for you guys to be here? After all, you’re really helping us, you know.” (Camilla)

First off, speaking why Aina and Sheila were here, they thought it was impossible for Camilla to repel the monsters when Camilla arrived at the school.Nevertheless, they came together with Soma, but along the way, Soma said that he would act lonely, and he told them to go to the royal capital first.

Although there were things that Camilla was surprised about, such as Soma returning in this kind of timing and how they knew the situation of the royal capital, things would be settled immediately with Soma here.He said that he couldn’t afford to think about unnecessary things.

Anyhow, Camilla was able to protect the Academy from now on with the help of Aina and Sheila.Technically, it was impossible to defend the Academy by herself. So, they gathered those who still remained to the training ground, and they were deployed around Camilla.By the way, as it was mentioned earlier, Camilla and Aina were in the west direction, and Sheila was in the north direction. Those who remained in the Academy were volunteering to fight and protect the Academy.

That wasn’t something that could be done with the power of Aina and Sheila, but when considering their power, there was more that they could do.That was a meaning in a sense.

“Didn’t I tell you? I thought about the place where it got hit the most and what I could do to help. Then, we came here. The capital seemed to have it hard, but for some reason, most of the monsters that had invaded from the northern gate were coming here.” (Aina)

“Hmm… Well, we probably can’t do much if you both aren’t here, so I really appreciate your help. Even so, I’ve noticed that when I came here, but… as I expected, the monsters invading from the northern gate were coming here. For some reason, there are a lot of monsters…” (Camilla)

“I thought that there was something they were aiming for, but I don’t see anything like that in particular…” (Aina)

“…Well, but still, I’m pretty sure that there’s a reason. I have no idea why, but… since it’s strange that the monsters are getting closer in the first place, I’m not going to be surprised anymore.” (Camilla)

There was a barrier to prevent monsters in the royal capital, and this barrier basically had two functions.It was literally something that kept monsters away, and it wouldn’t let the monsters come in even when they got close.

These two functions seemed to repel each other to some extent, which was why it was hard to make both powerful at the same time.As a result, the function that kept the monsters from coming closer exerted stronger effect on powerful monsters, and the function that prevent them from invading in was designed to exert stronger effect on weaker monsters.

It seemed to be counterproductive to separate the functions in the royal capital. Therefore, they strengthened the effect of both functions by multiplexing it. However, now that it had been weakened, they functions were close to its original ones.Weak monsters couldn’t invade in, but the powerful monsters were able to invade in.

Although it was close to the original one, the powerful monsters shouldn’t be able to get close to the royal capital in the first place, but it was inevitable to think about it since the monsters were approaching when the barrier was strong.For the time being, what Camilla should do now was only to keep on dealing with the monster attack that she didn’t when it would end.

“Now, the next wave of monsters has come… Nevertheless, their number hasn’t decreased at all.” (Camilla)

“Indeed… we defeated some monsters that we could see before entering the royal capital.” (Aina)

“Aah… that reminds me, I felt like there was some cheer before you came. Was that the reason?” (Camilla)

“Yes. Then, when we thought about getting into the royal capital… the signs of the monsters in the surrounding area have been restored, and the monsters actually invaded the gate. At that point, we realized that there was no point in defeating them, so we decided to come here.” (Aina)

“…Did that really happen? I don’t understand that well, but you managed to act calmly, wasn’t it?” (Camilla)

“This situation is something that Soma has seen.” (Aina)

“…I see. That’s understandable.” (Camilla)

In fact, the hardest part was the soldiers who were guarding the northern gate.When they thought that there was hope, they fell into despair all at once.It seemed that most monsters were coming here, but they managed to endure it well.

Even if she couldn’t understand the detail, Camilla could understand the circumstances of the northern gate at this distance.As far as she could tell, they seemed to be able to hold up somehow.

However, they wouldn’t last forever and… it was the same here.

“…I’m still fine. How about you both?” (Camilla)

“Well… I’m still fine, and Sheila is also the same.” (Aina)

“Anyhow, there are problems with the other two directions, isn’t it?” (Camilla)

It was going to be difficult physically and mentally.They would be fine if there were lecturers, but there weren’t lecturers who could fight.In other words, the students were protecting the south and the east directions of the training ground.

There shouldn’t be many monsters heading to those directions, but they were strong individually.The situation wasn’t optimistic.

“…In that case, wouldn’t it be fine if Camilla-san went there to support them?” (Aina)

“Don’t be unreasonable. Regardless of having Special Rank skills, it was impossible to deal with the monsters of this degree alone. However, there are too many of them for the students to repel.” (Camilla)

While wondering what was happening, when she looked for the signs of the surroundings, she smacked her lips.Aina frowned because she felt the same thing.

The reason was that the number of monsters which were heading from the south and east directions had increased obviously.

“No matter how I think about it, I can only think that something is controlling the monsters.” (Camilla)

“Yes… the total number hasn’t changed, but obviously, the number coming from our direction has decreased.” (Aina)

“Since it hasn’t decreased too much, I can’t help to leave this spot, is it? Tsk, this is really bad.” (Camilla)

There wasn’t enough war potential.If there was someone at the same degree as Camilla over there, they would be able to do something at least.

“Are we going to force them to sacrifice themselves? But…” (Camilla)

“…No, apparently it’s not necessary, you know?” (Aina)

“Hmm? What do you–…” (Camilla)

The words were never spoken until the end.It was a convinced answer, and suddenly, something appeared behind them.

She turned around her head reflexively, but she didn’t understand what was there.There was something formed by dirt and sand, and there were also numerous plants.She couldn’t say anything more than that.

There was something like a head, and there were things like arms, but it wasn’t a living thing.Rather, it was a monster no matter how she looked at it…

“Tsk, what is this..!? How did this–…” (Camilla)

“No need to worry about that. That is Felicia’s trump card.” (Aina)

“…What? I thought you said that Felicia had evacuated. So, there’s no way for her to fight, right?” (Camilla)

“It was supposed to be like that… Goodness, this is excessive. Perhaps, when she was evacuating, she was the only person who felt the situation and knew it. I was told that it was hard to summon it in a place without a forest, but… I supposed she was influenced by Soma, isn’t she?” (Aina)

Camilla didn’t get it, but that existence was on their side.And certainly, when that thing swung its arms, the monsters that were approaching from the surroundings disappeared without a trace.

Together with a part of the Academy.

“It’s more likely that the Academy will be destroyed by this thing rather than by the monsters, but… I’m not going to say anything in this situation. Rather, will she be alright with that thing?” (Camilla)

The thing that she was talking about was something that had been summoned.It was something powerful when she looked at it. Thus, there was no way it came for free.

The worst case was…

“Let me tell you for now. It’s not life-threatening. However, her physical strength will be exhausted, and Soma had told her not to use it unless she had no other option.” (Aina)

“Is Soma also involved with that? When I think about it, I am convinced, but anyhow, it doesn’t look like we can be optimistic.” (Camilla)

But before she could think about it further, the situation got worse.The reason was the roaring sound that resonated when the vital points of the barrier destroyed echoed once again.

“Wha…!?” (Camilla)

She turned her eyes toward that direction, but she already knew what was coming before seeing it.That was the place that symbolized the royal capital…

“The castle is…!?” (Camilla)

As what Camilla could see there, a part of the castle was blown away.


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