Ex Strongest Swordsman 217 (Self Edited) – Demon King’s Nourishment


Demon King’s Nourishment

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While grinding her teeth at the scene down below, Sophia unleashed flame magic at the Demon King before her.The flame, which became a dozen mass of spheres, exploded with the explosion at the moment it landed. At the same time, Kraus leaped and swung his sword with full power.

A slash was delivered as if he slashed it together with the flame, but what echoed was a high pitched sound.The sword stopped at an unnatural position where the flames cleared. It hadn’t reached the Demon King’s body.This scene had been repeated many times so far, but it was only until now.

“Haaaaah!” (Kraus)

From there, he took a step further, and the blade was pushed forcibly as he pushed it hard.There was an unpleasant sound echoed. The Demon King looked slightly surprised at the blade, which had never reached him before, was about to reach his body.

Finally, he swung his arm.With the sound of shattering something, the sword completed its trajectory… but a sound of smacking lips came out from Kraus’ mouth.There was no response. The reason was that the figure which should have existed before him had disappeared.

When he looked around, he saw the Demon King who seemed to be impressed.

“Ooh… it looks like you’ve stepped in without fearing a counterattack, but perhaps, you didn’t think that you could break my barrier? Hmm, I don’t mean to underestimate you guys, but…” (Demon King)

“Not underestimate us… that’s a good thing to say.” (Sophia)

“Goodness. Despite ignoring us completely and destroying the vital points of the barrier, I wonder which side isn’t underestimating the other.” (Kraus)

When the Demon King was told not to play around, he tilted his head.The expression on his face showed that he couldn’t really understand what the two were saying.

“What are you talking about? I don’t underestimate you guys. It’s just that I don’t have to pay attention to you. Then, it’s natural to prioritize what is more necessary, you know.” (Demon King)

“…” (Kraus)

His words didn’t mean to stir up the situation. Perhaps, it was his real intention.In fact, that was the truth.

At least, the Demon King never had the need to retreat probably because Kraus and Sophia couldn’t injure him.He had been doing that since the beginning. Of course, it was natural to say that.


“Necessary, is it? Is that about breaking the vital points of the barrier and bringing the monsters into the capital? If it were you, I feel like you can destroy the capital without doing that, right?” (Sophia)

“Of course. But, it seems despair or fear isn’t enough? I could get some by playing around with you, but I couldn’t get more than expected. I tried to arrange the monsters to surround it, but to be honest, I didn’t intend to use them… hmmm. It’s not bad for just an idea.” (Demon King)

The Demon King looked down while saying it. In the meantime, Sophia and Kraus were looking at each other while being on guard.What the Demon King was saying was like a monologue, but nevertheless, they were concerned.It was about obtaining fear and despair.

To be honest, they thought that was something that would be said by the Demon King, but… when they thought it carefully, it felt strange.That was because the Demon King didn’t seek it during their last encounter.

Although they didn’t understand every action that the Demon King took, they were still the members of the Demon King subjugation team, and they were really going to defeat him at that time.They gathered information as it was, and they could confirm his actions because they actually went against him.The Demon King at that time didn’t seek such a thing.

It was probably due to the mind, but… the Demon King seemed to be gaining power little by little.They thought he simply let out his power gradually, but it was strange to do it that way.The amount of power that increased wasn’t at a fixed interval.

It looked like it was increasing a little bit, but there were times his power suddenly increased very high.It happened when the Demon King destroyed the first vital point of the barrier.There was no doubt that the people of the royal capital felt fear and despair.

That was because the barrier was important in order to prevent monsters. The other reason was the barrier was originally thought that it couldn’t be destroyed.Speaking of the vital points of the barrier, it didn’t have a physical appearance, but it was something conceptual.Therefore, it couldn’t be broken by a physical attack, but… it had been easily destroyed.

Then, the people finally knew that the monsters were surrounding the royal capital.There was no confusion even when people were in that situation because they thought that they would be fine if there was the barrier.

However, the assumption was destroyed.So, it was only natural that people were overwhelmed with fear and despair.

But they were fine because Sophia and Kraus were still fighting.Although the two had been pushed, they hadn’t been defeated yet.In that case, the people believed that those two must be able to do something somehow.After all, they were Seven Heavens, and it was their obligation and duty to meet the expectation and the trust of the people.

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Be that as it might, despite the fact that Sophia and Kraus were still alive, the vital points of the barrier were easily destroyed. Furthermore, it wasn’t one, but three of them.As a result, monsters had begun to enter the capital.

For now, the Knights were working hard, but they didn’t know how long they would last.Nevertheless, the vital points of the barrier still remained.They should feel relief for now, but in the case of the remaining vital points being destroyed, that would be the source of anxiety.

However, whether Sophia and Kraus were defeated, if they were pushed some more, it might give them a stronger feeling that such a thing would…

“…I would like to ask you one thing. You don’t seem trying to defeat us, so are you trying to give people the feeling of fear and despair?” (Sophia)

“Hmm… does it make sense to answer a question that you know the answer? I’ve told you in the beginning right? I want to play with you guys.” (Demon King)

“…We’re being underestimated, isn’t it?” (Sophia)

“I think you guys understand better whether you’re being underestimated or not. Well, that’s why I was a bit surprised now…” (Demon King)

That said, the Demon King wasn’t really surprised.Although it was unexpected that he couldn’t give too much fear, it wasn’t a big deal.Sophia and Kraus also knew that well. That was why they wanted to inflict even a single wound with the previous assaults, but it didn’t seem to work that well.

There was one thing they were convinced at the moment.That was the Demon King was giving priority to make people succumb to fear and despair.By doing so, it resulted in the increasing power of the Demon King.

The two didn’t doubt that because they knew that there was such a thing.The information gathered to defeat the Demon King last time wasn’t just about the Demon King.Since they didn’t know what kind of information was useful, they only collected from one side.

Of course, there were many unquestionable information, but there were many information that couldn’t be dismissed.For example, it was said that the Evil God, who used to the Evil Dragon, or would later be called the Demon King, had an ability to turn fear and despair into his own power.Actually, it seemed that the Evil Dragon had such a power. In that case, it wasn’t weird if the Demon King had the same power.

Once they knew that, there was no way to counter it. If that was the Demon King’s priority, there was something they could do.

“…By the way, aren’t you going to destroy the remaining vital points of the barrier? You’ve broken three of them, but you stopped as if you are satisfied. I don’t think our interference is successful, isn’t it?”  (Sophia)

“I guess you recognize the reality here. Fine. I’ll answer your question. If I destroy everything, there will be no despair. People will just give up. I’ve heard that sometimes you need to adjust things.” (Demon King)

The two were listening as they squinted their eyes.Although the question was from whom, they were sure that was the reason why Hildegard still didn’t show up here.

There was probably a collaborator or something and Hildegard was stranded by it.It was hard to believe that the collaborator could stop here, but there was no other possibility.

Still, it shouldn’t last that long.They believed that Hildegard would come here. Therefore, they had no choice but to make time.

“…So, why are you answering my question easily?” (Sophia)

“Hmm, I’m here to see you guys playing with me. There’s a need to reward you, right?” (Demon King)

Together with a ridiculous smile, the words uttered were surely true.Perhaps, the Demon King understood that the two had noticed the reason why his power was increasing, but he didn’t seem to mind it.

Rather, he didn’t mind to tell them.To begin with, it wasn’t something that they could do about it. Again, he was trying to make them succumb to fear and despair.

“…I should have said this already. You shouldn’t think we’re the same as last time.” (Sophia)

“That’s certainly true. If you were like in those days, you must feel fear and despair… Well, it’s not bad if you can play with me here. It looks like you’re plotting something, but it would be fun to think about ways to give you despair.” (Demon King)

He seemed to realize that they were up to something, but he didn’t care.It wasn’t possible not to realize that they were trying to make time.If the Demon King wanted to play around, they felt irritated but they would just follow the flow.

“It’s no good. There are many lives that we carry on our back and we have chosen to carry them. As long as we do that, we have no time to despair.” (Sophia)

“Ooh…? Are many of those staying here?” (Demon King)

“That’s not everyone. They are all the people who live in this country. That’s why we won’t forgive you for taking it away.” (Sophia)

“Well, I don’t need your forgiveness, but… does that mean if I kill those people, you won’t despair? Should I try it?” (Demon King)

“…” (Kraus)

If he was going to do it, the two surely couldn’t do anything.The reason why Sophia didn’t move to stop him was because it was as what she said.There were many people here, but that wasn’t all of the people of this country.

To save this country, to help more people they would do everything even if they need to abandon the royal capital.

Besides, there was also a certainty that the Demon King wouldn’t do such a thing.Of course, it wasn’t for humanitarian reasons.

“You’re not upset, huh… that’s boring. Did I give you guys too much information? Well, are you sure that I won’t do that?” (Demon King)

“…I don’t think you’ll do that wasteful thing.” (Sophia)

“Hmm, you’re right. I’m going to squeeze all of you, but I’m not going to do such a useless thing just to make you despair. But then…” (Demon King)

The Demon King looked around and he smiled as if he noticed something.That moment, the chill ran on their back because they understood what was in the direction the Demon King was looking at.

“Aah, you, could it be…” (Sophia)

“The reason you were talking about trying to stop the attack… I suppose you can make time more effectively, isn’t it? That’s true. If you keep going like this, I’m going to kill you before you despair. However, it’s boring to just keep talking. So, why don’t we change the location a bit? If we do this, those down there seem to despair more.” (Demon King)

The location was beyond the Demon King’s sight and it was behind those two.What was there was the royal castle.

“Hmm, now…” (Demon King)

“What are you saying? You’re going to kill easily as it is. Look at the difference in power.” (Sophia)

Kraus reflexively tried to jump, but he was blown away by the Demon King before he managed to swing his sword.Although Sophia knew the difference in power was so obvious, she stopped her hand for a moment. Meanwhile, the Demon King disappeared.

She didn’t even have to think about where he went.

“…This is the worst outcome. If you go to the castle, there’s also a barrier there.” (Sophia)

“No, it’s still too early to think of that. If you want to earn time, that guy will do a better job. Maybe, it’s rather convenient.” (Kraus)

“…Yes. I wonder if I think about things.” (Sophia)

“And for that, I don’t want to take it easy here. I’m concerned about down there…” (Kraus)

“It’s still fine, but it can’t be helped. Let’s hurry.” (Sophia)

“Aah.” (Kraus)

They were worried about the monsters, but they couldn’t afford to ignore the Demon King.They looked down for a moment, but they turned their eyes toward the castle.

As they listened to the bustle coming from below, they chased after the Demon King and headed to the King’s castle.


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