Ex Strongest Swordsman 218 (Self Edited) – End of Play


End of Play

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The moment she realized that his arm had been raised at the end of her gaze, Hildegard leaped from the spot.

Rather than dodging the attack, she was doing it because that would result in the rigidity of her body. The distance she took was wide enough to leave the vanguard position, but that was inevitable. If she wasn’t exaggerating too much, she would be attacked immediately after that.

Even though she also had dragon scales, it only provided a temporary peace of mind. Regardless of conceptual attacks, if she was attacked by a certain amount of degree, her skin would be penetrated. Of course, there was no way to prevent attacks. In fact, she had been wounded many times.

Still, Hildegard’s body was intact. That was due to her healing ability. Although it wasn’t so effective, she inherited the healing ability she had when she was a dragon. As expected, if her arms were severed, there was no way to heal it. However, there was no problem if it was limited to the present attack.

So, despite having no problem, the reason why she was attacking until now was rather because of an emotional feeling. As for Dragons, they hated having their body hurts.

That was also because the Dragon assumed the concept of being strongest as the core of the body. Since they were the strongest, they couldn’t allow someone to hurt them. However, they might still allow opponents to injure them.

That depended on who was the opponent. Since they were the strongest, they basically wanted a strong competitor. It was either to prove that they were the strongest, or the opponents exceeded their power.

Since the Dragons were the strongest being, somewhere in their heart, they wanted someone to go beyond themselves and became the real strongest. That was why they hated being hurt by unwanted opponents.

Obviously, Hildegard didn’t want to be hurt by him. Every time she got hurt, she felt bad. For example, she got angry when his little finger hit at the edge of her chest.

It should be said that she needed to bear with it, but that feelings came from the instinct as a Dragon. It was inevitable to think this but she didn’t think she could avoid the attack. By the way, she tried to prevent it. Needless to say, that was what happened if she emphasized such an instinct. If the situation turned around, the situation would only get worse. So, the safest thing to do was… of course, that was the only decision she could take.

“Ugh, doing feints is the lowest…!” (Hildegard)

With the gaze facing her, his arm was slammed against Lina. A high-pitched sound echoed. Hildegard could immediately see that Lina prevented the attack with her sword, but the attack didn’t end there. His other arm, which had been squeezed, was pushed out. With the sword used as a shield, Lina’s body was blown away.

It might be done on purpose as Lina was blown in the same direction where Hildegard jumped away. He saved her the trouble of joining with Lina. Of course, that wasn’t done out of kindness. It was to prevent her from doing anything unnecessary.

If Lina was blown to a different direction, it was obvious that they would leave this spot altogether. Hildegard took a distance because she was going to leave this place if she got the chance. However, it wasn’t something she would do by leaving Lina alone.

“Ugh… it’s getting tougher soon.” (Lina)

While checking the state of the other side, Hildegard tilted her head to do words that came from Lina who landed in a nearby place. As always, the man was optimizing his movement to prevent them, but still, Hildegard didn’t think that they were overwhelmed.

Even though she didn’t think that she was going to go too far, it was still possible to use Hildegard as a temporary shield. Although her attack wouldn’t hurt him, there were some uses when it was done in conjunction with Lina’s attack.

Despite the fact that the man was attacking relentlessly, they could still counter his attack…

“Hmm… we shouldn’t worry about stamina, right?” (Hildegard)

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“Yes, I believe we can do much more in terms of stamina, but the problem is this…” (Lina)

As Lina said so, what she showed to Hildegard was the sword she held.

By looking at it, Hildegard was convinced. This was because cracks had begun to appear in various parts of the blade.

“This is certainly going to be difficult.” (Hildegard)

“Yes, that’s right. It should have been a reasonably good sword. After all, this is given by Tou-sama.” (Lina)

“That man’s attack is more like a dragon’s attack. It isn’t a conceptual attack, but something close to it. No matter how sharp your sword is, it would be reasonable to be like that if you keep receiving his attack…” (Hildegard)

It wasn’t a problem with Lina’s ability, it was just a matter of weapons. In order to make it perfect, it would be impossible unless it was a weapon made by the Dwarf.

Of course, weapons made by the Dwarf weren’t available in this situation. Even if a shop was called the best in the country, people wouldn’t know whether the weapons were made by them. To begin with, the Dwarves were few in number. Although the weapons they made were top-notch, they were often narrow-minded. If it was Lina, some Dwarves might admit if she showed her abilities, but… even if that was said, it wasn’t possible to do that at this moment.

They weren’t thinking about that to escape reality. Instead, they should think about what they could do now.

“How long will that sword last?” (Hildegard)

“Well… I don’t think it will last for several more times.” (Lina)

“…It’s less than I thought. It should hold up a bit longer.” (Hildegard)

“The inside is tattered than it looks. I’ve managed to repel him up to this point, but it seems to reach its limit…” (Lina)

“Hmm…” (Hildegard)

To be able to do so meant that Lina’s ability was almost close to the first class. If she had more experience, she would have had a good chance to win against the man.

“By the way, let me ask you this. How about your knowledge as the Arbitrator?” (Hildegard)

“There’s nothing I can do about him.” (Lina)

“Hmm… I guess you can’t really use the knowledge…” (Hildegard)

All Hildegard knew about the Arbitrator was it had knowledge, but there was nothing like strength could be used in this situation. While holding a big title such as the Human Arbitrator, it was a useless existence in this important situation.

“…I have a lot of objections when you say it that way, so I want you to stop that. Originally, I was supposed to be able to learn more skills, but I’ve been told I can’t do it.” (Lina)

“Hmm… I should still remember this, but was the Arbitrator Azrail?” (Hildegard)

“Yes? Azrail?” (Lina)

“Hmm, haven’t you heard about it? Well, if you’re interested, ask me later. It’s something unpleasant, so I think it’s better to ask me.” (Hildegard)

It was an existence that consumed the abilities of the deceased, so if Lina was told that fact, she wouldn’t feel good.

However, that was strictly the circumstances of Lina. Even if she was directed an unpleasant face, Hildegard just shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m concerned when you say that.” (Lina)

“Sorry for saying something unnecessary. More importantly, there’s something we should prioritize more right now, yes?” (Hildegard)

“Well, you’re right. The ground shook with a tremendous sound about three times earlier. I’m also worried the battle in the sky has stopped. Those were your parents, isn’t it?” (Hildegard)

“Indeed. I supposed they had changed the location of fighting…” (Lina)

Perhaps, they were waiting for them, but it couldn’t be helped. To begin with, they didn’t know if they could deal with this situation.

From the figure at the edge of their sight slowly approaching them without the feeling of being in a hurry, they could feel the difference between them.

“Goodness, I’m annoyed… but what should we do?” (Hildegard)

Honestly, the response speed was really abnormal. It could be said that it was impossible. This had been said several times, but considering that his original form was a Dragon, he shouldn’t be able to do that.

Perhaps, Hildegard wasn’t sure whether his body was frail  or not, but if it was true, she wasn’t sure why the man could let out such a strength. In the first place, if he was a weak Dragon, it wasn’t possible to become a Dragonkin. Speaking of a Dragon became a Dragonkin, it required the power to enable the reincarnation and a strong will. There was no way for an individual, who had a weak will, to be able to reincarnate.

However, there was one possibility. By some means, he abandoned his dragon instinct before he died.

For instance, he chose to die or something similar. For a Dragon, who embodied the idea of being the strongest illusion creature, there was no way for him to choose to die. But if he ignored it or if he could do something similar, could he choose death? Then, it would be no wonder that he could ignore his instincts.

Of course, that was merely an assumption. After all, it should be almost impossible. Nevertheless, if he did so, what was his intention?

“Are you done with your discussion?” (F?????)

As the man came closer, he called them out. Hildegard wasn’t sure whether the man was joking, but she snorted.

“What a boring joke. To begin with, it seemed that your role was to stop us, correct?” (Hildegard)

“Well, that’s true, but I wasn’t told that I couldn’t kill you. In the first place, I didn’t try to kill you because I had no obligation to do that.” (F?????)

“What do you mean by talking about that obligation now?” (Lina)

“Hmm… I just thought that it was silly and boring. I’m doing this until now but that guy is also doing as he pleases. So, I guess I should start doing as I please.” (F?????)

The words seemed to be serious. The murderous intention that had been dauntingly suppressed was overflowing.

As they felt that, Hildegard looked at Lina. It seemed that Lina understood since she nodded back.

Perhaps, this was their last and greatest opportunity.

Although the man adapted quickly,  he was certainly not used to it. If he had adapted to his body, there was no need to unleash the murderous intention to them. If he was going to make a move to kill them, there was a high possibility that there will be an opening.

However, they held the feeling so that the man couldn’t notice it. In order not to let him noticed just like before…

“…I see. If you’re willing to die, I’ll give you what you want. Let’s end this boring play.” (F?????)

It was Hildegard who made the first move. Without thinking about the rest, she charged ahead with all her might.

It didn’t have to be an attack. No, if she hit the man as it was, he would probably instinctively judge that it was an attack. Still, there was no problem. As long as they could make a surprise attack…

And brilliantly, it seemed to be a success. The man didn’t know it because she didn’t do it too much earlier, but originally, Hildegard was a vanguard. Although Lina had surpassed her in term of this aspect, there was no way he could react to Hildegard’s movement.

With assault and clashes, Hildegard’s body became rigid immediately after. At the same time… the man opened his eyes wide as his body became rigid as well.

Hildegard was surprised with that, but there was no doubt that this was a unique opportunity.

“Lina!” (Hildegard)

“Got it!” (Lina)

Lina, who was moving about the same time, dived in… but the mouth of the face that was visible in the field of view, distorted into an arc shape.

Faster than a screaming sound, a sound of something broken was heard.

“…Eh?” (Lina)

It was Lina’s sword. The blade that was supposed to slash the body of the opponent shattered. In exchanged, Lina’s body was left with red claw marks. What was in front of them was a figure of a man with his arm swung.

“Wh… why?” (Lina)

“Hmm, I’ve been stuck with this boring play.” (F?????)

“Ugh, that’s bad…!” (Hildegard)

Immediately after the rigidity was lifted, Hildegard slipped his body in front of Lina in a hurry, but then, that movement seemed to be as expected. A hardened fist stuck in Hildegard’s body.

“Guhaa…!” (Hildegard)

The body bent in a V shape. With rigidity befell on her, she exposed a completely defenseless appearance. There was a chilly eye before her, and it seemed to touch the bottom of her heart.

“Hmmph… it’s over.” (F?????)

A word of death passed for a moment in her mind, and she thought that this was inevitable. As Hildegard closed her eyes as if she had given up…

“You… isn’t too early to give up?” (S???)

Together with a familiar voice, the appearance of the man before her had disappeared.

A roaring sound was heard late. She noticed that the man was blow away. Then, she turned her eyes in the direction where she heard the voice. As expected, there was a man standing with his arm shaken.

“…Soma?” (Hildegard)

Hildegard’s voice contained doubt as if it was unbelievable, but as usual, Soma shrugged his shoulders.


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