Ex Strongest Swordsman 216 (Self Edited) – Barrier and Knights


Barrier and Knights

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In front of the scene where the barrier and the knights were, Camilla smacked her lips. The cause of it was frustration, and she was frustrated because she couldn’t stop what happened.

However, no matter how frustrated she was, nothing could be done since it had already happened. She immediately rearranged her thoughts and shouted loudly.

“As you can see, it’s no use! Prepare for the next one!” (Camilla)

“N-next…? Eh? Is there another one…? If th-that hits directly again…!?” (??)

But the reply returned with a frightened voice. When she looked around, fear was clearly depicted on everyone’s face. If they were considered as the knights that protected this capital, and therefore, their country, a sigh would likely leak out, but it couldn’t be helped. In fact, there was, indeed, fear in Camilla’s heart.

Looking around while thinking about such a thing, she returned her gaze to its original position. The place where the ground was hollowed out, turned into a huge crater.

The size itself wasn’t that great. At best, it was about ten meters. If it was this much, Camilla was also able to do it easily. But, the problem was its depth. Why? It was because they didn’t know how deep it was.

What was in sight was just darkness, and its bottom couldn’t be seen at all. If she tried to throw a pebble, she would finally hear a small sound after a few seconds. In that case, Camilla couldn’t imagine that she could create something like this.

And this was created a few moments ago. That attack had been unleashed only in the sky until now, but it was suddenly directed here.

Moreover, it was just one attack. Such a scene had been created by an attack. If Camilla didn’t notice the chill feeling and didn’t give retreat order immediately, some of the knights here would have met their demise.

It was easy to imagine that. Needless to say, she didn’t have to think too far about what would happen if they got hit with that. Moreover, that definitely wouldn’t be the last one. It was impossible not to feel fear here.


“Get a hold of yourself! I’m not asking you to stop that attack! Let me ask you, why are you here and what is your objective!? And what will happen if you are wrecked because of this!? So, be prepared for it!” (Camilla)

“–Yes! Th-that’s right… we are here to protect the vital points of the barrier that prevent monsters…!” (??)

“Yes, but that is broken…!?” (??)

“So, the monsters are in the capital…!?” (??)

“It looks like you’ve finally understood. There are also other vital points of the barrier. So, it’s not like something going to happen any time soon, but…” (Camilla)

While she was saying that, a roar sounded, and the ground trembled violently. It was probably the same thing she felt earlier. When she looked at the person who caused the sound, something like smoke was rising beyond her sight. If it wasn’t at the same spot as before, it should have been at the vital points of the barrier.

Camilla thought that was going to happen. She smacked her lips again as she had already expected this flow of events.

“Well, it’s going to be like this. There’s nothing we can do here, so I want to do something over there… If possible, do you think you can do something? In other words, it wouldn’t be long until the monsters enter the capital.” (Camilla)

“B-but, the barrier of the castle is much stronger than others, right…?” (??)

Camilla still felt uneasy, even when she was looked at with grim glance and a fearful attitude. However, it couldn’t be helped since they had to struggle with their life under the king’s direct order. If anything, it was inevitable what would happen when she considered the skills she had. Therefore, it would be less annoying if she didn’t consider it at all even though it was just an exaggeration to relieve her mind.

She didn’t think that she needed to use her skills at a time like this, or maybe… was this the right time to do so?  Since it was an emergency situation, it might be better to rely on what she had relied on so far. In fact, when Camilla informed her that she had Advanced Rank skills, they became obedient. That was why she was entrusted with the task at such a time.

To be honest, it was difficult to do it, but it wasn’t the time to admit.

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“It’s certainly true that the vital point is firmly protected. Those people are also protecting it, so if it goes well, we may be able to protect it. But, are you going to protect only one of the vital points? There is no meaning of doing that, you know?” (Camilla)

There were a total of six vital points in this capital. To tell the truth, the effect of each one of them was very weak. Only the one in the royal castle was strong.

They interfered and amplified the effect with each other. Thus, they were showing the current effectiveness. However, it seemed that it was useless if one of them was too strong compared to the others. This was a result of giving priority to the width of the amplification rather than the simple output, and this seemed to be the most effective.

Therefore, if the number of vital points was less than half, the potency will be reduced by ten percent. Still, the monsters below Intermediate Rank couldn’t enter the royal capital, but originally, there were no monsters appeared around it.

However, for some reason, such monsters could be seen in the surrounding area of the royal capital. No matter what people thought about it, it was obvious that the monsters were aiming for the royal capital.

What was the basis of that thought? Well, it was definitely the work of the man in the sky…

“Tsk… that’s less than half of what I’m saying.” (Camilla)

Again, another roaring sound reverberated as the ground trembled. Then, she realized, the third vital point was destroyed. There was really not much time left before the monsters invaded the capital.

“Now, the monsters are coming! So, what is your job, what is your role?! Do it now!” (Camilla)

“Ye-.. yes!” (??)

The knights were responding to Camilla’s command all at once as if they realized this wasn’t the situation to be really scared. The fear still remained, but it was inevitable. The important thing was they were still able to prepare themselves and take action.

“The remaining vital points should still be somewhat effective. So, what you should prioritize are… the north gate and the south gate. The walls should be fine for now. You may want to focus on the south gate as there are two vital points there. They are mostly the most fragile vital points. Prioritize the south gate first.” (Camilla)

“Understood!” (??)

“Next is…” (Camilla)

Even if Camilla stood at the highest command, she also had to accomplish what she needed to do. While thinking of anything else to say, she looked around.

“How about contacting other people?” (??)

“No, there’s no need for that. There must be someone in each place who can make an accurate decision. Nevertheless… those who belong to the Knights should be able to decide, right?” (Camilla)

“Yes, we can!” (??)

“That’s a good answer. Then, trust your companion.” (Camilla)

While giving that reply, the glance which was directed at the surroundings stopped at one location in the north side.

The location where Camilla currently stood was where one of the southern vital point was. The highest priority at the moment was the nearby south gate. In principle, Camilla and most of the knights should be headed there.


“I’m holding a temporary position, but… no, since it is temporary, I’ll trust you and leave this place to you. I have a place to go.” (Camilla)

“I’ll do my best to meet your expectations! By the way, may I ask where your destination is? Is it going to be the north side?” (??)

“Ah, well, I still plan to go to the north, but…” (Camilla)

She didn’t make herself clear, probably because of the temporary position. However, she still realized that she was standing at the top of command. Of course, she had the duties and responsibilities.

While knowing that, Camilla’s line of sight wasn’t directed at the northern gate, but somewhere near it. It was possible to see its appearance clearly from here. It was a place that could be said as the twin of the king castle.

“I’m coming here to help. After all, I’m the instructor. I can’t let others take care of it, and I should give it a priority, right?” (Camilla)

“I see… I suppose it would be rather natural to do that. Anyway, it’s enough to guide us so far. If we were here alone, we would be mostly running away.” (??)

“That’s too much of a compliment. I just did what I had to do.” (Camilla)

“However, you’re still amazing… We will respond with our hard work. Well then, may the fortune be in your favor.” (??)

“…Aah, you too.” (Camilla)

They both saluted each other. Then, the man went to the southern gate immediately as Camilla sent a bitter smile to those who were her subordinates until just now. She had been given such a compliment… so, since she had been told that, she had to do what she needed to do.

A roaring sound began to spread once again from the sky. There seemed to be no sign that the other side was giving up. Listening to the sound and the brave voices from the surroundings, Camilla vigorously rushed to that place in order to verify the situation of her students.


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