Ex Strongest Swordsman 215 (Self Edited) – Dragonkin and Dragonkin


Dragonkin and Dragonkin

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A sound of something light jumping echoed. Then, a sound of sighs heard as the silence spread.

“Goodness… Could it be that this is the trap that we had to look for?” (Hildegard)

Hildegard, who was attacked by a Shadow Eater, was safe. On the contrary, there wasn’t even a single wound.

As soon as the Shadow Eater touched Hildegard, it jumped off even though Hildegard didn’t do anything to retaliate.

The eyes that were turned to them were opened slightly, as if that was something unexpected.

“What a fool… that one must be a completely new variation. It can be said that even if you have Special Rank skills, it could capture it.” (F?????)

“Hmm? There shouldn’t be anything strange about it, right? In the first place, it is such an existence. I actually want it to absorb a part of me. I guess you can understand it as soon as you try it yourself.” (Hildegard)

“…What?” (F?????)

The man couldn’t understand the meaning of what Hildegard was saying as his eyes were casting doubt, but… eventually, his eyes clearly opened wider than before. It seemed that he understood.

“Could it be… you…!?” (Fafnir)

“I have given you these many hints, and you finally realize it. It’s too late. Despite being Dragon, it’s also proof that you’re not good enough.” (Hildegard)

“That means… are you also a Dragonkin? How could this be…!?” (F?????)

It was strangely surprising, but rather, this was a normal reaction. However, even if the man had basic knowledge, there would be some things that he couldn’t understand.

By the way, Lina didn’t seem to know, and she tilted her head as if she didn’t know how to react.

“I’ve been wondering for a while, but what exactly is a Dragonkin? I thought for a moment that it was a kind of monster, but is it different?” (Lina)

“I don’t feel good to be treated as a monster, so I want you to stop thinking of that if you can. Well, it’s like that from this world’s perspective. That’s why it’s even more so.” (Hildegard)

“Aah, I.. Um, I’m sorry.” (Lina)

“No, I don’t really care too much, but… hmm, when I listen to what you say, it doesn’t seem that you have any knowledge of the matter as the Arbitrator.” (Hildegard)

“Eh… I guess you’re right. It does look like it.” (Lina)

“Well, I don’t know if half of you is a protector, you know.” (Hildegard)

“…Do you understand that because you are a Dragonkin?” (Lina)

“I guess my guess isn’t totally incorrect.” (Hildegard)

While talking about such a thing, the other side seemed to have recovered from shock. It would have been nice to launch an assault at that moment, but it probably wouldn’t do any good.

“…I can’t believe it, but if you say so, I guess that explains what you just did. Apparently, it’s true…” (F?????)

“It’s no use to lie about this, right? Of course, it’s true.” (Hildegard)

“Headmaster… what you did was… I mean when that man’s movement stopped unnaturally right after your attack. Is there anything to do with the fact that you are a Dragonkin? Is that a skill unique to Dragonkin?” (Lina)

“If that’s the case, he would have found out about me being a Dragonkin much earlier. However, this is something that you can understand if you think about it.” (Hildegard)

Why did the man stop moving unnaturally every time Hildegard attacked? It was simple. Essentially, Dragons weren’t supposed to compete against each other.

This wasn’t to say that there was such a rule. It was actually about the existence of Dragons. Dragons were born out of the human’s illusion that they were the strongest creature. In other words, the Dragons must all be the strongest.

Strictly speaking, there were dragons with different skills especially those who lived longer. But as for their existence, they mustn’t be compared or compete. If the Dragons were forced to do so, the worst self-contradiction would bounce each other off. So, when they tried to fight each other, they became unable to fight instinctively.

Although it was possible to carry out an attack accurately, the attack wouldn’t connect. If it was about to hit the other side, the side who unleashed the attack would be forced to cancel the attack. In addition, both sides, who attacked and got attacked, would immediately become rigid and immobile.

Since this came from the instinct as a Dragon, it was basically unavoidable.

“Hmm…? Please wait a moment. It seems there was a word that I don’t usually hear. What is exactly a Dragon?” (Lina)

“A Dragon is a Dragon. I mean, is there anything else? Speaking of Dragonkin, it is a Dragon who takes a figure of a human. They are basically reincarnated.” (Hildegard)

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“Eehhhh!?” (Lina)

From the fact that Lina was really surprised, it seemed that the knowledge of the Arbitrator didn’t include matters of Dragon. However, it was something to be expected since Dragonkin wasn’t categorized as a human being.

“Anyhow, I think I’ve been saying the word ‘Dragon’ since a little while ago. I’m sure I’ve said that man has dragon scales.” (Hildegard)

“No, I thought it was a metaphor or something…” (Lina)

“Goodness, you didn’t pay attention, aren’t you? By the way, as for reincarnation, there must have been denial of reincarnation in the authority as the Arbitrator, right?” (Hildegard)

“Aah yes… it’s within the knowledge. More importantly, if it’s about Dragon… I suppose that’s true?” (Lina)

“That man also said it. That’s because it doesn’t make sense to lie.” (Hildegard)

“Hmmm…” (Lina)

Lina couldn’t believe it right away. She was having a slight doubt, but that was reasonable. Hildegard also didn’t think that it was something that Lina would believe right away.

Well, she couldn’t provide concrete evidence, so…

“…By the way, does everyone know?” (Lina)

“I’m not sure who ‘everyone’ refers to, but at least your parents and the royal couple of the country know. Well, there aren’t many who know it… Aah, yes of course, Soma also knows it.” (Hildegard)

“Nii-sama also…? I didn’t really think of that… as expected of Nii-sama. “I see, that’s right. I understand, I believe you.” (Lina)

“It’s good that you accept fast, but I guess this is the usual you…” (Hildegard)

As soon as Soma’s name was mentioned, Lina was convinced. Hildegard showed a bitter smile, seeing how Lina never changed about that. However, now they weren’t in a situation where they could leisurely talk, but of course, she was glad as she had a leeway to talk about it.

“I understand that you and that man are Dragonkin, but… after all, you aren’t the same as before, right?” (Lina)

“That’s basically the case. Despite inheriting some of the power and properties of Dragons, we are basically not much different from people who are born stronger.” (Hildegard)

From this world’s perspective, the fact that they weren’t categorized as human beings was similar to the Elves in the old days. They were treated as an exception just because their number was small. As their number increased, they were recognized as human beings.

However, as for Dragonkin, it was unthinkable to hope the number would increase.

“Well, I know what Lina wants to hear. To put it simply, why are we still unable to fight each other if we were in our former existence, right?” Hildegard)

“Aah, yes, that’s right.” (Lina)

“It’s because, as I just said, we have inherited our former strength to some extent. That’s why I entrusted the frontline to you. If I fight on the front line, we can’t fight each other properly, and… I knew there was a monster hiding around.” (Hildegard)

“Eh…? Did you notice it?” (Lina)

“I’m rather surprised that you didn’t notice it. I thought that you wanted to leave it alone even when you were aware of it…” (Hildegard)

“I-I’m not good with presence detection skills…” (Lina)

It was a bit of a problem that Lina didn’t realize at this distance even though she wasn’t good at it… or perhaps, she noticed that she didn’t need to feel the presence instinctively. When Hildegard remembered the past, the time of their reunion in that village, she felt a presence that Lina didn’t notice. Given that, Lina shouldn’t be as weak as Hildegard thought.

In fact, there were some monsters looking around such as the Shadow Eater earlier, both of them should have no problem even if they were attacked in the middle of the battle. Speaking of what they needed to notice, they honestly didn’t care. It was quite possible that since Lina had already paid most of her attention as an Arbitrator, she instinctively cut off the part where she didn’t need to pay attention to unnecessary matters.

By the way, the reason why Hildegard left the monster alone even though she was aware of it was because it brought no problem to them. Plus, she cared less what the monster was trying to do. Hildegard wondered whether she had speculated correctly, and… it seemed she was right. Anyhow, there were two reasons why they talked so much during the battle. One was to give information to Lina, and the other was to give information to the man.

Hildegard was trying to convey the matters of Dragonkin in order to gain upper hand in the battle. It succeeded in itself, but at the same time, it failed. Not only could he not be defeated, but they couldn’t defeat him as it was.

That was why she decided to actively disclose information this time. With that, she hoped that the battle could progress in her way.

As it was mentioned earlier, a Dragonkin inherited some of the properties of a Dragon. On the contrary, only some parts were inherited. However, what was inherited depends on the individual. To put it simply, there was a possibility that the opponent was a Dragonkin with similar properties.

In fact, that man was doing something close to her. Perhaps, if they continued the battle as it was without conveying the information, the man wouldn’t stop attacking them.

To begin with, the fact that a Dragonkin couldn’t compete with another Dragonkin was actually close to reflection if anything. That fact was true now as it was in the past. Basically, that fact worked unconsciously.

Hildegard, who was also a former God, was no exception. Rather than her rank being higher than the man, it could be said that the fact had been carved unconsciously. It wasn’t something she could do if she decided to do something.

However, that might not be the case. Whether she could cope with the man or not, the answer was no.

So, information was given. Half true, half lie information. That was in order to make him think that a Dragonkin couldn’t fight another Dragonkin.

If that worked accordingly, they should do the things they had done in the beginning of the battle. During that time, the man was pressing for answers.

It wasn’t like she was saying that she had won. The more time passes, the situation would be more disadvantageous to them, so it couldn’t be helped to encourage the man to ask questions from the beginning without considering the consequences.


“Hmm… I see. In other words, is that it?” (F?????)

“–Wha!?” (Hildegard)

The man was vigilant even until now. While listening to her explanation, he was thinking about something, but then, an attack was suddenly unleashed.

Hildegard and Lina were also wary of the attack, and it was heading to Hildegard. She couldn’t get hit because, after all, an attack from a Dragonkin couldn’t hit another Dragonkin. However, she avoided it because she was convinced that she would get hit for some reason.

But what was truly surprising happened shortly after that. Naturally, Hildegard’s body was as rigid as it was. In order to make sure that everything was fine, she tried to move her body.

“How can it be… I can’t move…!” (Hildegard)

“Hmmph… are you surprised? I was unable to move because I was a Dragon, was it? If that’s the case, it has nothing to do with me. After all, I’m not a Dragon…!” (F?????)

There was no way that the instinct as a Dragon carved unconsciously, could be erased. However, Hildegard was thinking seriously about being able to actually move

Cold sweats that flowed naturally ran down the cheeks as the situation had deteriorated rather than improved.

“Headmaster, it isn’t bad, right?” (Lina)

“It’s not, but… there’s no way to make him give up. After all, they are doing their best.” (Hildegard)

The sound from behind still continued. It meant that those people were holding up. In that case, Hildegard and Lina couldn’t give up.

The situation was close to the worst possible, but it wasn’t yet the worst. If they kept thinking about the cards they have in hands without giving up, surely…

“Eh…?” (??)

Was the murmur leaking from Lina or Hildegard? It wasn’t clear from whom it was, but the reason why that murmur heard was obvious.

They certainly felt the ground tremble, and at the same time, they heard a roaring sound that wasn’t similar as before. If they didn’t make a mistake, the sound came from the ground, not the sky…

“Hmmph… It looks like that guy have come up with a new play.” (F?????)

As to affirm those words, a smoke began to rise from the direction of the royal capital.


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