Ex Strongest Swordsman 194 (Cleaned) – Anomaly in the Royal Capital


Intermission – Anomaly in the Royal Capital

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The Kingdom of Radeus, Royal Academy, Headmaster’s Office.

Hildegard was groaning alone, with no sign of anyone other than herself.

“Hmm…” (Hildegard)

However, it wasn’t caused by Soma. It had been more than a month since Soma’s disappearance. As expected, she managed to come to terms with herself because Soma would probably return soon. Therefore, the groaning now was for another reason, and… it was written on a piece of paper in Hildegard’s hand.

It was a report. However, it was clear when pure white paper was used that the report wasn’t something normal.

Normally, there were many reports using this kind of paper. In a word, it was such a thing.

She might have understood at a glance when she looked at the report further. There was a certain pattern drawn on it. It was a seal that was only allowed to be used by the royals of this country.

But in reality, Hildegard had nothing to do with it. It might be a normal reaction because she saw that kind of report at least once every two days or at least once a week.

So, why was this happening? Speaking of the relation between Hildegard and the royals of this country… she was doing something like the king’s advisor.

Even though she looked like this, she lived about fifty years in this world. It wasn’t unusual for more people to live that long in this world, including the elves, but if it was combined with the previous life, the amount of knowledge and other things were considerable. No wonder she was acting like the king’s advisor.

However, not many people knew that Hildegard was a dragon, but the king of the country was one of them. Rather, she told the king about the fact herself. She also helped when the country was founded, and because of that connection, she became like an advisor, but… that wasn’t very important. That was why it wasn’t unusual for these reports to arrive. More importantly, it was crucial to note that the report this time was different from the usual.

As it could be seen from the frequent arrival of reports, the content sent was mostly trivial even though she was an advisor. Well, the important thing of the country was despite being the headmaster of the Royal Academy, it was very normal that these were things that couldn’t be shared to outsiders, but… that was another reason why Hildegard groaned this time. Yes, what was written on the paper in hand was something that couldn’t be shared to outsiders.

“There is an anomaly in the appearance of monsters around the royal capital… goodness, this is not a good information to let the headmaster of the academy know…” (Hildegard)

She let out a sigh as if to rebut the content.

If those who lived in this world were asked what was the most dangerous thing, it would be monsters. One would probably want to keep in mind if there was a war with a neighboring country, but if people didn’t live in a town near the border, they wouldn’t be concerned. In any case, monsters were existence that people should care about most.

However, above all, people weren’t often aware of monsters. They were everywhere. If people were always aware of it, they wouldn’t be able to live a normal life, and in the first place, it was rarely necessary to be aware of it. The reason was that the monsters were dealt neatly by the soldiers or adventurers.

However, it wasn’t understood what would happen if people knew that there was an anomaly there. It was information which was equivalent to the national secret. Hildegard was an outsider, even though she was doing jobs of an advisor. She wasn’t supposed to be told that information.

“Even so… why didn’t they write about the details of what happened? If you don’t ask me what to do, how am I supposed to consult this matter with you… Well, that means it’s more troublesome than expected.” (Hildegard)

In short, the report left her to do whatever she wanted. It was a perfect round throw. The king probably wasn’t good at dealing with the headmaster. However, since nothing could be done, she let out another sigh.

Despite the anomaly, it didn’t mean that the monsters did anything. It wasn’t like there had been an unusual amount of damage caused by monsters in the surrounding area. Rather, what was actually happening was the opposite. The number of monsters was decreasing.

Hildegard knew that it was a good thing if this situation was considered normally, but it wasn’t so. It was impossible for the number of monsters to decrease. That was because this matter was absolutely governed by the world.

However, it wasn’t common sense. On the contrary, it shouldn’t be recognized as an anomaly because it was one of God’s knowledge. She must have told the king before, and he probably remembered that. Was it the reason why the king threw a perfect round ball to Hildegard?

“…Well, he just talked about the outline in general, but he didn’t ask about what to do. Rather than it can’t be helped, he must want to deal with it by himself.” (Hildegard)

That said, there was no such thing as a solution in the first place.

There were so many reasons why the anomaly took place since this matter was governed by the principles of the world. In general, the world itself was an anomaly, or someone with the authority to control it intentionally did so.

But if it was the former, it would be too much for Hildegard to handle it, and if it was the latter, it was also hard to think about. The authority concerning the monsters was too dangerous if it was in the hands of a person. It was said that the authority was sealed after it was put into something like a magic tool.

The reason why it was that way was because there was no other way to deal with it. It would have been quicker to lose the authority, but it was an impossible matter that the authority was lost.

Authority was the reason of the world. Eliminating it was synonymous with the collapse of the world. The world could only be established when all the rationale was in place. Not even one could be missing.

Thus, when someone in possession of authority died, the authority would be handed over immediately to another person. The person who was the most capable of using it in existence was the subject. Even if they weren’t there, it was still maintained by dwelling in things like magic tools. Since it only had to exist separately, it didn’t have to be owned, and it didn’t need to be used.

That was why the authority took the form of a seal without entrusting it to anyone. Even if the person who was entrusted, could be trusted, it wasn’t possible to know what would happen after that person died.

By the way, because of these principles, even if a person with higher qualities was born, the authority don’t necessary need to  migrate to that person. This was, for example, how God was reincarnated. The only exception was Soma, and Hildegard also held the present authority because it was given to her.

Anyhow, although it was unlikely the authority is used…

“So, I really have to go to the place. It’s like I don’t know what is really going on…” (Hildegard)

However, to put in one word, the place was broad. According to the report, the number of monsters was decreasing all around the royal capital.

As for now, the looker would notice that it was abnormal, but at the last minute, they wouldn’t think so. The king also noticed by chance. It would be a bit difficult to look around, and it was hard to say that she would get clues since the place was broad.

“I guess this is another reason why he threw a round ball…” (Hildegard)

However, she had no choice but to leave the matter alone. Somehow, her intuition told her that this was bad, and if there was something in the royal capital, she would be naturally involved. It wasn’t just someone else’s affair.

And if there was something there, she would be in trouble when Soma came back. Well, at that time, she felt like Soma was going to do something about it.

“…Even so, I still have pride as a former God.” (Hildegard)

That was it. Rather, if Hildegard solved the problem there, it might be a good story when Soma returned. When she thought about it, it was about trying to get motivated.

If there were problems, it was likely that she had to handle it on her own, but… things would do well. There were only two weeks left before the class started, and people were starting to return. There would be many capable people to handle this matter.

Either way, she felt like it was more problematic if people scolded her for abandoning the work here, but… even so, she could manage that.

“Well, it may be a crisis in the royal capital, and I should just accept it.” (Hildegard)

Hildegard stood up and said that.

The report at hand was burned out just in case, and it didn’t leave ash. In this way, there was no concern about this matter, and she would keep her eyes on the piles of paper that had been piled up until recently.

Then, she began to think what she needed to do while walking away from the room.



  • You may assume that authority is something like computer code. If the codes aren’t complete, you can’t execute it or the software/programme may have bugs.


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