Ex Strongest Swordsman 193 (Cleaned) – Intermission – The Unexpected Guidance and the Reincarnation of the Demon


Intermission – The Unexpected Guidance and the Reincarnation of the Demon

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Editor: Wenderu

The moment SHE woke up, the YOUNG GIRL thought that it was something unusual.

What was spreading in the field of view was the scenery that SHE could say SHE was familiar with it. It was the ceiling of a familiar academy dormitory.

But that wasn’t the unusual matter. It was HERSELF that was unusual.


“…Yes? What is this? I can hear in an unknown voice in my head…?” (L???)

It seemed strange. The voice was at the same time seemed to be puzzled. SHE was also puzzled and SHE couldn’t do anything about it. After all, SHE was thinking about the voice. The initiative was on HER side, but perhaps, the YOUNG GIRL was even more confused.

“As-as I expected, I can hear it…!? What the… rather, who are you!?” (L???)

And, it didn’t seem that SHE was thinking carefreely.

However, it was natural too. It was puzzling since SHE didn’t know why this was happening. Since SHE somehow understood the situation, that was all to it even if SHE was puzzled.

But unlike the girl, she didn’t know everything. Now that this had happened, SHE couldn’t leave things hanging and SHE should explain it to her soon.

But the question was to what extent SHE should explain it. It was impossible to explain in one sentence, but SHE couldn’t explain everything.

Indeed, the girl was told that there was another soul in her. Originally, SHE was supposed to take the initiative. So with a calm heart, SHE…

“There’s one more soul? Initiative? What’s this about?” (L???)


“Somehow, I feel like I’ve heard a voice or something…?” (L???)

Apparently, even though the girl said she wasn’t confused, she seemed confused. It was reasonable that such thoughts went wrong when SHE thought about unnecessary things. If SHE could move the body, she would have held the head.

“Eh, uhm… I don’t mind?” (L???)

And it was a matter of worrying about someone who might be more confused than HER.

‘If Wu-san knows, I wonder what he would say. Perhaps, he may be able to understand this situation well.’

“Wu-san, is it? Rather, what do you mean that he may be able to understand it!?” (L???)

Apparently, SHE was thinking something unnecessary. While looking at the field of view that was moved to the left and right regardless of HER will, the YOUNG GIRL was filled with the feeling of wanting to sigh SHE couldn’t help it as SHE couldn’t sigh even if she wanted it.

Anyhow, that was the explanation. Rather, if it could reach this point, SHE would have to tell everything. The intention that SHE wouldn’t explain things if the girl didn’t agree was clearly transmitted.

“Yes, sure!” (L???)

Certainly, the YOUNG GIRL would have thought the same as the other side. Then, there was only one thing that could be done. That was to disclose as much as information SHE knew to her.

One of HER main concerns was what would happen to the girl if SHE told everything, but… SHE had no choice but to trust her. Well, for some reason, the girl was someone SHE knew most. Given what the girl had done, most things must be accepted. At least, SHE believed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Or perhaps, it was time for the girl to finally know about herself. During that time, there was also a story about a Demon King spoken by the Saintess. Given that SHE had been awake from time to time, there was a good chance that there would be something going on in the near future… No, on the contrary, this occasion might be a sign. If that was the case, the girl still needed to know.

“I feel like I’ve listened to something extremely scary, but… if I give up here, I will sully the name of Nii-sama’s sister! Get away from me!” (L???)

The YOUNG GIRL shouted in HER mind as if she was motivated. It seemed that there was no confusion yet, so it was surely a matter of concern.

While thinking whether SHE should be surprised, the YOUNG GIRL began to tell Lina about everything she knew.



There was something like a pond in that place. The size of the pond was big, but since it wasn’t made naturally, it was impossible to call it as swamps or lakes. Well, in terms of scale, it wouldn’t have been called a lake anyway.

However, it couldn’t simply be called a pond. The reason was… the liquid in it was sticky, and above all, it had a reddish black color.

It was at that time that the change occurred there. A ripple occurred unexpectedly on the surface which didn’t cause a single wave.

And what happened at the next moment was even more dramatic. Then, something came out from the center of the pond. No, perhaps, it should be said that something was crawling out… In short, it was a human arm.

Starting with that cut-out, the other parts began to appear one after another. The upper body, the head, the left arm and the lower body. With no clothes, it was as if the body was made from the liquid.

Well… it might not be like that. In fact, it was true that the body was made from the liquid. The proof was that the liquid that filled it gradually diminished every time the body parts were created.

At first glance, it looked like blood, but it wasn’t. It was something more horrible and hideous.

Finally, the whole body of that existence was completed. There was no remaining liquid at the surrounding. In the darkness, the existence, which was in the form of a man, was standing alone.


“Hmm… it doesn’t feel familiar. No… perhaps, they couldn’t prepare a vessel this time? But, in that case…” (Man)

The man opened and closed his hands several times as if confirming something. Then, he nodded, probably because he was satisfied, and looked at the surroundings. At that moment, as if there had been a signal, a shadow descended before the man.

The whole body was covered with a black robe. The face, the figure and even the gender weren’t understood. However, it was enough to see that he respected the man. Anyhow, there was no doubt that it was suspicious, but… the man didn’t frown even the slightest. The man only looked at the spot that looked like the back of the head and he let out a breath. That was it.

“Were you the one who revived me?” (Man)

“Yes… with all due respect.” (Robed Man)

“I see. That took a lot of hard work.” (Man)

“Haha… that’s just a huge compliment to me…!” (Robed Man)

The man didn’t change his expression at all when the other side fell prostrate. The robed man seemed to be used to doing that. He also said something like the words of gratitude, but it was unclear if he really did feel that.

Nevertheless, the robed man was happy. Then, he continued speaking.

“By the way, how is your physical condition?” (Robed Man)

“Well… I’m not very familiar with it, but it looks good. Speaking of the physical condition alone, it may be better than the previous body.” (Man)

“Is that so? That’s fortunate. Certainly, the soul of my comrades and the Demon God also has become the foundation of that body. I’m sure, you’ll be delighted.” (Robed Man)

“Ooh…?” (Man)

The moment when the man heard about the Demon God, his expression changed for the first time. He looked down at his hands and lifted his fist with interest.

“Did you use the Demon God?” (Man)

“Yes, the Demon God was conveniently destroyed, so I was allowed to use it. However, it seemed to have been destroyed before it was completely reincarnated. So, I couldn’t use everything…” (Robed Man)

“Hmm… the Demon God was destroyed before its complete reincarnation, huh? Isn’t it amusing to have that kind of opponent for the first time?” (Man)

“Haa… I’m afraid that’s the case.” (Robed Man)

“Hmm, I’m joking. I know it. First of all, I’ll return the favor. That said, there is no way I can reach the strength that I had last time with this small amount of the Demon God’s power. Anyhow, while I need to restore strength, warming up is necessary…” (Man)

“I’ve expected you to say that, so I’ve selected a potential location. Please take a look at this.” (Robed Man)

When the man received the parchment presented while the robed man was still prostrating, the man again changed his expression a little. However, what came to his face this time was a slight doubt.

“Radeus…? I haven’t heard the name… hmm? This place is…?” (Man)

“Yes, it was a country that was founded almost at the same time as you were defeated.” (Robed Man)

“I don’t really care if they want to establish a country in that place, but… aah, I see, is that the reason? It’s not bad to try that place first.” (Man)

“Yes, I’m honored if you say that.” (Robed Man)

Apparently, the reason was written down on the parchment. The man nodded in response while the robed man remained still. And…

“Now I’ve decided to go there, but… can I ask you one thing?” (Man)

“Sure, please ask me anything…!” (Robed Man)

“You said earlier that you used the souls of your companions to be the foundation of my body, right?” (Man)

“Yes, there’s no doubt about it.” (Robed Man)

“Then… will you give your soul to me?” (Man)

The man squinted his eyes when he said so.

His intention or emotion weren’t known. Before the robed man knew it, the situation changed.

“Huh, of course, I’ll give mine to you! My role is over, so… please go on a rampage till your heart’s content, Demon King-sama…!” (Robed Man)

At the moment, the body of the robed man swelled from the inside, and it exploded. The impact scattered blood and flesh around him, and as a matter of course, it fell onto the body of a man called the Demon King.

However, the Demon King didn’t feel discomfort. Rather, the reaction that the Demon King showed was the opposite. He was happy and loudly laughed from the bottom of the heart.

“Kuhahahaha! Aah, your dedication… I certainly received it. And let me say this again. You did a hard work…!” (Man/Demon King)

The laughter echoed in the dim darkness, and it eventually subsided as if he was satisfied. But the smile didn’t subside.

“Hmm… I won’t accept someone’s order if I were the real me, but… I feel good today. So, let’s get on with it. Radeus, huh… Try to entertain me as much as you can.

Then, the Demon King turned his feet toward the destination of interest.



  • The CAPS in the early of the chapter is me trying to differentiate between two female characters. The first one is Lina which is written as the girl/Kanojo and another is someone unknown which is written as the YOUNG GIRL/Shoujo in the raw.
  • Unlike the female characters, I didn’t use CAPS on the later part of the chapter because one of the men is wearing robe. So, writing him as the robed man can easily differentiate between two male characters.
  • The title is not typo. In raw, the title only use the kanji of Demon, rather than Demon King. I suppose the author wants to hide spoiler.


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