World Teacher 172 (Self Edited) – Worthy Rival

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. You may read by clicking this link.

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17 thoughts on “World Teacher 172 (Self Edited) – Worthy Rival

  1. Nyankochi

    Yeaah thanks baya-san.
    I hope Sirius will tell him about the enemy, one of them can be slashed and growing again, he will be happy to hear about it.


  2. Neko MK2

    So anyone know the reference for Extra 1 and 3 ? I know ex2 from pokemon, its something along not enough badge so the high level pokemon not follow your order but not enough “tips” or low “int” going on berserk i dunno from what


  3. Klutze

    I thought that Aniki would be able to blow the head completely if he used [Anti Materiel], but that drained a huge amount of mana. However, in the case of [Magnum], it was blocked by the wall of flesh and wouldn’t reach the vital point. So, Aniki shot the same magic three times all on the same spot, created a hole and reached its vital point. Certainly, it was like one-whole shot… or something like that. I remembered Aniki was saying it.

    …We all know that he use 3 bullet burst mode magnum…but for fuck sake how about the recoil if it was real thing lmaoooo


  4. Erethros

    “Aniki said that special monsters were placed everyone on the battlefield in order to give detailed instructions”

    I think it should be:
    “Aniki said that special monsters were placed EVERYWHERE on the battlefield in order to give detailed instructions”



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