The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 46 (Self Edited) – The Adventures of Carol – Part 2


The Adventures of Carol – Part 2

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When I walked in the slums, I often saw homeless people.

The homeless used to sleep on the cobblestone pavement rather than with some cloth. Perhaps, there were people who lay on a rug which might have taken away from a deserted house. The homeless usually left their plate on the roadside, and they also beg.

I had seen dead bodies many times in the royal capital. On the way to watermill in winter season, dead bodies that rolled on the roadsides cooled down and hardened.

Even though the south side was better than the north side, it wasn’t without such dead bodies. In this country, there was no system to pay for welfare if it wasn’t possible to live. Even if people came here from Kilghina, if they didn’t have work, money and the foundation of life, the future of starvation and freezing to death would be waiting for them.

“…Why are these people doing this?” (Carol)

Carol said so when looking at people who wrapped in a blanket on the roadside.

They looked pale uniformly. There seemed to be no worry of freezing to death in this season, but it looked like they were hungry and sat on the stone pavement all night. It was normal that they would feel sick.

They looked at me with hollow eyes. Well, it was normal for Carol to be shocked. After all, she grew up in a greenhouse.

“Well…” (Yuri)

“What do you mean by that?” (Carol)

“I don’t have to teach you one by one, and you’ll understand if you think about it a little bit. They don’t have a job. Most of the people here are Kilghinan.” (Yuri)

‘These people came here from another country by choice. It’s harsh, but even if they aren’t eating, at least half of the reasons are because of them suffering from the consequences.’

‘Of course, rather than talking about the over capacity, more people are coming. Since the work opening is limited, it’s normal to be left out.’

“Even if they are Kilghinan, they are my citizen.” (Carol)

“Well, you’re probably right. Then, shouldn’t you call them Shaaltan? That is just a symbolic question, you know.” (Yuri)

“That’s not what I mean. If they are my citizens, why do they leave in such poverty?” (Carol)

“Well.” (Yuri)

‘I have some thoughts about the answer to that question, but I keep my mouth shut since I have no choice but to speak ill of others.’

“Don’t you feel responsible as a noble?” (Carol)

It had become a tone of blaming me for some reason. I didn’t feel responsible at all.

“This isn’t the territory of the Hou Household. Ours isn’t like this.” (Yuri)

“Are you saying that it’s not your responsibility?” (Carol)

“It isn’t my responsibility.” (Yuri)

I said it clearly.

“There’s no way it can be like that.” (Carol)

I didn’t know what Carol was talking about, but she looked affirmed.

“Well, if I have to be responsible, how am I supposed to do it?” (Yuri)

“That is… to rescue these people.” (Carol)

“Idiot.” (Yuri)

‘Seriously, she knows nothing about this. Since she grew up in a greenhouse, and received a perfect education, it can’t be helped.’

“…Don’t call me an idiot when I ask you.” (Carol)

Carol stopped and scolded me with a scary face.

“Alright, let me ask you. Let’s say I’ll take the responsibility for saving them. Then, what are you going to do?” (Yuri)

“What am I going to do? Of course, it’s fine as long as they are rescued.” (Carol)

‘That’s a wrong statement.’

“Then, let me do whatever I want.” (Yuri)

“Whatever you want?” (Carol)

“It may be the royal family who govern this royal capital. However, if I take the responsibility for saving them, you need to give me the right to govern.” (Yuri)

“That’s not possible.” (Carol)

‘Well of course. The term ‘governance’ is quite big, but it’s the lifeline of the nobility, and it’s also fine to say it’s the life of the nobility.’

“So then, who’s going to be responsible for these citizens? If there is no jurisdiction, there is no way to get rid of thugs, and if you don’t have the right to collect taxes, you can’t collect money from the rich and give it to the poor.” (Yuri)

‘If there’s no such a thing, there’s no way to do it. If I have to say more, such things are usually within the interest of the Witch households in the royal capital.’

“That kind of right is a tool for the nobles to lead the people. If you’re responsible for them, you’re the one who has the right on this land. In short, it’s the royal family. Then, why my Hou Household has to be responsible in this?” (Yuri)

“…” (Carol)

Carol closed her mouth to the point no sound was heard.

“Or, if I give the money I have in my wallet now to these people, what’s the point in saving them? Or do I have to take responsibility as a noble, bring the Knights of the Hou Household, forcefully take away the sovereignty from the royal family and exercise good government?” (Yuri)

‘It may be a tyrannical theory, but that’s all you can do in this matter. Then, how about doing more decent politics? Well, if you try to realize the opinion, you will inevitably collide with someone who has the right to govern. Politics is that kind of thing. In the end, it can only be said that I give them money irresponsibly.’

‘And in the royal capital, it just enters the Witches’ pocket where you do it, and the money doesn’t reach the people. It’s not something that me, a foreign noble of this area, to help the people here.’

“…No.” (Carol)

Carol awkwardly kept quiet.

“…Sorry, I was naive.” (Carol)

She unusually admitted all the way, bowed and apologized.

‘…If you apologize for something like that, I will feel bad, you know. Why did I get too serious about this?’

‘To begin with, the royal family isn’t at fault for these people to be like this in the slum. Although they aren’t without responsibility, they have given money to provide emergency food. In short, it’s not about poor people paying for their own mistakes. It’s actually because of the redistribution of income.’

‘The reason why it doesn’t bring enough effect is because the Witch households are exploiting it in the middle. Of course, I know that.’

“Well, if you want to save people so much, why don’t you try it once?” (Yuri)



“…What is that?” (Carol)

Carol seemed to be depressed, probably because I confuted her. There was no power in the voice.

But I didn’t make a promise to bring her to an amusement park, so it didn’t make me feel really bad…

“The store is going to open soon.” (Yuri)

“Are you buying food?” (Carol)

“I wonder about that. Rather, I feel like this is my responsibility.” (Yuri)

I went into a store that looked like a stall nearby. It seemed that they sold bread that was baked with intestinal stuff or something like a hot dog. It was still morning, but those who went to work would buy it as breakfast.

“Hey, is it open?” (Yuri)

“Yes, what do you need?” (??)

The old man, who said so, was doing that kind of shop. He was a big man who seemed to be a tough guy.

“Is there anything else that you’re baking right now?” (Yuri)

“I don’t have it freshly baked, but there’s a meat pie.” (??)

‘That’s it.’

“Can you wrap the whole meat pie?” (Yuri)

“Got it. It’s nice to be able to sell the whole thing in the morning today.” (??)

The old man laughed in a good mood.

‘Even in a place like this, a man, who is good at business, will make a decent living. If this is good enough, it will be hard for them commit robbery.’

The meat pie came out immediately because it was already made. When I paid for it, he said thanks and I left his stall.

“Are you going to give it to them? Is money no good?” (Carol)

When I got out of the stall, Carol, who was waiting, said so.

‘I’m not going to be begged by beggars.’

“Well, look at me.” (Yuri)

I walked to the man who was lying on the roadside.

“That guy… yes, him. I will give this to him.” (Yuri)

“That man… what’s wrong with him?” (Carol)

“Look, that guy will be happy and he will cry if I give him this pie.” (Yuri)

“Well, of course. That’s because he is sleeping in such a place…” (Carol)

The man was lying down on the cobblestone pavement without a rug.

“One… two…” (Yuri)

I swung my leg and kicked the man in the stomach with my toes.

“Ugaahh.” (??)

Since I kicked hard, the man spun around while holding his stomach down.

“Uaah.” (??)

‘What’s with this guy? Doesn’t he feel the pain? This is funny.’

“Oiii!! What are you doing!?” (Carol)

Carol’s expression changed, and she grabbed my shoulder.

“Well, look.” (Yuri)

The man, who lied down on the street, stood up and shouted when the pain stopped.

“You bastard, what are you doing!?” (??)

The man in late twenties was an adult who looked healthy.

‘As expected, it’s him, huh? I remember him.’

“That’s my line here. Idiot.” (Yuri)

‘He is someone I know.’

“Aah, Chairman.” (??)

‘You finally got it, yes?’

“Haa?” (Carol)

Carol raised a hysterical voice.

“You… what happened to the lodging I’m renting to you? And why are you sleeping in a place like this?” (Yuri)

I was really angry.

‘What’s with this guy?’

“…Aah, uhm… eh? I’m sorry, I was drunk and somehow, I fell asleep.” (??)

‘Of course I know that when I look at him. I’m not saying that he is sleepwalking.’

“You… what did you tell me last week? That you were lost in the street with your wife and children… Was that a lie?” (Yuri)

“D-don’t be absurd! I didn’t lie!” (??)

“…Then, why are you sleeping in a place like this? Don’t you know that this is a good place to be killed while you’re sleeping?” (Yuri)

‘I don’t want to walk around here at night, and when I ship papers, I have a few employees of mine holds a spear while escorting it. This is a place with such a public order. He was lucky because he was drunk and laid down in a safe place. He’ll be lucky if his purse got stolen only.’

“T-that is… but…” (??)

‘Yes, I know you got drunk and fell asleep. So, you don’t remember yesterday. I know.’

“Did you drink too much yesterday because tomorrow is off day? You told me the other day that your children were hungry and they were about to die… was that a joke? What will happen to your wife and your children if you really die?” (Yuri)

“N-no… uhm, I’m ashamed.” (??)

‘No, don’t. Goodness, this man is troublesome. I’ve been looking at a crying man for a week, you know.’

‘This guy easily cries… If you want to return the favor…’

“Haa… fine.” (Yuri)

“C-chairman, am I going to get fired…? P-please! Just-just this once, please forgive me!!!” (??)

The man bowed all the way down and he ever fell prostrate.

“Are your wife and children waiting in the lodging?” (Yuri)

“Y-yes… they’re there.” (??)

“If you come home in the morning, your wife will surely go crazy.” (Yuri)

“Yes, that may be true…” (??)

‘I give up… What’s wrong with this guy…’

“Returning in the morning requires a man to come home with a souvenir and obediently apologize to sooth the mood of the angry wife.” (Yuri)

I pressed the meat pie I bought earlier against the man.

“Go back home with this.” (Yuri)

“…Eh?” (??)

“Go home and eat this with your family.” (Yuri)

When I said so, the man received the meat pie with his trembling hands.

“Ah, ah, aa… uhh… aaa.” (??)

The man somehow accumulated tears in his eyes.

‘This man likes to cry a lot.’

“Aah, th-thank… you very much, Chairman.” (??)

“Go home quickly.” (Yuri)

As I said so while shooing him away, the man ran away.

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“Look, the crisis of family breakdown has been saved, right?” (Yuri)

I said it with a smug face.

“Is he someone you employ?” (Carol)

“Yes, he is. You were surprised, yes?” (Yuri)

When I suddenly kicked that man, she suddenly changed her expression.

“Yeah. I was surprised…” (Carol)

“The people I’m hiring now are those who live here.” (Yuri)

“I see… it’s different from me. I’m just all talk.” (Carol)

She suddenly started to say something masochistic. I thought that would clear her mind, but on the other hand, she fell depressed.

“Oi oi, what are you feeling depressed for?” (Yuri)

“I couldn’t do anything and yet, you did well… I’m disqualified as a human.” (Carol)

‘I don’t think there’s anything about the disqualification as a human… No matter how hard you try, I don’t think that you’ll be below than the main character.’

“Well, it’s fine, isn’t it? You should do such a thing after you graduate.” (Yuri)

“That is probably so, but it’s also true that I’m all talk. I’m sorry…” (Carol)

‘Why does it feel it so itchy… You don’t have to apologize anyway. That’s not your character.’

“H-hey. It’s time to go to my watermill. It is interesting there.” (Yuri)

‘That said, I am not confident at all. Or rather, when I think about it, is there anything interesting? Will it be enough to play in the river with beautiful water?’

‘After this, we will go through the slum area toward the outskirt. The view is good, so it should make up for the mood, right?’




We arrived at the watermill.

“Oi, isn’t this a water wheel?” (Carol)

“That’s why I said it’s a watermill.” (Yuri)

The water wheel was spinning around today as well. It was a working water wheel.

“This is the first time I see it.” (Carol)

‘First time, huh… Well, yeah.’

In the Kingdom of Shaalta, where there were many rivers, the rate of seeing a watermill would be high along the river.’

Even though I said it was a watermill, the number of buildings had increased. During the establishment, there was only the watermill, but now, it wasn’t used as a workshop. There were three wooden huts nearby, which became the workshops.

The watermill divided the water pumped from the water wheel into the three buildings. Speaking of that, the watermill became a pumping hut. Inside of it, there was a branching water pipe in the middle. Therefore, it became inconvenient for people to come and go inside as a workshop.

“Hey, Yuri. Did you come?” (Cuffe)

“Yeah.” (Yuri)

It was Cuffe.

“…? Who is that lady?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe asked when he saw Carol.

“I’m Carol.” (Carol)

“She’s Audrey.” (Yuri)

‘Why did you tell him your real name…’

“Nice to meet you, Yes, I’m Audrey.” (Carol)

She followed my pace.

“Are you bringing a woman again?” (Cuffe)

‘There is only one precedent, but it isn’t good when people hear that… Rather, if this guy joins in, I’ll be in trouble.’

“No, it’s a tour.” (Yuri)

“Is that so? Since Beaure is excellent, it’s not bad.” (Cuffe)

“By the way, I have something I want to ask.” (Yuri)

“What is it?” (Cuffe)

“Give me your ears.” (Yuri)

“Aah…” (Cuffe)

I approached Cuffe and said it in his ears.

<Did you know Myaro was a woman?> (Yuri)

“…Hey.” (Cuffe)

As Cuffe got away, he asked in a bit of a shock.

“Didn’t you know that?” (Yuri)

<Hey, how can that be? Myaro is a man, right?> (Cuffe)

<Aah, as I expected, you also think the same. Actually, me too. I didn’t know until recently, but Myaro is like a woman.> (Yuri)

<Oi, oi, are you for real? It can’t be…> (Cuffe)

“You… where do you put your eyes at? How do you mistake her as a man? She’s pretty lady, you know.” (Carol)

‘Haa…. What the heck…’

“You are still suspicious, huh…” (Carol)

Carol turned a look of pity.

“I didn’t doubt it, but I just didn’t notice it…” (Yuri)

‘What’s going on… What’s with my eyes… I want to replace it.’

“Myaro was paying close attention to not being noticed by you alone. It can’t be help if you didn’t notice it. Don’t be depressed.” (Carol)

“I don’t know if Myaro hid it or not, but it would be strange that we had been together for five years and I didn’t notice it. I am a failure.” (Yuri)

‘I’m disqualified as a human. I don’t know the gender of my best friend.’

“…Well, that, uhmm, don’t be discouraged.” (Carol)

“…Yeah.” (Yuri)

“I don’t know what happened but… Anyhow, the man you handed over the job of oil processing was in trouble. I think he’s not doing well. If you have time, please go take a look.” (Cuffe)

‘Aah, come to think of it. I was worried about it. Half of the business here is to simply ask Cuffe about Myaro, and the other half is…’

“Oil processing? What’s that?” (Carol)

Carol’s eyes were glittering.



“Uh, this stain won’t go away.” (Carol)

Carol rubbed her hands hard.

“I told you not to touch it, and yet, you did. If you take a bath, it will go away, so don’t waste your time rubbing it.” (Yuri)

‘The bath is great. Whether it’s sweating or elution, the oil stains will fall off. On the other hand, without a strong detergent, it is difficult to remove the dirt of crude oil until you take a bath.’

“Will it really be?” (Carol)

“Hey, look at this.” (Yuri)

I put my palms out. Today, I only gave instructions and didn’t touch the oil, so it was clean.

“…What?” (Carol)

“Four days ago, I used my hand to do all that, and it was totally black.” (Yuri)

“Heh.” (Carol)

‘She’ll be convinced if she looks at the actual example.’

“So, don’t rub it too hard. Your skin is going to be rough.” (Yuri)

“I got it.” (Carol)

“Good.” (Yuri)

“It’s about time.” (Carol)

Somehow, she said it deeply.



After the tour, we went passed by the area called the slums, and had entered the artisan district. This was boorish town. The academy students rarely came here because they had no business, but the security is much better in this place.

“Why are we going to look around the marketplace?” (Carol)

The day was still too early. It would be dark by the time we returned. In that case, she wouldn’t be able to do as much as sightseeing in the marketplace.

“I often see the area around the royal castle. It’s from inside the carriage though.” (Carol)

“That is completely different from the street of the royal castle. The marketplace is the market for common people.” (Yuri)

This street was the street that went to the north and the south from the royal castle. There were a line of shops for the people who work for the royal castle, but from the pub and other kind of shops, it felt like they were for upper class people, and the price was up to fifty percent different.

“Then, then… can you please?” (Carol)

She seemed to be worried somehow.

“It’s not far from here.” (Yuri)

“Well then, please bring me there.” (Carol)

After that, we visited shops in the marketplace, and it was midnight when we returned to the dormitory.



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